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The Garage

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It is a Saturday evening and we have just spent the day at the beach swimming and having a picnic with our daughter. We are driving over to her Grandparents to drop her off to spend the night and she has fallen asleep in the back seat of the car, worn out from the days activities. Looking back at her sound asleep I slide slowly over in the seat next to you and lay my head on your shoulder, running my hand slowly down you arm whispering softly “God how I love you Kevin, I had the best time today” as I look up into your eyes, kissing your cheek smiling.

Grinning softly you look down into my eyes and whisper quietly “You just wait until we get home…I am going to make you scream for me Deborah… and cum so hard, over and over…”

Moaning quietly I feel myself immediately getting hot and wet, digging my nails into your arm softly and lay my head on your shoulder closing my eyes and biting my lip whispering softly “Oh God… you drive me crazy…”

Moments pass as we drive up the street to her Grandparents and we take her in and get her situated before we head back home… the short ten minute drive seems to take hours as I lean against you and look up into your eyes occasionally and you just grin at me wickedly making my head spin so fast wondering just what you have planned… I start to ask and you hold your finger up to your lips for me not to ask and grin with even more wickedness if that is even possible! But even at this point I feel myself drenching my bathing suit… so hot and wet with desire and excitement.

Pulling the car into the driveway you push the button on the garage door opener and pull slowly into the garage and push the button to close the door…turning the key off and quickly step from the car closing the door behind you with an extra amount of force as you move quickly around the car grabbing my door open as I start to step out of the car and you stop me.

Looking up into your eyes as you stand in front of me blocking me from getting out of the car you whisper to me “Take your shorts off slowly Deborah…”

Moaning deeply I slowly slide them down over my hips and ass, trembling softly, wild with excitement as I slip them off and hand them up to you.

“Mmmmmmm that’s nice… now… your t-shirt Deborah” you whisper quietly, slowly rubbing your hand over your rock hard cock through your shorts.

My head spinning so fast I slowly slip my shirt up over my head my nails brushing against my hard nipples through my bathing suit making me moan deeper, and I hand it up to you as well.

“MMMMmmmmm I love to watch you undress for me Deborah…” you whisper softly to me and set my clothes on top of the car, slowly pulling your shirt up over your head and lay it on top of the car as well.

Looking around the garage and back at the windows in the garage door I look up into your eyes and moan quietly “Here?… oh god… but what if…”

Cutting me off in mid-sentence you pull me softly up out of the car into your arms pressing your lips hard to mine, sliding your tongue so deep into my mouth, looking so deep into my eyes as I tremble so fast in your arms so tight around me, wrapping my arms around your neck I close my eyes so slowly, overwhelmed by the heat of the passion between Escort Bayan Esenyurt us as you carry me around to the front of the car and lay me back on it, the light still on from the garage door opening… I start to pull away from the passionate kiss to say something and you reach your hands up to my face, tenderly holding my face in your hands looking deep into my eyes, so much passion flaring in your eyes as you whisper to me “Don’t…. don’t say anything Deborah… I am going to make you cum so hard… right here right now all over my fingers…”

Moaning deeply my body so on fire for you, I bite my lip so hard and slowly run my hands up your arms to my face, giving in to the excitement of it all, your hot body against mine I whisper quietly “Oh God…please…. make me cum”

“Mmmmmm I will make you cum Deborah… so hard” you whisper to me and slowly pull one hand away from my face, holding it still with your other hand as you slowly run your hand down over my breast and squeeze it hard in your hand looking up into my eyes as I moan deeply and whisper softly “Now Deborah… not too loud my love…” and grin wickedly at me knowing you are going to drive me so insane and I will have to hold my screams in out here.

“Oh God… please… take me inside Kevin… oh my God!” I whisper frantically as you run your hand so slowly down over my bathing suit and slowly spread my legs open looking deep into my eyes wild with passion.

“Mmmmm I will my love… but not until you cum so hard for me” moaning deeply you slowly run your fingers hard over my clit through my bathing suit and lean down to my ear, your breathe so hot on my skin as you whisper quietly “Pull your bathing suit aside for me Deborah… I am going to put my fingers so deep inside you and wiggle them softly in you till you cover my hand in cum, do that for me and I will take you inside.”

Moaning so deeply I run my hand slowly down and pull my bathing suit aside, trembling so wildly with more excitement than I have ever felt, I feel you slowly running the tip of your fingers up and down over my clit so hot and wet already.

“Mmmmmmm you are so wet Deborah… do you like this my love?” grinning you slowly run your tongue over my trembling lips and whisper to me softly “I want you to tell me before you cum my love…”

Moaning deeply so flushed with passion, staring up into your eyes I nod my head so overwhelmed with pleasure, pressing my hips slowly up to your hand.

“Mmmmm…. no…. I want you to tell me Deborah… do you like this my love? and will you tell me before you cum?” slowly you press the tip of one finger into me and tease me mercilessly.

Moaning deeply as I bite my lip so hard, my mind racing so wildly as I whisper, my voice trembling so hard and fast “Oh God… I love it… I will tell you my love… oh my God… I am so close to cumming right now…”

Holding my head still with your hand softly, you slowly press your fingers into my hot aching body, moaning deeply surprised at just how wet and hot I am…. you whisper softly to me “Mmmmmm… you are so wet my love… cum for me Deborah… cum so hard all over my fingers for me…. right now Deborah do it right now.”

Moaning Escort Bayan Avcılar deeply as I presses my hips harder up to your hand I move my hips in a small circle feeling your fingers slowly wiggling deep inside me driving me over the edge, slowly closing my eyes, moaning deeply with every breathe trying so hard not to be so loud.

