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Susana Ch. 02: A Night In

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Susana watched Glen through the living room window of his house as he shoveled snow from his walkway.

Though watching it falling the night before had been magical, cleaning up afterwards seemed rather tiresome, and strenuous. Glen was not a young man, but he seemed to know what he was doing, not pushing himself too hard, staying hydrated. Still, she worried for him.

Poe, 15 or 16 muscular pounds of tan-, gray-, and black-furred tabby cat, had come out to greet them when they’d arrived, allowing her to pet him for a while Glen was outside, his rumbling purr like a little engine. But after a while he had jumped from her lap and left to perform his feline duties, undoubtedly protecting the house from some threat only he could perceive.

Finally, Glen finished and came inside. As he pulled off his boots Susana brought a steaming cup of hot cocoa to help warm him. He thanked her as he took off his coat, then took a cautious sip. “Mmmm, that’s good.” That sat down together on the couch. After another sip he said, “I’m sorry, not a very exciting visit so far, is it?”

She smiled at him. “Last night was certainly a wonderful start.” Kissing his cheek, she added, “Waking up together this morning, too.”

He grinned back and nodded. “OK. Tonight I thought we could stay in. I’ll cook dinner for you and we can listen to music. Then tomorrow night we could go out for dinner and dancing.”

She snuggled up to him. “I like this plan, what are we having?”

“Whatever you’d like.”


“Since you are my guest, and I am your host, what is your pleasure?”

She giggled. “Really?”


She laughed, remembering something he had told her he cooked well. “Then let’s have…spaghetti.”

He nodded. “Done.”

A mischievous glint appeared in eyes. “But you must cook it wearing only an apron.”

He laughed and, after some thought, nodded. “OK.”

“Can we have ice cream for dessert?”

“As you wish.”

They would need to go shopping, as it turned out.

He had no ice cream, and there were a couple of ingredients for his tomato sauce that he didn’t keep on hand, as well those for some Colombian food she wanted to make for him. She got to pick out an apron for him as well. Knowing his tastes, she chose something practical for him, blue, something he’d be likely to use again sometime.

Then at another store he selected lingerie for her, a ruby red, lacy lingerie bra, panties and garter set that felt wonderful on her skin. The salesperson wouldn’t allow her to invite him back to the changing room, so she boldly strutted down the short hall to model it for him. Her felt her nipples stiffen when she saw him shift in his seat to hide his erection from the clerk, a pretty, older lady, though not as old as he. The woman became brusque, a mild, disapproving frown on her face, likely due to the difference in Susana’s and Glen’s ages.

Pasting a sweet smile on her face, Susana strode out into the store wearing only these flimsy new undergarments she didn’t even own yet to give Glen a lingering, loving kiss. “They’re beautiful, thank you my love,” she said in a low voice just loud enough for the clerk to hear.

She only just kept herself from laughing as the clerk clucked like a hen and bustled her back to the changing room. She had only been in a public area for a very brief moment, but it had still given her a thrill.

While Glen was putting away the groceries Susana asked, “Is it OK for me to have a shower?”

“Certainly, though I was kind of hoping to bathe you myself…”

She smiled. “Another time. Today I need to…to take some time for me, to clear my head.”

He looked into her eyes and nodded. “I can understand that.” He threw yalova escort his new apron over his shoulder and led her to the linen closet to get her a towel and washcloth, then into the bathroom. Turning on the water for her, he gave her a kiss and said, “Take your time, sweetie,” then left the room, quietly pulling the door closed behind him.

She closed her eyes, then took a deep breath as she stilled her thoughts. As the little room began to fill with steam she took off her clothes, folded them neatly and left them neatly draped over the edge of the sink. She pulled back the shower curtain and stuck her hand in to check the water and found it to be bearably hot, so she stepped into the tub, sighing as the water ran down her bare body. She moved forward to let the water spray over her face and hair. It was wonderful to feel warm again after a day in the December New England weather.

It had been a good day though, and the evening looked promising indeed.

Susana laughed in delight as she began lathering her skin with soap.

