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The Coach Ch. 1

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I’m 23 years old and recently graduated college with a teaching degree. I was happy to find that a job was available in my own hometown and I began teaching high school biology.

I was reminded on my first day back at the old school just how hot the girls were. Now it wasn’t long since I graduated myself and all my friends from other schools used to say it was just something in the water. About 9 out of 10 girls in my school were drop dead gorgeous, and I found out it’s still true.

Being fully aware of my job at stake I studiously avoided looking when a shapely young lady would offer enticing views of her ass or legs. It became a sort of sport with a group of the popular girls, they would dress sexy and try to outdo each other on who could give the cute teacher the best views seemingly by accident. After my class they would giggle together in the hall and compare notes to see who got the best reaction.

I’m not made of stone and after awhile these cute little honeys began to have the desired effect on me. After class I would have to run into my little room in the back, lock the door and soothe my stiff cock.

After the first time the girls noticed my erection their games got bolder, some would look me right in the eyes and lick their lips as they spread their legs in the front row and gave me the full view.

Making it worse for me to keep my fantasies in check was how well I know this school. Having just graduated a few years earlier I still knew many students who were brothers or sisters of people from my class and I was well connected with the gossip mill.

Something else hadn’t changed since my days in this school, the girls loved sex. Everyone hears wild stories, but I’m telling you the girls from my school started experimenting sexually around freshman year and by junior year they could outperform most of the starlets who get their starts in porn.

My willpower still might have stood up long enough to get through the school year, or for the girls to tire of their game if not for one thing. The long-time girls’ softball coach retired.

The school board couldn’t afford to hire a new coach, and since I had played some college baseball I was offered the job. The only other option was to cancel the softball team.

The next day after the meeting school went pretty yenibosna escort much as normal with a bevy of sexy little minxes teasing me. My last class of the day I had a particularly attractive cutie named Jesse sitting in the front row.

Jesse was about 5’8” tall with blue eyes and wavy strawberry blonde hair which reached about to her shoulders. Today her C-cup breasts were barely contained within her white halter top and a tight black skirt seemed painted onto her thighs.

Strangely Jesse didn’t play any games with me this day, but she did watch me intently with a thoughtful expression on her face.

After class I quickly ducked into my back room as usual when I’ve looked at too many hot bods. I leaned my back against a bookshelf, unzipped my pants and took my cock in hand. I slowly stroked it thinking thoughts that could get me fired.

Just then the door quietly opened and Jesse stepped in. I panicked and jumped up straight, uselessly trying to hide my rampant boner while Jesse just leaned against the door and smiled.

“Gee Mr. J aren’t you happy to see me?” she asked smugly

“How did you get in here? I locked the door”

“Oh, that? I taped down the latch so it wouldn’t stick. I wanted to see what you do here after class, and I am seeing it aren’t I?” Jesse said, still smiling

“What do you want Jesse?” I asked her tucking my cock into my pants

“I know about the school board’s offer and I’m counting on a softball scholarship, so I’m going to make sure you take the job”

“Jesse, you see what it does to me just from you girls teasing me in class. I shouldn’t get involved with you any more than necessary”

“Well” she looked me straight in the eye, “the way I see it you coach us or I can go to the superintendent and tell all about your little personal problem. Anyway, me and my friends are prepared to make it worth your while”

Jesse walked closer to me and reached into my open fly to caress my cock, which had been scared limp.

“I’ve wanted to do this anyway Mr. J. You can’t say no now.”

With that Jesse pulled my hardening prick out and swiftly swallowed the whole length. Remember the experience I said these girls had? My cock isn’t small and most women have trouble zeytinburnu escort taking it down, but Jesse gulped it right down. She began to make happy purring sounds, clutched my ass in her hands and began pumping her mouth up and down my shaft.

I took her head in my hands and leaned against the wall as the young beauty licked and slurped happily on my throbbing cock. Her hand massaged my nuts as she tightened her lips around my cock and sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down.