“MMmmmmm open your eyes for me Deborah, I want to look into them as you cum for me.” you whisper grinning wickedly and wiggle your fingers so slowly, your hand pressed so hard to me.

Opening my eyes looking up into yours my whole body trembling so hard and fast all over, groaning deeply to you “Oh…. my … GOD! I am going to cum now… oh GOD! right now!”

“Mmmmmm yes… cum so hard for me Deborah, right now my love” you whisper to me as you pull me off the car with on arm around me “wrap your legs around me.” you moan into my ear deeply as you wiggle your fingers so deep inside me still.

Crying out in pleasure as he pulls her off the car, quickly wrapping her legs around his waist as she buries her face in his neck, cumming so hard all over his fingers.

moaning deeply as you carry me in through the garage and down the hall, slowly pulling the straps of my bathing suit down off my shoulders one then the other, my cum running so hot over your fingers and down your hand, you lay me back on our bed and pull your fingers slowly from me and pull my bathing suit slowly down my legs and toss it aside.

“Now I am going to take you so hard Deborah. Get up on your knees for me my love.” You whisper to me as you drop your short slowly down over your hips and slide them all the way off.

Breathing so hard and fast overwhelmed with passion and excitement I start to turn over and get onto my knees and stop looking up into your eyes grinning wickedly and moan quietly my voice shaking so fast “No.”

“Mmmmm…. No? mmmmmm Deborah…I am going to have to spank you my love.” you whisper softly and grin wickedly.

“Mmmmm you think so my love?” grinning wickedly as I slowly slide off the bed and look deep into your eyes breathing hard and fast still moaning softly “I think I will spank you for making me so crazy like that!” walking slowly around you I drag my nails hard over you ass and grin as I see your muscles all tense up.

“Mmmmm I don’t know my love….” you whisper, a noticeable tremble in your voice as I slowly walk back around to the front of you and slowly drag my nails up over your rock hard cock.

“You always said anything I ever wanted my love… didn’t you?” I grin wickedly and slowly run my nails up over your nipples and pinch them softly, slowly moving my hands higher onto your shoulders and slowly push you down to your knees in front of me.

“Mmmmmm I will do anything for you my love… always” you whisper to me as you slowly drop to your knees in front of me and run your hands softly up my thighs.

Moaning deeply I sit on the edge of the bed and slowly open my thighs as far as I can and twist my fingers slowly through your hair, pulling you slowly over to me whispering so quietly “Mmmmmmm god… I want you to lick all the cum from me.”

Moaning deeply you move quickly to me and softly run you Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü tongue over my clit… so soaked with my cum and slowly and softly lick all the cum from me as I look so deep into your eyes… watching every move you make biting my lip so hard.

“Mmmmmmm God yes… that feels so good Kevin” I moan softly to you, pulling your hair softly, pulling you away from my clit and bite my lip softly whispering quietly “Now… now I want you to take me so hard… and fill me with your hot thick cum… are you ready for me Kevin?”

Moaning deeply you run your hand down to your throbbing, rock hard cock and wrap your hand around it stroking it slowly and softly moaning deeply “Oh God… I am more than ready for you my love.”

“Mmmmmmm God… I want you to take me so hard and fast… thrust your cock so hard and deep into me and squeeze my hips so hard, pulling me as hard back onto you as you can… does that sound good to you my love?” slowly crawling up onto my knees on the edge of the bed in font of you as you stand slowly up and nod to me, moving slowly in behind me.

“Mmmmmm …. no….” grinning wickedly I turn my ass to the side and look back into your eyes “I want to hear you tell me my love…” and grin so wickedly.

“Mmmmm God yes it sounds good to me damn it… get your ass back over here!” and grab my hips hard and pull me back around to you, slowly rubbing your cock against my clit, pressing the head of your cock slowly into me looking into my eyes as you squeeze my hips so hard and moan deeply “Are you ready for ME now?”

Crying out in pleasure as he grabs her hips so hard and pulls her hard back around to him, trembling so hard and fast all over so wild with excitement as he presses the head of his cock into her, moaning so deeply “Oh GOD! do it… give it too me so hard Kevin!” and slowly drop my head down waiting to feel you thrusting so hard and deep into me.

“Mmmmmmm God! I am going to give it to you harder than I ever have before Deborah… scream for me my love” and you reach up and pull my hair slowly back, arching my back deeply as you pull my head back farther and thrust your cock as hard and deep as you can into me.

Screaming so loud in such pleasure as you thrust your cock so hard and deep into me, squeezing my hip so hard in one hand and pulling my hair back with the other, my whole body on fire, so dizzy with passion as I scream out “OH GOD! harder! I am cumming so hard!”

Screaming in pleasure you let go of my hair and grab my other hip so hard and fast, pulling me as hard and fast back onto your cock, my hot wet cum dripping over your cock as you slam in and out of me so hard and fast, dropping your head back as you scream out in pleasure “OHHHHHH GOD YESSSSS!!!!! I AM CUMMMING SO HARD!!!!!” and collapse down onto me pushing me down onto the bed, falling on top of me so breathlessly and roll slowly off of me pulling me so hard against you.

Screaming out in pleasure as you thrust so hard and fast into me, exploding so hard and deep into me, crying out as you fall down onto me and push me to the bed, groaning deeply as you slowly pull from me and roll off of me, wrapping your arms around me pulling me so hard against you, whispering breathlessly “I can’t believe you made me cum out in the garage like that!” grins and pokes him.

“Mmmmmmm… your cum felt so good on my fingers….” grinning you look over at the clock and back into my eyes “And I am just getting started my love…”

Moaning deeply I wrap my arms so tight around your neck and press my lips so hard to yours.

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