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The Erotic Tales of a Fashion Photographer Ch. 1

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Wow, it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy with work, unable to write. But as I get into my new job I will find more time to give you what you love. I tried to make this story a little deeper than your typical E.S. Please vote! Just click on “10” and be done with it! (lol)

* * * * *

Fresh out of Photography school, I had no idea where to go. I had a friend over at Revlon, but I didn’t want that.

I knew there was something else out there for me, but I didn’t know what.

I got about 4 other offers, but there was still one uninvestigated. And that was a photography agency in Paris, France. Being from Orange County California, that was a hell of a long way. I had to do something, so I called using my computer.

“Hi, this is Isaac Epson.”

“Allo, M. Epson. What can I do for you today?” the receptionist asked in a sexy French accent.

“Well, La Pres Photography offered me a job. I’d like to set up a meeting if at all possible.”

“Ah yes, M. La Pres has been looking forward to your call. But he had hoped for it to be sooner.”

“I’ve just had alot of other interviews, can we get together to discuss the job?”

“Should you come to France or should France come to you?”

“I should come to France”

“Should we set the date for the 15th of June?”

“The fifteenth is fine.”

“You and M. Le Pres will have dinner that night”

“Ok, see you guys in two days” With that I hung up.

* * * * *

Wait a minute…Wait!!! What about Daniela!? She can’t just pick up and move to France. She has family here in Orange. I can hear her beautiful little voice now. “But Zaac, I can’t abandon my family and everything I love to go to France and live out YOUR dream! What about my dreams, what about my passions!?”

I could argue with her. But she’d be right. That would be very selfish. I love her. I never told her, but I do. I have to be able to convince her that going there would be good for both of us. Somehow. I could show her how great it is in a book. That’s stupid. I don’t know, I just don’t know. I worried about it all night long. I even had a dream.

I was in France, taking pictures of beautiful models. Having a damn good time. But I couldn’t enjoy it. I kept thinking of Daniela, at home, lying on a strange lonely bed crying. I wanted to comfort her but apparently my dream wouldn’t let me. I got a sick feeling in my stomach. I kept hearing the same click of the camera, the same sobs coming from Daniela. My dream was lost in a haze of repetitiveness and nausea.

BEEP BEEP BEEP!! The complicated night was over. The horrible sound of my alarm clock slowly brought me back to a reality. A reality I didn’t want to face. A reality of Daniela. She’ll be coming by for breakfast in about twenty minutes. What was I going to say? Hi Daniela!, let’s go to France for the rest of our lives. We leave tomorrow! Maybe I should go, leave her here. Maybe I should… get out of bed.

I took a shower, brushed my teeth, combed my hair. As if she knew the exact time that was best for me, she knocked on the door.

Every Saturday morning for the past 6 months we’d meet. I’d have a fantastic breakfast ready, smells of coffee orange juice and eggs filled the air. We would sit down talk about our week, how much we hated going to school. We went to different colleges, so we rarely met during the week. Well, now we were out of school, ready to start our lives.

As I said, we’d talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company, and then simply fuck the living shit out of each other. Every week, for about two hours, we would a better morning than anybody else in Orange. Every Saturday was heaven on earth. This time, I wasn’t so sure I would have fun. She might just…no, I have to stop thinking that way.

What’s normally a glorious sound (her fist knocking on my door) was now a dreaded one. I opened the door with a smile that was very real, even under the circumstances.

“Hiiiiiiii!” she said in a slow excited voice.

“Hi, come in and sit, it’s all ready.”

“You seem nervous, that’s the last feeling I want you to have this morning.”

“Well, we have to talk.”

“Fuck, I knew this wouldn’t last! I loved you,you son of a bitch! Why are you smiling?”

“No, I love you. I never told you but I do.”

“Then why do we need to talk?” she asked sitting down at the table.

“Well, I have a pretty good feeling that I’ll be getting a job”

“Where?” she asked as if she knew it was far away.

“It’s in…Paris.” There, I just said it and waited for her to start yelling.

“Holy shit!!, we’re going to live in Paris! I’ve always wanted to at least visit it. Now we can live there. This is the greatest news I’ve ever heard!”

“What?, you’re not upset? You don’t think I’m being selfish? I think by taking the job it would be unfair to you.”

“That’s nuts”, she stated with more simplicity than I could of imagined.

“But we don’t even speak French”

“We’ll learn. We’ll have to. If you live in a place long enough you pick up the language.”

