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Surviving the Barbas Ch. 02

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“Wooh, that was intense. My god…you still alive down there?” I just panted, letting my breathing answer her question in the affirmative. “That was some kind of Christmas miracle. I’ve never felt so…drained from sex before.”

We sat there in silence, both just panting for a while.

“You never told me what I was being punished for.”

My head rested next to her sweaty ass on the bed. She looked down at me and ran her fingers through my hair.

“The sweater you got me was the wrong colour. I wanted black.” She smirked to help pass off the little lie. I knew better.

“Okay. Sorry.” She smiled down at me.

“That’s okay. The cream is okay. It’ll look nice against my black hair. Hey, take my bra off.”

I obliged and began unbuttoning the clips. “That’s what I was thinking.”

Sylvie laid down and rolled over on top of me, letting her huge breasts smother my face. I loved her big body. I’d always loved big girls. The bosom, the belly, the size, the sexuality, the power. It felt great to be smothered by her big body.

As she settled her weight on top of me and I felt myself sinking into her sweaty warm bulk, I felt a little knock on my forehead.


All the while, without us realizing, Sylvie’s bosom had been holding on to our little crystal ball from Dahlia. Only after her big breasts were freed from their prison did it slide out onto the bed.

“Wow, I really forgot about it. Hey, go get the stand. We’ll put it up somewhere.” I obliged, and pried myself out from under her weight. “And get me a glass of water too. And kill the lights.”

I took the crystal ball in my hand and flicked the lights on my way out. Rounding the corner of our bedroom into the living room, I realized there was a glow in my hand.

What had only looked like little imperfections in the glass during daylight now appeared as a nexus of stars, like a mini cosmos inside the crystal ball. I walked slowly through the apartment, buck naked, and sat down on the couch. The glowing speckles from the crystal ball entranced me and made me forget what I’d been doing.

“The stand…” I remembered the little wooden stand, found it on the coffee table, and affixed the crystal ball back in its place. I remained sitting on the couch, really mesmerized by the complexity of the sphere. There was so much detail inside it and it glowed so beautifully. I couldn’t understand how it was glowing and how such detail could’ve been crafted. The glow was actually bright enough that it cast its pattern onto the walls and ceiling. I just stared like a stoner into the false starlight around me until my eyes got heavy. I could just hear Sylvie’s heavy breathing, which told me she was falling asleep, as I drifted off myself. I thought about her.

Through my teens I’d chased after big curvy girls and everyone I’d met had told me that I was too skinny for them. I already did gymnastics and dance, but I started doing kickboxing and working out more to bulk up a bit. My metabolism is crazy high so I never weighed more than one forty when I was eating a lot. My natural weight is more like one twenty-five, but I’ve kept it ten pounds higher for the last year or so.

Being with Sylvie always reminded me that I was too small for her. She’d dated guys bigger than me and it wasn’t just the big dicks that she missed. She missed having a big guy, like her father or her brothers, looming over her and making her feel smaller. When I held her in public she felt big and bulky next to me. As our relationship carried on she often complained she didn’t feel like the girl. She took care of herself less, she shaved less, she dressed up less. The fact that I modeled and was fit somehow made things worse, since people occasionally told me I was pretty in front of her. I liked the attention though. I had long ago figured that if I couldn’t be the man that these big sexy girls wanted then I would at least be a pretty boy. It had worked out for me so far.

But we didn’t talk about these things. Not really. We let our feelings and insecurities stay hidden, only palpable through off hand comments that were never fully explored. I knew that no one in her family had any respect for me, but I always just joked it off or pushed those feelings away. I guess Sylvie kind of did the same.

Then, in what started to blend the line from reality and dream, I recall lying on the couch, just beginning to shiver, as the stars around me began to spin and spin.

When I woke up it was still dark out and freezing cold. I tensed my whole body in a sudden effort to generate warmth. My head hurt and my throat was sore. Even my stomach felt twisted up. I rose from the couch and found all my joints sore as well.

I was able to rise to my feet and felt immediately dizzy. I kept my eyes shut tight since my head was spinning and took a few steps over to the kitchen. I fumbled for a glass of water and found it hard to even swallow. I really felt like shit and I didn’t know why. I could only guess that I’d somehow caught sıhhiye escort the flu and it had come on fast.


Sylvie was still snoring, and just as I planned on heading back to bed and cuddling up in her warmth, I took a glance out the window. Out to the west I saw a setting sun. I blinked, not understanding. The stove clock said 5:35.


