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Such Blasphemy

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If you are easily offended then maybe skip this one. Its just a fantasy…its just words.

Thanks to everyone, again for the love and support. I read your comments and really appreciate you taking the time to write them.

I decided to get down to it a little quicker with this one…enjoy!

Such Blasphemy.

What a day. My shirt was sticking to my back with sweat as I approached the house. It could have been the 100th house that day but I’d lost count somewhere around the 48th door being shut before I’d finished speaking. I’d drank all my water, I didn’t have any money and I was alone.

Dianne, my girlfriend was supposed to come with me but had bailed at the last minute to do something with her mother and everyone else was already paired up so I had to go it alone.

I was too hot, too tired and I wish I hadn’t chosen to wear a shirt, tie and dress pants today. Dianne, my girlfriend, thought I’d be taken more seriously, calling on strangers, if I were dressed neatly and she was probably right but that didn’t stop 99 people from slamming the door in my face.

I rang the bell, wiped my brow and waited as the sun beat down on my neck. The door was opened by a handsome, blue-eyed clean cut man in his early thirties wearing nothing but a pair of cut off track pants. He was slightly out of breath and a thin layer of sweat shimmered on his firm muscular chest. His cropped hair had little beads of sweat poised to fall from the tips and it looked like I was disturbing his workout.

Taking a deep breath I repeated the line I’d said 99 times already that day but I still managed to fluff it. I don’t know if it was the heat or him but my brain was scrambled.

“For the love of Jesus Christ would you like to talk about God for a minute…Sir?” I blurted out. I shut my eyes and dropped my head, realizing my error.

“Nobody has every put it like that before.” He laughed good naturedly seeing the humour in my mistake.

“Sir, I’m so sorry. What I meant to say was…Would you like talk about God, Love and Jesus Christ for a minute.”

“Do you want to start again?” He said with a kind and soft voice.

“Yes, Please.” I said with an exhausted smile.

“OK, go!”

“Good afternoon, Sir” I smiled.

“Good afternoon young man, how can I help you today?” He said quite jovially.

“Would you like to take a moment to talk about the Love of God and Jesus? I’m from the Church of St Matthew…”

Laughing he interrupted and said “Look, I don’t know about the God stuff, I’m a bit of a lapsed Catholic but if you want to come in and cool off for a moment? I’ll fix you a cool drink.” He stepped to the side and gestured me welcome in his home.

“Thank you, sir. That would be greatly appreciated, its a beautiful day but it sure is hot today.”

“Hot as hell out there…errr sorry! Come on in”

“Thank you, Sir.” I said as I walked into his house following him through to the kitchen; the cool air soothing me almost instantly. “I’ve been to so many houses today and had the door slammed in my face a lot. I guess I was expecting that though.”

He began fixing us a drink while looked at the art on his walls and an awkward silence grew between us.

“So, tell me what is it you are doing out there on a day like this?” He handed me a highball glass filled with fruit juice and ice making intense eye contact as we leaned across the breakfast bar from each other.

I broke the eye contact and took a huge gulp and had to pause while my brain freeze passed which I’m sure made me look weird. “Well, numbers have been dwindling at the church so some of the younger members of the congregation thought we’d come out and see if there is anything holding people back.”

“Oh yeah? and what have you discovered.”

“Hmmmm not much” I said shyly. “Like I said, people just clam up. Don’t want to talk about it.”

“Yeah, I get that but what do you think? I’m David by the way.” He put his glass down and thrust his hand around the bar to shake mine. He gripped my hand firmly and looked me up and down. I scanned his body again. My eyes drawing down to the deep V of his firm shaven stomach. His loose shorts hung so low I could make out the top of his dick root and the neatly trimmed pubic hair. Through the fabric it was possible to make out the outline of his thick penis.

“Brandon.” I replied snapping back to reality.

“Nice to meet you Brandon. So, what do you think?”

“A….a..about what?” Had he caught my stare?”

“What’s holding people back?”

“I think people are a little lost. Our community is a little lost. Disconnected from each other and our spirituality. For me the church has offered me a way to feel part of something. Something bigger than me…and to connect with people. Through prayer. Through love.”

Stepping closer to me he asked “What about the God part, do you believe in him…it? Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude.”

“Yes, we do. I do. I mean but its different for everyone. For me its not so much the guy with the big white beard its…love. istanbul travesti Its the bond between people. You, me…that lady across the street. We are connected through love.”

