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If anyone had asked Roxie about her plans after James had left her, she would have said that she just wanted to be alone, to not be responsible to another man. She felt sure that she was meant to be singular the rest of her life. But she hadn’t reckoned on John. He swept into her life and into her heart, and she fell into him, deeply and completely.

After their time in Niagara Falls, she returned home to Florida, her heart full of John. She began tying up the ends of her life with James, signing papers, meeting with lawyers, even talking with counselors.

She became stronger, surer. She and John still talked daily and he gave her a belief in herself she had lost during her marriage. He was there for her, a friend and lover who wanted nothing in return. They grew closer. She loved sharing her day with him and felt she filled a void in his life too.

A few months later, John came to visit her. They had a grand time. She introduced him to her friends, who were properly impressed. She showed him her community, took him to work with her and couldn’t help noticing how perfectly he slipped into the fabric of her life.

The days passed in a haze of laughter, happiness and togetherness. The nights continued to dazzle her with the passion and excitement he taught her. John was a tireless lover, taking her to new heights of joy and delight. He completed her, in many ways. Still, she couldn’t commit to a relationship, not so soon after James.

When John returned home, things changed between them. She couldn’t get as close to him as she wanted, she felt there was a tiny rift there, that couldn’t be bridged. It was too hard to express exactly, but she didn’t like it.

After many frustrating phone conversations, Roxie decided to make a trip to the west coast to visit her sweetheart. She arranged for time off and the ticket, feeling quite independent. She didn’t tell John about the visit, she was afraid he would tell her not to come.

She arrived on a rainy, cold day. She picked up her luggage and hailed a cab, the epitome of a self-sufficient woman. Roxie gave the driver John’s address and sat back to ponder the problem. She was sure that there was one. She just didn’t know what had happened. John had changed from her sweet supportive lover to a slightly aloof friend. She missed him. She missed him so much that she had just traveled across the entire country to get her sweet man back.

The cab drew up to his house. Roxie paid him and climbed out, carrying her bag up the walk, to the front door. She rang the bell and listened as the chimes resounded in the house. She heard John’s footsteps approaching. She had sudden misgivings, feeling foolhardy and pushy. Then he opened the door and his face lit up, and she was so glad she had come to him.

He welcomed her into his arms, holding her close, murmuring into her ear, sweet words of love and happiness. Roxie felt her heart pound, and relaxed against his strength, feeling his warmth seep into her body, drugging her with contentment.

“My darling, you came to me! I love you, Roxie. I love you and want you here with me. I don’t want to spend our time on two different coasts, talking on phones and typing out letters when we could be together, building a shared life, a shared love.”

Roxie listened to his words, felt his heart beating beneath her cheek and knew he was right. She had let her fear of failure nearly rob her of years of happiness and love.

The move went smoothly. She was able to find a job with a corporate partner of her present firm, with no loss of benefits or seniority. She moved into John’s house, making it a warm home. She moved into John’s world too, feeling welcomed there. At first, she didn’t trust the happiness she felt. It was too perfect. John was a lovely partner. He helped with the housework, he shared the cooking. He made her laugh. The best part was how special she felt, how cherished, how kartal escort safe.

If she loved her days, Roxie adored her nights. John was a creative and thoughtful lover, surprising her with his skills and fantasies. Sex with James had been pretty plain and routine, based on his needs and desires. Suddenly, Roxie was an equal partner in an erotic life that she hadn’t even known existed. John couldn’t get enough of her, and made her feel so incredibly desirable. She loved it!

One night, after dinner and their evening walk, John and Roxie climbed the stairs to their bedroom. John had already been there, preparing the room for the night. The covers were turned down, music played softly, candles flickered. They held hands as they entered the room. He whirled her in his arms and danced with her, whispering suggestive comments to her as he held her close. Roxie melted into him, seduced by his sensual movements, his words in her ear. As they danced, they removed clothing, letting it fall to the floor. She loved rubbing her naked body against his, feeling his soft furriness next to her smoothness. Again, James did not enjoy the cuddling and snuggling. He was a ‘wham-bam’ sort, interested in getting off as quickly and easily as possible. This was new to Roxanne, and she loved it. They danced until both were getting weak in the knees, then John swirled her to the bed. Their bed. Lying beside her, he kissed her until she was breathless. Her legs fell open and moisture seeped from her curlies onto her thighs. He stopped kissing her and just admired her naked body. He loved that she had no qualms about making love with lights or in daytime. She wasn’t shy with him, she reveled in the effect she had on him. His hands followed his eyes, tracing her ample curves and enjoying the various textures that were his lover.