I grabbed my phone, looking at the time: 5:35pm December 27th. I clutched my head, now confused and panicked. Sylvie and I had been having sex at midnight and I’d lay down at about twelve thirty, and now instead of five hours passing, seventeen hours had instead.

“What…the fuck?”

Five missed calls, six texts, and two messages. I couldn’t understand how, but I’d missed an entire day of work. I put down my phone and wondered if I was somehow still dreaming. I’m not the type for lucid dreams.

My head hurt. Everything hurt. I didn’t know what was happening but I knew I had to go to bed. I was doing so when Sylvie’s phone rang.


It was on the coffee table and I quickly answered it and squeaked out a meager hello with my cracking voice.

“Is that…Daniel? You sound shitty. Where’s my sister?”

“Nic? Nic, she’s sleeping.”

“Wow…missed a whole day at work? It’s unlike her to be that hungover. What about you, you only had one drink and you sound like shit. Is that all it takes to knock you out, little guy?”

Niccolo scoffed at me, which was not unusual for him. He’d always been the most vocal of how insufficient I was.

“Nic, she’ll call you back, okay? I think we’re both coming down with something. I feel like hell and I can still hear Sylvie snoring, so she must’ve slept the day away too. She’ll…she’ll call you back.”

“Yeah whatever. She’ll be the one explaining it to dad why she missed work.”

Niccolo agreed without much protest and hung up. He and Sylvie both worked for Papa Barba at his construction company, which was one reason why I had so many run-ins with him. Sylvie would likely get chewed out for missing a day but I couldn’t bring myself to care about that.

I staggered back to the couch, just giving in to the overwhelming aches and pains I felt. It was really something I’d never felt before. I just grabbed a blanket from the side table and sloppily pulled it over me. I didn’t care about work, or Sylvie’s dad and brother, or all the texts and message on my phone. I just wanted to lie down and close my eyes.

I did just that and was lulled back to sleep by the sound of Sylvie’s snoring and the twirling sea of starlight on the walls and ceiling.

When I woke up again, there was some daylight and I felt slightly better. My body was still sore but my head wasn’t spinning so much. The daylight coming in to the apartment made me feel as thought some normalcy was returning. It looked like late afternoon sun though, which made me realize that at least another day must have passed.

I checked my phone to confirm it. 4:45pm December 28th.

Now eight missed calls, five messages, and twelve texts awaited me. I couldn’t bring myself to look at any of it. I really needed to pee and I could still hear Sylvie snoring, even louder than before.

I walked to the bathroom with an awkward gait, still naked and sore. I didn’t understand how the both of us could’ve slept two days away. As I entered the bathroom, a few things happened. I fumbled for the light switch and missed, my hand just sliding along the wall instead. At the same time, I felt an itch at my naked back as though something were grazing against it. I reached back to find the switch, only to find it higher than it should have been. Simultaneously I scratched my back, feeling long hair resting across my bare skin. I flicked on the light as I grabbed a handful of hair, and my eyes went wide in shock.

Staring at me in the mirror was the head of a tiny blonde girl, early twenties. I blinked and strained my eyes, and the blonde girl made the same expression back at me.

“Holy sh-” I stopped myself from swearing, but not because of any manners. I was just stunned at the sound of my own voice. It was light and airy. I had a squeaky girl’s voice; I was a petite little woman.

I rushed to the mirror and had to stand on my tiptoes to see more of myself. The bathroom had grown around me

“Jesus Christ!” I shouted it now, unable to hold back. “Jesus fucking Christ! Sylvie! Sylvie, come here!”

I heard the nasal snap of her snoring coming to an end. Waiting for her to rise, I just stared down at my body, looking at my small, round little breasts and panicking at the absence of my genitals. Running my hands over my body, I felt smooth, bare skin. The hair on my head was long and sandy blonde. My hands and feet seemed little compared to everything around me. All of me was little.

I heard a morning fart from Sylvie, signaling that she had risen. I suddenly panicked, realizing that she wouldn’t recognize me as I was. I didn’t sincan escort know what to say, and my mind fumbled for some kind of explanation. Her heavy footsteps sounded just around the corner.

