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The Chair Ch. 02

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Sleep had practically become a thing of the past. While at his day job, he could hardly stop thinking about The Chair. When at home, if he wasn’t actively working on the design, he was surfing the Internet conducting research. Checking engineering and furniture sites for implementing the correct ergonomics. When he did manage to sleep, his dreams all revolved around The Chair.

Her response came much faster than he had expected. She called him as soon as she had finished reading the list of requirements/features. She didn’t have any new ideas at this time, saying that she would have to think about it for a while. Then, almost as if reading his mind, she offered to be his “test pilot” for working out the design. Of course he readily agreed. As this was a perfect opening, he explained that he would need to take her body measurements to get the design perfect. Without thinking twice, she said yes. They arranged to meet the very next day.

She arrived wearing a tight short white dress made of a stretchable fabric that hugged her body in all the right places and a pair of sexy white pumps. She didn’t have on any panties as she never wears them (except at work and for special occasions). The tight hug she gave him as she entered, with her crotch straddling his leg, was an early indication of how excited she was.

Over at the desk, he showed her the preliminary sketches he had already completed on the computer. He also demonstrated a small computer animation of The Chair in operation. From the way she was squirming in the chair, he could tell she was getting more excited. He then went on to describe what measurements he needed and why. He had printed out line drawings of a female body with marks at certain locations at which he needed measurements taken. There were marks at the ankles, mid-calf, mid-thigh, waist, chest (below the breasts), chest (above the breasts), wrist, upper arm, neck, and at the forehead.

Upon looking at all the measurement locations, she said it would be easier if she just took the dress off. Almost before he had a chance to agree with her, she had her dress lying on the floor where she had previously placed her shoes (having removed ataköy escort them to sit on her legs while sitting at the desk).

Although he had seen her naked in the strip club before, this was different and more exciting. This was just the two of them, alone and in broad daylight. He was practically in a trance just looking at her magnificent body, with no tattoos or piercings to detract from her beauty. He was jolted out of his trance when he heard her voice asking where he wanted to begin. He said he would start at her ankles and work his way up. He then asked her to lay on the bed while he got a cloth tape measure out of his bag. Before wrapping the tape around her ankle, he wrapped his hand around it, asking her where a cuff would be most comfortable while still being effective at immobilizing her. After recording her ankle measurement at the location she had indicated, he repeated the procedure on her calf and then her thigh. When he did this on her thigh, first wrapping his hands around her thigh and then taking the measurement, he noticed (although he tried not to show it) that the lips of her pussy were glistening with moisture, further indicating her excited condition.

After measuring around her waist he had to move her long red hair before he could move the tape to her chest, just beneath her breast. As he took his time with this measurement, he explained the reason for measuring her chest above and below her breasts was that he was thinking about having a strap in each location such that her breast would be exposed while she is restrained. After repeating the chest measurement above her breasts, he then moved on to her wrist, upper arm, neck, and forehead.

He then proceeded to measure the length of her legs, arms, and entire body while also noting the location of any joints (such as wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, and hips). He also made a couple measurements across her shoulders, hips, and thighs in order to size the chair width properly.

He then told her that he needed to establish a range of motion that she would be put through while in the chair. He told her that he had devised an ataşehir escort efficient way of documenting this if she was willing. He would lay out a grid on the floor and then with her in position on the grid, he would videotape her as she went through the movements that he hoped The Chair would be capable of. In this way he would be able to review the tape for any measurements that he hadn’t already recorded. Again she agreed almost too easily.

They then spent the next 15 minutes laying out a grid pattern on the floor with black electrical tape. Each box on the floor was 4 inches square and after every 3 squares, there was a number for orientation. It was difficult for him to concentrate on the grid as she helped him because she looked so delectable there in front of him, nude on her hands and knees. As he setup the video camera on a tripod, she got in position on the grid. He positioned the camera as high as possible and pointing as close to straight down as possible. This was to prevent any warping of the tape grid from occurring.

For the first position, he had her lying flat on her back with her legs together with her arms along her sides. He then had her raise her arms away from her body toward her head (as if trying to make a snow angel on the floor). Based on the grid pattern he would be able to calculate the actual angle of motion with some simple geometry.

For the second position, he had her return her arms to her sides and then spread her legs slowly apart as wide as possible. As she was performing this motion, he noted that the camera had an excellent vantage point as her pussy opened as she spread her legs farther apart than he had thought possible. He didn’t know if she was aware just how exposed she really was in this position.

For the third position, he had her lie on her side and bend forward at the waist as if being bent over a sawhorse.

The fourth position was the opposite of the third. While laying on her side, he had her bend over backwards as far as possible.

With the measurements now out of the way, they returned to the desk and began to discuss specific fındıkzade escort features of The Chair. From how large the thrusting units would be, how fast and how far they would thrust, what material would be used for the cuffs/restraints and dozens of other questions that he had his own ideas about previously, but now he had a second opinion. In almost every case her ideas coincided with his, he had come to know her likes very well over the last 3 years. She did make a suggestion that he had not thought of. He had thus far been thinking of a chair that could incline from about plus and minus 80 degrees from vertical (almost straight up and down). But she had brought up the possibility of having the chair rotate a complete 180 degrees from vertical so that the subject would be completely suspended by the restraints with the padded panels of the chair above them. He thought this concept deserved consideration, but he would have to think of a way to implement it.

Throughout the discussion she had remained completely nude, and it left him more than a little uncomfortable. Not that he had any objection to her being naked, but her nudity made it hard for him to concentrate, in addition to the erection in his pants that was making it physically uncomfortable for him.

When he told her this, she said that they had better do something about it. Then she reached over, unzipped his pants, and freed his erection from confinement. She then got in front of him and placed her mouth around the head. While her tongue played with the tip of his penis, she removed his pants, underwear, and shoes. At this point he assisted her by removing his shirt. Throughout all of these contortions, her mouth had not once slipped off his cock. Now that they were both naked, she pulled him down on the floor, still keeping him in her mouth. At this point she began to slowly work her mouth up and down the length of his cock. As she bobbed her head up and down over his manhood she tickled the underside with her tongue. Then she reached up and played with his balls, occasionally reaching a finger back and playing with the perineum (the sensitive area between the base of the penis and asshole). When she sensed that he was about to cum, she reached back with her hand and stuck her finger into his ass. That took him over the edge and caused him to cum immediately. She proceeded to swallow his entire load without losing a single drop. She then crawled up on top of him and gave him a full kiss on the lips so that he could taste himself on her.

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