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Summer in Amber Ch. 04

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I counted every rep in my head, pushing the barbell with all my might, my muscles straining against all hundred pounds that stood between me and victory.


My chest was burning, arms beginning to buckle, screaming, warning me that I’d gone too far, that now was the time to stop. To give up.

C’mon, just one more, I told myself. You can do it.

Red faced and nearly beaten, I summoned forth what little strength remained, and completed the final rep. I barely managed to set the barbell back onto the rack, my muscles thanking me for sweet relief as I slumped, winded and worn down, onto the sweat soaked bench, aching with the sweet feel of exhaustion that I had grown to love.

Like all the good things in my life at the time, I owed this development to Miss Amber. She had convinced me to start going to the gym the morning following our first night together. I was allowed to sleep over, only on the condition that I did so on the couch.

“It’s nothing personal,” she assured me as she handed me a pillow, along with a thin customary blanket. “I just like to have a full bed to myself.” I was in no position to protest, and despite this I slept well that night, drained and drowsy with satisfaction.

I was woken up the next morning by the sound of clattering dishes, and the smell of sizzling bacon. Groggy eyed, I sat up and saw Miss Amber hard at work in the kitchen, splitting her time between cooking bacon and eggs on the stove, and cutting up an assortment of fruit. She was wearing only a light gray t-shirt that looked to be two sizes too big, extending all the way down just past her thighs, and her red hair was tied up in a bun, fuzzy and frayed like a tangled ball of copper.

“Mmm, something smells good.” I sat up on the couch and stretched, and as the fog of sleep cleared and the world slowly came into focus, I remembered where I was, and for the first time in a while I couldn’t wait to start the day.

“Morning sleepy head,” said Miss Amber, looking over her shoulder in my direction. “Just making us some breakfast. I hope you like your eggs scrambled.”

“I love scrambled eggs,” I said, and she shot me an approving smile. It was the first time I’d seen Miss Amber without an ounce of makeup, and she looked no less amazing. In fact, stripped of all the glamour she looked even more beautiful in a natural sort of way. She had faint dark circles under her eyes, and her face was marked with the minor imperfections of age.

I threw a shirt on and made a quick trip to the bathroom before joining her in the kitchen. I was dying of thirst, so I grabbed a cup from the cupboard and filled it with water, nearly downing the entire glass in four large gulps. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a large bowl of mixed fruit sitting on the counter, a half cut strawberry calling my name, and without thinking I reached down, plucked it from the bowl, and popped it in my mouth.

“Hey, I’m not finished,” she proclaimed, wagging her spatula at me. “No eating until I say so!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist,” I said. “Strawberries are my favorite.”

“Well, you’re just gonna have to wait.” Her tone was disciplinary, but unmistakably playful.

“Yes Miss Amber.” I cracked a cheeky smile, letting her know how willing I was to play whatever game she wanted.

After a quick refill of water I took a seat at the kitchen table, watching Miss Amber as she put the finishing touches on her bacon and eggs. It was another hot and humid day, and the sun was out in full force, shining through the kitchen window like the torch of god, illuminating her nubile figure. The baggy shirt couldn’t hide the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra, her perky nipples forming two tiny peaks across her chest. She wasn’t wearing any underwear either, which I figured out when she “accidentally” dropped the spatula, giving me a quick flash of her exquisite ass.

“You look lovely this morning,” I complimented.

Miss Amber looked amused and crossed her arms. “I thought we agreed to no lying mister,” she said. “I look like shit, and you know it. And don’t think you can sweet talk me after that sneaky shit you just pulled.”

“Not sweet talking.” I lifted my hands in the air, surrendering. “Just being honest.”

I sat my hands behind my head and leaned back, looking oddly assured, and Miss Amber noticed, giving me a long, hard inquisitive look, acknowledging the understated transformation that had taken place.

She turned the burner off and brought the pan to the kitchen table, scooping heaps of eggs evenly onto two large plates. Next came the bacon, again divided evenly, four stripes each. Finally she sat the bowl of fruit in the middle of the table, scooped a spoonful into two smaller bowls, and handed one to me, which I took eagerly. I was starving, and once again Miss Amber was feeding me exactly what I wanted. She had a knack for that.

“This looks delicious Miss Amber, thank you.”

“You’re welcome Jake. Now lets eat.”

