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The Car Lot

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Beautiful Babe

It is late and you are the only one at the office. You have already turned off the lights when you remember you have not checked the shop yet so you walk over and notice that the door is open just a little bit, so you go into check things out just in case something is wrong.

As you walk in the door you feel along the wall for the switch, but what you lay your hands on is better. Warm and soft. In your hand is bare tit. A whisper tells you to continue to feel your way. As your hands start moving, the nipples are hard, straining for your touch. One hand continues to tweak at the nipple, while the other moves down to the bare ass and fills your hand to perfection. Your hand plays with each cheek for a short time and moves around front to her pussy and finds that it is dripping wet waiting to feel your cock fill it up.

You feel my hand reach down and grab you by your cock and lead you in the darkness to a couch in the corner. She gently removes your clothing, kissing each area as it becomes uncovered. The woman moves behind you and slides your jeans down your legs, kissing and nibbling on kağıthane escort your ass as it becomes exposed. Your cock is hard waiting for her to move around front, but she has other ideas. Her hands slide up and down your body barely touching you just enough to send shivers up and down your spine. She then pushes you gently down onto the couch and takes your cock into her hand. You can feel her hair brush against your cock as she slowly lowers her head towards your dick and you can feel her tongue flick across the head of your dick.

You begin to moan, and she giggles, knowing she has gotten full control of you. As her mouth engulfs your hard tool, you run your fingers through her hair guiding, or trying to guide, her up and down on your cock. She begins to suck harder and faster till you cry out and shoot your hot cum down her throat. She starts to clean your softening cock of all the remaining juice off of your cock.

You then feel her body moving up your chest as her breasts begin to drag up your stomach and her nipples sarıyer escort move across your nipples. She pauses briefly to give you a deep passionate kiss, them continues to move till her nipples are in your mouth one at a time. After she thinks you have had enough of her nipples, she moves higher on the couch until you can smell the sweet scent of her wet cunt over your face, but she keeps it just out of the reach of your tongue.

She moves off of you and in the darkness you can’t tell where she went, you call out to her, still not knowing who it is. She whispers to you that she is right beside you and then you can feel a leg swinging over your lap and the cushions on each side of you being pressed down. And suddenly, you can feel the heat of her hot wet pussy as it gobbles your hard cock and pulls it farther inside of her. Her pussy squeezes your cock trying to milk the cum out of your balls. She wants to feel the cum shooting and blasting against the walls of her pussy, but not until she is ready for you to cum. This unknown woman sefaköy escort is driving you crazy, slowly riding your dick, pulling all the way up, till just the head of your cock is left inside of her, leaving the shaft exposed to the cool air. Then suddenly slamming her pussy down the entire shaft pulling it deep inside of her. You try to grab her hips to guide her but she slaps them away, again, letting you know who is in charge.

She decides to take some measure of pity on you and starts to move faster and faster up and down the hard piece of meat. You begin to moan again feeling the pleasure building up and you beg her to fuck you harder. She can feel your cum boiling up inside the shaft of your cock and she slams down one last time so she can feel it shooting all the way inside of her. The feel of your cum brings her over the edge and she starts to scream out that she is cumming with you her entire body shaking and quivering as she starts to move up and down your shaft again till it is to soft to stay inside her.

You reach out to wrap your arms around her as you both start to come down from the orgasms you both shared, pulling her down on your chest. The next thing you know, it is the next morning and as you wake up, you realize that she is gone, and you wonder if it was a dream or reality. But you then see a pair of panties and a note on the door that says “Keep these for me until next time”. Never knowing who it actually was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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