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Surprise At The Drive In Ch. 5

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The sign above a doorway that read “Adult Novelties.” Inside we found racks of books and magazines, but a counter at the end of one isle caught Deb’s attention. She grabbed my hand and pulled me straight to it.

“My god! My God!” was all she could say. Then finally she said, “My god, Bill. Look at this one. It’s just like the one the guy in the movie used on his wife.”

Deb was pointing at a huge purple dildo, every bit as large as the one in the movie. “You like it? Shall I buy it for you?” I teased.

“Are you kidding? No way!” she exclaimed her hands drawn up over her mouth. “That thing would rip me in two.”

“Oh, my god!” she exclaimed again. “Why does this one have two… two….”

“Dicks?” I helped.


“Well the big one inserts into your vagina. Once the tip is in place, then you swing the shorter, smaller one into your bottom.” I explained.

“You mean up your ass hole!” She burst out.

“No. Up your ass.” I chuckled.

“No way! I’ve heard of doing that. But, not this girl.” She affirmed, “Only sluts do things like that.”

“Don’t knock something until you’ve tried.”

“Nope. No thank you. No way.”

I left it at that and we looked around a little while longer. She stopped to look at some of the more hard-core magazines and was amazed to find naked men as well as women. They were sealed in cellophane so she couldn’t see much, so I bought a couple for her to peruse.

After leaving the Adult shop we returned to the snack bar. We had finished our drinks while in the novelties shop, so I asked Deb to get two more while I went to the bathroom again. When I ducked around the corner, I slipped back into the Adult shop instead of the bathroom. I was tempted to buy the two-headed anal penetrator, but discretion being the better part of valor, I settled on a twelve-inch latex look alike that was somewhat thicker than myself. After paying, I put it in the bottom of the bag with the magazines and returned to the snack bar just in time to catch Deb coming out of the line.

Upon returning to the car, even before I had the car door shut, Deb shouted, “Well, get them out! What are you waiting for?” she joked, but was really excited about looking through the pictures.

I put the bag on the floor. As I pulled the magazines out, I carefully pushed the bag under the seat with my foot so she wouldn’t see the other surprise. I was saving that for later. She took one of the magazines out of the wrapper; cuddled up under my arm and opened up to the first page to find a big-breasted blond sucking a good sized cock. The guy had his head back, eyes closed in apparent ecstasy, while the gal was looking up with an apparent smile on her face.

“Doesn’t she look proud of herself?” Deb commented sarcastically.

“Wouldn’t you, if you had a big cock like that in your mouth and had him so obviously satisfied?” I asked.

She didn’t comment verbally, but probably rolled her eyes. She flipped through a few more pages without comment, until she got to a page with a very muscular guy holding a girl by her hair as she sucked him off and she said, “Nice chest.”

“Yeah. She sure has.” I returned, knowing what she really meant.

“I’m talking about the guy, silly.” She came back.

“I know.” I admitted. “But if I had said that about the girl, you would have had something to say about my comment.”

“Of course. It’s alright for me to do that, but not you.” She said with a smile.

“That’s not fair.” I whined.

“So! Who said things had to be fair?” She kidded.

“Speaking of things not being fair. How come we can share a mag like this – that’s far more pornographic and is almost entirely pictures, with no redeeming literature – but you don’t like me to read Penthouse?” I inquired, half jokingly and half serious.

“Well, first of all, this is probably a one time event. It’s something for me to experience once and I’ll probably never want to see one again. It looks to me like once you’ve seen one of these, all the rest are probably just about the same. You know, different faces, same poses.” Deb spoke casually, thumbing through the pages slowly.

“Second, the nude modeling in the Penthouse type magazines is demeaning to all women.”

“And this isn’t?” I interrupted.

“That’s my third point. At least here it is equally demeaning to both sexes, although more so to females, because they are almost always depicted in the subservient role. Yuck. Another cum shot?” and she thumbed quickly to the next page.

“So, you’re saying the girl should always be on top.” I suggested.

“Yeah, that would be a good start. And finally, you said it, we are sharing this. You normally read – look at the Penthouse by yourself.” She concluded.

“Well, from now on we will always share the Penthouse.” I suggested. “Alright?”

“Yeah, right.” She gave me an off-hand comment and continued flipping.

