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The Edge

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Emily leant back against the warm palm as it ghosted across her alabaster skin. “Abe.” She sighed, tucking her chin into her shoulder and nestling into his torso. Square fingers lifted her head from it’s comfortable nest to his waiting lips. They were soft and comforting, like a blanket on a cold winter’s night. She breathed in, savouring his strong musk.

He bit her gently, teeth sinking into the curve of her lip. She gasped and turned her body to face him, pressing her curves against his firm torso. She trailed a hand down her satin nightdress, dragging his attention with it.

“Slow.” He rumbled, reaching down to lift her hand above the equator. “Sensual.”

She bit her own lip in mild frustration. “But I want you now.”

“Patience.” He chided and nipped her ear.

She frowned. Planting a hand firmly in the center of his chest she pushed him away. “Then you learn it. I’m going home.”

The man blinked. “What?” His hands stopped moving as his brain caught up. “You can’t do that.”

“Watch me.”

“But there’s a blizzard out there.”

“But baby it’s cold outside.” She jeered. “Just stop talking.”

She pulled away, irritated. The man who she had thought so handsome and delectable moments ago was now just another trophy that had lost its shine. She snatched her coat before he could offer it to her. “Goodnight Abe.”

Despite her deliberate antagonism the man walked her to the door. He may be lost for words but never social graces. How they bored her, these proper types. She wanted to be ravaged, devoured, pushed into the wall and taken with little ceremony and unbridled carnal desire. Not caressed like her skin as no thicker than a petal and as sensitive as a minefield. She would get no satisfaction here tonight.

She stalked through the topiary in a swirl of white powder. She was careful not to look back at the young man who would undoubtedly wait and watch to ensure she got to her car safely. Boring, boring, boring.

She dived into the car, already shivering as a fine layer of snow soaked through her best jacket. She grumbled under her breath as the car thrummed to life but the heater failed to start. Teeth chattering she drove away from her date and into the darkness.

Half an hour later she was crawling through the city at a pace that made public transport look downright appealing. Apparently there was some sort of sports event on. She sighed and gazed out the window, confident that the road wouldn’t change any time soon.

Her gaze fell on a young man. He was tucked away between two buildings covered with scaffolding, neatly avoiding both the snow and wind of the freezing night. She found herself staring at the lean body. As her eyes travelled up his torso the man turned to look her dead in the eye. A bolt of heat flashed through her body. Her head snapped forward and she stared unseeing at the car in front of her, gripping the steering wheel as though her life depended on it. As an afterthought she locked the car doors.

She swallowed, painfully aware of the man’s gaze. She could feel the heat radiating from her cheeks. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

After five minutes she risked a glance back. The man was still leaning against the wall, infuriatingly nonchalant. He flashed her a smile that made her pussy clench.

Animal instinct took over. Without indicating she pulled out of the long line of sancaktepe escort traffic leaving the city and drove down the alleyway the ran the length of the factory. She veered into the first park she found, almost forgetting the handbrake. Grabbing her handbag she leapt out of the car before common sense could catch up. This wasn’t a time for rationale. She was feeling cagey, frustrated, and the fire raging inside her was ready to burst forth and consume the city.

That young man may be sheltered from the weather but he was still in for a hell of a storm.

She rounded the corner and marched down the street, cursing as the cruel wind whipped under her skirts. She slowed as she approach the gap where the man was tucked away. Doubt began to fill her mind. Her heels clicked loudly in the sudden silence. She bit her lip, suddenly filled with indecision.

“I could do that for you.” A low voice purred.

Her breath caught in her throat. A shiver ran down her spine that had nothing to do with the weather.

The man emerged from the alley. Their eyes met and she felt that jolt of electricity again. She nearly collapsed as she realized what it was. Desire. Delicious, dark, carnal desire.

The man lowered her head, his eyes travelling the length of her body. Emily trembled with excitement. She could practically feel him undressing her with his eyes.

He closed the gap and stood so close she could feel the heat radiating off his skin. His head tilted from side to side as he examined her. Apparently reaching a decision, he offered his palm.

“Want?” He asked.

She blinked, suddenly horribly aware of the realities of her situation. “Do you cost?” she blurted out.

He tilted his head back and laughed. “You couldn’t afford me.”

He let the silence hang, taunting her. She felt the tension coil in her body even before he spoke again.

“Want.” He growled quietly.

She swallowed. She could feel herself growing slick from the mere sound of his voice. “Want.” She nodded in a series of small jitters.

“Good.” He purred and took her wrist, pulling her back towards the alley. She followed, the world closing in until it was just the two of them, two bodies in the night, hungry for flesh and a channel for their passion.

Down the end of the alley was darkness only punctuated by reflections from the city nightlife. It was remarkably empty and far quieter than the streets surrounding.

“What’s your name?” she asked, regaining her senses a little.

The man grinned. “Call me Beast.”

She giggled nervously. “I suppose that makes me Belle?”

He shoved her against the wall, mashing her face against his. “That makes you prey.” He hissed, his hot breath and deep growl sending electricity shooting like fireworks her body. He bit her lightly and dragged his teeth along the rim of her ear. She gasped, astounded by how sensitive she suddenly was. His fingers curled into her jacket and dragged it off her, exposing her shoulders the unforgiving night air. One tug and the sash of her dress uncoiled, leaving it with no option but to slide down her body. She closed her eyes for a moment, enjoying the smooth touch of silk rolling across her skin. She jerked as the dress was ripped from her body and he was all over her, his mouth devouring ever inch of her flesh. Nails dug ümraniye escort into her back and hips, pulling her in. Moans and cries escaped her throat as his hot mouth and slick tongue found their way to her breasts. With one deft move her bra fell away. The man stepped back, drinking in the view as she became painfully aware of the temperature. She curled in on herself, trying to keep warm. He stepped in and pinned her arms against the brick, exposing her torso to the cruel weather and his intense scrutiny.