“Sylvie! Wait!” She didn’t wait. She rounded the corner and saw me, dumbfounded. I was dumbfounded too.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom in front of me, was a big burly man, powerfully built, lightly bearded, and covered in coarse body hair. He looked like a football linebacker, although the head of long, jet black hair made him look more like some ape-like Neanderthal.

“What the fuck?” the voice was deep and husky. He then covered his mouth, as if shocked by the sound.

“S-Syvlie? It’s me…Daniel.”

He stared at me, incredulous and silent. A moment passed where I looked up at him. He towered over me and filled the doorway.

“What the fuuuucck!!” His voice boomed and it made my chest tremble. He took a few slow, heavy steps forward. I backed into the countertop, actually afraid of what might happen.

“Sylvie! Sylvie! Wait, wait, it’s me! I’m Daniel! Something happened!”

He walked right up to me, big furry musclegut pressing me into the counter behind me. He didn’t look at me though; he stared into the mirror. We spent a minute or so like that, his big hulking body slightly crushing me while I squirmed, bent backwards over the sink. The rise and fall of his big thick chest showed how panicked he was.

Finally, the big brute looked directly down at me. The dark eyes caused me to freeze with intimidation.

“S-S-Syvlie…please. It’s me…”


The next few minutes involved the two of us mumbling and panicking and trying to make any sense out of what had happened. We both stood buck naked in the bathroom, babbling. Before we could come to any conclusion, we began to simply take in one another’s bodies.

Sylvie was stood at a hulking six feet and one inch tall. The scale proved that she weighed the same as before: three hundred and fifty pounds. Her back, chest, shoulders, and arms were all huge and muscular. She had lost all those womanly curves but had maintained some manly ones. A big musclegut bulged out and she had a small pair of man boobs on top. Her thighs were thick and strong looking, and she had a big, round, furry, muscular ass. Her hands and feet were big, as well as her big, flaccid, uncircumcised cock. I stared down at it in awe.

I, conversely, had shrunk down to five feet tall. The scale confirmed I was still one thirty-five. My once lean and perfectly toned body had become a little soft with some petite, girly curves. My blonde hair was long and traveled all the way down to the small of my back. I felt absolutely tiny compared to Sylvie.

“Wow, I need to pee.”

“Me too.”

We looked at each other, staring at one another’s genitals. Sylvie had a smirk on her face.

“Well…” she said in a big deep voice. “Ladies first.” I wasn’t amused. I was scared and kind of horrified, but I really did have to pee.

I sat down on the toilet, and got used to the feeling of air between my legs. Sylvie crossed her big thick arms and watched with a smirk.

“Go ahead.”

“I…I need to relax.” I took a few breaths and waited for the tinkle of piss. Sylvie started to chuckle at the sound.

“Jesus…this isn’t funny.”

“Well…it’s a little funny. We might as well enjoy it if we can.”

I finished peeing and wiped myself after pissing for the first time ever, and then stood aside for Sylvie. She reached down and lifted the seat, for some reason quite amused with herself, and then grabbed her thick penis.

“Wow…I’m kinda huge, huh? Way bigger than you.” I crossed my arms, annoyed, and let out a chirpy little sigh. “Okay…sorry.”

Sylvie herself took a deep breath, and then let the piss shoot from her cock. She completely missed the seat at first and splashed all over the floor.

“Shit!” I admit, I had to laugh at that.

“Not so easy, huh?” Sylvie smirked and regained control. She aimed her thick penis and began a heavy, long splash into the toilet bowl.

“Oh…oh, it feels kinda good.” I nodded.

“Yeah, well…true.”

I stared at Sylvie’s big cock and listened to the loud, long stream of piss. I felt rather captivated, having never seen an uncircumcised penis before, and never a dick that big. I swallowed.

Sylvie caught me looking.

“Okay, well…we need to figure this out.” I left the bathroom to give her time to finish.

I realized right away that the crystal ball had to have something to do with it. The instructions said something about the exchange of energies and some other hippy dippy stuff like that. I found it in the living room, but the glow of the stars had now faded. It returned to just being a simple ornament. I tried to explain to Sylvie how the stars had lit up, but she didn’t remember seeing that from the night before.

“Shouldn’t we go to the hospital?” she suggested in her deep voice.

“And sınırsız escort what’ll we say? They’ll think we’re crazy. We don’t have any picture ID or any credit cards in names that would make sense.”

“Well…I guess we could go see Dahlia. She found this thing.”

“Yeah…unfortunately that’s all I can think of. Let’s uh…let’s try to find some clothes.”

