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The Expression of a Fantasy

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Big Tits

He had noticed her almost immediately. This was often the case for him. A feminine figure (sometimes even a masculine one) would ensnare his attention as though it were the most instinctive and natural propensity of all. In such instances he dispensed with tactically discrete viewing. He stared at her so very openly.

She exuded vitality in her appearance, movements and speech. Her eloquent expression captivated him. With unspeakable grace her body moved. His eyes began a lingering and thoroughly exciting dissection.

She was now returning his stare. A telephone was held against her ear; she continued to speak. Her eyes were always so captivating. They were large, with a clear white encircling her iris. They could vary marginally in colour. Today they were aqua. Everyday they were irresistible. Her lips were petite in size yet full. At that moment she emitted a short laugh, which ceased with a toss of her head. Her hair was almost non-existent. The fur upon her head only emphasized the effect of her eyes.

He approached her directly and quashed a sentence with his mouth. Her eyes widened, then closed. She pushed him away after a few seconds, but not before he had involuntarily moaned a muffled appreciation. His eyes detailed his intentions. The demand was made categorically. It took her only an instant to proclaim her own desires. She terminated the call with a curt farewell.

Their mouths were suddenly against one another. He felt his tongue push against hers, slide over hers and explore her teeth. When she responded with her own probing, he sucked on her tongue momentarily. He pursued her top lip with vigor, trapping it between his lips. Then her bottom lip was being pulled and sucked with passionate force. Both made approving sounds. Neither were gentle or leisurely. Both breathed hard. Her hands were beginning to knead the muscles of his chest. Their hips ground powerfully together as his hands squeezed her bum.

Her body was pressed against a wall. She was upon her toes, all the while being ferociously kissed. She felt his hands gently touch her stomach, then begin to skim up. His fingers gently encircled her nipples. They were hardening in response to his fingertips. She groaned loudly as she felt a pleasurable sensation radiate from her breasts, extend across her body, ending with her becoming aware of how wet and hot she was becoming. He massaged her breasts with his fingers and palms, then proceeded up her torso.

Her top began to rise as his hands reached her neck. His lips suddenly disengaged hers. The top was over her head and discarded with all haste. He had only a fleeting moment to view her breasts before they were entangled again. Her breasts were covered by a thin white bra which had by this time been moved from its original position by his heavy fondling, exposing half of her left breast. Her nipples were highly erect and sensitive to every contact. Her shoulder straps were around her elbows. All this excited him immensely.

He kissed her lips only briefly. He moved across her cheek, leaving wetness in his wake. He kissed delicately, then forcefully, moving down her neck. His hands had slipped behind her and were persecuting yet another unsuccessful campaign against her bra?s strap. Smiling condescendingly, she deftly unclipped and removed the bra. Some things were beyond his capabilities, she thought jokingly. That thought ended abruptly as her right nipple entered his mouth. She breathed in sharply, and quivered as she exhaled. He rounded sultangazi escort it with his tongue, drew his teeth lightly over it?s surface and sucked upon it as his hands fondled and caressed.

Her left nipple received similar treatment. His groping was becoming more frenzied. She could sense his expectations of imminent love making. Leaving his hands upon her breasts, he kissed and licked his way to her ear. Where, upon arriving, he nibbled, kissed and tongued her lobe and whatever else he could access. Interspersed with these activities were whispers of his endless love for her, admiring remarks regarding her physicality and information already known to her about his own level of excitement.

They began kissing with renewed vivacity. He had a hand upon her left breast, gently kneading, whilst his other pulled her close vigorously. She was gripping his bum, pressing their pelvises together. Through the clothing both could feel the other. Her his hardness, he her openness. He felt for the button of her shorts, unfastened it and dropped them to her ankles. He opened his eyes.

