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The Dream Unfolds.

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Authors Note – Please read “The beginning…..” to understand how this story unfolds.

The last call was to say that I had left town, and would be driving across country to her home. I had booked a table for eight o’clock at a discrete Country House Hotel some miles away, and I had been shopping.

The major purchase was from a French lingerie shop, that I had passed since student days. I am a voyeur, so I always sat at an outside window on the bus. In that way I could look at a particular bra. It was always in the window, on a half model. It was glorious, a simple lightly wired cup stopped just below the nipple, gently holding a breast, almost like a hand, while leaving the nipple totally exposed. I had found somebody to wear it.

Two light straps hugged either side of both breasts. A single strap passed over each shoulder. The main back strap was similarly brief. Only the cup was solid, and only the French could create such a masterpiece. It was soft, very sexy, and very white. The beautiful girl, who sold it to me, said that they were also very comfortable. I believed her, I was sure that her comment came from experience.

I had stolen a glance at her size, and suspected that there would be an instant feline reaction.

Two hours later there was. I was hardly through the door before I gave her the new present. Wrapping paper was torn off, and there were shrieks of pleasure. She stripped to the waist in the hall. She stood completely still, arms stretched towards me, inviting me to fit the new bra.

I passed a strap down one arm, and moved the single, thin, continuous back strap around her delicate body. I gently bent the other arm, and slid both straps onto her shoulders. I pulled a cup under each breast, lovingly eased the underside into it’s rightful placed. I began to pull the two halves together. I paused to adjust the straps, and fastened the front clasp. My dreams came true. Nobody could have worn such a perfect object more beautifully.

Her nipples were as exposed as I had hoped, and they were more erect than ever. I lightly kissed each tip.

She could not believe how sexy it felt, she had never been braless before. This was to come later. Now her new clothing would take her erotic experiences to a new level. She put the blouse back on and walked around, purring like a cat, describing the feeling of hard erect nipples moving gently against her clothing. I had a full erection, and knew that shopping would continue to be great fun.

The weather had changed in a week, it was cold, and there was a distinct autumn chill. We had an hour before we needed to leave for dinner. A huge log fire burned in the drawing room, so we lay on the hearthrug, with only the fire light to see by. We undressed each other for the second time.

She wanted to keep her new bra on. I kissed, bit, pulled, and suckled each nipple, until I thought that they must üsküdar escort be becoming sore, but she never complain. She continued to purr, but I knew that there might comments later over dinner if her nipples rubbed against her clothing.

The new bra was something totally different, an amazing discovery; it allowed hardly any sag, or spread as she lay back. Yet it was so comfortable that she said it was hardly there. Her exposed nipples slowly became harder, they filled, and adopted the now familiar teat length. I pulled on each in turn, leaving them wet, and they glistened in the firelight.

We made love. I had deliberately not cum for a week. My balls ached to the point of bursting. I was not sure that this was good for me, but it heightened the need, and increased my care. They were very tender.

She was on her back, I moved between her legs, she lifted her upper legs, her knees bent, and her feet were either side of my hips. She gently moved her knees so they were almost on the rug. As she did this her cunt lips slowly peeled apart beneath her wonderful black bush.

The most exquisite smell in the world wafted to my nostrils. I looked down at a sight of great beauty. Her hair spread around, her blue eyes flashing in the firelight, her breasts rising slowly up and down.

I lent gently forwards, a hand either side of her body. My cock touched her crack. It moved up to kiss her erect clit. Imperceptibly I moved my hips, my cock ran back through the furrow between her labia lips, and into that inviting hole.

I lent forward again, bending my back until my lips could brush her eyelids. I kissed each, in turn, with infinite softness, as she closed them, then moved down to suck both nipples. I moved upwards to her mouth. We kissed long and deep.

I gingerly inserted my steel hard rod into her cunt, not wanting to inflict any more pain onto my balls, or to spoil the moment. My tip was wet with pre-cum, and she was flowing wet. I eased my self completely in. We made love gently and slowly, our fur touching as we moved as one. We kissed again and again, but her eyes remained closed, sealed by the first kisses. We touched our climax together.

I pumped so much cum into her that it began to spill out. The hearth rug would need to be dry cleaned. The amount of cum would later cause hilarious problems, and become a conversation stopper over dinner. I suspected that there would also be reactions from the effects of her nipples being continuously exposed above the cups of the new bra.

We lay together, I stretched out, my penis still hard, and deep in her cunt. I was completely on top off her, my weight held by my straight arms so that I was arched away from her chest. She closed her legs to be more completely under me, a foot either side of mine. I was her blanket, her love, and her protection. şerfali escort She gripped and milked me with her vaginal muscles. We were content.