“OK I get it, more like The Force.”

I laughed “Sure if you want to look at it that way, the essence is the same. You mentioned you were a lapsed catholic, If you ever feel like coming to the Church we’d love to see you there. There’s no pressure to join in. Sometimes just being there is enough.”

“I don’t know about that Brandon, its been a long time. Me and The Church. The Church religion…just seems so uptight you know. Fussy.” He was staring deep into my eyes again.

I knew what he meant. When people said things like this they were talking about sex.

“Well, there is that. And yes it can put people off. The whole abstinence thing…no sex before marriage, that kind of thing but that can be a beautiful thing too.”

“Is that what you do? Don’t you have someone special?” He said this playfully like he was trying to catch me in a lie.

“Sure. I have a sweetheart but we made a promise to wait.”

There was an awkward pause as we looked at each other and David’s eyes burned into mine. I think David could tell I was attracted to him by the way my eyes kept drinking in his tanned body and that deep V on his lower abdomen.

Dianne, there was Dianne. We would kiss and hold hands occasionally but I would never let things go much further than that even though she often wanted to give in to our lustful temptations.

Most 18 year old guys have, right? The truth was I was always more sexually attracted to men. Dianne was really pretty and a real darling but…I shouldn’t be thinking about guys when we were making out but so often I did.

I prayed on that. I prayed a lot on that and although I did my best to abstain from pleasuring myself; whenever I did…if I thought about a big dick in my hand, maybe playing with it, I could cum really quick. But that was a wicked temptation I tried to push down.

I don’t know why I didn’t explore this part of me but I kept it hidden. You might think it was the church and maybe it was but our sermons always preached acceptance and love of all. I was confused about it all. I loved Dianne but…

It was probably a hangover from my dad. My parents got divorced a few years ago and before they did my dad steered hard in to the old testament. Everything was a fucking sin. The music I liked, dancing, the books I read. Thankfully, we go out of there and moved town but it was a weight I carried despite him not being a large presence in my life.

He broke the silence. “Yeah, that Sin stuff will get ya. Better get praying on it.”

“Would you like to prey with me?” I blurted out. I panicked a little as it felt our meeting had come to a natural conclusion but something in me wanted to stay here a little longer.

He paused and looked me over again like a wolf that wanted to eat me. “Sure, why don’t you come through to the den. Don t forget your Rosary.”

I picked up my beads and Bible and followed him through his house to a living room which had some kettle bells and free weights scattered about the floor on workout mats.

“Excuse the mess, cant get to the gym today.”

“Are you working from home?” I asked looking around the room.

“Something like that. So, do we kneel down? I cant remember how this works.” An obvious lie but I played along.

“Sure, however you would feel comfortable.” A feeling was welling up inside me and I was curious as to what would happen here.

He knelt down on his workout mats and took hold of my hand; pulling me down by his side.

Kneeling together, our eyes closed, I began a short prayer, offering up our love and as we did he held on to my hand. Opening my eyes slightly I saw as that he’d knelt down he’d lifted his shorts to accommodate his muscular thighs. The tip of his penis was protruding from the edge of the fabric looking semi erect. This was exciting him. I felt like his prey but just the sight of this…the sight of his cock… I felt the raising of devils and my own loins to began to swell with excitement. David coming on to me!

“Thank you, Lord for bringing David to me today. Thank you for his kindness…”

As my prayer went on David took my hand and placed it gently on his thigh. My pinky finger touched the tip of his cock as my hand rested on his smooth hard leg, I heard his breathing get heavy as I touched him.

“Thank you for the love that fills his…heart.” He took my hand and began to slowly move it up and down his thick muscular thigh. I breathed deeply as I felt my cock stiffening to push against my church pants.

“I ask that you watch over him and lead him into hope and blessings…”

David took my hand and placed it on to his now rock hard cock, restrained only by the worn fabric of his workout shorts. It felt so hot and hard in my hand. I gripped it through the shorts and gently stroked it, his hand still guiding mine up and down his measure.

My istanbul travestileri voice quivered “I trust that you will protect and…hold him when life gets hard. Lord, help me to be a good friend to him. Amen.”

“Amen” replied David. “Thank you, Brandon. Thank you very much That was really beautiful.” He said as I paused from working his cock as we knelt together and opened my eyes. My hand still on his rod.