With a glint in his eyes, he turned to her. “Are you ready for an adventure, my sweet? I want to play a game with you, if you approve. If not, we will still make love until you scream, but I thought this might be fun. I would like to blindfold you, so you could enjoy the sensations of lovemaking even more. Would that be acceptable, Ma’am?”

Roxie thought of all the nights she had been used by James, taken in the dark, never seeing anything, having no say in the activities. She thought darkness was darkness, but she couldn’t refuse John. “Of course I would like that, baby. Do you need a scarf?”

But John was ready. He reached into the drawer and removed a black satin mask, a really good one, with extra folds to prevent any light. He slipped it over her head, making sure it was securely in place. Roxie was plunged into blackness. He remained beside her, whispering sexy thoughts, touching her face and reassuring her. “Anytime you need to, take it off, love. But I think you will enjoy this.”

What followed was the most pleasure Roxie had ever experienced. His fingers and tongue adored her body, moving languorously over her. The sensations were incredible. She felt alive and excited. Every inch of her body seemed to be tingling. He teased her, avoiding her breasts and pussy, concentrating instead on the rest of her, making her arms and back and legs feel electric. When he finally moved over her, entering her, she came. He thrust into her throughout her orgasm, intensifying it, making her scream with pleasure. Finally, she felt him throbbing and filling her with come. As he settled onto her, she giggled with happiness. She was so lucky!

Their lives seemed to improve daily. She never knew it was so much fun to be with a person, to share her life. He was interested in her work, her friends, her thoughts. He didn’t smother her, but she knew he cared about anything that interested her. She felt visible, something she had missed for years.

The only thing better than their daily lives was their incredibly sensual sex life. kaynarca escort When the women at work mentioned the difference in ages, Roxie usually just smiled. The women would nod sympathetically, understanding that there was more to life than sex. If they only knew! Her John was wearing her out! He had a tremendous appetite and shared it with her. Daily! Sometimes even more often!

They experimented a lot. He first established a safe word, so if anything scared her or made her uncomfortable, she could say it and he would stop immediately. He began with the blindfold. Then gently-tied silk scarves. He found velcro restraints that were more secure, but also very exciting. Sometimes he combined the mask with the restraints, so she had no idea what would happen next. Other times, he made sure she was propped on pillows, able to see everything, then restrained her, so she could watch and anticipate. There was never pain. Only incredible sensual pleasure, driving her to multiple orgasms.

One night, he tied her wrists to the bedposts with silk scarves and happily assembled his supplies. Gently spreading her legs, he lathered her curlies, then carefully shaved her pussy. He made a running commentary on his progress, exciting her with his use of explicit language and graphic detail. He concentrated on his work, checking it frequently with his fingertips. After rinsing the lather, he also checked with his mouth and tongue, driving Roxie wild with excitement, making her come almost instantly. He brought a large mirror to the bed, placing it between her legs, opening her baby soft lips and exposing her shiny pink. He carefully pointed out all his favorite spots, running his fingertips over her clit and along her sensitive flesh. Seeing his fingers on her, in her, made Roxie tremble with desire. John happily satisfied her by sliding his fingers into her cunt, fucking her deeply as she watched. The sight of his fingers all wet from her, the sounds of a wet pussy being fucked, drove her to another orgasm. Life was so good!

Roxie was in a state of constant arousal. Despite their nightly activities, John would sometimes come up behind her as she stood in the kitchen and bend her over the counter, sliding his hard cock deep into her. Or he would climb into the shower with her, kneeling before her, licking her and probing her bare pussy with his tongue until she trembled and came. They made out in the car, pulling over frequently to share kisses and furtive touches. They had a grocery store game, each with their own carts, meeting on a seldomly-used aisle. He would hand her a product out of her reach, she would thank him by rubbing her ass against his engorged cock. One day, he stood behind her and slid his finger into her, making her come with his practiced strokes.

She loved him. She trusted him. She had never had to use the safe word, she knew he would never hurt or scare her.

