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Sweetest of Hearts Ch. 04

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A/N — For those who might be interested, I’m contemplating doing an alternate version of this story in the future, likely with the same title but just stating it’s an ‘alternate’ version, turning it from an incest story into either a ‘Mature’ story, with a mature man with young women as lovers, or perhaps a ‘First Time’ story, though I’m not entirely sure I’ll have them all as virgins. It’s just an idea at the moment but I’ve been thinking about it while I’ve been editing these five chapters.

His two daughters will still be involved in the story somehow, perhaps setting their father up with their friends after a bitter divorce or something. I’ll try and ensure the plot is at least a little different to what’s been served up here.

I did have one rather negative comment for the last chapter. I didn’t agree with a lot of it, and was prepared to post a lengthy retort, but I wrote it out then deleted it as the whole point of the comments section is to leave your opinion. I’ll generally only reply if there is a particular question that needs replying to.

But anyone who has read my works generally knows that I try to write most of my characters as good people, so while it can be a long road to things like forgiveness and redemption, even those who would be considered ‘good’ can be fallible. Basically, I’ve made my character’s human. They all have faults. None of them are perfect and I try to avoid writing them in such a manner. (Well, perhaps I’ve failed in one or two other stories…)

Anyway, this is the fourth chapter of five. I’ll try and have the fifth and last uploaded within a couple of days of this one appearing online.



She couldn’t help fidget slightly as she sat opposite her father at the dinner table. There was no-one else in the house as it was before lunchtime on a weekday. Katie was at university; Kelly was at work. She looked up and kept her eyes away from his, looking over his handsome face, down over his broad shoulders and his powerful arms. The t-shirt he was wearing was almost moulded to his body. Even in moments like this, she needed to squeeze her thighs together, finding herself turned on by just gazing at her father. She was such a horny young woman nowadays, and her love for her father was all consuming.

“Daddy, it’s been six months now,” she said softly, “I’ve done what you asked of me. I don’t want to go back next semester.”

“Sweetheart…” She looked up and met his eyes, finding them full of love and understanding for her. His love for his two daughters had always been unconditional. Just like a parents’ love should be. “I knew this going to happen. But are you not enjoying it?”

“I am to a degree, I guess. And I am learning lots. But I want to start…”

She watched him stand up and walk around the table, taking a seat next to her. Finding herself wrapped up in his strong arms, she melted against him. “I know you want to start, sweetheart. I don’t want to go back against what I said, but are you sure you want to drop out?”

“I want to start a family, Daddy. I have an idea how it will work.”

Feeling him lean back, she looked up and sighed with relief that he was smiling. “Okay, sweetheart, lay it on me. What’s your idea?”

“Okay, so I drop out of university and I’ll look for a part-time job. Work the till at a supermarket or something. Places like that are always hiring, particularly young people like myself. But I’ll also take over a lot of the work around the house. I want to look after you, Daddy. Also Katie and Kelly, but mostly you. You’ve done so much for Katie and myself.”

“I’m your father, Hannah. It’s what I’m supposed to do, but I put my heart and soul into it, and I loved every second of it. I was eighteen years old when I was blessed with you and your sister. And I can sit here today and say I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“You’ve done so much for us, Daddy. Now it’s time for us to look after you. So you look after outside, the lawns, the pool, anything else, and I’ll look after inside. And we’ll split the cooking. I want to get better at putting meals together. And when we have children, I want to make sure I can cook healthy meals for them, like you did for us when we were younger.” She took a deep breath before adding, “I will wait until I’m nineteen before I go off the pill so we can start trying.”

“That’s only a couple of months away now.”

“I’ve already got application forms submitted to find a job. If I work for the right place, I might even get maternity leave, though I’d rather stay at home with our children. Will that be possible?”

“I make more than enough for all of us, sweetheart. I just don’t want you bored or regretting your decision in a year or two.”

“Never, Daddy! I’m not her!”

She knew he didn’t mean it that way, but she also knew why he’d worry. He hugged her tightly, feeling his lips on her forehead. “I know you’re not,” he whispered, “It’s just that you’re the same age and what you think and want now…”

“Daddy, I love you. I’m in love with you. I want a family with you. I want our children. Not just one. I want three or four.” She kaçak iddaa looked up again, feeling his thumb wiping her cheeks dry. She couldn’t deny how much she wanted her dream. “We’re going to have a lot of sex, Daddy,” she added, a sultry tone added to her voice.