“Take out your dick, Brandon.” He spoke so softly almost in prayer but I hesitated.

“Don’t you want to?” He asked gently. I paused a moment before nodding in response. “Oh but its a sin, right? To give in to your lust? We shouldn’t.” He continued to tempt me moving closer.

“I….I….” I couldn’t formulate the words and I removed my hand off of his bulging shorts.

My penis was so hard pressing against the fabric of my pants and having noticed the bulging; David delicately ran his fingers over the bulge in my pants, teasing my erect cock.

“Oh yes, the abstinence. It’s a sin to give in to your lust, right? Well, you know what else is a sin, Brandon? To waste life. To ignore the good things in life. The pleasures. Don’t you think God wants you to feel good? I mean why would he make it feel so good if it was wrong? Doesn’t this feel good? And as for your promise…who’ll know?” His fingers traced around the peak of my bulging pants and squeezed it a little.

His argument was simple but, in that moment, effective and I nodded taking deep breath.

Hypnotized by a growing lustful devil inside of me and so excited by this brand new experience; I couldn’t speak. He manoeuvred into a position facing me and slowly started unzipping my pants pulling them open until my cock sprang free already leaking pre-cum.

“Now, take out my cock.” He gently ordered as we both stared down at my liberated penis.

Obeying him my hands trembled as I reached forward. He elevated his hips towards me and I grabbed the elastic waist band. Fumbling, I began to pull the shorts but his cock was too long and too hard, caught in the leg of the shorts so I had to reach in. My hand slipped down over the hard V of his stomach to his cock root and then, kneeling there on his gym mats, I touched my first hard dick. Feeling its weight and heat as I pulled it out of his pants.

It looked so fucking big in my hand. “Oh God” I muttered.

“Exactly.” He said as my pants slipped down my hips a little, revealing my smooth erection and tight balls. He started pulling at my tie and undid the buttons of my shirt to undress me but feeling completely overwhelmed I just froze. Holding on to his big hard on, staring at it as I toyed with its weight in my fingers. Mesmerized by this new sacred treasure.

My clothes were loose now as he looked over my lean and pale body and the 6 inches of cut red-hot raw cock before him. He took my dick and staring into my eyes started to pump it. “Amen, Brandon” he said playfully as he stroked it.

“Amen” I echoed as I began to match his rhythm; gripping his cock with my right hand and tugging it up and down. Up and down. He lustfully, sucked in air as my fingers slid along his 8 inch shaft and traced the thick veins which beautifully decorated it.

“Oh yeeeah, I really like praying with you Brandon. Do you like to pray with me?” He breathed.

I nodded. It was something I’d thought about so many times. “I like it” I swallowed nervously

We knelt together, wanking each others cocks slowly in unison. Nearly touching. It felt wrong but so good.

David spoke more clearly now. “Dear Lord, thank you for bringing Brandon here to me today. For opening his mind, his body…for giving him the strength…”

As his prayer continued and I pumped his big cock in my hand enjoying how it had swelled and if I squeezed it it flexed back in response. So excited, I felt a powerful orgasm build in me. I let go of David’s prick hoping he would release mine but he just kept stroking me. Making me cum.

“I….I…wait…” I stuttered.

“May we be wise servants and faithful stewards with the many blessings that we have received at your hand.” He began squeezing my dick harder. Milking it. Toying with my balls with his other hand.

“Oh…Oh….my God!” My body convulsed as ropes of cum started spraying from my cock, splashing on to David’s hard stomach. One thick stream hit his hard dick and began to drip down its delightful length. His cock looked so handsome as it bounced with excitement.

“Thank you, Lord” He continued to pump my penis squeezing the final drips of my orgasm out over his knuckles and on to the mats as I shuddered in total ecstasy. He tasted my essence, ran his tongue over his knuckles. Over my cum.

Snapping out of my haze I began to panic. What had I done?! I’d let lust overcome me and not just any lust. Homosexual lust. I’d betrayed myself, betrayed Dianne. Oh Dianne.

David was kneeling before me, his cock dancing as my cum dripped down his hard sweaty stomach. I felt the wash of post orgasmic travesti istanbul guilt and began to stand, pulling up my pants and closing my shirt.

“Oh Lord, Sorry…this was a mistake, I’m so sorry. I have to leave” I turned and made quickly for the door.

