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Shopping with Larrissa

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On a Thursday, after a rather brutal, long day at the library…Larrissa decided it was time to go shopping. Shopping in the past had always relaxed her and made her smile inwardly. All afternoon she had day dreamed of the stores that she would visit after work. The naughty lingerie shop just down the street. The fetish shop that catered to her darker needs…was a few blocks over. During her lunch break I had locked myself in my office and did some online browsing to see what it was that would catch my fancy this time. Perhaps its time for a new dress, although the old latex one still looks wonderful and has the desired effect on others…a newer, more trendier dress may just be in order.

I had browsed the latex section of the fetish shop online. I had hoped to get some idea of what I was looking for. And then I found it! It was a rather form fitting latex jump suit. It had zippers every where. There were zippers over the breasts (I’m sure placed there for easy access)…there was a zipper that went from navel to the small of the back…again I’m sure no accident. That was where I would go, that is the outfit I must have I mused to herself. Having finished lunch it was back to the floor to complete my day. Instantly I busied myself returning books to the places they belonged, helped young students find the books they just had to have… And played tour operator to some visiting dignitaries from other countries, who had hopes of setting up such a library in their home countries. As the day draws to a close , I gathered my purse and briefcase, readying them by the door …a final flick of the lights and the day is over .

I walked down the busy street towards the shop… Making sure to leave enough time to return to the lingerie shop to get the necessary items to finish the outfit. As I passed the others on the street I smiled softly to them and carried on towards my destination. Making the final left the shop just up ahead. I saw the sign above the shop that bears the likeness of a woman wearing a rather naughty cat suit, with many studs and chains. Stopping in front of the door and I place my hand on the handle. I am instantly mesmerized by the most beautiful of woman, who now works in the shop. “I used to be regular here…I’ve never seen her before, she must be new.”

Taking a deep breath and pulling the door open. My senses are immediately bombarded by the strong scent of new leather and latex. This smell always makes me shudder. I enter the store and head to the section in the back where they keep the more upscale items. There on the mannequin is the very outfit she wants…it looks better then I thought. Sorting through the rack and I find one that is just about my size. I signal to the clerk. “I’d like to try this on please” The beautiful clerk eyes the outfit then looks to Larrissa, that will look smashing on you, as she holds the door to the fitting room open. Turning to look at the beauty and smiling…”will you stay and help me make sure that I get the right fit?” She turns to look at the other clerks, who in turn smile back at her.

“Don’t worry Delilah, we aren’t busy… Go help Larrissa” Delilah turns on her heels and walks towards me in the dressing room and softly escort mecidiyeköy shuts the door and snaps the lock. I offer my back to her that she may unzip this outfit. As it falls to the floor, I am grateful that I chose the soft pink bra/panty/garter set this morning. I can feel her eyes on me as I stand there. I can hear her breath catch on her throat…she whispers “that lingerie is absolutely beautiful, where did you get it?”

I stood looking at her and told her of the little shop near where I work. She will be there someday I’m sure. Her hand reaches out tentatively to finger the material of the bra cup and my nipples instantly pucker. I’m sure she didn’t miss the effect her hands had on me. She picks up the tape and says let’s measure just to be sure. As she places the tape around my aching breasts, the soft touches of her hands cause me to tremble slightly. She then moves the tape to my waist, again her hands against my nearly naked flesh causes my body to react. “Let’s just check the inseam” as the cool cloth tape slips between my thighs. This time I shudder and make no effort to hide it. She looks up from where she kneels, smiles… Knowing that I can see she wears no bra, from this vantage point. She rises…”This one is a little too big. Larrissa, I’ll be right back with your right size. I stand there waiting her return, my mind swarming with the memory of her hands upon my body.

She returns quickly and hangs the outfit on the hook and turns to lock the door once again…muttering…”we wouldn’t want anyone to accidentally walk in would we?” Slowly I step to her and brush my fingers over her flawless face, marveling at how soft and smooth it is and how little make up she wears. I can feel the slight tremor course through her as my fingers make contact with her. Slowly I pull her near to me and press my body to hers. God she feels wonderful and smells so delicious. The tiny cubicle is filled with the smell of arousal.

My lips slowly reach for hers, and instantly she responds… Her hungry lips feasting on mine. My hands wander over her blouse that I know contains her small yet pert breasts. My hands slip over the silk and I feel her nipples harden. Slowly my fingers loosen the buttons as I kiss my way down her neck, as my lips reach her shoulders I carefully slip the blouse from her…hanging it on the hook next to the outfit that still hangs untouched. I gasp as I look down at her breasts and lower my head, nuzzling her soft globes. My lips search for and find the buds that grow harder by the minute. My lips encase the bud, sucking swirling as I feel her lean against the door…her head tilted back and her breathing slightly ragged.

My lips hungrily search for the other nipple and greedily take it into my mouth. My tongue flickering between my teeth over and over again against the throbbing nipple which they hold. Her hands slip to my breasts as my lip feast on her breasts. I can smell her arousal from here. My left-hand reaches down and up under her skirt. “Moan”… She’s not wearing any panties. My hand comes instantly in contact with her wetness. Slowly my lips trace a line down her flat belly as my hands hold her skirt up. My tongue darts along her inner thigh, my escort şişli nose filled with her aroma. My right hand leaves her sweet breasts and moves to her sex…it positively drips. Slowly I press my right palm to her mound and hear her moan soft yet deep, as she parts her thighs more as invitation to touch her deeper.