He chuckled, which made her giggle. “Trying to convince me with sex, sweetheart?”

“Well, I find you’re more agreeable to things when I’m naked, Daddy.”

“I’m surprised you were dressed for this conversation. But we made each other a promise. You would go to university for six months, and if you didn’t change your mind, I would support your decision. I’m not a man who goes back against his word. Part of me would rather you finish, sweetheart, but it’s your life and your decision. And I guess you could always go as a mature student in a few years. Your final exam marks were excellent.”

“So you’re okay with it, Daddy?”

“I’ll admit, not entirely, not yet anyway. But I made you a promise and I’m not going to break it. If this is what you want, I will support you.”

She leapt onto him. “Thank you, Daddy!” Hugging him tightly, she kissed all over his face, giggling as he laughed out loud. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, sweetheart.”

Finding herself easily picked up as always, she smiled to herself as she was carried to the bedroom. Plonked down on the edge of the bed, she eagerly took off her shirt and undid her bra as her father stripped off just as quickly. As soon as they were naked, she shuffled backwards on the bed, her father stalking her like pray as he crawled after her. The look in her eyes caused a shudder to flow through her.

“Daddy….” she breathed.

“I’m thinking we need a lot more practice, sweetheart,” he growled, making her giggle. He might growl but he was always gentle with her. Each time, it was lovemaking, at least in her eyes. When he kissed her, her body just turned to mush. “I’m thinking my little girl needs an orgasm or two though,” he breathed into her ear, making her shudder again.

“Lick my wet little pussy, Daddy. I’m such a horny little girl.”

“Whatever my little girl wants.”

She moaned as his mouth found its way to her neck, having learned during the very first time that she loved it when he kissed and bit her there. Very sensitive, sending waves of pleasure through her body, all the way to her pussy. Nearly everything he did made her wet, his soft lips moving down to her breasts. She’d grown up worried about her breast size as their mother had a larger bust. Her father loved her breasts, and she’d discovered during all the times they’d made love that just breast play could make her orgasm. Not a massive orgasm, like when he ate her out or if she was riding his big cock, but still enough to make her feel good.

“Like my boobies, Daddy?”

She called them by that name as it always made him laugh. And hearing her father laugh always made her giggle. He looked up and grinned. “I love them, sweetheart. My little girl is so beautiful.”

Running her fingers through his hair, his eyes continued to gaze up at hers, causing her to shiver more than once, feeling her pussy getting even wetter, fairly sure the bed was already damp underneath her. His lips moved down over her toned body, causing her to giggle again, as his stubble could be ticklish at times. He always had stubble as all three girls told him it made him look ruggedly handsome. Even after all this time, she still wondered how Claire had walked out on him.

He teased her, of course. He loved teasing her and she loved it when he did. He avoided her pussy, though she felt him lower his mouth and breath on her, mentioning how much he loved her scent. But he kissed down one leg first, all the way to her feet, even kissing her toes, doing the same to her other leg, making her laugh out loud as he tickled her.

“Daddy, I need you!” she cried softly.

He relented easily, of course, seeing how much she needed him. And she needed an orgasm too. Within a couple of minutes of his tongue working at her pussy, she came hard, the sort of orgasm that caused her toes to curl, her thighs to tighten and her entire body to shudder. He let it pass before he resumed his affections, his expert tongue enjoying her body. After so many months of fun together, he now knew her body as well as she did. Knew where to kiss, where to touch, where to lick, anywhere that would make her feel good. And like any good father, he wanted his little girl to cum hard and cum often.

“Oh Daddy!” she moaned, “Fingers… Can you…”

She didn’t even have to finish, feeling two of his thick fingers gently slide inside her pussy. With attention now at her clit, she knew the next orgasm was going to be enormous. She held it back, like she knew he wanted. He loved making her cum so hard, she would almost pass out. It had happened more than once, coming around to find herself wrapped up in his arms each time, feeling a little more loved each time.

