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The Beginning – Kat’s Story

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To begin at the beginning, one must drift back to the fall of 1954 and a small college in Vermont. A college attended by two students in particular, Jason, a young man in his last year of a Physics degree, and Katherine, a young girl in her first year of a degree in Romance Languages.

Kat was not “one of those” type of girls. She was a shy girl from Salt Lake City. She had very little experience of the world outside the church she grew up in. Although she alone of her nine female siblings had chaffed at the male-centric teachings of the Mormon Church, it had kept her protected as she grew and still a virgin at the age of nineteen. She had mentally rebelled at the life her father had planned for her, a life of finding the right Mormon boy and getting married. A life of pumping out child after child (boys preferably) until she was as old and worn out as her mother. After her formal investment in the temple she found that she had no special feeling for the church and the wearing of the garments under her secular clothes became a chore rather than the comforting link to the church that they were supposed to be.

She had little practical knowledge of sex growing up in the hotbed of LDS religious fervour and had had only one remotely sexual experience. It had been shortly after her eighteenth birthday with Derek, her boyfriend of three years.

* * *

Derek had picked her up in his older brother’s car, which he had borrowed for the evening. The two of them had gone to see a picture; Kat’s parents had been told that they would be seeing the newest “family” film, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea.” In reality they were heading downtown and seeing “From Here To Eternity”, a film that the church elders had tried unsuccessfully to prevent from showing in Salt Lake City. The thrill of doing something “naughty” and the movie’s theme of illicit sex in the mundane day-to-day life of soldiers on the eve of war resonated with her. On the drive home, Derek and Kat detoured to the local lover’s lane and parked the car. They had been here before, to indulge in little more than chaste necking. But this night would be different – she felt different.

The car was an older pre-war model with bench type seats, and no sooner was the parking brake set, than Derek had slid over and planted his lips on hers. His tongue slipped between her lips, and she felt a tingle begin between her legs. Within moments, his hands were all over her chest and the pressure against her breasts was exciting her even more. When one of his hands slipped up under her sweater she didn’t object and soon he was caressing her garment and bra-covered mounds.

His tongue fought a stimulating battle with hers inside her mouth, as the tingle in her crotch intensified to an itch. She desperately shifted herself on the seat trying to ease that itch. Nothing she did had any effect. In her distracted state Derek had taken the opportunity to unbutton her sweater and pull it off her arms. She shivered a bit in the night chill but was instantly warmed by Derek’s hands kneading her breasts. Other nights she had stopped him at this point, but tonight she felt like taking it further. How much further she still wasn’t sure.

She could feel her nipples stiffening as Derek’s efforts rubbed them against her garment and part of her mind rebelled at the thought of what they were doing! What if somebody saw them? Another part of her mind held visions of Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr making love in the surf. The itch between her legs was joined by a slippery heat.

Thoughts and feelings rushed about in her head. It was all happening so fast! She couldn’t remember what she was doing… who she was… She hadn’t noticed when Derek had unfastened his belt and undone his fly. Her thoughts were still awhirl when her bra clasp finally snapped open to Derek’s efforts and her breasts sprung free of their restraint. He quickly pushed up her garment and exposed her breasts to his gaze. This was further than they had ever dared to go before! The chill in the winter air teased her nipples to new heights of stiffness and the heat of Derek’s hands on her exposed flesh was heavenly.

His hands cupped her breasts and he teased her erect nipples with his thumbs. His rough handling of her breasts excited her more than ever. She felt undone… her will was gone… Her thoughts began and ended with the need to release the heat that was building up inside her. Instinctively she reached down with her hand to rub her “button” as she had done many times before alone at night in her bed, but Derek intercepted her hand and pulled it over to rest on his tented boxers. She grabbed hold of the stiff form barely contained by the thin fabric of his shorts. He wasn’t wearing his garments, she realized. He must have planned this ahead of time. Kat was shocked that she didn’t care. She wanted what was happening to continue.

