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The French Maid

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Abella Danger

It had been a busy Saturday morning at work, and I was looking forward to getting home. You see, Saturday is the day that the maid cleans the house. I like to watch her as she goes about her duties, and today would be no different. I do have one rule though. I do require that the maid wear a French Maid Uniform. I find it very erotic to watch her flitting about in her black and white outfit, and unbelievably I was able to find a maid who would agree to this strange request and not feel ill at ease.

It is especially important that she not feel ill at ease since I am a married man, happily I might add, to the most wonderful woman in the world. We have a very open relationship filled with fantastic sex. She is my entire world. But I do have a thing for maids. I suppose that it is a fetish of mine. I knew that my wife would not be home this morning, only the maid.

I opened the front door and sauntered in, wondering to myself in what room I would find her this morning. I heard some noise coming from the lounge, and walked in that direction. I picked up the newspaper as I headed into the room, as I wanted to appear to be reading the paper. You and I both know that I will not be reading at all, but watching her with a lustful gaze! I imagine that some of you might think of me as a pig for lusting after the maid, but as I said, I do have a fetish for them!

I sat down on the couch, opened up the paper and held it up in front of me. There in front of me was the most beautiful maid that I had ever seen. I said hello and sat down, making my presence known to her. She gave me a nod. The length of her little dress was mid thigh, and I watched intently as she leaned over to dust a table. Her dress lifted up in the back revealing black thigh high stockings and her creamy thighs above the lacy trim. She leaned over further to dust the shelf underneath the table, and I gasped in delight, as today she was wearing a black lacy thong. I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful round ass that I had ever seen.

At this point I was definitely staring, and I felt my cock begin to stir to life. I wanted to put a hand on each cheek of that toned plump ass and just squeeze! She stood back up and walked over to the chair to plump the pillows. There was a wonderful wiggle to her luscious hips as she sashayed across the room.

She was facing me as she leaned over to reach for the pillow, and a blonde curl framed her face. I could see down the ruffle on the front of her dress, and I was treated to a taste of her cleavage, pushed up by a lacy black bra. She glanced up at me and her blue eyes danced and she gave me escort şişli a wink. My cock literally jumped in my pants at that point. As she fluffed the pillow, her breasts jiggled in a tantalizing way. I smiled as I watched her, hoping to see more of what I shouldn’t!

She went out of the room, and I heard her open the closet door. She returned with the vacuum cleaner and proceeded to go over to the curtains. She hooked up the attachments so that she would be able to reach the top. She turned the vacuum on and reached up. She was sliding her hands up and down the shaft of the extension as she cleaned the curtains. It was very seductive and she appeared to be stroking a hard cock! Or was that just my imagination working overtime because I felt that I was being very naughty lusting after her in this way!

As she was reaching, her dress came up in the front, and I was very pleased to see her lacy black thong. I imagined sliding my finger under the side and caressing her pussy. I wondered if it was neatly trimmed hair, or as smooth as a babies bottom! Would it be wet with desire? Oh how I wanted to take my tongue and flick it on the outside of her thong and breathe in her scent! My cock was very hard at this point in time, so I kept the paper over my lap.

She went about her duties in the room, and I watched her the entire time while I was getting hornier and hornier. She was finished in here, and headed into the bedroom. Our bedroom opens up to a patio, so I moved to a chair out there and faced towards the bedroom so that I could watch her as she cleaned in there.

She had stripped the bed of the linens, and had clean ones from the closet. I thought that I would die watching her make the bed. She had to bend and twist in all different interesting ways to put the clean linens on, and I was treated to some wonderful views. As I was watching her put my pillow on my side of the bed, she ran her hand over it and down my side of the bed with a wistful look on her face. Oh my gosh! Could she possible have the hots for me too? I could only hope. I saw her walk over to the laundry bin and lift out one of my shirts and hold it to her face and breathe deeply. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw her slide her hand under her dress and begin caressing her pussy as she breathed in my scent from my shirt! I immediately set the paper aside and went to the bedroom. I stood leaning against the door frame making an attempt to look sexy as she glanced up and saw me. She noticed the bulge in the front of my pants and quickly dropped the shirt back into the bin as I walked over to her and gently touched her cheek.

