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The Compliment

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She slammed out the front door of the office building and stomped down the four steps leading to the parking lot. It was already dark, which just pissed her off more. Her day had been bad enough, now she’d get mugged and raped on the way to the car since she’d had to park on the far side of the lot after lunch. Her heels thudded on the concrete with every long, angry stride.

What the fuck was wrong with the rest of the world that they refused to take responsibility for their own actions? Sometimes she felt like she was the only person in the company who actually took enough pride in work to do it correctly. And on time. And without bitching to everyone who made eye contact with her.

Thank God she had driven the convertible this morning. It wouldn’t necessarily make her feel better, but she could release some of this tension by slamming through the gears on the way home. Maybe chirping the tires every once in awhile. Or racing some teenage gangbanger that thought his little Honda could really outpace her German engineering.

And she’d probably get herself shot by his gangbanger friends after kicking the little bastard’s ass.

She tossed her briefcase into the trunk and dropped into the leather front seat. The engine came to life with a quiet roar. She cranked the stereo up so everyone within a three block radius could listen to Linkin Park with her. If they didn’t like it, fuck ’em.

Letting her brown hair tangle in the hot desert air, she swung in a tight circle, tires protesting, and skipped right over second gear on the way out of the parking lot. She barely slowed for the exit. Downshifting for the tight turn onto the main road, she let the power of the car shove her back into the seat as she accelerated through the corner.

It took a few minutes on the freeway, weaving through traffic like she was trying to run down the cars ahead of her, before the wind finally blew away most of her anger. She was left with a disgust for her coworkers and the disappointing knowledge that not everyone took their career as seriously as she did. By the time she veered off onto her exit toward home, she was annoyed with herself for reacting so strongly in the first place.

The car was down to a quarter tank so she pulled into a gas station on the right side of the street. She left the stereo on while she pumped fuel, but was considerate enough to turn it down, figuring the elderly couple in the RV on the island across from her didn’t want to listen to Chester scream about bleeding it out.

Tapping her foot along to the beat, she watched the guy at the second nozzle on her island. His pickup was dusty and he was handsome in that cowboy/working man kind of way. She smiled slightly at him when their eyes met. He nodded back at her and she had the idea that if he’d been wearing a Stetson he would have tipped it to her. How cute.

He snagged the little receipt from the pump when he was finished and looked across at her once more.

“Smile,” he said quietly. “You’re beautiful.”

Then he got into his dusty pickup and drove away.

It was quite possibly the most sincere and perfect compliment she had ever received. His manner hadn’t been at all skeezy, and it was clear he wasn’t expecting anything from her since he just drove off. In fact, he had said she was beautiful in the same matter-of-fact tone that he would have used to tell her shoe was untied or that she had dropped her credit card on the asphalt.

And suddenly the night was sweetly tinged with jasmine, the breeze was soft and the stars were bright in the black velvet sky.

When the car was full she slid back into the front seat, still smiling. Maybe she should stop at the grocery store for some ice cream. Minutes later her shoes were clicking happily down the frozen aisle, debating between Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerry’s.

Cardboard carton in hand she was heading toward the checkout when she saw him. He passed down the center aisle and she was running in three-inch heels on linoleum before her mind even verified it’s him! Sliding around the corner, she found him leaning over the meat counter, picking out steak.

She stepped up to him, set her ice cream down on the package of meat he was about to pick up and cupped anadolu yakası escort her cold hands around his face. He jerked at her touch, but when their eyes met he relaxed and smiled shyly at her.

His cheeks were rough against her palms with the beginnings of an evening beard. But his lips were soft and warm as she kissed him. He was obviously surprised and she kept the lead for a moment, sucking gently on his bottom lip and touching it with just the tip of her tongue.

But then his body turned fully into hers and his arms pulled her closer and the grocery store disappeared.

In the short amount of time they kissed in the meat department, she learned more about him than she ever could have imagined. He was certainly a gentleman; she knew he was getting aroused, but he kept his hips a discreet, miniscule even, distance from hers rather than rubbing all over her. He followed her lead in the kiss, his tongue dancing around hers and not trying to taste her tonsils or suffocate her.

And damn, but he could kiss. He nipped at her lips, making little lightning shocks shoot through her nipples and straight to her pussy. Licking the inside of her mouth like it was a sweet delicacy he wanted to savor, one hand speared into her hair and slowly massaged the base of her neck while the other settled lightly at the small of her back.

Oh God, she could do this forever.

When he finally sipped at her lips, slowly backing away, she finally opened her eyes. His were green. A deep, dark green like a rain-wet forest. Their faces two inches apart, he asked her in a whisper, “Do you like steak?”

