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Submitting To The Massage

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It was five o’clock and when the phone in my office rang. Before I had taken two steps towards the phone, it stopped. I paused. Wrong number perhaps. Then it rang again as if the person was afraid and had just summoned up the courage to try again. Amused, I picked it up. “Yes?” I said with a slight lilt to my voice. The answer came as soft as silk. “Ah..is this Kiana’s Massage House?” My pulse quickened. My body tingling with electricity as her voice captured my attention instantly.

“Yes,” I breathed, “Would you like to book an appointment?” The room around me faded away and what was left was her voice, and the solid feel of the phone in my hand.

Again there was a hesitation on the other end. “Umm, this is my first time. I mean with a massage person.” Another pause, then in a rush she said, “Are you free now?”

A smile played at my lips as I replied; “yes I can see you before I close this afternoon.” While talking my fingertip traced the curve of the phone as if I could reach through and touch her lips. Her voice was a sinful delight. Already I felt my pussy swelling with a familiar ache.

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes,” she promised.

I shivered after hanging up the phone. Never before had I experienced a connection like that. It was thrilling the way her voice swept me up although I wonder if she had any idea of what happened herself.

A short while later I had changed into a silk robe and lit relaxing incense that subtly filled the room. The door open and she walked in. A beautiful specimen of our kind was in front of me, standing a little taller than average, with a deliciously pretty ucuz escort face. She looked about mid twenties and stood there a little hesitant in her dark blue jeans and white blouse.


I gave her a warm welcoming smile. “Yes, and may I have the pleasure of your name?”

She smiled back, transforming her face into a delightful sight. “Hi, I’m Catherine. Ah, how does this work? Do I pay you now?”

I laughed and shook my head in reply. “No, that’s at the end of the session. Follow me.” I turned and lead her to the interior room where the table was set up. The room was filled with simple designs and warm colors. I showed her the Japanese partition where she could change out of her clothes. Then I left her alone in the room for a few minutes while I went to wash my hands in warm water. Upon my return, I found her face down on the table, her head cradled in the headrest and the sheets pulled up over her waist, leaving her top exposed.

Her medium length black hair fell loosely over her shoulders, rising and falling gently to her breathing. I was just dying to find out what was beneath the rest of the sheets, but I was going to take my time with this one today.

I closed the door behind me and asked, “Are you comfortable Catherine?”

“Oh yes, this is quite nice.” A muffled reply came from inside the headrest.

I brushed her hair aside with my fingertips grazing her skin and I watched in pleasure as a shiver ran down her body. I smiled and started by slipping off the sheets covering her.

There was no protest.

I took my time ümraniye escort with her back, gently and firmly working out the tension, and then slowly worked my way down her ass. My soft hands kneaded and spread her ass cheeks alternately, evoking soft moans from Catherine. By the time I moved on to her legs, her pussy lips were glistening wet and swollen.

“Would you like to turn over on your back?”

Catherine turned over on her back, nipples pointing in the air and she flushed as she looked over to me.

I understood. “It’s all right,” I smiled, “it’s quite normal to feel very good or even aroused during a session. It’s the body’s way of responding to the release of long stored tension in the muscles. Try to enjoy the sensations and let your body go.

A brief sigh followed by the closing of her eyes was her only response when I placed a long silk scarf over her eyes.

This time I worked my way up her body from her feet. With slow firm pressure I massaged every inch of her starting from her toes. Soft moans every now and then told me that Catherine was enjoying the experience. And I moved up her ankles and calves. She unconsciously spread her legs a little wider for me as my hand caressed and circled her thighs. I watched as a single drop of juice formed from her pussy and slowly slid down her outer lips.

Finishing with her thighs, my hands roamed over her abs and up under her breasts. By now her mouth was slightly parted and her breathing was getting heavier.

What a lovely sight to look at. Lying under my hands, absolutely naked with üsküdar escort a black scarf over her eyes, breasts rising and falling with each breath and teasing me with her erect pink nipples just begging to be sucked on.

I closed my hand around her wrist and watched her expression. Her body confirmed my suspicions as it tensed up, her back slightly arched and a barely audible mewing whispering from her lips. In that moment, I knew she was mine.

Leaning down I spoke softly into her ears, “don’t move, I’ll be right back.”

A swift intake of breath from her. “I won’t.”

I left her alone for a couple of minutes while I strapped on my harness and cock. Coming back into the room, I let my robe fall to the ground knowing she would hear it but not be able to see me.

My fingers greeted her by running lightly down her body and back up again, pausing to circle her nipple before tracing her throat and brushing across her lips.

She moaned and parted her lips for me to slip my finger inside her mouth. I slipped my fingers in, running them over her teeth and gums slowly. As she began to suck on my finger, I removed them.

“Not yet.” I said. She whimpered.

In a smooth motion, I climbed on top of her and clamped my hand suddenly around her throat. I saw her eyes open in shock under the scarf.

“Be still!” I growled.

My other hand moved between her thighs, parting her wet lips as I pushed into her with my cock. Her cunt sucked me in as I fucked her slowly while still maintaining a grip on her throat.

Catherine cried out half strangled, her body convulsing as I fucked her harder, pulling almost all the way out of her pussy before ramming back into her wetness.

As I fucked her faster, I turned on a vibrating wand and jammed it against her clit, sending her over the edge. She screamed. Then she bucked under me almost throwing me off as she came in great gushes all over the table.

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