“Oh god, Daddy!” she squealed as she felt it building at her core. Their eyes met as he looked up, seeing the smile in his eyes, her body jerking as his tongue gently played with her kaçak bahis clit, the fingers inside her feeling wonderful and stroking her spot perfectly. She was holding it back, holding it back…

Until she simply couldn’t anymore. “Daddy!” she shouted, feeling her entire body convulse. He moved his mouth away as they’d learned rather quickly she was sometimes a little squirter, and he’d certainly done that to her this day. She collapsed back onto the bed, feeling her entire body shuddering, his fingers leaving her body as she was always incredibly sensitive. Trying to catch her breath, she felt her vision start to blur. Her father always made her feel so good…

Closing her eyes, she relaxed entirely and figured she had a short nap. Waking up however much later it was, her head was against her father’s chest, feeling his arms wrapped around her. “You okay, sweetheart?”

“I love you so much, Daddy.”

That earned another chuckle. “You always say that after I make you orgasm, but I love you very much too.”

“Ready to make love to me?”

“I’m always ready for my gorgeous little sweetheart.”

On her back in seconds, she moaned as she felt his thick cock slide inside her. There was no point trying to count how many times they’d made love after all these months, but she was more than used to take his big cock now. She would occasionally blow him, but she knew Katie and Kelly kept that side of things satisfied. He liked different things between his three main lovers, and with Hannah, his desires were to look after her completely. She loved that about him.

Running her hands up his strong arms to his muscular back to the back of his neck, she pulled him down so they could kiss as he gently thrust into her. She knew he wouldn’t last long the first time. He loved her tight little pussy and she knew how much she excited him. He would recover quickly and then the second and third times would last much longer.

“Daddy has taken time off to fuck his daughter,” she teased.

“Do you blame me?” he retorted.

“Of course not, Daddy. I’ve got some hot little pussy here you can’t get enough of.”

He growled again, making her giggle, sitting back for a moment to spread her legs wide, resting them against his upper arms, before he leaned forward again. She felt totally exposed, glancing down her body to see her bald pussy and his large cock disappearing inside her. Just the site was beyond arousing, enough to make her shudder as she thought she’d orgasm on the visual aspect alone, let alone how great it felt inside her.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she moaned.

She would say that but he never pounded her like she knew he did her sister. Hannah wasn’t sure she could handle it, and didn’t want that from him anyway. She wanted to be different to her sister in at least some respects. He did thrust faster into her but she’d watched him fuck her sister more than once, seen what she loved him to do. She’d admit it was erotic, as good as any porn she’d seen, but not something she wanted from him.

“Fucking hell, sweetheart,” he groaned. She smiled as she knew he was getting closed.

“You need to cum in my hungry little pussy, Daddy?” she asked in that little voice.

“You’re a fucking tease, Hannah.”

She giggled. “I love teasing my daddy.”

“You do, and I love you more it. Are you ready?”

“I’m always ready for you, Daddy. Fill my little pussy.”

Those last couple of minutes were always the hardest he’d fuck her as he readied himself to cum. She would hold on tight and love every second, kissing him as she felt his cock pulse and a warm sensation as cum would fill her up. She would dream that, one day, he’d cum inside her and it would reach her womb, and then a couple of months later, she’d be excited to tell him she was carrying their child. Just the thought would sometimes make her cry. He’d have this sixth sense as to what made her cry, as she wasn’t upset, it was obvious she was happy.

Wrapping her limbs around her father, she waited until he recovered. He didn’t need long, but he had powerful orgasms when making love to his daughters, and needed to catch his breath once he’d cum inside them.

Feeling him pull out always had a twinge of disappointment. Yes, he’d make love to her again, but the feeling of his thick cock inside her was something that simply couldn’t be replaced. She’d read erotica about mothers and sons, brothers and sister, and fathers and daughters. It was all fake, but there were always anonymous comments from people who claimed to have been in such relationships. She did wonder if any of them were true.

“I’m glad I’m not even forty yet, sweetheart,” her father stated, “Otherwise I’d be wondering if I could keep up with you three!”

“Well, I don’t think you’d have any problems, Daddy. We make you hard all the time, don’t we?”

“I have no problem admitting that, nowadays, you do. You definitely do. Though that comes back to the fact you’re always teasing me.”

Moving her mouth to his ear, she breathed, “You love it.”

Looking at her, she shuddered at the look he returned in his eyes. Then he smiled and she was being held illegal bahis in his arms once again, her fingers trailing up and down the smooth skin of her back. When her stomach growled, they both burst into laughter, realising it was now after midday and they hadn’t eaten yet. “Sex does build up an appetite,” her father stated.