Her heart pounded madly in her chest as she realized that she held his manhood in her hand. She ran her hand up and down the hard form ankara escort trying to gauge the extent of it. Her actions met with Derek’s approval as he broke their kiss and his hot breath moaned against her throat. Her breath and his were coming fast and deep. His hand slipped off her breast and slid around her to ease her slowly down on her back with her head resting on the door’s armrest.

He sat back and pulled her skirt up to her waist. In the dim moonlight aided by the glow from the dashboard, she could see her naked breasts flattened by gravity with her aching nipples atop them, stiff and pointed. Her long skirt was bunched up about her waist and her underwear and garment covered mound was just inches from Derek’s rock hard erection. She slid her hand up and down on Derek’s cloth covered stiffness and he moaned again, deep in his throat.

He fumbled about at her waist trying to remove her underwear, but Kat’s efforts on his hardness were hampering his concentration. She took her other hand and pressed it to the top of her mound and rubbed her panties in concert with the hand on his prick. She could feel wetness oozing out from inside her and running down the crack of her bum. As the pressure inside her built from the rubbing of her button, her stroking of Derek’s prick picked up speed. Once again he tried in vain to pull off Kat’s panties and garment.

Their breath was coming in gasps as he threw himself on top of her. Her hands were pushed out of the way as he ground his crotch hard against hers. The head of his hardness bumped once against the frustrating barrier of their underclothes and then slid up her crotch. She slid her hands around behind him and under the waistband of his boxers. Her hands caressed the smooth flesh of him as she cupped the cheeks of his butt and pulled his crotch hard against hers.

His erection pressed and slid back and forth along her sex focusing all her pleasure at the one point. The exquisite pressure/pleasure was so intense… it was so… very very good. His head dipped and his lips sought out her heaving breast to suck one of her nipples into his mouth… Ohhhhhh! She exploded! Her pelvis bucked hard against him. Intense heat spread throughout her body. Her legs involuntarily wrapped around his and pulled him even harder against that one small point where her ecstasy was concentrated, where his stiff manhood rubbed against her clitoris.

Her orgasm ripped through her like a tidal wave. She moaned and humped against him. Her nipple popped from his mouth as he grunted out his own orgasm, his erection jerking and throbbing against her as his seed spewed out to mix with her own fluids and soak both their crotches.

They lay exhausted for a few minutes and then reality clicked in and Kat pulled out from under him and covered herself with her hands. She knew that what she had done would be considered a sin by the church, and even though she had long since made up her mind that the church wasn’t always right, she still felt sinful about it. They cleaned themselves up as best they could without looking at each other. Kat was so ashamed of her actions that evening and swore never to let herself go like that again.

However, it wasn’t long before she was using memories of that evening to fuel her masturbatory fantasies, and in those fantasies she would do more and experience more than she would have ever dared, in real life.

* * *

Things had never been the same between her and Derek after that incident. The boys in high school started smiling “know-it-all” smiles whenever she was around and Kat knew that Derek had told his friends what had happened. She decided that she would prefer to attend college out-of-state. It had been a hard sell, but she had managed to get her father to agree to finance her college in Vermont as opposed to BYU. Once she got here and settled in, she even pledged to the Vermont chapter of the sorority that her older sister had joined during her years at Brigham Young. After weeks of hazing she was one of the four pledges to undergo the final ritual. They were told that when they completed the ritual they would be assigned rooms and roommates.

* * *

The four girls were ushered into the room and the doors closed. Then they had been ordered to strip down to their bras and panties and stand at attention. Kat wasn’t sure if she was ready for this, as she had just stopped wearing the garments since coming to Vermont and was feeling more embarrassed then she could ever remember. At first she hesitated until she could see what the others were wearing. The other girls were dressed in underwear far more revealing then hers and so she continued, quickly stripping down to her modest white bra and panties. She knew that her sister would never have stood for this sort of thing and so the hazing at Brigham Young must have been quite different than this. She felt very proud of herself for not shrinking from this challenge.

They were ordered to stand in a line facing the windows, which thankfully ankara escort bayan had the curtains drawn. Sue, the elder sister who was conducting the ritual, remained fully clothed and stood in front of one of the windows, facing towards them with an empty chair off to her right. There were two other sisters, also fully dressed, present on either side of the line of semi-clad girls. That the sisters presiding were still dressed in their normal clothing gave an extra feeling of strangeness to this ceremony.