I https://shetaksim.com could feel my heart racing. I stepped close to her and put my mouth on her full lips and kissed her lightly. She did not stop me, so I kissed her more fully. She began kissing me back, and my tongue was soon dancing around her mouth. I nibbled at her bottom lip and sucked her lip into my mouth. My arms went around her and my hand came up on the back of her neck. I gently slid my hand up and let her hair down. Her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and down her back.

I moved my hands down her back and slid them up under her dress and squeezed her scrumptious ass. I had been waiting for quite some time to do that! I caressed each cheek, marveling at how smooth and firm her ass was. Her hands were returning the favor on my ass now, and my cock could not get any harder than it was!

I guided her towards the bed, and gently pushed her down onto it. I moved beside her, and my hand went towards her tits. I pulled the bra down lower on her rib cage, and two of the most beautiful tits that I had ever seen popped into view. Her nipples immediately pebbled, begging me to suck them. I bent my head down and took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked, while I was squeezing her right tit and rolling her nipple between my finger and thumb. I gently put her left nipple between my teeth and pulled on it until it popped out of my mouth. She was arching her back in delight as I spent quite some time lavishing those tits with attention, but my cock was starting to ache.

I slid off of the bed to the floor, and positioned myself between her legs. I gently lifted up her dress and leaned in and breathed deeply. I could smell her excitement, and I leaned forward and flicked my tongue on the outside of her panties. I heard her moan in delight. I took my teeth and pulled the panties to the side, and gasped in delight when I saw her beautiful bald pussy and pierced clit. Her honey was dripping from her pussy and her lips were full and thick with excitement.

I flicked my tongue across her clit, and it caused the piercing to slide across her inflamed nub. She lifted her hips towards me and moaned. I then took my tongue and ran it the entire length of her wet cunt, tasting her juices. I eagerly lapped them up, and slid two fingers into her hotness. She began bucking her hips against my hand as I slid my fingers in and out and flicked my tongue on her clit. Her cream was dripping from her cunt and trickling down to her puckered little hole. Her moaning was getting louder, and I knew that she was close to coming. I watched https://nisantasiescort.com her face as she released her juices into my mouth. She looked so beautiful as she came.

Without a word, she moved off of the bed and motioned for me to lay down on it. I did as she wanted, and she undid my belt, unzipped my pants, and slid them off of me, taking my briefs with them. My hard cock literally sprang out as my pants moved past it. She flicked her tongue across the tip, lapping up my precum. Her tongue swirled around the swollen head of my engorged cock, and she slid her mouth down the shaft. I thought that I would explode right then, but was able to hold back. Her hands lightly caressed my balls and ran down the inside of my thighs, back up to my balls, and then down underneath my balls to the sensitive place just above my ass.

Her head bobbed up and down and she moaned in delight as she sucked me and licked me. She began pumping my cock with one hand and she slid her other hand down and lightly tickled my ass. She lifted my balls up with her hand and bent her head down and flicked her tongue on my puckered hole. How did she know that doing that would drive me absolutely wild? My hips bucked up as she did that, shooting electricity through my body.

Without a word she stood up and slid her panties down over her curved hips, and crawled up on the bed. On my God! She was going to ride my cock, which was now glistening with her saliva. She swung a leg over me and was now poised above me. She grabbed my cock and slid it over her slick folds. I moaned in delight as she slid her dripping cunt down on my rock hard dick.

She began grinding her pussy on me and rubbing her cunt back and forth. Her breathing was becoming heavier and she moaned in delight. I have never seen such a sexy sight as that of this beautiful woman with her sexy little black and white maid outfit on riding my cock. My reaction was to lift my hips up towards her and begin pumping. Her perfect tits were sitting there proudly as she reached her hand up and squeezed one and then tugged at her nipple. She brought her other hand up and began caressing her other tit. What an erotic sight watching her give herself pleasure.

I could hear her juices making a squishy sound as she ground herself on my cock, and she threw her head back and let out a long moan. I could feel her hot cunt contracting on my cock, and I couldn’t take it any longer. I could feel my cum shooting into her pussy as I pumped away from underneath. I let out a grunt and felt my body tense as I finally had release.

She rolled off of me and I held my arm open for her to snuggle into me. I kissed her on the forehead and pulled her close to me. We looked each other in the eye and broke out into laughter. “Thank you for being my slut maid again today sweetheart! I love you more than life itself!”

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