Her eyes were open. The focus precluded accuracy, but not intensity. He felt a hand strongly grasp his genitals through his clothing. A combination of surprise, pain and satisfaction elicited a yelp, a sound which indicated the impetus of the encounter had suddenly shifted. An instant later he felt the wall, warm and moist from her. His shirt was tugged roughly over his head. She paused to view him. His torso was heaving, his muscles easily discernible. Quickly, her hands were upon his chest. She felt the hardness of his muscles underneath his soft skin, the sparse hair between her fingers.

Her mouth was soon attached to his nipples, lapping and enticing them to hardness. He was beginning a conspicuous thrusting motion. He was the more impetus of the two. She guessed (correctly) that he had been fantasizing about her for most of the day. She bit at his skin and scratched and grasped his muscles. She liked being crude and rough with his body; she delighted in seeing the red welts she left upon him. She continued to kiss and probe lower, passing over his stomach. She felt the thicker hair above his penis brush her chin, lingered there for a moment, then retraced the wetness she had left upon him. He sighed and heaved in protest.

Though moving away from the region, she unbuttoned his shorts. She took hold of them and his underwear, pulling them down for him to step out of. She glanced down. His penis was long and thin and smooth. He was completely hardened; pre-come covered the head of his penis. She felt him jutting into her stomach, just below her belly button. He was desperately seeking any surface against which he could rub himself. She pressed him against the wall with one hand, whilst the other touched his throbbing penis. She separated their bodies so that she could watch.

His head was tilted back, eyes closed, with lips apart to permit heavy breathing and frequent moans. His muscles tensed as her palm rubbed against the head of his penis. Her fingers felt the slippery warmth of his pre-come, which she utilised as lubrication. She began to stroke him firmly. She could not refrain from hastening her pace. His response excited and impelled her. He was now groaning every time her hand passed over his head and down his shaft and as it returned. His hips were moving of their own volition. Both were aware that he was rapidly approaching arnavutköy escort orgasm.

His eyes opened as she moderated the rapidity of her stroking. She relished the power she acquired. He stared at her breasts, gently swaying as her arm oscillated. He became conscious of her own gaze, which was affixed to his penis. Their eyes met.

She smiled coyly. With her free hand she brought his to her mouth. She splayed his fingers. She began to suck forcefully upon his middle finger. Her tongue enveloped and caressed its length. He felt her hand upon his penis and her mouth begin an enticing rhythm. With such warmth and wetness, he knew that he would not last long; if she was about to do what he fervently hoped for. Her eyes confirmed that the suggestion was about to be realised.

She knelt down. Holding his hips, she guided him away from the wall and drew him to his knees, then laid him flat. She maneuvered herself in between his widened legs. She no longer wished to prolong his pleasure. She wanted to taste him, to feel him ejaculate and hear his emphatic cries of gratification. She placed a hand upon his stomach to minimise his intense and uncontrollable thrusting. Her other hand encircled the base of his penis.

He watched as she lowered her mouth, taking in over half his length. There would be no more delay. She frantically rose and descended upon his shaft, swirling her tongue over his head every so often. She supplemented her mouth with the vertical movement of her hand. His hands encased her head, endeavoring to increase the pace. It required only a few moments for him to come.

She perceived the hardening of his stomach muscles. His groans rose in pitch, reaching a shriek as he felt the first warm wave of his orgasm approach. His body clenched and tensed. His penis began to jerk. His hot, creamy come spurted from his penis and into her mouth. She continued to slide upon him, stimulating him further as his sensitivity increased. With each pulse he felt a hot surge of indescribable pleasure radiate outward form his penis, causing him to tense and quiver slightly. He groaned hoarsely and loudly. She slowed and came to a stop, allowing the remainder of his semen to seep into her mouth. He breathed deeply, enjoying the afterglow. With a final swirl of his head with her tongue, she withdrew. She savored the taste of his come as it discharged on to her tongue and to the back of her throat. She swallowed, enjoying the flavour and texture.