I practically inhaled the bacon and eggs, only stopping every so often to cleanse my palate with a succulent mixture of strawberries, grapes, and pineapple. Miss Amber was ankara escort much less boorish, taking her time, picking at her bowl of fruit one by one.

“So…” She leaned forward and took a bite of pineapple, giving me a tantalizing peak down her shirt. “How are you this morning?”

“Great,” I said, shoveling a fork full of eggs in my mouth. Food hadn’t tasted this good in long time. “What about you?”

“Oh, I’m just peachy. Can’t ya tell?”

I could. Miss Amber was glowing in a way I had never seen before. She reached for a piece of bacon and took a bite, the crispy crunch breaking the stillness of the peaceful suburban atmosphere. I felt her foot brush up against my leg, rubbing me affectionately, up and down.

“I had a lot of fun last night,” she said.

“Me too.”

“You made me feel really good.” She took another bite of bacon, a wanting glimmer in her eyes. “Like, really good.”

“I aim to please.”

She shifted in her seat. “Think you can do it again?”

I froze, the last strip of bacon halfway to my mouth.

“You mean right now?” I asked. I was so preoccupied with filling my stomach that I had forgotten that Miss Amber had needs to fill of her own. I just hadn’t expected they’d have to be filled so soon in the morning.

“What, don’t think you’re up for it?” Her green eyes glowed and drifted downward, a silent command I had no choice but to follow. Miss Amber was challenging me, and I accepted, and suddenly I was hungry for meat of a different sort.

“Whatever you say Miss Amber.” I sat my fork down, pushed my plate aside, and took a cleansing swig of water, psyching myself up for another go around with this ravenous woman.

She watched me intently as I lowered myself under the table. Her legs were crossed, and as I crawled my way closer she opened them, gifting me with her delicate, pink pussy. My mouth watered at the sight, spurring me on to reach out, grab her legs, and pull her towards me. I heard her giggle as I slipped my head under her shirt, giving me an eyeful of the captivating body hiding underneath. I dotted her inner thigh with soft kisses, her supple white skin a tasty treat on the way to the main course.

Miss Amber’s pussy had ripened overnight, emanating an arousing pungent scent. I fervently licked it from bottom to top, lapping up the juices that had quickly begun oozing from her delicious center, savoring every molecule, willingly losing myself in her essence.

“That’s a good boy,” she encouraged, wrapping her fingers in my hair, pressing me further into her. “Keep going.”

Overwhelming desire compelled me to press the flat of my tongue against her clit, and I began massaging her pleasure button with soft delicate pulses. This sent a shotgun blast through her nerves, and she yelped and pulled my hair in approval.

“Oh my god!” Miss Amber howled. “Fuck! Jesus, yes, right there, just like that. Please, don’t stop what you’re doing.”

I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to. I had the fever now, and in my delirium I slipped my hands further up under her shirt and squeezed her breasts, twisting and pinching her hard erect nipples. I was savaging her on all fronts, assaulting her most sensitive areas.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She repeated it like a hymn between breaths, each verse faster and more frenzied, hot and heavy. “Don’t stop, god, don’t stop!”

Miss Amber sputtered and shook, and amidst her euphoria lifted her pelvis up, sending my head upward into the table with a thunk. I was seeing stars when I felt her pussy quiver and convulse around my tongue, and I answered back, giving her nipples one last hard pinch, activating her orgasm. It escaped from her throat in short, sharp bursts, leaving me to hold on for dear life as she bucked me around like a wild stallion.

The kitchen was wrapped in total silence afterward, save for our collective heavy breathing. Miss Amber was slouched in her chair, looking as satisfied as ever as I clawed my way out from under the table.

“Jeez, I think I got brain damage from that,” I said, standing up, nearly losing my balance.

“Yeah, sorry about that,” said Miss Amber between breaths. “I can get a little crazy when I come.”

“That’s an understatement. That’s twice now you’ve almost killed me.”

“Well, you’re just gonna have to learn to adapt.”

With a sudden burst of energy Miss Amber bounded from her seat, coming at me with the force of a jungle cat.

“I have an idea.” She reached down into my boxers and wrapped her sweaty, slippery hands around my cock. “You should start working out. Ya know, start lifting weights. Build up some of that muscle I know you’ve got. You’re gonna need it for what I’ve got planned for us.”

She began stroking me, working her magic.