She nodded, her hands still clamped on his shoulders and her chest still snuggled into his. His felt very nice. She wanted to snuggle in tighter. And nakeder.

“Do you like brownie batter flavored ice cream?” she asked just as quietly. One hand encompassed hers in a warm grasp as the other picked up the pack of top sirloin with the ice cream balanced on it.

They were out of the grocery store within minutes and she was following his dusty pickup toward his house. It wasn’t long before he turned into the driveway of a single-story house, its front yard a carpet of green grass and the security fence around the back hidden almost completely with bougainvillea.

He had the steak and ice cream in a plastic bag and walked around to open her car door after parking his truck in the driveway. One hand gallantly helped her out, then shut the door for her. The security system chirped as she locked the car with her remote.

She couldn’t remember the last time she got so hot for a guy so fast. Hell, she didn’t even know his name. And it really didn’t seem to matter. Nor did the fact that he had spoken two sentences to her seem all that consequential.

He unlocked the front door and she stepped into a dark entryway. He pushed the door closed behind him and she spun, forcing him to step back against the door while she focused on his mouth once more.

Vaguely, she heard the ice cream and steak thunk to the floor.

His mouth was hot and sweet like dark chocolate. She feasted on him, sucking his tongue into her mouth with a moan. Her hands speared into his soft brown hair while his clamped onto her hips. Rocking against his erection, she wrapped one thigh around his leg.

He gripped her ass, his fingers massaging for a moment, before he lifted her up. Her suit skirt had a slit that only allowed so much movement before it just gave up and slid to her waist. Wearing only a pair of silk panties, with her legs circling his waist, she rubbed up and down on the hard cock encased in his jeans. She found the ridge of his dick with her clit and felt her own moisture soak her panties. Her pussy throbbed.

And still she devoured his mouth. Their tongues tangled and teeth clicked. As he began to walk with her, she left his mouth to find an ear to play with. Blowing hotly against his neck, she felt him shudder. She delicately traced the whorl of his ear before dipping her tongue inside.

He almost dropped her. His knees buckled and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

“They’re kinda sensitive,” he chuckled.

She atalar escort liked that. She’d have to remember it for later.

He laid her back on a soft bed in a dark room. Letting her legs fall apart so he could step back, she watched while he silently released the three buttons of her suit jacket. Beneath she wore nothing but a lace bra. Her nipples were puckered tightly, just waiting for his touch.

And they didn’t wait long. He spread apart the two jacket halves then covered one breast with his mouth. Wet heat encased the nipple and she cried out in pleasure. He bit down, first gently, then harder and she pressed his face closer to her chest. A hot line of sensation sizzled from her breast through her stomach and clenched in her clit. Her hips rolled unconsciously, searching.

He pinched the other nipple while sucking tightly on the first. He had learned quickly that she liked the pleasurable pain. Every time his teeth sank into her flesh, she squirmed and thrust toward him.

Finally she felt his other hand slide down her thigh, then shove the skirt up as his fingers worked their way toward her cunt. First he ran just the tips up and down the cleft of her body. It was nowhere near the pressure she desired. She pushed her legs wider apart and tried to move closer to his hand, but he kept backing away so she only got that light scratch.

Up and down his finger drifted against her panties while his mouth worked hard on her breast. The two conflicting sensations made her want to scream, soft on her pussy and sharp on her nipples.

She realized that she was drowning in feeling and not giving anything in return. Going straight for her main focus, she ignored his shirted chest and reached for his belt, unfastening it and opening his jeans in seconds. He shifted his stance to help her gain access but never let loose of that nibbling grip on her breast.

His cock jumped out of his pants, unrestrained by boxers or briefs. She grasped the smooth length, already imagining it sliding in and out of her drenched body. A drop of moisture had formed on the tip and she rubbed her thumb in it, circling the head of his erection.

Wanting to taste him, she squirmed on the bed until she was close enough to rub her face along his erection. He stopped moving for a moment, his fingers pressed into the wet silk of her panties and his mouth still hot around her nipple.

His scent was dark and musky and she breathed deeply as she ran her cheek up and down the engorged shaft. She took a deep breath and held it, then took him so deep in her mouth she fought the urge to choke.

Above her he grunted and moved so that he straddled her face on the bed. He roughly pulled her skirt up and shoved her underwear down. She lifted her hips to help. Then his mouth latched onto her pussy while his hands shoved her legs wide.

She finally needed to breathe and pulled back, letting her tongue play along the length of him, rubbing the veins and tickling the sensitive skin at the head before trying to swallow him down again.