This night, he came to bed, smiling happily. “Good evening, my love. You look delicious as usual, good enough to eat! I think I shall. You will be my bedtime snack!” She relaxed against the pillows, her legs spreading with anticipation, ready to enjoy his ministrations. “But something is missing,” he said. He looked around, his smile spreading. “Oh, yes. You are too free, you need a bit of restraint, love.” Reaching under the bed, he brought out a length of clothesline, white with silvery threads. He smiled devilishly as he leaned to her, kissing her sweet mouth, washing her softly with his tongue. She became limp, ready for his game. He wrapped the line around her breasts, over and under, showcasing them in the white thickness. Then he ran the cording down her body, carefully placing her hands on each leg, and wrapping them in place. He wound the rope around her thighs, giving her enough slack to open her legs for him, giving him the access he loved. He kozyatağı escort tied the end, placing it in her hand, telling her one tug would release her. She smiled, not wanting release, wanting instead to feel her lover driving her wild.

Once she was arranged as he wanted her, John stretched alongside her. He began kissing her, probing her mouth, teasing her tongue, moaning into her, nipping at her full lower lip and sucking it deeply. His fingers moved down her body, following the rope, tracing the path of her restraints, making gooseflesh wherever he touched. His hands rested on her nipple, feeling it tighten and engorge. She was so easily aroused now, just the thought of John could make her wet and ready. He slid his fingers over the soft mounds of flesh, loving the velvety feel of her. He lifted his head and nestled against her, pulling her nipple into his mouth, nursing eagerly on it, hearing her coos and moans of pleasure. He rubbed his moustache down her flesh, tickling her and making her wriggle with pleasure. He stopped at her navel, feasting there, and all she could think of was how much she wanted his face between her legs. “That tickles, please, stop!” she begged. He looked up at her knowingly, smiling at the thinly disguised complaint.

“Tell me what you really want, Roxie. Don’t pretend. Ask for what you want, tell me. Hearing the words from your mouth excites me so much. I am your willing servant, just tell me!”

Amazingly, without blushing, Roxie looked at John’s face and boldly made her request. “I need you to eat me, sir. I need your wide tongue to lap at my pinkness, to toy with my clit. It is so hard now. I can feel it. It is aching and needy. Suck it, John. Lick it. Please. Fuck me with your tongue. Push it deep inside me, let me feel you.”

John happily obliged. He made his tongue flat and wide and licked a path up her pussy, massaging both sides and making her gasp with pleasure. He loved her taste, her texture. The pink was so smooth and warm, the wetness that spilled through her lips so delectable. He loved the way she became ready for him and shared herself. His head was between her thighs, his tongue busily teasing and delighting her. Her clit was a tiny one, shy and a little difficult to find. But when she was excited, like now, it was engorged and demanding his attention. He gladly gave it. He licked it lightly, circling and flicking, making her shudder with pleasure. He knew exactly when she reached the point of orgasm. Her legs locked around his head, blocking out all light and sound as she stiffened. He continued his delicious work, knowing that soon her screams would reach him and her hips would begin to writhe against his face, soaking him with her excitement. He buried his face in her pretty pussy, enjoying the sounds and feel of his lover.

As her pulsations slowed, he moved up her body, his cock engorged and eager. He wanted to be home, in his home, deep inside, nestled safely and warmly in her special darkness, the place made just for him. His cock slipped in easily, she was so wet and ready for him. He felt himself sink into her, felt the warm velvet clutching him, welcoming him. Stretched full length against her now, his body moved over hers. He reached down to release her hands, to enjoy the feeling of her sharp little nails raking his spine. He moved into her with a slow, steady rhythm, enjoying her intake of breath with each stroke, her tiny murmurs of pleasure. Her hands cupped his ass now, pulling him even deeper, encouraging him. The rhythm increased, his breath coming faster now. He loved making love to her, he loved the way she joined him in everything. Now, he felt himself approaching ecstasy. Her hands moved up and down his back, lightly scratching him, intensifying his arousal. He paused, his cock deep inside of her, to look into her face and kiss her. Then he exploded, filling her pussy with warm come, throbbing deep inside of her.

He rolled to his side, pulling her with him, remaining coupled. The rope seemed to fall from her, releasing her to him. He rubbed a spot where the rope had marked her, kissing it tenderly. She felt so right in his arms, so perfect in every aspect of his life. She snuggled against him, fitting into him and sighed.


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