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The Happy Ending

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After a stressful week at work, and another at home I decided that I needed a break. So I went online and started looking at a site that was used by escorts and massage parlors and their clients. The clients posted reviews of the women they had seen and the escorts posted their ads. I looked around and didn’t see anything in my city, but there was something about an hour up the road. A woman was offering sensual massages. I liked what I read in her reviews and then followed a link to her web site. If this lady looked anything like her photos then I was going to be very happy. It didn’t dawn on me at the time that she might be using someone else’s photos. I was completely naive about the entire matter. I wrote an email to her telling her all about myself and hit send before I got cold feet.

The next morning I had completely forgotten about the email to the woman offering massages. I went about my usual day at work. Had my usual lunch. Then headed home where my wife was waiting in another one of her moods. After a long dinner I retired to my den and my wife retired to watch her reality TV show. I clicked on my laptop to check my emails when I saw it. There was a reply waiting for me from the masseuse, or whatever you call her. I felt like a kid hiding porn from his parents. I got up and made sure the curtains were closed, and dimmed the lights. Then I answered or deleted every email except that one that was staring at me and burning a hole in my screen. After several minutes I opened it. Alana, the masseuse, said that she would love to meet me. She offered me several appointment times and said after the arrangements were made she would email me her phone number. I was about to delete the email, when my life made the decision for me. My boss called me wanting me to cancel my day off I had scheduled for Friday. After telling him I couldn’t I went back to the email and decided on a time and sent the email.

Friday morning came and I had directions to Alana’s location as well as her phone number to call when I got close. I seriously thought about canceling several times on my drive only to remind myself to have some fun. I got to the general area Alana was in and called her and she told me to come on over. I was nervous to see she was located in an apartment complex, but it looked like a nice place and there weren’t many people around. I parked and walked up to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and I caught a glimpse of a leg behind the door. As I entered I was very happy to see that the photos were really of her. She was a small woman in her early 20’s. Dark hair, and her skin tone was of Middle Eastern descent. She was wearing a short skirt and a tiny top that showed off a nice pair of legs and a nice set of breasts, maybe a full B cup that looked perfect on her small frame.

I followed her upstairs where she had a dark room with a massage table and lots of candles. She placed an envelope on the table and told me to disrobe and she wold be back in. I put the money in the envelope and stripped naked before I laid face down on the table. Alana came back in and put some soft music on and lit some candles and got out some oil. She asked me if this was my first time and when I said it was, she softly laughed and made a comment about taking my cherry. As she walked around the table I got glimpses of her legs and I had to look up and get a better view. I saw that she had removed her skirt and now she only had her top and panties on.

‘No cheating. Put your head down and I promise you an experience beyond your wildest dreams.” Then she ran her fingers through my hair and I placed my head Escort Bayan Esenyurt in the donut shaped hole on the table. Alana then just grazed her fingernails along my upper back area giving me goose bumps. Then she applied some warm oil to her hands and her touch felt like heaven. She used her hands in so many different ways, the feeling was incredible. She went from softly touching to tease me, to deeply massaging my neck area and commenting on how tense I was. As she moved her hands down my back she kept her position at the top of the table by my head. Every now and then I could feel her bump my head with her panty covered sex as she reached lower down my back. Then she moved to the side. I thought to get better access, but it was also a better way to tease me. As she massaged my arm she would sit on the edge of the table and I could feel her naked thigh against my skin. Her soft, oil covered hands sliding up and down my arm.

Then she slid off the table and pulled my arm out to the side and stretched me out. I wasn’t expecting this, but it felt so good. Her next move shocked me once again. She positioned my hand between her thighs and closed her legs around it. I couldn’t do anything other than brush a thumb over her panty covered pussy, but I couldn’t believe my hand was where it was. She really started to work on my arm in a massage sort of way. Now I understood why she did what she did. it was a great way to sexually tease the client, but it also gave her tremendous leverage to work on your arm. It also caused my already hard cock to throb even more as it was trapped between me and the massage table.

She gently laid my arm back on the table and she moved down my body to my lower back area. As she kneaded my back I softly moaned as she hit the right spot. She used her hands to push and pull all the pent up tensions from my body. Her oiled up hands softly coating my body in oil before she started to work on the area with vigor. Then after the rigorous part of the massage she used her hands in the softest possible way to tease me and reward me before moving further down my body. Her hands lightly slid across my backside as she began working on my buttocks. The feeling was intense as she drizzled just a small amount of oil directly across my butt cheeks.

Some of it managed to find it’s way down the crack of my butt, and as it moved down it finally stopped just short of my ball sack. Alana then started to massage that oil in. Her hands working on one cheek and then the next. Pushing and pulling them in different directions. She would separate my cheeks, but she never let her fingers slide through the crack. She just kept rubbing and kneading each cheek before moving on to the other one. I then noticed that as she massaged my butt cheeks her fingers were now sliding along the crack of my butt. Each stroke along my cheek allowed her fingers to slip further down. Finally her fingers were ever so softly following the crack of my butt until they slid right over my sphincter. Then she slid them back to my lower back area, only to let them return back down the other way. When she stopped this she just stood there and softly sighed with her hands resting on my cheeks.

Once she was through with that she moved down to my legs and she told me to spread them wider so she could get at the inside of my thighs better. I opened them somewhat, but not enough for her liking so she teased me some more. “Come of Ken. open those legs. Don’t be embarrassed.” She said as she softly ran her fingers along the back of my legs.