“Don’t you think it’s only fair? I mean, I look good for you don’t I? You know women my age don’t have a body like this without working for it.” Miss Amber fell to her knees and pulled my boxers down, revealing all six and a half inches of me, fully hard and craving release. “I bet you would look so hot. Don’t you wanna look hot for me. Don’t you wanna satisfy me?”

She took me into her mouth with the grace of an angel, swallowing ankara escort bayan the entirety of my cock down her throat. She made it look so easy, plunging and pulling me into her mouth, gliding me along the warm wetness of her tongue. She looked up to me, eyes pleading, begging me to agree to her terms. And I was in no position to deny her.

“Yes, I’ll do it,” I grunted. “I’ll do it for you Miss Amber. Anything you want.”

She smiled, and gifted me with a lover’s kiss on the tip of my cock before finishing me in her mouth. She gobbled up every last drop of pleasure I fed her, and as my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and my body shook, for a few brief moments I was nothing but eternal bliss.


The locker room was mostly empty, save for a lone guy washing his hands, which I was grateful for. I wasn’t quite accustomed yet to the locker room atmosphere, to changing around other people under the bright lights and sterile smells. It reminded me of high school gym class, which I’d rather forget. But I was quickly realizing that no one gives a shit. Well, unless you’re an old man with no shame who walks around with his dick out, which, to my displeasure, happened more often than I expected. And even then people didn’t say anything.

It’s funny, I thought as I undressed. Just a few months ago I never would have imagined myself in a place like this.

At first just stepping foot in the gym was enough to make me anxious with thoughts of self-doubt. I was already self-conscious about my body, always had been. I was a naturally thin guy, so the prospect of being surrounded by bulging biceps and tight abs intimidated me, made me feel small and inadequate. But I pushed through those negative feelings, guided by the hope of Miss Amber, and the longer I forced myself to do it the easier it became, until eventually going to the gym was a normal part of my routine, and I looked forward to loosing myself there four times a week.

It of course didn’t hurt that the gym was full of eye candy, and my eye wandered like a kid at a candy store. Naturally half of the members were women, and a good portion of those women had the kinds of bodies the others were working hard to obtain. It was extremely difficult not to stare between sets, especially at those who were comfortable enough to work out in nothing but a sports bra and tight yoga pants. There was one girl in particular who really caught my eye, a blonde haired beauty with the kind of tanned athletic body and curvaceous booty that stopped both men and women in their tracks, and she knew it, often stopping to admire herself in the mirror in between sets of squats. I thought about attempting to spark a conversation with her, which is something I never would have dreamed of considering mere months ago, but I was intimidated, and besides, gym etiquette told me not to hit on women at the gym, so I never went through with it.

I did however make a gym buddy, a short, slightly portly Puerto Rican man named Luis. We met after he innocently asked what exercise I was doing, and soon we began casually working out together whenever our schedules happened to coincide. He was slightly older than me, and was working through many of the same issues of self-worth and confidence that I was dealing with, only he didn’t have someone like Miss Amber to coach him through them. So he talked, and I listened, and I did my best to share some of the same wisdom she had imparted unto me. It was actually really helpful to have someone to talk and listen to; it helped me better process and internalize my own feelings. In a way the gym had become a form of therapy, of both body and mind.

This day had been an especially therapeutic workout, and I left the gym feeling great. I had bench pressed one hundred pounds for three full sets; a new personal record. It was the greatest feeling in the world, knowing I had pushed myself beyond my own expectations. I was going to be really sore for the next few days, but I didn’t mind; in fact I enjoyed it. It was just my body telling me I was making progress. And I was making progress fast, building muscle at a rate I hadn’t anticipated. I guess that’s what happens when you pick up a weight for the first time in your life.

“Have a great day!” said the receptionist as I headed toward the exit, flashing me that “come again” smile she had no doubt been trained to do. She was quite pretty, sporting a jet black pixie cut and a shiny silver nose ring in her left nostril.

“Thanks!” I flashed her a quick smile back as I walked out the door, where I was greeted by the thick wetness of summer hanging in the parking lot air, an unpleasant feeling multiplied by the sweat still clinging to my skin. I couldn’t wait to get home and wash it off with a cold shower.

I arrived to find my father passed out in his recliner, having dozed off to a rerun of the old black and white Addams Family television show. This had become the new routine ever since he retired, and I didn’t quite know how to feel about it. I don’t think he knew what to do with all the free time he had, so naturally he began to fill that time with the comfort of nostalgia.

