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The Girls at the Office Part 1

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Liz had the same problem with her husband as Suzanne had with her own. When they got caught, their only excuse was: “it was only blowjobs” they had been giving me. Both of them had started working with me last year and neither of them knew that the other had been sucking my dick.

Liz started here first. I felt an instant attraction to her. (Who wouldn’t?) She’s 5’11”, blonde, nice chest, everything a guy could want. I’m not her boss, in fact we work in different departments but I ended up doing a lot of her training. During her training we got to be pretty close and she told me a lot about herself and the problems she was having with her fiancé. Of course she had the same problems that every woman on the planet has with her man. He didn’t listen to her. Women need someone who will really listen to them. It’s a weakness that I’ve learned to exploit in women. Liz wanted me to listen and I did. What I got in return was a cum-slurping cock-whore.

The first Escort Beylikdüzü time we were the last ones to leave from the office and she came to my office just to say goodbye. I could tell that she wasn’t having a good day and I offered her some chocolate. (I always keep a little candy in my drawer.) She came in and ate her chocolate and started to tell me about her day. As usual I listened carefully and responded to her appropriately. As the conversation wound down, I walked over to her and gave her a hug and told her that I hoped she had a better day tomorrow. I started to back away from the hug when she pulled me in tighter and kissed me. I was very surprised to feel her tongue as it slipped into my mouth. It was incredible. I’m not sure how long we were standing at the door of my office making out but when it stopped I was utterly speechless. I wasn’t sure what to say. I walked around to my chair and sat down.

She started Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to apologize and I told her that she shouldn’t feel sorry. She closed the door to my office and came over to me again. She sat down in front of my chair and explained to me that she had only meant to thank me, but she just felt drawn to kissing me. I told her that I really enjoyed kissing her and I leaned down to kiss her again. While we were kissing this time our hands began to wander. Her hands eventually found my stiffening cock and began to massage it through my jeans. Without speaking she started to unzip my pants. As she freed my cock from my pants I felt the first bit of guilt. I had a wife at home and Liz had recently been married. But those thoughts quickly faded as I felt her lips make contact with my skin.

She started kissing my rod all over and then gently poked her tongue out to lick me. After gently teasing me for a few Beylikdüzü Escort minutes she wrapped her lips around me and began to make short strokes, tickling the head. Not long after that I felt ready to shoot my load, so I pulled back and told her that I was going to cum. She told me that was fine and put her lips around me again, but this time she started out with long slow strokes until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. Again I felt my balls start to swell up and I warned her that I was going to cum. She started sucking more vigorously until the first streams of cum began to shoot out. At that point she stopped moving and started swallowing everything that I could produce. She kept me in her mouth until I was completely spent.

I stood up and she grabbed my softening cock and kissed it gently. I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. From that point forward it became frequent that she and I stay a few minutes late after work for a little fun. We both agreed that we shouldn’t have sex, but that she enjoyed giving me the blowjobs and I was more than willing to listen to her talk.

Suzanne was very different. She had lied to her husband when she said that it was only blowjobs.

But I’ll save that for the next installment. Don’t worry, it’ll be coming soon.

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