I took a deep ragged breath and opened Escort Bayan Avcılar my legs wider and she gave me a reward as she trailed her fingers over my balls which were now exposed before she resumed the massage. She began to work on my quads and remarked how muscular they were. I told her I did a lot of cycling and we drifted into a conversation about cycling. Yesterday this would have all seemed so strange to me. Talking about cycling while I laid on a massage table naked and the masseuse was in her bra and panties, but today it seemed so normal. As we talked her touch was only increasing my level of horniness. Her hands sliding down between my legs. Only millimeters from my balls. Knowing that she can see my aching balls, begging for release.

After she finished both sides she started to let her fingers flutter across my body. Lightly touching me as they travel over my back, down my legs and then back up the other side. She moved back down to the bottom of the table where my legs were and she started with the fingernails. She softly brushed them along the top of my legs before easing them down to the inside of my legs. Her nails lightly stroking the inside of my legs. Traveling right above my balls as she teased me beyond belief. She then let her fingernails softly touch my balls on this trip down my legs. As she returned it was her fingertips that make contact. I softly moaned as I rose up at her touch. I so wanted this woman’s hand wrapped around my shaft as her fingers graze my balls. The next thing I hear is her whispering in my ear that it was time to turn over.

I rolled over away from the side Alana was standing on. I was so relieved that my cock was no longer trapped under my body, yet I was surprised to find that it had softened just a bit. That was quickly remedied as Alana lightly stroked my chest with her fingertips. I thought she was going to jump right in to the hand job, but she put some more oil on her hands and started to massage my chest. She softly slid her fingers across my nipples which resulted in my cock bobbing up and down on it’s on.

She saw my cock bobbing around out of the corner of her eye and turned to me and asked “Would you do me a favor? would you undo my top? I just want to make sure it doesn’t get any oil on it.” Then she turned around and I reached up and unhooked her bra, and she let it slide off before kicking it away from the table.

When she turned around I was greeted by two beautiful teardrop shaped breasts each one topped with a dark nipple. I licked my lips as she smiled down at me and resumed my massage. She slid her hands lower across my abdominal area and then down around my groin. Her hands came so close, but never touched my cock which was amazing because it seemed to have a mind of it’s own as it jumped about. She just smiled at me as her hands roamed my body. As she started down my thighs she didn’t move down there, she just leaned further over. Allowing me a view of her very nice backside. I was completely lost in her backside as she stretched along my body to reach my thighs. Then I was quickly reminded that she was topless as her nipples grazed across my body as she stretched to reach my lower legs.

I didn’t know if I was allowed, so I asked “Can I touch you?” She didn’t reply, but she did move somewhat closer to me as she reached across my body to my other leg. I tentatively reached up and slid my hand along her leg as I held my breath, and when she didn’t stop me I let out a another long ragged breath and slowly caressed her legs. She allowed me to slide my hand over her panty covered Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü backside, and then down between her thighs. She even moved her feet further apart to give me better access as she kept massaging my legs. I softly rubbed her pussy through her panties and the feel of that, along with her hands on my legs, and her nipples, which were sliding across my abdominal region with every movement she made caused my cock to bob around even more. I could feel my hard cock making contact with her body as it bobbed in the air. She then slowly began to stand up making sure to drag her hands across my cock as she stood up.

She smiled down at me and asked “if I was ready for the fun part?” I could only nod my head, which drew a soft laugh from her and a teasing lick of her lips. She looked down at my hand still between her legs and whispered “You’re going to have to let go so I can get some oil.” I suddenly remembered my hand between her legs, and quickly removed it. She took my hand in her’s and said “Don’t worry, when I come back we can put it back. It felt kind of good.” She stepped over to a table and got some sort of warming massage oil and then she stepped back to the massage table.

I was looking straight up when she got back and she took my hand in her’s and placed it on the inside of her thigh. I just smiled at her as I slid my hand up only to find that she was now completely nude.

She smiled at my discovery and leaned over slightly to apply some oil to the head of my cock and she watched as it flowed down the shaft. I curled my hand around her sex and slowly started to slide my fingers between her folds. This brought a slight moan from her as she used just her fingertips to spread the oil along my cock. She then leaned over further and with her mouth just inches from my cock she softly breathed on it. She blew ever so gently across the head, almost like a warm gentle breeze. As she did this she used her fingertips to slide teasingly along the underside of my shaft.

I decided that now was the time to move up to her clit and I started to make small circles around her clit. I wasn’t actually touching it, but I was all around it. This seemed to get to Alana as she stood up on her toes and moaned. Soon her fingertips were replaced by her nails as she slid them along my cock and over the head. Then she took my cock into her hand and slowly started sliding her hand up and down my shaft. She made sure to bring her thumb over the head on each stroke. I could feel my balls begin to tingle as my cum was building. Sensing this Alana slowed down her strokes and went back to using just her fingertips. Sliding up and down my shaft. Only stopping to gently rub the spot right on the underside of my head.

This sensation was incredible. I could feel my legs start to tremble and I started to rub her clit harder hoping that I could bring her to an orgasm when I came. Alana kept sliding her fingertips up and down my shaft and then she squirted more oil over my cock as she went back to the spot on the underside of my cock head. This pushed me over the edge and I felt my muscles clench as she kept teasing my cock with just her fingertips. All of a sudden I felt what seemed like a years worth of cum being pumped out of my cock. Each stroke of her fingers would bring another spurt. Finally after what seemed like 10 or 12 squirts of cum she stepped back and looked down at me and licked her lips. I looked where she was staring and I had a large puddle of cum on my midsection. She instructed me to lay there and she would be back with a warm cloth. She came back and very gently cleaned all the cum off of me and then wrapped my cock in the warm cloth and made sure to clean it and between my thighs.

Once she was through she offered me the use of her shower and helped me get dressed. Before I left she gave me a long hug, and told me that she hoped I came back. I already knew that I would be making this drive many more times.

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