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She’s Incredible and edible, and all together sexual…

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I am married to a stone fox milf who recently began to enjoy her sexy body. My life is a fucking dream come true, I have gotten more sex this past six months than the prior 5 years. Sherry is hot, and she knows it, and shows it.
This day we were headed to the mall to buy her an outfit. Sherry loves to shop, and now enjoys a more risqu?ook, so I looked forward to watching her try on sexy dresses and clothes. I also wondered what surprise might be in store for me…
Sherry was upstairs getting ready and called down for me to start the car, she’d be right out. It was 78 degrees, so the car didn’t need to warm up, so I wondered why I was sitting in the driveway.
I got my answer as the door opened and Sherry came into view. Sherry wanted to start the show wearing a ribbed tank dress that was very tight and made of a quite thin gauzy material. It clung to her sexy curves, and was an inch shorter than it should be and only a few inches from being a top.
I complimented Sherry, telling her she looked great, and I hated to see her change when we shopped…She said she wanted to find something a little sexier, and wanted shoes, too.
As we drove, Sherry openly toyed with her trimmed pussy. Her shaved lips were puffy as she stroked them. Did I do a good job on my hair-do, honey?, Sherry cooed as we stopped at the red light. Absolutely, I told her. She had about a 1 inch triangle above her opening, trimmed to ¼ inch. Not another hair on her body- eyebrow to toe. She was wet, and she was working 3 fingers in and out as we approached the mall.
I offered to drop Sherry at the door, but she was stilling strumming her clit energetically and said- Park.
I found a spot, and shut off the car and Sherry quickly pulled her dress down, and got out quickly. I thought she would finish, or even ask me to lick her or something, but she was out before I pulled out the key and adjusted my jeans to take down the tent that had formed.
The mall was pretty empty, it was early. Without several hundred bodies heat, it was a little nippy, and Sherry’s adorable nipples hardened and strained the thin material further. Oh baby, you are going to make a scene with those high beams of yours, I kidded. Wait until I get some ice she giggled.
We breezed in and out of a couple of stores, but nothing grabbed Sherry’s attention. I suggested a cute dress, but she said it was too tame.
The third store was a funky high end boutique, and Sherry seemed to light up. She grabbed a couple izmit escort bayan of outfits, and asked a cute salesperson for a dressing room. Do you need help she asked…and joined Sherry in the dressing room. The door opened and Sherry came out wearing a pair of shorts that were smaller than her old “skimpy panties” cut low in front, and showing the bottom inch or so of her sexy ass. Her top was a string with 2 little patches that almost covered her areolas.
Sally, the salesgirl, asked if I liked it. The shorts are cute for the bedroom I said, but told her I preferred skirts…hate to have any cloth keeping me from her pussy. I warned her- I don’t know if you have anything sexy enough for Sherry today.
Sally led Sherry back to the dressing room and another girl brought a rack of clothes from the back room. Sally showed a few to Sherry before a low cut halter dress caught her attention.
Sherry came out in a cute yellow dress made of a sheer netlike material. You could see her nipples, each and every curve was enhanced but not hidden.
It was sexy, but not as cute as the outfit she wore in, and I told her that.
She agreed and pulled it off before getting into the dressing room. All of the sales people were hovering around, as they knew Sherry was putting on a show.
The next outfit took my breath away, and drew oohs and aaahs from the others. It featured a red leather bustier and matching red leather skirt that was only about 6 inches waist to hem. The top was cut low, showing off Sherry’s cute round boobs, and exposed her tight sexy abs. When Sherry strutted around the boutique, she got the lustful looks she wanted, and loved it. She wanted to keep it on so we could shop for shies to match. The clerks fought to clip off the tags, and Sherry was handed 2 phone numbers from sexy young clerks who wanted to hook up with my sexy wife as we paid for the outfit.
We headed for a shoe store, and a young clerk approached nervously. He was intimidated by Sherry, and timidly offered his help. Sherry told nim she needed shoes or boots to go with the new outfit she just bought…did he like it she asked? He stammered that it looked great. She peppered him further…is it sexy? Does it show off my breasts? Is the skirt too long? He mumbled incoherently and began to sweat.