“Oh, my god! She exclaimed, looking at a girl on all fours, taking a really thick cock up the back içerenköy escort door. “How could she possibly be taking that? That’s got to be killing her!”

The girl was looking over her shoulder and smiling back at her man, so I commented, “Well, it can’t be too bad, she’s smiling.”

“I think that’s a grimace.”

“Well you will never know for sure unless you try.” I sort of recommended.

“You’re probably right. Maybe some day, but certainly not tonight.” And to show that conversation was over, she started flipping through the pages again.

A few pages later, there it was. Another large breasted brunette had her ass in the air and was being rammed in both openings with a double dildo. Deb just looked, almost awe struck. The dildo was almost all the way in. After several quiet seconds she finally said in a whisper of total amazement, “So, that’s how it’s used.”

I started to say something, but one hand came up and covered my mouth, while the other one started flipping pages again. Her next stop, a few pages later, was a three way. Large breasts hung down from a brunette, who was on all fours. One male kneeled in front of her with his cock in her mouth, while the other took her from behind. The later was bent over her far enough to reach and hold on to her breasts.

Deb didn’t say anything, just sat there looking at it. Finally I asked, “That getting to you?”

“Yeah.” She whispered. “I’m not sure why. But that is really… really… I don’t know….”

“Hot?” I ventured.

“Yeah.” She whispered again slowly. “And I really don’t know why. But, as soon as I saw it I felt something stir deep inside and between my legs.”

“Should always follow your intuitions, you know.” I advised. “Kind of like always going with your first answer on a test.”

“Yeah, but it’s, ‘only go with your first answer when you’re unsure.’ ” She argued. However, I noticed that her hand had dipped under the hem of her skirt. “And change it if you know it is wrong.”

Before I could come up with a counter, she moved on to the next page. Same girl and guys, only now she is riding one and the other is just starting to penetrate her back door. On the next page they are both inserted to the hilt.

“Well, what do you think of this action?” I asked tentatively and reached under the hem of her skirt as well. “Let me do that.”

“No way!” She protested and I quickly withdrew my hand. She grabbed it and pulled it back between her legs and continued, “Not you. Her! That has got to hurt. There can’t be any pleasure in that at all. Besides, doing it with someone other than your mate is bad enough, but with two guys, that’s… that’s just… just… slutty, I guess.”

“I don’t know. If she gets a lot of enjoyment out it and it is okay with the mate. Why not?” I contended.

“Well, then why don’t they show her smiling, then?” Deb argued back. The girl was facing away from the camera in both pictures.

“Maybe she is. Turn the page. Maybe they have a different camera angle.”

Sure enough, head on. Her head is back with her hair flying as if she had just thrown her head back. She is biting her lower lip and looks like she is in the throws of an orgasm. The guy that was behind her has pulled out and is cumming all over her back, while the guy underneath has his head up, sucking on her breast.

“See! She looks like she is in pain to me.” Deb said smugly.

“Or in ecstasy.” I countered.

“Yeah! The ecstasy of relief; now that, that guy is out of her ass.” She countered right back and quickly turned the page; but for her, the next page wasn’t any better.

Now the girl was lying on the guy below her, locked in an obvious open mouth kiss. The other guy was in her pussy right along with the guy on the bottom. Both were jammed into her to the hilt.

About this time the second movie started, she closed the magazine and cast it over her shoulder into the back seat. I whispered into her ear, “She must have been enjoying it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been kissing him like that.”

“Then she’s a slut.” She said with a huff to indicate the end of the conversation.

The movie started with a panoramic view of a beautiful seaside harbor. Slowly the drone of a plane could be heard. In the next frame a commercial seaplane could be seen skimming along not far above the ocean, moving away from the harbor as if it had just taken off. Deb had curled up under my arm again, apparently a little up set, but content to snuggle. Her hand was already undoing my shorts and reaching inside.

The camera closed in on the plane until you could see the pilot (Male) and the co-pilot (Female) through the wind screen, and then panned inside the cockpit. The copilot, a buxom blond, wore her hair all rolled up on the top of her head. She wore a halter-top that barely covered anything. Her nipples were hard and pushed visibly into the material.