“Well I don’t believe this. If you had any idea how much I worried over this you’d…”

“Shhhh, atakent escort let’s just eat”, she said with a smile.

We continued to talk about Paris and I became more at ease. I even told her we leave the following morning. She got even more excited. There was the most beautiful woman right in front of me. She was willing to go to Paris and start a new life, With about a nano second of thought. God, we’re in love. This proves it. She sat there eating away, with nothing but happiness in her eyes. Love.

Whenever I see that plate empty, dirty thoughts start coming into my brain. I looked at her. She looked at me. A devilish smile appearing on her face, her brown hair gleaming in the sunlight. She bit her bottom lip as she walked over to me. I got up and kissed her with power and passion. She pushed me up against the wall, her face joyful with anticipation. I leaned in to kiss her again, but she licked my lips. I tried to kiss again, she licked me. Breathing hard, I laughed. She always could use her tongue in the most amazing ways. When we first started going out, she said the tongue has the most important sexual use. It stimulates all the erogenous zones. If you know how to use it, you can get your partner off every few minutes.

I pushed her away and walked into my bedroom. She followed behind laughing. I opened the door and hopped on my queen size bed. I saw her looking at me. She couldn’t of looked hotter. Her hair was slightly messied, her lip-stick smudged, and a horny look on her face. As she took off her mid-drift top, she told me that she was sooo wet, and she needed a cock in her hot pussy. At this point, the tip of my cock was sticking out of my underwear.

She had perfect breasts, 34c, and she had on light blue panties & bra. She turned around and displayed me her sweet ass. Slowly, she took off her panties, ass facing me. She wound up the sides of her panties and brought them down inch by inch, her perfect round ass begging to be released. She brought them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Her ass was on full display.

“Well, I can’t just leave these on the ground”, she said pointing to her panties. “We can’t have dirty apartment, can we? Let me just pick these up for you.”

She bent over, careful to make sure her ass was in plain view and picked them up. I could have passed out. Her ass looked soooooo good. You can just see in in your mind. She took the panties and threw them at my face.

She knew I liked to take of her bra, so she politely left it on. After that, she walked over to me and lay on the bed. Her hands went for my underware, to take it off. I lifted my hips and she took them off, throwing them to the ground. Her face made its’ way up to my throbbing cock. There she stopped and looked up at me.

“Hmmm, what am I supposed to do?” she asked

“Oh no!, don’t you even do that again”, I said as I bucked my hips forward, my cock hitting her face.

“I forgot what I do now! Can you remind me?”

“Ok, I want you to suck my dick”

“Should I just suck, or what?”

“No, I want your trained tongue to stroke up and down my shaft until I come”

“What should I do with your cum?”

“Swallow it, or spread it all over your tits”

With a wink she began her work. The familiar feeling of her warm tongue around my cock came over me. A short moan escaped my lips when she first licked me. She licked up and down, with a rythem. Just as I could have came, she stopped. I let out another moan, but this time of impatience.

“Patience is a virtue”, she said.

She walked up my body with her tongue, pausing to especially tickle my bellybutton. She came up more, leaving chills going down my spine. She got up to my face, and didn’t stop licking. I laughed as I brought my arms around her. I took her bra and unhooked it. There was noting between her breasts and me except a thin, unhooked bra. She backed up so I could take it off. I did. I looked at the magnificent mounds of flesh diplayed before me. Instinctively, I went to lick them. She groaned like an animal at my touch.

Rolling off me, backside on the bed, she looked at me. I crawled over to her, and placed my cock at the entrance of her tight, dripping twat. Slowly, I placed the tip in, as I looked at the expression on her face. Her eyes widened slightly, and she licked her lips.

She couldn’t take it anymore, her hips bucked at me and I was completely inside her. She was so tight. I felt her every muscle contract around my pulsing cock. I started to move up and down, with slow pleasurable strokes. Her breath became short and rapid. I pushed into her deeper and harder, as she clenched my ass. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, she screamed out in bliss. Her hot, sweaty body convulsed in rapture. Then I came, bursting my hot cum up into her cunt. We screamed out together, as if there was no one else on Earth. I let my cock go limp inside her, draining me of all my cum. I slipped out, and lay next to her on the bed.

We both laughed, sweaty and exhausted. She got up first, with a little cum dribbling akbatı escort down her inner thigh. “What should we do tonight?” she asked.

“Hmm… maybe I should tell my Mom that there’s a 70% chance that I’ll be moving to Paris. And that I leave tommorrow.”