He dropped down in front of Sherry and measured her foot, his hands shaking visibly. When he looked up to tell her 7 medium, his eyes stopped on her crotch- Sherry’s shaved pussy was a izmit eve gelen escort mere 18 inches in front of him totally exposed and obviously wet. The kid was struggling before, and now he was speechless and just stared for an awkward minute. Sherry interrupted him by asking him to bring out the sexiest red shoes and boots so she could try them on.
As he got up, his cock had become obviously stiff. It was quite large and pointed at Sherry as he stammered he’d be right back.
Ben returned with several boxes, and Sherry had him put them on her feet, knowing the effect this had on this nervous lad. When he showed her sandals that laced up her legs past the knee, Sherry thought they might be the ones. Sherry made Ben lace them up her tanned toned legs, and he was shaking and sweating profusely. The straps went up to mid thigh, bringing Ben’s fingers inches from the pussy he stared at longingly. Sherry shifted abruptly causing Ben to bump his hand on her pussy. He jumped and apologized, but Sherry laughed and stood up which caused Ben to fall over backwards. This left him looking straight up under her skirt.
Sherry strutted around the shoe store, checking out thy look. She decided she wanted these shoes, but was having so much fun teasing poor Ben, she sat back down, and pointed for Ben to take them off.
She tried on several more pairs, and Ben was really excited. His face was flushed, sweat dripped from his forehead. His hands shook, his pants were tented and a huge wet spot was obvious on his crotch.
Sherry was really turned on by this as well, and was playing with her pussy discreetly when Ben was away. When Ben kneeled down again, Sherry asked him if he wanted to taste her pussy. He didn’t know what to do, so he was silent. The answer showed in his eyes, but he could not speak. Sherry asked again, and then simply grabbed his head, and pulled it into her pussy, smashing his face into her. She shook in a quick orgasm, and then pushed his face away just as quickly.
I’ll take the sandals, and your phone number Ben. We paid quickly, Sherry wearing the ensemble out into the mall.
The mall was more crowded now, and I figured we head for the exit, but Sherry was having too much fun showing off, and wanted to “window” shop and get lunch.
We strutted around, turning heads, and turning us both on even more, before we stopped for lunch. It was a bistro that featured bar tables and high chairs on a swivel. When Sherry izmit otele gelen escort sat down, her little leather skirt rode up her legs to show her naked pussy to anyone nearby. She enjoyed swiveling back and forth, and crossing her legs, to give everyone a chance to see her glory.
The waitress seemed just as nervous as Ben, as she took our drink orders. When she returned with our iced teas, Sherry asked if her if she liked her outfit, and Chrissy said she only wished she had the nerve to wear something so sexy out in public. She told Sherry she fantasizes about showing off her body like Sherry, but isn’t confident that she could pull it off.
Sherry asked the waitress to join her in the restroom, so they could discuss this privately. I wondered as they went off what was in store for us next.
Sherry came back, a little flushed, and said- Chrissy licks a mean pussy!
Chrissy came back to the table, and the tight t shirt and skirt she wore were noticeably different. Her bra was gone, and Chrissy sported cute stiff nipples. The top was tied to show off her sexy little waist, and her skirt was rolled over a couple of times at the top, which made it as short as Sherry’s. When she bent over, I could see that she had not panties on as well. Sherry had created a slut after her own heart.
We had a nice salad, and left, Sherry hugging Chrissy and saying your tips will be better if she dressed like this more often. Chrissy slipped Sherry her number, and they talked about getting together to shop soon.
As we made our way out of the mal Sherry wanted one more bit of excitement, and she bent over at the waist, pretending to adjust the straps of her shoes, while the skirt rose to bare her sexy round ass to the mall, before we scurried out the door.
When we got to the car, Sherry couldn’t wait, and had me lick her right there in the parking lot. I had no idea if we were noticed, as my face was buried in heaven, but I heard car doors open nand close all around us. I even heard a couple of woman say they wish they were Sherry.
We drove home with Sherry stroking my throbbing cock. At stop lights, she bent across the console to suck me sticking her ass up, allowing the car next to us a clear view. The beeping as the light turned green, wasn’t the car behind us…instead the car next to us showing their appreciation for Sherry’s fine ass.
Somehow we made it home. Once in the house, Sherry quickly assumed a dominant role, shoving me to the ground, and mounting my face. She recounted our trip to the mall, while she rode my tongue to several gushing orgasms.
This is not an unusual day for us, in fact, practically a very normal day, since the day Sherry realized she is HOT.

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