Sue told them all to stand perfectly still and not to react or move regardless of what may transpire. They were also told not to talk unless they were directly asked a question. If one were to break any of the rules, that one would be punished. Kat couldn’t imagine her sister putting up with this sort of thing but she was determined to go through with whatever she had to. After all, she wasn’t a naïve schoolgirl anymore.

Kat’s eyes followed another elder sister as she walked over to the door and opened it. Through the open door trooped four boys from the sorority’s twin fraternity. She couldn’t believe it! She was standing in her underwear in front of four boys! Kat lowered her eyes as Sue reminded the four girls that any movement would result in punishment.

Out of the corner of her eye she could she that the girl nearest her, Karen, was staring straight ahead, but Kat still couldn’t bring herself to look at the boys. She could feel a blush forming on her chest and the cheeks of her face.

“You… look up…” one of the boys held her chin in his hand and gently lifted her head. “Look at me.”

Kat reluctantly raised her eyes to his face. He was much taller than her… and handsome. Blond hair and blue eyes. He smiled and Kat felt herself go a bit weak in the knees.

“You are beautiful.” His hand dropped from her chin, brushed across her chest and came to rest on her stomach just above her panties. The heat of his hand on her bare skin kindled an excitement inside her. A moment later he was gone.

The next boy walked by her and roughly grabbed her bra-encased breast. “Nice tits!” he said and moved on.

As the second boy attempted to grab Karen’s breast, Karen stepped back and his fumbling hand missed its target.

“Karen!” called Sue, “do you still wish to be a member of this sorority?”

“Yes, sister!” Karen replied.

“Come forward.”

Karen left the line of half-clad girls and walked to the front of the room to stand before Sue. Karen was a tall girl with brilliant red hair. Her face was not one that would ever be called gorgeous but aside from a slight overbite she was pretty enough. Her body though, was quite well proportioned. Sue grabbed her and spun her around so that she was facing the others. The guys had stopped what they were doing and all eyes were on the two girls. Karen’s bra and panties were almost transparent, and Kat was able to see the darker coloring of her nipples through the sheer material of her bra. Her panties barely covered her mound, and Kat could see a slight darkening of the material that indicated the presence of pubic hair.

Kat had noticed Karen during the weeks of hazing and had been troubled by the feelings of attraction she had felt for the other girl. It wasn’t something that she had had any experience with before. At first she had felt sinful because of them but she had told herself that she was trying to rise about the narrow-minded church teachings and so these feelings weren’t necessary wrong.

With Karen standing at attention right in front of her, Sue intoned, “To cleanse yourself of your misdeed… you must be punished!” Sue reached up and unclasped Karen’s bra and with a quick and practiced motion pulled it down and off her arms.

Karen quickly hunched over and brought up her arms to cover herself. Sue mocked her, “Do you wish additional punishment?”

“No sister!”

“Then return to the position!”

Slowly and very reluctantly Karen returned her arms to her side and straightened her back thrusting her breasts out where all could see them. Kat found it impossible to tear her eyes from Karen’s chest. Her breasts were huge! And firm. Her nipples and aureoles were smaller than Kat’s own but the large size of her breasts more than made up for it. Kat found herself wondering how they would feel… what it would be like to run her hands over them and feel the nipples harden against her palms.

Kat was shocked by her thoughts but that shock was nothing beside the shock of what was happening. Never in her wildest dreams had she thought that the hazing would go this far. The boys had abandoned the line of girls and were converging on Karen. Kat could see the hunger in their eyes; the half-naked girl standing before them mesmerized even the handsome blond boy. This ritual was rapidly becoming something sexual and the all too familiar tingle had started once more. She wondered where this all would end. Would they take her… Right there, in front of us all? Part escort ankara of her wanted that. She could feel the wetness building in her crotch. She wanted it. She wanted to see Karen being ravished by the four boys right in front of her.