Showering was a sensuous experience ordinarily, but what lay ahead added another dimension, a layer of erotic tension that she playfully let build. She soaped and scrubbed her skin thoroughly, especially enjoying the feeling of the washcloth on her sensitive nipples. After rinsing the soapsuds away she stepped out of the tub and dried off with Glen’s fluffy towel, then walked naked into his bedroom.

While she was going through her clothes to get dressed, Susana decided to wear her stylish black dress. She knew Glen would be happy to make and serve her dinner however she was dressed. That morning he’d wakened her by whispering in her ear, “Good morning beautiful. I’m going to brush my teeth, then give you a proper kiss.” She was lying there, blinking blearily, no makeup, her hair disheveled, and he had simply kissed her cheek, gone to the bathroom to brush his teeth, then come back and made love to her.

Susana wanted this night to be special, elegant.

Plus there was a certain appeal to being dressed to the nines while he served her dinner wearing only an apron.

Susana strolled down the short hallway that led from the bedroom to the kitchen, then leaned against the refrigerator to watch Glen as he prepared the sauce. She looked ready for a night at the opera. Her makeup was impeccable, her lips deliciously red, her sinuous black hair piled up and immaculately coiffed. Her heels put them at nearly the same height, which was an interesting perspective as she stepped forward and gave his bare bottom a good swat, making them both laugh.

She asked, “How much longer until dinner is ready?”, her hand lingering, cupping one cheek.

He stirred the ground meat, chopped peppers, onions, garlic, and spices cooking in the saucepan. “It’s almost there, I just need to put it all together, then let it simmer for a couple of hours.”

“Do you need to watch it while it cooks?”

He shrugged. “I should give it a stir every half an hour or so.”

She his cheek a squeeze and smiled. “Good.”

He watched her as she left his little galley kitchen, her behind looking particularly nice in her black skirt, and wondered what that was about.

The wind howled outside, whipping the branches of the trees, but it was cozy and warm in his home as he approached her. The smell of the sauce simmering on the stove wafted into the dining area from the kitchen. “It smells good,” she said as she lit a candle, one of many placed carefully around the room.

“Thank you.”

She pulled a chair out from the table for him, and he sat down.

She asked, “Is tonight still for my pleasure?” as she turned out the lights, leaving the room lit only by the candles.

“All yalova escort bayan night long.”

“Good.” She smiled at him as she untied the apron, slowly pulling it away to reveal his naked body. Leaning in close, she teased her bright red lips over his with a smile before kissing him, her fingertips brushing over his growing cock. “Is this for me?” she asked in a hoarse whisper.

“If you want it.”

Her fingers closed around it as she gave it a gentle stroke. “Oh I do, very much…”

He moved his arms to wrap them around her.

“No,” she said, gently pushing his wrists away.

He looked at her, puzzled.

“Tonight you cannot touch, your hands must stay down. Okay?” she asked as she stroked his cock again.

He considered this, then nodded as he locked his hands around the sides of the seat of his chair.

It wasn’t a difficult decision for him.

She bit her lower lip, knowing he would do just as she asked, he couldn’t help it. Not because he was subservient or craved her approval, but simply because he respected her, and she had asked.

He loved her.

She kissed him again, passionately, loving him back. She couldn’t stay with him, and he wouldn’t likely be able to go back with her (among other things, his Spanish was atrocious), but for now, for this visit, love would be enough.

She moved slowly, teasing him, grinning. Her lips left his to kiss his jaw, his neck, his shoulder. She could feel his hips shifting, rolling, making his cock move in her grasp, so she moved with him, minimizing how much friction he could get from that as she kissed her way down his chest to suck his nipples.

He moaned softly, mildly writhing under her ministrations. His cock strained as her fingertips fluttered over it, softly exploring him, then moving slowly down over his sack to rub slowly between the cheeks of his ass.

She whispered into his ear, “I’m wearing the lingerie that we bought today,” then nibbled his earlobe playfully.

She stood, laughing with delight as she raised her skirt and kicked her leg out to straddle him, her eyes locked with his as she slowly lowered her lace-covered pussy down to his naked cock. Her eyelids flickered shut as she began to gently pump her hips, a very slight, insistent movement to start.