I do not know how long we lay there, but I slowly lowered my body completely onto her, and we quietly rolled to one side, her back to the fire. Not a word had been spoken and her eyes remained shut. An hour had passed, and there was no longer time to bathe.

We decided to go out smelling of sex. It was a very posh hotel, their reactions might be amusing. We laughed about this.

We still had time to decide what she would wear. She chose a white see through silk top, which showed her nipples in all their glory. I agreed with the choice. Her nipples remained incredible, erect, and, amazingly, just detectable when her topcoat was pulled tight. They were only hidden by a shawl while we were seated at dinner.

We drove to the hotel, parked, and went straight into eat. Great sex makes you hungry!

All through a magnificent dinner she would let the shawl drop, then gently pulling it back onto her shoulders. It was a totally provocative, but natural gesture, and had I not begun to know her well, it might have appeared one of a cheap woman. I knew it was completely involuntary.

Each movement would lightly tweak a nipple, first one way, then the other, ensuring that they remained inviting, erect, and as long as possible. It was as though they were magnetic rods, they moved up, they moved down, only to return to the same point. I was entranced, goggle eyed, at my beautiful companion. Quietly she whispered that they were also slightly sore, but that the feeling simply added to her senses, and her emotions.

My erection was continuous, and I whispered that even after cumming as I had, my balls still ached. I am eternally grateful that I did not have to go to the Men’s Room.

She was totally demure, and sexy, purring gently while she explained in a very quiet voice that she was sitting in a mixture of cum, and cunt juice, and that it was seeping through all her clothing onto the chair. I surreptitiously slid my hand to the side of her beautiful butt, she lifted a little. It was true. My hand was trapped, and I felt the beginnings of a warm wet patch.

I withdrew my hand, she took it to her mouth, and licked each finger in turn. We smelt even more of sex! Only the glorious smells from our dinner stopped all but the waiter to our table realising what was happening. He was ever attentive, which caused more giggles from my friend.

I paid the bill at the table, gave a very good tip, and our perfect waiter brought our topcoats to us there. Now that was service. Without him we would have had to be in too intimately close contact as I frog marched out of the dining room, hopefully hiding my enormous erection.

We went straight out of the front door, hardly daring to stop, stood, and burst into peals of laughter in the car park. Cum was tricking down her thighs, she said that the feeling was very erotic. It pooled on the ground when she stood still with her legs apart. This was to become a familiar situation, later enhanced when cum trickled down each leg from a different holes.

We were amazed as we talked, we had only been together for six hour, but we both already knew that this was going to be a long, loving, and intimate liaison. We were beginning a voyage of discovery that would last years.

Now time was running out again as I was due to stay overnight with a director and his wife, but we needed to bathe, or everybody would smell our sex.

Once home our bath was unhurried, gentle and loving. We undressed each other. When I finally removed the new bra, it did not leave a mark. It fitted perfectly. We stood naked at the side of the bath, there was a long kiss, and we stepped in together. We sank, facing each other in the warm water, and I cleaned her cunt with loving care, delving deep into her cavity with my fingers.

My hand passed under her buttocks and a middle finger gently entered her anus, simultaneously she did it to me. We both rolled them around for a little. Not a word was said.

I pulled out of her bum, rewashed my fingers, and gently entered her cunt again. I touched the entrance to her cervix for the first time. Instantly we found another game. Pressing on the end with my middle finger, I move slowly up and down, pulsing the entrance to her womb in and out. I stroked around and around the head. I could feel the entrance to eternity as I massaged and moved her. She was in ecstasy.

The water began to go cold, we stepped out and dried each other, our lives were becoming intimately entwined. Lifting a breast, dabbing a nipple, drying through her dense, curly jet black bush, gently drying her cunt as she stood legs slightly apart, was becoming an act of love.

Before we dressed I gently massaged body oil into her cunt, up her cleft, onto her erect clit, and onto both nipples. This was also to become a ritual. We thanked each other for the most perfect of evenings.

We dressed, her naked except for a simple house coat so that she could come to the door, me properly, even to a tie. I left.

Later, much later, an old friend was to say that he had never seen such mutual body language, and understanding. He was very jealous, saying that it was though we were one. We were. It all started with a love of mutual washing, bathing, touching, drying, and exploring, combined with a total lack of fear as we examined every aspect of the love of two people.

We had parted, not knowing when we could meet again, but knowing that the ‘phone calls would continue. Every time we spoke the sound of her voice gave me an instant erection, it brought pre-cum to the end of my penis. She knew, as it also made her wet. Such is the intimacy of love.

Three weeks later we spent our first night together…………….

To be continued

Gussie would love comments, especially from couples, girls, all who may have similar dreams, and a thank you to Katie for her help..

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