The pilot was a large handsome man in a tank top and shorts. kadıköy escort He had the copilot take over, stood up and moved to a position directly behind the copilot. Bending over he began to kiss her on the neck and his hands reached over to squeeze those large ripe melons.

She squirmed and giggled a little, finally taking a hand off the joy stick and pushing him away, saying, “Can’t you see I’m trying to fly this thing?”

“Why don’t you get some altitude, put it on autopilot, and I’ll give you a real joy stick to play with.”

“Maybe later.” She put him off. “Why don’t you go initiate at new stewardess?”

“Umm, sounds like a good idea.” he said letting go and turning towards the back of the cockpit. Opening the door he signaled to the stewardess, another large breasted blond. When she arrived he asked. “Are the passengers all taken care of, Miss Albright?”

“Yes, sir.”

He took her by the arm, guiding her into the cockpit and closed the hatch. Turning her gently he leaned her into the bulkhead and kissed her hard and long. She returned the kiss passionately. His hand pushed her halter top up exposing a large, perfectly rounded breast. He squeezed and mauled it at will and she just moaned into his mouth.

Finally breaking the kiss, he said. “This is your first day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, sir.” She replied.

“Have you been initiated into the mile high club?” He asked with a smile.

“No, sir.”

“Well, there is no time like the present.” sounding more like an order, than a comment.

She leaned over to look out the window, giving the audience a great view of her hanging breasts and said laughingly, “It doesn’t look like we are a mile high to me.”

“Not a problem.” He said with assertion. “Brady, take her up to five zero.”

“This is beginning to get a little depressing.” Deb whined softly.

“What do you mean?”

“They’ve all got these great big breasts and look what I got.” She almost cried, opening her blouse. “I can’t even start to compete.”

Grabbing one, I bent over and kiss the nipple and said, “They’re lovely. You know I like them just the way they are. I told you earlier that anything more than a mouthful is a waste.”

“Yeah, but you also admitted you would like them if they were bigger. Just look at her! I can’t compare to that.” She exclaimed, frustrated.

By this time the pilot had pulled down his shorts and was sitting in the navigator’s chair. The stewardess had knelt down and taken his growing appendage into her mouth. As her mouth moved up and down his shaft it grew steadily bigger and bigger. Although not as big as the exec’s in the previous picture, it was a close second.

“Look at the size of him. How do you think I feel?” I said. “Her breasts are maybe twice as big as yours. But, he’s at least three, maybe four times the size of me. So what! Just enjoy watching them and enjoy what we have to share with each other.” I tried to console and leaned forward again, taking the other nipple into my mouth.

Deb pulled me tighter to her breast with her right hand and moaned her contentment. Her left hand reached down inside my shorts and began lightly stroking my cock. After a few minutes I straighten up, leaned back into my seat and began watching the movie again, while Deb continued to slowly apply her ministrations to my hardened cock.

By this time the stewardess had stood up and straddled his lap and was riding him at a slow, but steady pace. She leaned back, holding herself from falling backwards by grasping the pilots shoulder with one hand. With the other she slowly undid her hair and let in fall. As it cascaded sensuously down over her shoulders the pilot grasped both breasts and began fondling them roughly, pulling on her nipples from time to time. The stewardess shook her head several times sending her hair flying. When she stopped, it covered her shoulders and breasts uniformly in a golden arc around her upper body.

“Level at Five Zero, Captain.” The copilot announced in a very calm, professional, business as usual tone.

“Good. Go ahead and put it on autopilot.” He commanded.

“Autopilot engaged, Sir.” She returned in the same tone.

The copilot got up out of her seat, turned toward the screwing couple. In very slow and sensual movements she ran her hands over her body and then removed her halter-top. She slowly stepped forward to the couple shoving one of her huge breasts into the pilot’s mouth. Wrapping an arm around his head she pulled him tight into her bosom.

The pilot sucked one of the copilot’s breasts and then the other, while continuing to screw the stewardess. His hand trailed down her belly and undid her shorts. As they fell away he began to play with the copilot’s moist pussy, while all three of them moaned and groaned to the drone of the airplane. Every so often he would take his fingers from her pussy and lick them. About the third time he offered them to the co-pilot kartal escort who sucked them in immediately. The next time he offered them to the stewardess, who sucked on them with great zeal, moaning as she did so.

