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The Best Cheerleader

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Big Tits

Dasom Ho was known throughout the university campus as the best cheerleader the squad ever had. She was driven, athletic, smart, and agile. Her petite figure also made her the perfect flyer for the team. What no one knew, not even her closest friends on the squad, was Dasom had a secret. No one would believe it even if it was revealed.

Dasom Ho was a cock-obsessed, sex-driven woman with only one thing on her mind. Every aspect of her personality was carefully crafted by her to be as alluring and attractive to men. She was very careful with whom she chose as a sexual partner. They had to be discrete, fit, and understanding that she was not his. It was just sex. He was just a cock. She was just a pussy.

Then it happened and it nearly knocked Dasom through a loop. Jason from Poli-Sci. In her journal she referred to him only as the Argonaut and she had been flirting and trying for nearly a semester to capture his attention. It wasn’t until they had to work on a group project together that she found her way in. Studying late in the library Dasom offered her proposition to him. “Would you like to fuck?”

Jason was taken aback. She was so matter of fact about it. This gorgeous cheerleader just asked him to fuck. Or did she? Her replayed her words in his head several times and she never actually asked if he wanted to fuck her.

“Uh, well, I mean yeah, I’d love to fuck, but you know, gotta have someone else to make that happen.”

“What do you mean? I’m an open minded girl but I don’t do threesomes or anal.”

Jason was shocked at how direct Dasom was being. “Uh, wait. I wasn’t… are you asking me to have sex güvenilir bahis with you?”

Dasom rolled her eyes. This is the problem with being a closeted slut. No one took her seriously when she pursued someone. “Yes, Jason. Would you like to have sex with me.” She said it slowly as if he spoke a different language.

“Yes!” he said, thinking he replied too quickly, too loudly.

It was amazing for him. Dasom had a tight, fit body and her pussy molded around his cock like a velvet glove. For Dasom, however, it was a truly unique experience. Jason’s cock filled her in a way she never felt before. She had big cocks before, long cocks, fat cocks, but this was the perfect marriage of width and length.

After they finished she no longer obsessed over sex and cocks in generaly. She obsessed over Jason. She needed his cock again and she became devoted to him in a way she never had to anyone before. Without thinking about it, she would find herself talking about him every chance she could. Her friends started making fun of her for it and telling her she had fallen in love.

She told herself it must have been just a weird one-time hormonal event or something and the next opportunity she had, she offered sex with him again. And again she found herself enraptured by him. She kept coming back to him, over and over. Dasom ended up ghosting her other partners, wanting to only have Jason’s cock inside her.

“That first time,” Jason said as he sat on his bed looking at her and got undressed. She always wore the best, sexiest lingerie he had ever seen, “you said you wouldn’t do certain things.”

Dasom paused. This was güvenilir bahis siteleri the moment she always faced when with a guy for too long. The threesome conversation. Eventually she wasn’t enough, he wanted her and another girl. That had no appeal to her.

“Yes,” she said, letting her skirt drop to her ankles.

“Well, why not?”

“Because I don’t like sharing and other girls just aren’t my thing.”

Jason shook his head, “No, sorry, I meant why no anal?”

Dasom looked at him and smiled a bit, “Oh, well, I mean I’ve had guys play with my ass before, but I am afraid it will hurt too much.”

Jason shook his head, “I get that, but you know, it doesn’t have to. I mean it might be a bit uncomfortable at first but it doesn’t have to hurt. It all depends on how relaxed you are and how lubed up we are.”

Dasom walked over to Jason and put her hands on his knees. She took his perfect cock in her mouth and started to suck it before asking, “Is my mouth and pussy not enough for you?”

Jason moaned a bit as Dasom squeezed his throbbing shaft. “They are, they are, I just… you know, I just like anal sex and you are perfect in almost every way except that.”

Dasom thought about it and then suggested, “One time. You can do it once and if I like it, we can do it again. But only one time. I’ll do this for you because I think you have the best cock I’ve ever fucked.”

Jason smiled and reached into his bedside table, pulling out a large bottle of lube. “I was hoping you’d agree.”

Dasom crawled on top of him and guided his cock into her wet hot pussy. She fucked him, bouncing up and down iddaa siteleri on the perfect shaft, squeezing her tits for him. Once she was about to cum she slowed down and felt she was horny enough to give it a shot.

She got up from his cock and he spread some lube across her asshole. It was cold and she already felt like this was a bad idea.

“Ease your way onto it. I won’t move. You are in control,” Jason’s voice reassured her.

She did as he instructed, easing her way back onto his cock. The tip was a warm relief compared to the cool lube. She pushed back a bit harder and it slipped into her. It wasn’t bad but not comfortable. Jason added some more lube and spoke encouraging words to her.

She pushed back a bit more. She felt the shaft enter her ass. It took her breath away. “Oh god…” she moaned and pushed back further.

It was amazing. It filled her in a way she never thought possible. She could literally feel her heartbeat in her pussy and his throbbing in her ass. It was so intense and so wonderful. She eased herself off him and then pushed back again. In minutes she was thrusting back onto his cock over and over. Gasping and begging, “fuck me, Jason, fuck my tiny asian ass.”

Jason complied, pounding deep into her ass, over and over. He was going to cum. He couldn’t wait. “Dasom, I’m cumming!”

“Me too!” She cried out and their bodies spasmed in unison. His cream filling her asshole and her entire body shuddering from her orgasm.

Jason eased his cock from her ass and fell to the side. “Was that… how did that feel?”

Dasom curled up next to him and put her hand on his chest, “It was terrific. So much better than I ever imagined.”

“Does that mean, you’d do it again.”

Dasom kissed him on the edge of his mouth. “Anytime you want. And I promise I’ll have an open mind to anything else you want to try.”

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