“Heeeeeey wait.” He called after me.

“Hey, its OK. Where are you going?” He tried to calm me as I bolted and before I made it to the door I felt David’s hand on my shoulder and I froze again. I’d left my Rosary on his floor but something more than that was holding me in place.

“I…I have to go. I shouldn’t have done that with you.”

“It’s what you wanted Brandon. It’s what you’ve always wanted.”

I thought of Dianne, my betrayal to her and the promises we’d made. The promises to abstain from sex. Any sex. To wait. How would I confess this to Father Peter.

David stepped closer to me, I felt his hot breath on my neck and his naked erection pressing against my body as he began to whisper in my ear. His voice sounded different. Harder. “Besides, isn’t selfishness a Sin. You wouldn’t want to be so selfish as to come into my house on such a hot day, get my cock all hard and worked up and then just up and leave would you. Don’t you want to be a good friend to me?” He began running his hands up and down my chest. He’d paused and circled my nipples with his finger tips as I stood frozen, holding on to the door frame. “Aren’t we friends?”

“Stay and pray with me some more. Be a good friend to me Brandon. Lets be friends and lets pray together.”

I shook my head but said “I want to stay and be a good friend…to pray.” He tugged gently on my pants and I let them fall to the floor.

Turning me around he began walking backwards leading me back into his room. I drank in his muscular body, his erection. “We can pray together Brandon. Find a way through this together.” He said as he began pulling my tie over my head and throwing my shirt to one side of the room. Finally his fingers hooked my underwear, pulling them down and I was naked before him. He let his shorts drop to the floor and kicked them aside.

I watched as he picked up the Rosary which lay at his feet amidst drops of my cum and began to wrap it around the base of his erect penis. The cross resting on his smooth heavy looking sack he toyed with his cock.

“Get down on your knees for me, Brandon. It’s time to worship.”

Entranced I obeyed and got down on my knees before him. With his hard prick proudly erect in my face I leaned forward and began to do what I’d always wanted to but resisted. I laid small kisses and licked up and down the extent of his cock. Kissing around the beads, I flicked the Cross as my sinful tongue danced across his balls and I took them one at a time in to my wicked mouth, sucking his heavy sack. He tasted saltly. Of sweat.

He moaned. “That’s it, now let us put our hands together.” I wrapped both hands around his thick hot cock and gasped as I began to tug it up and down. I was slick with the cum I’d splashed just minutes earlier.

My body responded in a wicked way, betraying my lustful desires, as my erection returned. The Rosary clicked and clacked as I masturbated his big one over and over. I flicked it with my tongue as I lapped his length.

“You are doing so well Brandon. Are you sure you didn’t ever do this before.”

I shook my head. I knew I wanted to taste it. I’d thought about it so many times in the past.

“No fumblings around in the changing rooms or at summer camp?”

I remained silent. Kissing and licking.

“Didn’t you ever go to Prayer Camp? I used to go every summer, I loved it. You know what we did at Prayer Camp?”

I shook my head again still pumping his cock, worshipping his flesh.

“Well, as counselors, we prayed and did lots of wholesome things like singing and crafting stuff. Then every day, me and some of the guys would go off hiking in the woods. You know what happened then? We’d pull out our dicks and watch each other jerk off. A couple of the guys would cum quickly and go back to the camp. So, the ones who were left…we’d look around, make sure no one was near and start jerking off and sucking each others cocks. It was so much fun. Sometimes, I would suck the cocks of two or three guys at once. Get on my knees, out there in nature. Let them stand over me, jackin’ their dicks while I sucked on them.”

He pushed his finger into my mouth as I played with his heavy dick. “I learned to really pray then. Are you ready to learn how?”

I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as if I was taking an unholy Eucharist and I nodded my commitment to him. David took his cock and pushed it gently to my mouth.

“Through him, with him and in him…” He said as his cock passed over my lips and into my virgin mouth. He let out a little groan.

“Through him, with him and in him.” He repeated.

“Through him, with him and in him.” He said this over and over as he pushed his heavy prick into my mouth, making me take it.

“Amen” I responded as his cock slipped from my lips. I was sucking my first dick and I loved it. On my knees in a new kind of sinful worship. David had seduced me. He pushed his cock in to my eager mouth again and again. Saliva ran from my chin and pooled at my knees and David groaned as he defiled my mouth.

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