“Maybe”, she said putting on the rest of her clothes.


I drove over to my mom’s house instead of calling. She never liked it when I called to tell her something important. As I drove I wondered if she too, would be unexpectedly happy about my news. I was optimistic as I drove into her driveway.

“Hi mom.”, I said.

“Hi hun. I was thinking, you should get that job at Revlon. Even if you don’t want it, you need SOME job. Especially if you’re going to live with Daniela”

I closed my eyes and quickly stated the facts. “Mom, I got an interview with La Pres photography in Paris France. It’s more than an interview, the head of the company has been looking forward to my call. I think I have the job. Except that it’s in Paris and I don’t know how the people in my family would react.”

“It doesn’t matter. You go to Paris and get the job. All the big models are from France, despite the new wave from Brazil. The fashion capitol of the world, you’re lucky. Being a young guy, you’ll make it big.”

I don’t believe this support. Everyone is so willing and seeing everything from my side.


That night I packed and told a real-estate agent of the possibility of my house going up for sale. I told Daniela to come over at 7:00 to put her stuff in my trunk. We could go out to eat, seeing this was probably our last night in the U.S for a while.

After I got her stuff in my trunk along with mine, we sat at my sofa.

“Where do you want to go?” I asked

“How about we go to Spago?”

“Done.”, I said. We got up to get to my car. It’s about 15 minutes away normally. But on Saturday night, it more like 30 minutes away. So we drove behind slowly moving cars for a half hour, finally reaching an unelievably crowded Spago.

Daniela and I entered through the main doors, and were greeted by a man whose sole purpose was to tell regular people to go away. I was one of the regular people, but my Daniela was not. They want beautiful people, Daniela was beyond beautiful. She was an angel. Her brown hair slightly passing shoulder length, her long sexy legs, her perfect breasts which showed a considerable amount of cleavage, was to much for any straight man to say anything but yes to. With some flirtation, we got our seat, right by the window. Possibly to show us off. These high profile restaraunts are all about image.

We got our menus and the wine selections. With these prices, I better get this job. But I forgot about that when I looked into her eyes. She looked so happy. This Goddess was about to start her life, with ME of all people.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy than I am now.”, I said with honesty.

“Yeah, this is it. This is the beginning of everything. A month ago our relationship was little more than sexual. Now it’s…everything I ever wanted.”

“Do you think we’ll feel like this in 20 years?”

“Who cares. I love you. You love me. We’re going to live in France tomorrow. That’s all that matters in the world.”

“What can I get you two?” our waitress asked.

“I guess I’ll have the duck.”, I stated flatly. I always have the duck. But I always say ‘Ummmm…I guess…I’ll have the…duck’. I don’t know why.

“Same”, Daniela said.

After our orders, we sat there and looked at each other.

“So where are we going to stay?” she asked

“We’ll be in a hotel for the first few days, until we can find a house or a apartment or a shack of some sort. What are you going to do there?”

“Well, I might write, seeing that I’m a writer and all.”

About 15 minutes later, our food came.

“Won’t what be difficult?, you have an American publisher.”

“Not really, I can just mail my story to them.”

“Isn’t that dangerous? Couldn’t some shmuck just steal it?”

“That’s unlikely.”

“I wouldn’t just put a years worth of work into the U.S postal service.”

“Whatever, I’ll get it to them. Stop worrying, It’ll be ok honey.”

For the rest of the night we talked about our new lives. In the car coming back to my place, the conversation got interesting.

“Hey, this is our last night in the U.S. What should we do when we get home?” she asked.

“Hmmm. You know what I want to do? When you’re taking off your clothes to go to bed, I want to come up behind you, slowly and carefully, so you don’t know I’m there. Just as you are in your lingerie, I want to put a blindfold over your beautiful eyes. So you can’t see or know who I am. I want to put my arms around you and I want you to ask me who I am. I’ll just say “SShhh”. You will moan out of fear and arousal. I want to lay you down on the bed and take off your panties. I want too…”

“Kinky”, she said in a cute voice. “But not tonight. This should be romantic. aksaray escort Something to remember. Our last night in America. You know, What if you don’t get that job. I think you’re a little overconfident.”

“The secretary told me M. La Pres was looking forward to my call. He wanted me to come all the way over there. I think that unless I go in there naked, slurring obcenities, I’ve got the job.”

“I still think you’re overconfident.”