He kissed her earnestly, probing for the remnants of his semen. She then stood above him, allowing him to remove her black panties. Her briefs were soaked through from her wetness. Her smell was an aphrodisiac for both of them.

He guided her down. Her knees pressed against his armpits, her sex was positioned directly above his face. She felt his hot, slippery tongue touch her just below her entrance, then slowly move up and along, stopping once he reached her pubic mound. She sighed with deep satisfaction, then became rigid as he kissed, then licked, her already prominent clitoris. He varied his method. He would use circles, slowly and gently sweep over it?s surface, hurriedly lap at it or offer only the most minimal of contact with his tip. He particularly enjoyed the way her juices covered his face, forcing his senses to consume her smell, taste and texture.

She felt a finger, then two, enter her and begin to slip in and out of her. Again, he methodically vacillated. başakşehir escort Shallow, hasty thrusting gave way to slow deep strokes. Sometimes he would curl his fingers and stroke against the inside of her vagina, other moments he would probe as deeply as possible. He stole glances at her. She sat upright upon him with her head tilted back, moaning loudly. Her hips began to rock gently. Suddenly all contact ceased. She released a cry of dissatisfaction. She was beginning to lower herself further when his hands clutched her bum. He pulled her down, entering her with his tongue.

She released an extraordinarily loud groan, and resumed her rocking motion. He continued to apply pressure to her bum, forcing her down upon his stiffened tongue, until she was moving upon it as though she were making love with his penis inside her. His thumb continued to gently nudge her clitoris. Her movements became more vigorous as she felt her vaginal muscles begin to contract. She bucked and thrust against his face with vigor. A powerful throbbing sensation began to radiate through her genitals. She came potently, shuddering as each wave of pleasure rippled through her body. He maintained the rhythm, sliding his tongue in as deeply as possible. She voiced her satisfaction loudly, and squeezed her thighs closer together to enhance his stimulation. He persisted despite the end of her orgasm. Completely gratified and gasping for breath, she began to dismount him.

He did not permit her to rise. His arms were folded across his chest, locking her hips down. Concerned, she looked down into his eyes for an explanation. His steadfast gaze let her know that although she was astride of him, she was very mush a passenger of his will. He concentrated once again upon her clitoris. He sucked and licked at her with deliberate and leisurely strokes whilst fingering her slowly and deeply, gently bringing her to the brink of another orgasm. He enjoyed her shuddering, the sounds she made and the way her muscles contracted around his fingers. Without a pause he increased the rate of his movements.

His tongue flicked rapidly against her clitoris, whilst his fingers moved as fast as he could propel them. Her voice was becoming hoarse and ragged, her body covered with a film of sweat. She felt an immense surge of pleasure, then came the sweeping waves of warmth; a sensation which left her breathless. She flopped forward, her arms outstretched in front of her. Her forehead rested against the floor as she inhaled deeply.

With a parting kiss to her sex he slid out from under her. Her position, with her bum jutting towards him, suggested itself to love making. She had almost recuperated when she felt his penis slide effortlessly into her from behind. His chest was soon pressing against her back as his hands moved on to her chest. He cupped and gently fondled her breasts as he slowly made love to her. She arched her back and relished the feeling of his long hardness as it deeply penetrated her. She pushed back against him as he thrust forward.

He could not resist increasing the pace. He shoved his hips against her bum with greater force, causing her bum to quiver with each stroke. With every thrust she emitted a low moan of approval; he deep and desperate groans. The view of her sleek back and posture excited him immensely. His orgasm approached quickly. He gripped her hips and buried his penis deeply within her as he came. He exclaimed loudly and pressed himself against her back. Feeling the hot semen inside her brought her off once more. She orgasmed quietly yet intensely. They flopped to the floor, using the last of their energy to roll to face one another.

Their eyes conversed, each thanking and appreciating the other. He lightly stroked her back as she dozed. He too found the luxury of their embrace so comforting that he slept contentedly.

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