Slowly I guided her to the cushioned bench on the other side of the small dressing room, admiring both our bodies as we move. I urge her to sit then softly press her back. She keeps one foot on the floor and the other pressed to the wall at the foot of the bench. I move to her parted thighs as I perch on the side of the bench, stroking her and letting my fingers take her deeper into her desire. The other hand rises yet again to her breasts and I knead them in my hand …I can feel her shudder each time I squeeze a bit tighter. I scoot down the side of the bench and lower my head, till it hovers over her now drenched pussy. “Tell me Delilah, what do you want” Her head swivels from side to side as my left palm presses down on her now swollen clit. “Tell me Delilah”

She moans then whispers in a lusty voice…”I want to feel your tongue in my pussy” My eyes brighten and instantly my head drops between her open thighs and my tongue runs the entire length of her swollen lips. She shudders and moans as my tongue continues to lap at her puffy lips. My right hand still kneads her breasts alternating soft with slightly harder squeezes. “Tell me Delilah… Do you want to feel me in you?” She simply nods affirmation.

Before she stops nodding, my tongue presses between her folds and finds its mark, directly on top of her now erect little clit. She bucks slowly as my tongue presses harder against it. “Moan for me, let me know how desperately you want this” Her hips lift off the bench as she tries to press her now flowing pussy to my tongue. I withdraw my tongue from her folds. “Tell me or I will stop right now ” A sudden gasp comes from her, this is the last thing she wants. “Devour me please, I can’t stand it!” Instantly my tongue delves deep into her folds and slips easily into her tunnel. I can feel her walls trying to clench my darting tongue, trying to hold the plundering tongue inside her.

My hands now roughly grabbing and clutching at her breasts as my tongue drives her higher and higher. My tongue slips from her now contracting tunnel and finds her clit once again. I take the throbbing nub between my teeth and slowly begin to flick. Flick, flick. flick…She moans deeply with each flicker of my tongue. My hand slips to her now open folds and seeks the source of her juices and slips easily in. One finger then two. I begin to pump my fingers in and out of her spasming pussy as my tongue continues on her clit. She is so close. I tighten my grip on her clit and speed my flicks as my fingers pump in and out or her. I feel her body rise up and go rigid…and instantly she is writhing out of control on my tongue and fingers as I slurp her cum from her.

As her climax reaches the top, I slip a third finger into her and pump her once hard and deep, feeling her cum wash over my hands again. Her body slips back to the bench, it trembles and her breath is so shallow, but there is escort taksim a sated smile on her face.

Her hands reach out to me as her senses calm… My cum soaked hand rummages in my purse for the small vibrator that I always carry. I hand the little gem to Delilah and she rises. She knows what I want. Slowly as I stand before her half-naked body I release the clasp on my bra, and let it fall to the floor. Then my fingers hook into the matching panties and soon they too rest on the floor. Carefully I place one leg on either side of her. My hand slip between my now soaked thighs and I part my swollen lips for her. With the “gem ” in hand she moves it between the parted lips and begins to stroke my clit. Soft moans are heard from my lips. As she moves the vibe lower my tunnel begins to hum from the slight vibrations carried through my wetness.

Slowly it plunges deeper and deeper into my pussy, which now tries to clutch. Her head slips to my aching breast and quickly engulfs the nipple. I bite my lip to stifle the moan that surely is behind them. My hips rock to the blessed toy and hand that now pummels my pussy. He delightful bites and nibbles at my breast only heighten my arousal. “That’s right Delilah, fuck me with that vibe… Let me cum for you …I want you to taste me ” With that she renews her vigorous assault on my pussy. My hips begin to rock back and forth as the moans come more frequently. She slides a finger alongside the vibe and presses that in too. My mind races, as does my heart. Instantly my body rises and bucks…I’m cumming!! She drops the breast from her lips and pulls the vibe from my convulsing pussy and presses her tongue deep into me. Again I shudder and moan as my body bucks mid air at the pleasure that happen between my thighs. Slowly my body returns to the bench. We both laid there for what seemed like hours but were only minutes. Both spent and sated.

Slowly we both rose and attempted to right ourselves and replace the clothing that had been discarded. Once finally dressed, my eyes caught the jump suit that still hung untried. She notices at the same instant. “Do you want to try this on”…she snickers? No I really don’t need to; you brought the right size in. We both grin as she realizes that I had planned this. “Wrap it up, here’s my credit card” We both left the dressing room at the same time. The other clerks know! They know me well enough. I smile at them while Delilah rings up my purchase.

“Do I need anything to wear with this outfit?” The only thing that might complete the outfit studded collar. My eyes turn to the showcase. There nestled among the other larger collars is a slim smooth buttery leather collar with small studs in a straight line. I point to the collar. “I’ll take that also” Delilah adds it too my purchase. As the articles are wrapped into boxes and stuffed into a bag, I lean over and kiss Delilah on the lips. The other clerks smile. The one who I have known for years, leans into me kisses me softly…”welcome back Larrissa, the staff and I have missed you”

As I leave the store, her sweet taste still on my lips, I realize that I don’t need anything for this outfit. The outfit is complete! Slowly I walk back to my car and store the purchases in the back seat. I gently ease into my seat and start the car. My mind wanders for a moment to the well-spent hour with the delectable Delilah. I signal, and pull into traffic and begin my journey home, yet again.

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