I looked down and met her sexy eyes peering up at me as I thrust deeply down her throat once more and unloaded my balls into her hot mouth. Jesse swallowed three times and still some of my cum escaped her lips to run down her chin and drip on her shirt.

I pulled Jesse to her feet and sucked hungrily on her neck as I slid one leg in between hers and parted them slightly. I clutched her ass now and rubbed my cock against her abdomen. Her moan of pleasure was all the consent I needed. I turned her around and pushed her face down over my desk.

“Yes Mr. J!, Give it to me rough!” she moaned and wiggled her ass in the air.

I peeled her skirt over her hips and pulled her lace panties off. She looked back over her shoulder at me and I roughly pushed her face back into the desk. I slapped her ass and took it one cheek in each hand.

I both lifted her ass in the air and spread the cheeks apart. Jesse groaned and rubbed her mound into the desk as I licked her crack from erect clit to puckered asshole.

I slid my tongue up and down her wet cunt, slurping up her ample juices and rubbing my nose around in her crack.

Jesse began moaning loudly as I took her clit in my mouth and sucked it hard. I flicked my tongue across her swollen clit as I sucked it and wiggled my nose around between her lips.

She came loudly and rocked her hips as her sweet juice poured over my face.

I stood and once again took her ass in my hands, I pulled her roughly to me and pushed my 8 inch cock straight into her cunt.

Jesse moaned as her lips parted around me, and her moan became a wail as more cock pushed into her.

When I was fully inside her hot pussy, with my balls pushed right up to her clit I began rocking just slightly on my acıbadem escort toes. My cock moved in and out of her just a half inch at a time but at a quick rhythm.

I held her hips in my hands and continually pulled her against me, thrusting into her and bouncing her away again.

Jesse tossed her hair over her shoulder and panted for breath, as she wiggled her hips against me.

“Yeah Mr. J, fuck me like that!” “Ahhh, yes! Ohh shit”

“You like that?” I asked her, continuing to pump away “Do you like being fucked senseless?”

“Oh shit yes Ahh, Give it to me Mr. J.”

“You like your teacher’s cock in your little fucking hole don’t you? You just love having your little schoolgirl pussy hammered huh?”

“Yeah! Oh…. Uh… Uh…Yes, I love having my little teenage pussy fucked Mr. J!”

I slowed my rhythm from the fast pace to a much slower one, but began using really powerful thrusts. My first thrust shoved her forward on the desk and she had to brace herself and push back into me.

I could feel my excitement building and knew I would cum soon. I pulled her asscheeks further apart and pulled out my cock long enough to slide it upward and nudge it against Jesse’s backdoor.

“What-the-fuck?” Jesse asked alarmed as I pushed my cock into her ass. She gasped and groaned with pain as I slowly pushed past her opening. Apparently this was one thing she hadn’t much experience in.

Jesse gritted her teeth and put her head on the desk as I slowly reamed her tight ass. I had been close before and a few short strokes had me really straining to hold back my load. Just then Jesse groaned again and squeezed herself around my cock. With one last hard thrust I erupted inside her ass. I pulled back and thrust in a couple more times, each time accompanied by another dose of sperm until I just lay on top of Jesse, idly fondling her breasts as cum ran down her thighs.

“Damn Mr. J., why’d you put it in my ass? I’ve NEVER done that before!” she complained

“I couldn’t cum inside your cunt and get you pregnant now could I?”

“You could have pulled out”

“Well I wanted to fuck your ass instead” I told her as I petted her thigh softly, “So what?”

“It hurt like hell when you pushed it in, but it got better after and it started getting good”

“The next time I’ll eat your ass first and it’ll go in easier” I told her as I pulled out my cock and buttoned up my pants.

Jesse straightened out her skirt and gave me a smile before she walked out the door. “Don’t be late for practice Wednesday, we girls have to show you ALL our appreciation”

Needless to say I took the job and I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s practice

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