“Don’t worry so much. Worrying causes stress. Stress leads to muscle destruction. Muscle destructiion leads to your heart pumping harder and faster. That leads to shrinking of the genitalia. Shrinking of the genitalia leads to an early death. Death means hell, for what we’re going to do tonight.”

“What can we do tonight that can lead us to hell?”

“Plan on doing everything legal in this state with you. And then take it a step further. I wanna fuck you in every room in the house, a different position every time. After we’re finished, my cock will be dead. I want us to fall asleep naked lying in the kitchen with you.”

“Well God damn, we’re finally gonna really fuck? I don’t think you can take me for real. I’ll make you cum 20 times is 20 minutes. Once I start sucking and fucking, I DON’T stop. You thought the shit I did before was amazing, I’ll fuck the life out of you. Hardcore.”

Thank God I was in the driveway at this point, otherwise I would get in an accident. “Well, I’m quite ready as you can see.”, I said pointing to the tent in my pants.

We ran into the house, with horny little legs. She pushed me into the kitchen. Not lightly, she shoved me! Growling, she groped and frenched me. She leaned me backwards, onto the table. I backed up, lying on the table. She growled again, crawling up and straddling me. She ripped my shirt off, and licked me from my bellybutton to my neck. I groaned as she sent shivers through me. She took my pants off, pulling on them like a woman possesed. She dug her nails into my chest and went down on me. My hips shot up, as her perfectly skilled tongue went to work on my rod. I smiled, and quietly laughed. I heard a muffled laugh from her, but she continued about her buisness. I was feeling the onset of an intense orgasm, she stopped. Looking up at me seductively she started to say something. I didn’t care. I pushed her pretty little face down on my cock, with an impatient groan. She knows what a man wants when he’s that persistant. To cum hard into her sultry mouth. She felt phenomenal around my awe-struck cock. I couldn’t take it. I came strong in her face, as she sucked down my relentless rush of cum. She loves this stuff, I can tell.

“No fucking way are we leaving this room until you make me cum.”, she screamed.

I agreed. She licked me up and looked at me. Now it was her turn to be impatient. Her supple body climbed ontop of mine. Her body heat radiated off my sensitive skin as she slowly rested her naked body upon me. Light sweat coated her beautiful being. Her sopping pussy, excruciatingly close me my dick, slowly lowered. Her face, was like that of an angel, showing of pure bliss. She closed her eyes, licking her lips and smiling. I saw her hips beautifully contract against me. It reminded me of how primitive sex is, natural. She moaned and growled as the pleasure increased. Not just her hips, but her entire body got into a rhythm. Squirming up and down, I was in heaven. Continually grinding me and gripping behind my shoulders for an anchor, she came. Screaming and yelling out my name. Fuck, she almost broke my neck she was going so hard. She must of came twice, it lasted about 12 seconds by my count. She slowed, loosening her grip. Her body relaxed, all tension gone.

“Uuuuggghhhhh. Fuck, that was Hot!” she said in a relaxed yet happy tone.

“Now where should we go?” I asked.

“I said hardcore didn’t I? We’re going to the bathroom. Put on some music, depending on how you want me. I’ll draw a bath, put on something sweet.”

We waked naked into my bedroom, into my bathroom. I quietly selected a cd, she went and drew out bath. In the bathroom, I had nothing because of my moving out. No soap or shampoo. But earlier I set up something special. There were about 10 candles, yet to be lit. A vibrator, and about three different possible selections of lingerie. She closed the door, to keep secret what she selected to wear. I lay naked on my bed, hardon refreshed.

Meanwhile, inside, she was lighting the candles and getting dressed. I eagerly awaited the opening of the door. I saw the door open slightly, out came a Goddess of incredible beauty. She was wearing dark green panties and bra.

Over that she wore see-through dark green silk, making her beauty profound. I got up, hypnotized by her. I licked my lips, staring deep into her eyes, groped her ass and kissed her with newfound energy. We walked into the bathroom, steam heavy and hot against my skin. She stood her fine-assed self by the steaming bathtub, and started to strip. With the see-through silk still on she removed her panties. The green see-through slightly blurring her tight, trimmed, twat. She moved seductively, turning me on her every grace. She looked with happiness over to the vibrator, and picked it up. Instead of fingering herself, she used this tool to give herself pleasure. For a minute, she just rode the vibrator forgetting about where she was. Then she looked over at me, like the horny little girl she was. She gave me a “Are we gonna fuck or what” look.

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