I began rummaging around through my clothes, which were now all too long for me. I heard the fridge open, and returned to the kitchen to see Sylvie piling food up on the counter.

“You’re eating? Shouldn’t we get going?”

“Yeah, but I’m starving. We slept for two days. Aren’t you hungry?”

Once I thought about it, I realized she was right. My stomach made a little gurgle. Sylvie’s big new body seemed to hear mine and respond. Her stomach rumbled for food.

“Yeah, you’re right. We should eat.”

I grabbed a banana from the counter while Sylvie started piling leftover pizza, chicken, and meatballs onto a plate. She poured a giant glass of eggnog while I peeled my fruit. I watched her lean over the sink and start scarfing food down as though she’d never eaten before. The two of us of were still buck naked and I couldn’t help but state at her big hairy body.

She was so big and burly that from my five foot perspective, she looked like a giant. At more than a foot taller than me, my head was in line with her sternum. At eye level I examined her big shoulders, brawny arms, and bulky pecs. Below that was her broad back and love handles. Then below that was her big, wealthy male ass. It wasn’t nearly as big and curvy as before, but still supported some powerful glutes and fleshy bulk. And hair…lots of dark hair.

Sylvie looked a lot like her brothers now. I’d spent time with them before and even seen Niccolo with his shirt off. I’d been aware of how big they were, but I’d never thought of them as sexual. I just figured they were the full size men that big girls like Sylvie compared me to; they were the men that proved me lacking. Looking at Sylvie’s big man ass suddenly changed that feeling; I realized that her big masculine form was turning me on.

“Watchu looking at?” Sylvie looked over her shoulder at me with a mouth full of food.

“Nothing.” I shoved the banana in my mouth and chewed it, nervous. Sylvie smiled big and turned around.

“Hey, if it’s a banana you want, I’ve got one here.”

I glanced down at her thick, flaccid cock, now ever so slightly less flaccid. It sprouted out from a bulky paunch from black forest of pubic scruff and hung between her big powerful-looking thighs. I stared at the size and studied the thick foreskin that surrounded the fat head.

“No! Fuck off!” I snapped out of the cock hypnosis that I’d lulled into and turned away from her. “This isn’t funny Sylvie! We have to fix this!”

“Okay, okay…chill out. Lemme eat and we’ll go.”

The sound of my new voice was surprisingly high and shrieky when I’d yelled. I took a deep breath, forcing myself to calm.

“Okay…sorry…I’m just kinda scared. I’m gonna shower while you’re eating. Your dick stinks and my lady parts probably do to.”

I quickly darted into the bathroom and stared in the mirror. I felt so emotional suddenly and I didn’t know why. The circumstances were incredible, but something about looking at Sylvie was unsettling. We’d gotten along so well normally. She would tease me a bit and I’d always handled it well. Anything she’d ask for, I’d do for her without asking. Suddenly now, seeing her looking like one of her brothers, I felt both intimidated…and aroused.

I ran the shower and enjoyed the hot water on my skin. Running my hands along my new body, I examined the curves. I used to be toned and lean, and I worked out hard to maintain it. I was kind of disappointed now that I had some fat on me, although I wasn’t too curvy. I was petite with small boobs and a round little bum. Feeling between my legs I found my little mound with light, soft hair. I pushed two fingertips in between my labia and explored the space there. It was both fascinating and unsettling. I wondered if we could fix what had happened and if I would ever get my cock back. A moment later I realized I’d found my clit.

The hot water was doing a good job relaxing me. The tension that had gripped me slowly slipped away as my middle finger pressed into my clitoris, making me realize why it was called the pleasure button. It was like a tiny little ripple ran from my hips down my legs and up into my sternum. It wasn’t anything like jerking off.

The shower curtain slid aside and Sylvie stood before me. “Hey. I’ll join you.”

I nearly jumped in the air. “Jesus! You scared me!”

As before, she smirked down at me. “What? We always shower together. You weren’t touching yourself were you?”

“No! I’m cleaning! I’ve never done this before!”

“Woah…jeez. The boy version of you was way more chill.”

Sylvie raised a big thigh and stomped into the shower. We only had a regular sized shower, so she was instantly standing next to me, towering over me, her hairy body touching me. My heart rate increased just as quickly and I turned away, covering my chest.

Sylvie laughed. “You’re covering yourself? Daniel, are you embarrassed?”

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