She felt him spear his tongue into her, felt her pussy clench around it, trying to pull it in. She wanted to be filled. Then he slid back up, finding her clit and swirling his tongue around it, fast and sure. Her hips pumped under his face.

Usually she didn’t like being on the bottom in this position, afraid she would choke or not be able to move away when she wanted, but he kept his knees bent so she had plenty of room. Reaching one hand around his thighs, she softly grasped his balls and rolled them gently in her hand. Then she moved her thumb down to the base of his cock and rubbed in small, hard circles. His hips moved in rhythm with her tiny massage and the whole time she ran her mouth up and down that hard dick, sucking the tip and tonguing the rest.

When she felt his balls start to tighten more, she knew he was getting closer to coming. He must have realized it to, because he started on her pussy with purpose. The tongue that had been playing along her soft, plump lips and tight, wet entrance suddenly slid back to her clit. He flattened his tongue and glided it up and down in a move guaranteed to make her orgasm.

Of ataşehir escort their own volition, her legs opened farther and she pressed tighter against his face. His cock was still hard and hot in her mouth, but it was momentarily forgotten as his thrumming tongue made the tension in her belly swirl tighter and tighter. She whimpered and sucked his erection in deeper, desperate for everything at once. Her hips jerked madly, causing him to growl and press his face deeper into her body.

She couldn’t pull his cock into her mouth any farther without choking but she wanted to. She wanted to swallow it whole. She wanted to suck his balls in and lave them with her tongue.

And then she felt it. Her body clamped down, her stomach clenched and she thrust her throbbing cunt into his mouth as hard as she could. His moan of satisfaction trembled through her already pulsing flesh, adding to the waves of pleasure. He stayed there, still licking her clit, while the swell crested. As she rode through the orgasm, his touch became lighter and lighter, understanding that the sensation would be too much at one point. Finally they lay there, on top of each other, his cock buried in her still mouth, and his mouth cupped softly around her fluttering clit.

It may have been a few seconds or it may have been hours before he pushed up off of her. She wanted to keep his cock inside her mouth, but he moved too quickly for her to do anything but bite down, and that seemed rude after he had just given her a fantastic orgasm.

It was probably only a couple seconds because he was still hard as rock, his balls tight against his body. He flipped her onto her stomach and she automatically brought her knees up and lifted her ass to him. She heard him tear open a condom and then he was massaging the round cheeks of her ass. Distantly she recalled that they were both still mostly dressed, but it wasn’t significant.

His erection seemed huge as it slid into her tight, still-throbbing body. She was soaking wet and he glided in easily. Then he used both hands to urge her thighs together. With her legs clamped closed, he felt even bigger. Her pussy hugged him tight.

One hand cupped her belly then worked between her lips. His index finger lay on top her clit and she jerked at the sensation that shot through her at that light touch. But he didn’t move, just held her still and kept his finger there.

His body came over hers, his chest against her back, and pressed her down into the bed. And then he began to move.

He thrust in and out of her closed legs, his dick huge in her tightened body, the movement rubbing against that finger her clit now rested on. With her head turned to the side, she opened her mouth to cry out, but wasn’t sure if it was in protest or bliss.

With his legs bracketing hers and his weight on her back, she couldn’t have shifted even if she had wanted to. She tried to shove her ass higher, to get his cock deeper inside her, but she was pinned. At the same time, she wanted to lift their weight off his finger because the sensations darting through her over-sensitive clit were too much. But she could feel another orgasm building relentlessly and that made her thrust back onto the finger. She couldn’t decide what she wanted and bit the bedspread in desperation.

He pumped harder, his breathing rough in her ear. She plunged her hips against him and circled them on his finger. Her arms flung out to the side and gripped anything she could find. She sobbed her frantic need for release.

Pounding into her faster than she could have imagined, he grasped her hair and pulled her head back. When his teeth sank into the tender skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, the climax burst inside her. For long minutes she couldn’t breathe, couldn’t make a sound, could only feel his cock growing larger as her cunt milked it, sucked it, swallowed it.

He slammed into her one last time with a groan and buried his face in the pillow beside her. She continued to roll her hips, wanting every last drop of pleasure she could pull.

As his dick softened and twitched inside her, he shifted to the side slightly, giving her a bit more room to breathe, and ran both his hands down her arms and over hers. She grasped them and brought them back toward her body.

They lay like that for a long time, while their breathing settled and their bodies relaxed.

“My name is Todd,” he said at last.

“I’m Beverly, nice to meet you.” She stared into the dark room, his face behind her, probably suffocating in her hair. “Are you still gonna cook me that steak?”

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