“So does enjoying a number of orgasms, Daddy.”

Strolling out into the kitchen nude, she couldn’t help but marvel at his body as they made some sandwiches together. They’d constantly touch and brush up against each other, and if there was one mission in her father’s life, it was to make her giggle. “Want to sit on the couch with my cock inside you, sweetheart?”

That earned a giggle. “Daddy, that’s so naughty!”

“So that’s a yes?”

Meeting his eyes, he wiggled his eyebrows, earning a full blown laugh before they hugged each other. But once he’d sat down on the couch with his plate next to him, she straddled his lap and ensured his cock was back inside her. Once they were comfortable, they ate their sandwiches quietly while she slowly bounced up and down on his cock. As soon as they’d finished, plates were put down as she rested her hands on his shoulders. “Want to fill my pussy again, Daddy?”

“Of course, sweetheart. But I’m leaving all the work to you.”

“You love watching me, don’t you?” she asked quietly.

“Sweetheart, you and Katie are the two most beautiful women in the world to me. Add Kelly to that, and I know how incredibly lucky I am. Watching you enjoy yourself while being intimate is wonderful. I feel nothing but love whenever we’re together.”

Kissing him softly, she whispered, “You just sit right there, Daddy. I’m going to make us both cum.”

Hannah would admit she had no idea how long she ended up riding his cock. She couldn’t get enough of just kissing him, feeling his strong hands gently caressing her body, the feeling of his thick cock inside her as she’d switch between simply bouncing up and down to grinding on his lap, having learned that it felt good against her clit and definitely helped her orgasm.

His mouth was across her upper body, kissing her neck, over her collarbone and shoulders, and back towards her breasts. She enjoyed an orgasm as his mouth latched onto one of her nipples while she was grinding against him. Not stopping for a second, she simply whimpered and moaned, desperate to keep going. She wanted nothing more than to feel him inside her for as long as humanly possible until he came inside her.

When she eventually had enough, she stopped for a moment. “I want you to take me from behind, Daddy.”

Easily picked up, he placed her on the floor and got behind her, lowering her head to the floor and raising her arse, feeling his cock sliding back inside her. He gave her arse a couple of gentle slaps. She knew he wasn’t going to last long. “Inside or outside, sweetheart?” he grunted.

Though she did love the feeling of his cum landing on her, she much preferred it inside. That’s what she told him to do, almost sighing with pleasure as she felt him finally cum. Once he was done, he needed to pull out, lying on his back next to her. Turning onto her side, she cuddled into him, running her fingers up and down his damp chest. They were both going to need a shower.

They were still lying naked on the floor when Kelly turned up with Christine and Sofia. Neither of them worried. Her father had taken the virginity of Christine, Sofia, Emily and Belinda over the course of a month after he’d slept with Kelly for the first time, but they were not constant lovers compared to his two daughters and Kelly. The three of them chuckled before walking into the kitchen.

Rising to his feet, he offered his hand to help her up, feeling a little of his cum start to dribble out as always. She didn’t care, enjoying the feeling. Nudity was now common around the household, so Kelly, Christine and Sofia barely blinked when the pair walked in, her father getting bottles of water from the fridge for the pair of them. Sex was thirsty work.

When Sofia approaching her father, running a hand down his chest, Hannah knew what she wanted. “You want some ‘Daddy Time’, Sofia?”

“It’s just been a while, Hannah,” Sofia whispered, “I know…”

“Give me a few minutes,” her father stated, “I know you don’t get as much as me, Sofia. I’m sorry.”

“Please don’t apologise, Daddy,” Sofia replied, “The four of us are just happy you still love being with us.”

She watched Sofia’s face light up when her father cuddled her. Her father had a big heart and absolutely adored her four friends. There was the love he had for herself and Katie. Then the love he had for Kelly, his adopted daughter in all but name, or future wife if their plans did come to fruition. But then the obvious love he had for the four friends, who were now almost constant visitors. He’d made love to all four of them each weekend over the space of a month, each young woman enjoying two nights with him. He’d treated them with all the love he could possibly give, and she knew they’d fallen in love with him, as much as Hannah, Katie and Kelly felt for him too. She thought it would make things difficult, but was aware that their four friends would likely find their own boyfriends and lovers in the end. Hannah, Katie and Kelly would be forever committed to her father.

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