Kat forced herself back to reality. This time she was determined not to succumb to those unholy urges. She was shocked again, this time by her feeling of disappointment when all the boys did was stroke Karen’s breasts and pinch her nipples.

After a minute or two of this “punishment” Karen was allowed to return to the line with the others but wasn’t allowed to replace her bra.

The four young girls stood there motionless. Kat was barely daring to breathe as the boys ran their hands over her body when they passed by her. Before she knew it, the handsome blond stood before her again. He still wore that angelic smile but Kat could see a hardness in his eyes and she wasn’t sure which was more attractive. There was something predatory… dangerous in his eyes and it made Kat want him physically. That realization shocked her to the core. She felt renewed moisture down below and blushed at the implication that her body was readying itself to receive him.

The blond boy saw her discomfort and his smile grew. He reached out his hand and ran it down the front of her white cotton panties and between her legs. She gasped and staggered back from his hand.

“Katherine!” came Sue’s strident voice, “Do you still wish to be a member of this sorority?”

“Yes sister!”

“Come forward.”

Kat walked forward and stood in front of Sue. She wanted to break and run. Her heart was pounding. I can’t do this! She thought. A deeper part of her urged her to stay… the part of her that wanted to feel the blond boy’s hands on her naked breasts. She wanted his hands fondling her and pinching her nipples. Her sex was so wet her panties were soaked, and she could feel her tight nipples pressing against the material of her bra. She wanted him.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Sue took her hand and instead of turning her to face the others, she led her over to face the empty chair.

“Jason!” Sue called.

The handsome blond came over and sat in the chair. Kat stood at attention in front of him with her back to all the others. His face was practically level with her crotch and she knew that he could see just how wet her panties were. Sue moved behind her and Kat could feel her hands at the waistband of her panties. Oh No!

“To cleanse yourself of your misdeed… you must be punished!” In one swift motion Sue pulled Kat’s panties down her legs. Kat couldn’t help a brief flinch as she started to cover herself but forced herself to stop and remain at attention.

Kat stood there, with her sex inches from Jason’s eyes. Being exposed to his inspection was exciting her so much; it was all she could do to stop herself from playing with herself in front of them all! She felt another burst of excitement from the brief fantasy of all of them watching her play with herself, bringing herself to orgasm.

Sue pulled her forward and Kat shuffled after her with her panties around her ankles. Sue grabbed her around the waist and bent her over, pushing her down over Jason’s lap.

Jason rested his hand on her naked bottom. He rubbed it around her cheeks and briefly teased her crack. The sensation drove Kat wild! She squirmed around and then realized that the hardness on his leg that she was pressing against was his cock! It ran down the leg of his trousers! She felt her juices running out to soak his trousers. She wanted him… she wanted him inside her… Oh God yes!

SMACK! Jason lifted his hand and brought it down with a stinging slap on her bare butt cheeks.

She pulled away from his hand and her naked button rubbed against the leg of his trousers and the hardness beneath them. His cock was so big! He spanked her four more times and with each impact she rubbed herself against him. When the spanking was over he tenderly rubbed her sore bottom as if to apologize for the rough treatment. His hand then slid down between her cheeks and his finger parted her sopping lips. Kat held her breath as his finger paused at her entrance. Please! she thought to herself, put it in me! But it withdrew and she almost screamed with frustration. She needed release! She was so close!

Sue saw where Jason’s finger had been and when she pulled Kat up off Jason’s lap she shot him a poisoned look. “Stick to the script, asshole,” she hissed.

Sue led Kat shuffling back to the line of girls and had her stand there with her panties wrapped around her feet. It was all a blur for Kat from then on. Waves of pleasure circulated cirthroughout her body as she stood there at the brink of orgasm, her juices leaking from her and running down the insides of her thighs.

Tears ran down her face from frustration as the other two girls were punished; each in their own turn, and the ritual was soon over. She tried shifting from foot to foot to put pressure where she needed it, but to no avail. As Karen and the other two girls quickly dressed Sue had to come over and assist Kat with her clothing. Sue straightened Kat’s panties and pulled them up her legs.

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