I quickly hopped in the shower, and for a while I just stood there, escort ankara enjoying the cleansing relief of the cold water rolling down my face. Working out in days like this made cold showers an almost transcendent experience, and I always took my time to enjoy them.

I was drying myself off when I received a text message from Miss Amber. I had a pretty good idea of what to expect as I picked my pants up off the floor and pulled my phone out of the pocket.

You know the drill! Show me what you got 🙂

Right on schedule. Miss Amber had been asking for progress pictures ever since I agreed to start exercising. She was holding me accountable, which was valuable because it allowed me to look back and see the changes in real time. Not to mention the whole ritual was sexy as hell, knowing that Miss Amber was looking at them, so I didn’t mind one bit.

I threw my boxers on and took a selfie in the mirror, shocked by how good I looked. My arms had gotten bigger, my shoulders were thicker, and my pecs had filled out slightly. I could even see the faint outlines of my abdominal muscles developing. It was plain as day; my hard work was paying off. The frail boy I had once believed I was forever fated to be was fading away, day by day, replaced by something better but no less recognizable. I was looking stronger and more masculine, which consequently made me feel more attractive and boosted my confidence significantly. I eagerly sent the picture, and started getting hard imagining Miss Amber’s reaction.

I was fully dressed and taking a short post-workout nap when she texted me back, and her response did not disappoint.

OMG you look so good. I can’t wait to take a bite out of you 😉 Keep it up! Proud of you!

This was just one way in which my relationship with Miss Amber had heated up in the days following our first night together. Now we were playing with each other on a whole new level. It started the following Monday, when she stole me aside in the staff lounge and had me lick that scrumptious pussy of hers. I of course was eager to please, and she rewarded me the next day by giving me a blowjob in the back of her car during our lunch break. And this is how it went on for a while every day at work, me going down on her one day, her sucking me off the next. Occasionally, on slower days, when she was feeling especially adventurous, she would hide me under the children’s desk, daring me to make her come hard enough to risk getting caught. I could tell she really enjoyed this, because she was always wetter than usual, and quicker to bring to climax. Her appetite was insatiable, to the point where if exercising hadn’t increased my already high libido I’m not sure I would’ve been able to keep up.

That was another benefit of working out. I found that I had a lot more energy and stamina, the kind I knew I needed if I wanted to make it to the end of whatever sexual adventures Miss Amber had in store for me next. My urges were more intense than ever, and she enjoyed teasing and taunting me about it. Whenever she sucked my cock she would challenge me to last longer than I did the last time, telling me that it was all over between us if I came before she said I could. Regardless of whether she meant it or not, I took her threats seriously, and it took all my effort to suppress the impulse to explode in her mouth as soon as I felt the desire to. But when she did finally give me permission, the wait was always worth it. My orgasms were absolutely incredible, and she always swallowed eagerly, never leaving a drop of evidence of our secret dalliance behind.

Frankly it was quite tortuous in certain aspects, but I never complained. By this point I knew Miss Amber’s MO. This was just another one of her trials. She was a blacksmith, and I was the sword, and she was hammering and folding me in the fires of discipline and control, sharpening me for the sole purpose of fulfilling both our fantasies.

For as unrelenting as she was though, Miss Amber knew how to balance her efforts with her trademark tenderness. She always kissed me after making her come, licking the taste of herself off my lips with a deep and passionate stamp of approval that never failed to lift my spirits. Those moments made all the sexual angst she was putting me through worth it.

Things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows for me however. Months earlier, in the beginnings of my tryst with Miss Amber, my father, tired of my procrastination and general apathy with finding a suitable university to attend in the fall, had taken the liberty of doing so himself. He spent all of his free time, of which he had plenty, researching, and eventually presented me with a handful of schools he thought would be suitable for me. Without giving it much thought I begrudgingly chose the closest one a few hours away, East Shores University, a midrange affordable college generic enough to suit those like myself who had no direction in life, but respectable enough that it would look good on a resume. My dad seemed pleased enough with the choice, but I was anything but. It felt like he had hijacked the trajectory of my life and taken the reigns himself, without giving me much say about it. Looking back now though I can’t say that I blame him. I was indecisive, and wishy-washy, and it was sabotaging my future, so my dad had no choice but to push me out. In a way it was a lot like what Miss Amber was doing. Only way, way less fun.

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