She whimpered and dropped her eyes to the ground rather than meet that gaze. But she could still feel him watching her. She raised her eyes in time to see the corners of his mouth twist into an animalistic snarl as she twitched.

“Mine.” He growled and bit her left nipple. She cried out, lifting her head to the skies and involuntarily spreading her legs. Good god she wanted him, she wanted him more than anything in her life. She wanted him deep inside her, tearing her apart, taking her just because she was there. She wanted it to so much.

His deft fingers rolled her right nipple while his teeth scrapped her left. She whimpered as she felt the hand leave her breast and flinched when it gripped her panties. She bit her lip, caught between hope that he would to tear them off her and the fear that he actually would. Instead the grip relaxed. His rough fingers began to stroke her firmly through the thin wall of lace. Her head fell back as he expertly rolled her clit between his fingers. Her hips pushed back as the pressure began to build inside her, desperate not to lose that touch for a second. The warmth spread through her body, flushing her skin and lighting a fire inside her. She was uttering nonsense, thrusting her whole body against the incredible hand as she raced towards relief. She collapsed against him as wave after wave of sweet pleasure crashed through her, leaving her trembling and weak. It was the most intense thing she had ever experienced.

She was seized by the desire to return the favour, to reward the man that had brought her such incredible sensations. “W-want.” She whispered and tugged at his belt. The man’s sly grin returned and he stepped away from her. She cursed at the sudden cold.

“Fuck you’re sexy when you swear.” He remarked as he casually dropped his jacket. She gazed hungrily as he tugged off his shirt to reveal a lean torso with a deep-cut V. Her hands reached out of their own accord and ran across the exposed skin to tangle in his body hair. He growled as he tugged at his belt. Impatient, she slipped her fingers inside his pants, still playing with the soft trail of hair that covered his chest. He hissed as she bit his stomach. She ginned, delighting in scraping her teeth across those abs again and again. The fingers twined around his wiry pubic hair, unable to reach any deeper. With a grunt he ripped his belt off and dropped his pants, exposing his throbbing cock to her waiting hand. She touched it gratefully, reveling in the silky skin. Adjusting her grip she began to pump. Watching her hand slide up and down his length as he panted she was suddenly seized by the desire to taste him. Without warning she engulfed him with her hot wet mouth, running her tongue along the head and shaft so much that her mouth tingled. It tasted delicious. No, no tasted, felt. He felt tuzla escort like a mouthful of sherbet and sweet hard candy, smooth yet sparking excitement all down her body.

The man grunted abruptly and pushed her off, dragging her to her feet. His eyes burned. Gripping her shoulders he spun her to face the wall and shoved her. She fell over, bracing against the cooling bricks. She could feel his hard flesh probing at her entrance and the thrill nearly sent her over the edge again.

He pushed inside her, stretching her, and began thrusting so hard and fast that she screamed. Her world exploded as he rammed into her, smashing against the spongy wall of her cervix to send out sparks of pain and pleasure until her stomach clenched in protest. He yanked her hair, jerking her head back and shifting her just enough for him to miss that point and strike the one below. Fireworks bounced around her body and electricity surged beneath her skin as he struck that spot again and again. She moaned uncontrollably as her body jumped between tense and limp until she was clutching the wall just to stay upright. The man released her hair and hooked a finger in her mouth as he crushed her into the wall. She ran her tongue across the tip and was rewarded with the feeling of a thousand bubbles bursting on her taste buds. She sucked at it furiously, greedy for more of the orgasmic sensation.

The man groaned as her hot slick walls clenched around him. Removing the finger from he protesting mouth he gripped both her hips and pounded deeper into her. She was grateful for his strong grip and the firm wall as she nearly collapsed from the intensity of the next orgasm that ripped through her.

“Fuck…” she groaned and hoisted herself up higher against the wall. “Fuck me. Fuck me!” she wailed as the incessant need rose again. The man complied eagerly, forcing her up against the wall until she was standing, his cock driving up from below to impale her. The cool bricks dug into her chest and stomach as the searing skin slid across her back.

She fell through time and space until she hit heaven, falling over and over the edge of ecstasy. Each time she grew weaker and each time the man changed position until they only had enough energy left to lay on top of each other. She rolled over onto the cold ground and the delicious beast of a man climbed on top of her, thrusting into her with the last of his strength. The pace grew as he reached the edge and the pressure built inside her one last time. She pushed back against his pulsing cock as he shouted a curse to the sky and found the sweet relief he had given her so many times that night. She convulsed as the warm liquid filled her, scratching herself on paraphernalia as she squirmed with pleasure. With a grunt he collapsed on top of her, spent.

Above her the stars began to swirl. She closed her eyes, warm and happy, and the world slipped away into darkness.

When she awoke the man was gone. She was alone, naked and cold in a dark alley. Her muscles and crotch ached. Wincing, she staggered to her feet and got dressed. The man had tucked her clothes to her a crevice in the wall, hiding her handbag. She smiled at that.

Hitching up her bag she tottered out of the alley, smiling broadly. It may not have been comfortable, it may not have been glamourous, but damn it had been hot.

Back in her car she took a moment to check through her purse. She didn’t know how long she had been unconscious for. It was still dark so it couldn’t have been long. Her wallet, phone and various items were all still inside, along with a note. She unfolded it carefully.

“546 789 355.

Swear for me sexy.


Emily looked up from the note at the breaking dawn and smiled. “Well fuck.”

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