Finishing and still bouncing up and down on the pilot’s cock, she complimented the co-pilot by saying, “You’ve got great tasting pussy juice. I hope I get a chance to eat it for myself sometime.”

“Ummm, I can’t wait

At this point, the stewardess leaned forward a little and took the copilot’s free breast into her mouth as well. The pilot while still sucking in the co-pilot’s left breast, intensified his work her pussy, his thumb rubbing her clitoris and his fingers lunging deep inside. The copilot moaned louder and louder until apparently she had an orgasm. She leaned into the pilot and slowly slid down his side until she sat on the floor with her head resting on his hip.

The stewardess and the pilot now intensified their thrusting until she apparently had her orgasm. She collapsed forward into the pilot’s arms, until she recovered. Slowly she raised off of him and knelt on his other side.

The two ladies now began to take turns sucking his cock, until he came all over their faces and in their mouths. Deb moaned with her usual aversion to the scene. As the scene continued with the three crew members getting dressed and returning to their duties; Deb let go of my cock and turned to face me.

“Sit back a little.” She commanded, “I want to show you what I learned in the first show.”

As I moved to my side of the car and turned toward her, very slowly Deb licked her lips sensuously, cupped here right breast with her hand and brought it up to her mouth. She licked around the nipple a couple of times, while her free hand reached down, lifted her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. As I leaned and started to shift towards her, she dropped her breast and held out her hand, saying, “Sit back and relax a minute. I want to show you how I’m going to stimulate you enough to get you up at least three more times tonight.”

“Well, you know what your doing.” I proclaimed, leaning back and pulling open my shorts to reveal my already hard appendage, proving my point.

She placed one foot up in my lap and rubbed the front of my cock with the ball of her foot. In order to do this she had to bend her knee, exposing her dripping wet pussy completely. With the fingers of one hand she spread the lips of her pussy wide apart. The fingers on the other hand started rubbing her clitoris furiously. She kept her eyes in direct contact with mine with a knowing smirk all over her face. Occasionally she would lick her lips suggestively.

After several minutes of this, the sensations got too much for her. She bit her bottom lip while her eyes slowly closed. A moment later her head rolled back and she began to spasm. Her hand moved even faster for a few moments and then she closed her thighs together tight around it, tucked forward and then jerked back against her pillow again, where she trembled until the spasms wore off.

When she finally opened her eyes again she smiled sheepishly, but quickly regained her composure. Her free hand returned to her left breast this time and pulled it to her lips. She promptly began teasing the swollen nipple with her tongue. Then she sighed, “I think it’s time you got over here and start sucking on these.” She removed her hand from her crotch and using both hands she lifted her breasts in an offering to me.

I leaned forward sucking on one, taking in as much of it into my mouth as I could. I cupped the other in my hand, beginning to massage it as roughly as the pilot had in the movie.

Deb moaned her satisfaction and confirmed it by pulling my head tighter to her breast and squeezing my massaging hand even harder than I was squeezing her breast.

“Yes, baby! Suck your heart out.” She moaned, “Show me how much you love me and my breasts, honey. Suck them hard!”

Encouraged by her words, I did just that. I sucked in harder, then released and sucked her breast in again. Letting go I concentrated on her nipple, sucking it like a baby, until the areola around it wrinkled up hard and tight, her nipple extending a good half inch. While doing this I worked my knees to the floor in front of her and my body between her legs.

I switched to the other breast, beginning by sucking in as much of it as I could as well. “Oh, yes! Baby. Give them equal time.” She moaned again. “Don’t forget my pussy, honey. It’s running hot and needs a little attention.”

I had no intention of forgetting her wet pussy, I just hadn’t gotten that far yet. Now concentrating on her nipple and causing that areola to wrinkle as well, I slid a hand between her legs. She was as hot and wet as she said and my fingers slid right in. First one, then two and finally a third.

She moaned even louder now, her one hand really pulling my head in tight while the other dragged my hand roughly all over her breast. In response I pulled the tips of all my fingers together and pushed them in as far as they would go.

“Oh, yes!” she responded. “Give it to me, baby. Finger fuck my pussy.”

I pulled them out a little and thrust them back in, penetrating a little deeper. Pulling them out I thrust even harder, stabbing still deeper. Again and again I gave it to her harder each time.

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