He was happy to follow her lead this night, matching her intensity, moving to the rhythm she set but in counterpoint, in to her out, up to her down, yang to her yin. As they grinded against one another she shrugged the straps of her dress over her shoulders, revealing her new red lacy bra. She slipped the cups up to bare her breasts, then pinched and tweaked her hard, aching nipples while she rubbed her sex against his.

Neither of them noticed his cat staring, not watching them but instead looking past them, into the shadows at the base of the wall, not far from where the fire crackled in the fireplace. The wind howled powerfully outside, whipping tree branches back and forth.

She decided that it was time. She looked him in the eyes as she reached down between them to untie the ribbons that held her new, now soaked panties on to her hips, let them drop to the floor. Undressing no further, she said, “Tonight I want all your cum, all you have, every drop…” She took his cock in her fingers and rubbed the head over her wet pussy, making him buck under her. “…but not until I say. Only when I say.”

He met her eyes, smiled slightly, and nodded. “As you wish my love.”

Their eyes were still locked when she began to feed his cock into her pussy, both gasping as she slid down on to him. Biting her lower lip, she began to undulate her hips, setting a seductive, hypnotic pace. They laughed playfully, like children enjoying escort yalova a favorite game, reveling in their lovemaking.

“Mmmm not yet,” she told him.

Soon their arousal grew, and their pace quickened. A tone of urgency grew in their voices, and their playfulness slowly became focused, purposeful. Their coupling intensified as they neared their goal. They could feel their coming orgasms mounting within them and held them off through a sheer act of mutual will. The longer they delayed it, the greater their final moment of pleasure promised to be.

“Soon…aahhh…almost…” she moaned to him.

They were losing all restraint now, existing only in this moment, for this intense passionate moment of theirs and its onrushing denouement. All their earlier playfulness was gone, replaced with pure instinct. They expressed themselves without words, voicing only feral growls and grunts as their hips slammed together again and again, the untamed heat of her pussy sliding up and down his rigid, straining cock.

Susana knew that Glen had nearly reached his limit, that he wanted to finish, needed to cum so badly that he could barely move, it was taking everything he had to hold it back.

For her.

She only knew that it was almost time, so tantalizingly close, but not time yet. She didn’t how she knew, only that her orgasm loomed like an oncoming tsunami, growing more immense with each roll of her hips, and that she was waiting…

She leaned forward, squeezing her small soft breasts against him, rubbing her aching nipples against his hairy chest, and the light in the room flickered subtly, like a moth was fluttering around a ceiling lamp.

She could wait no longer. “Give me…aaiii…give me your…” an image of a baby flashed across her mind as an unexpected word came to her from somewhere deep in her subconscious “…give me your seed my love…” she demanded in a fierce whisper as her climax flooded over her, almost washing her away.

At that instant Glen exploded inside her with a great shout, his body bucking, going rigid between her slim thighs again and again. The chair creaked loudly in his grasp as he squeezed and twisted the seat.

They slowly came down from their orgasms, snuggling together as they panted for breath, satisfied and spent. They began laugh together, their spirits high.

The lights flickered again. “What was that?” Susana asked.


“The lights they…blinked.”

“You saw that too? I thought I might have been passing out.” He chuckled. “It was probably just the wind, yanking on the power lines.”

They kept laughing until suddenly Poe leapt out and ran to the wall, hissing, back arched, clawing at the air defensively.

“What is it Poe?” Glen helped Susan off him and moved up behind his cat, reaching over to take the poker from its rack on the far side of the fireplace. He peered into the shadows and saw nothing, but still stood ready. “What do you see?”

Wind whistled in the chimney, making the flames dance wildly.

Eventually the cat calmed down and wandered away. Glen shrugged and hung the poker by the fireplace. “That was exciting.” He returned to Susana and kissed her. “Dinner in about an hour and a half? That should give you time to fix your hair makeup again.”

She shook her head and grinned. “No, I think that part of the evening has passed.”

“Can I get dressed then?”


They both laughed, and they kept laughing all evening. She found his spaghetti quite good, and the beer they drank with it excellent. Later he held her in his arms as they lay on the couch in front of the fireplace, his fingertips brushing over the soft skin of her belly as they listened to music. The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, all the great rock and roll bands played as he nuzzled her shoulder and. Eventually they fell asleep.

Outside something small and dark prowled fitfully among the shadows, watching and waiting.

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