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As the day continues at work, I start to think about how nice a hot bath at home would feel. I have worked hard all day and my muscles are tight and need to relax.

At 4pm I clock out and head to my vehicle, smiling thinking of the whirl pool tub and about you and how nice it would be to share a bath together. I get in and start it, pull out of the parking lot thinking about what fun we can have. All the way home I sing and smile to the radio, wanting to get home as fast as I can. It is not a far drive to home, but today I make it in no time flat.

I pull in, walk into the house and check messages, which thank goodness there aren’t any. As I walk through the house, I start pulling off clothes, leaving a trail of them into the bedroom, then the adjoining bathroom.

I quickly rinse out the tub, then start filling it with hot steamy water, knowing it will take a bit to get full. I go back into our kitchen getting a glass of water in only my black undies and matching bra. I can feel my body already relaxing some, but know that the bath will help much more.

I down my glass of water, spilling a drop that slides down my chin and lands in between my breasts. Chilling me as it continues downward to my tummy. The sensation feels so good that I deliberately spill another couple of drops down, sucking in a breath as I feel it run down my tummy and collecting in my panties and sliding lower, running over my smooth pussy and lips. I close my eyes as I feel my body start to throb with unreleased passion, feeling my nipples start to harden at the thoughts that are racing through my brain. I quickly set the glass down and walk back to our bathroom.

The water in the tub is just about the right height. I strip off my bra and undies, tossing them about the room. I step in and catch my breath, cause the water is very hot, but not hot enough to hurt. I slowly lower myself into the water, relaxing. Feeling my muscles turn to mush at the feel of the hot water soaking into them. I close my eyes, relaxing back and turn off the facet with my feet. Gathering my wash cloth and getting it wet then slowly rubbing it around my flushed face, relaxing even more.

I then run my cloth down my arms and chest, feeling it run over my nipples, sending sparks through my body at the contact. I glide it back over them, wanting to feel the sensations again. Awww…yes, that is what I have been waiting for, those wonderful sensations of my body feeling loving touches and caresses.

I leave the cloth to float in the water and bring my hands back to my aching breasts. Gathering them together, lightly caressing them with my strong hands. Circling the nipples with my fingers, making them harden more. Then taking my nipples between my fingers and rolling them, tugging on them. I moan softly at my touches, wanting to feel more.

I slide my hands down my belly as I widen my legs out into the tub, feeling the hotness of the water wash over my hairless mound. I slowly slide my fingers over my pussy, feeling it tingle at my touch. I massage my lips with my hand, lightly running them between, grazing my bud. When I happen to graze it, my body responds with quivers at my touch. I spread open my lips now, sliding my fingers over my clit, making those quivers stronger, feeling my body respond with growing passion. I slowly slide two fingers into myself, feeling my muscles respond to them, contracting and wanting more.

As I feel my body responding to my hands I know of another thing that will get me even hotter. I withdraw my hands from my pussy, and push a button that is next to me on the tub. Water starts to stream out of the jets, making lots of bubbles and stirring the water. My blood running in my veins starts to stir at the thought of those jets, knowing what kind of pleasure it will receive from them. I relax back and let the jets and the water stir around my bursa escort body. I also continue to run my hands over my body, feeling it respond and relax. I have put another towel beside the tub, so I will not get water all over for what I have planned next in my bath.

I slowly slide my body to the front of the tub, where there is a jet at the front right of it. I put the towel just outside around where I will put my legs up out of the tub. I lift my legs so that they are out and lean back into the water, so that I will have better access to the jet that is just at the right level of my throbbing pussy.

I have turned the jets off, while I have moved so that it will be easier to position myself there in front of it. I then, turn on the jet, feeling it burst out and hit my pussy, moaning at the first caress of it. Now my hips start to move my pussy around the jet, feeling it force its way into my hot core all the way into me. This is the feeling I have been waiting for, the hot water pistoning into me as your hard cock would, as we make love.

I rock my hips back and forth on the stream, feeling it hit deep inside me, grazing that one spot that just sends me higher than any other. I rock them down too, for it to stream onto my clit, sending more delicious shocks through my body. I close my eyes, as I feel my body building and building its pleasure.

As I have my eyes closed and am concentrating on my pleasure, I have not heard you come in. You walk into the house and see my clothes all over and smile. You know that I have had a hard day and am probably in the tub relaxing. And you know me too well and walk, into the room, hearing the jets running in the bathroom.

You smile wickedly and start undressing yourself, knowing that your presence will not be noticed just yet, After you have removed most of your clothes, but leave your boxers on, feeling yourself grow hard in them at the thought of me in the tub. I have closed the door, but you slowly open it peering in. As you look in you are not surprised to see it all hazy and know that I have not been in there long. But you do notice that the mirrors around the tub are clouded over.

You slowly step in to the room, close the door softly behind you, not wanting to disturb me. As you can see that I am caught up in my passionate embrace with the jet. I have not yet sensed your presence and continue to pump myself on the jet, wanting release and not stopping until I reach it.

I conjure your image in my brain and think of the jet being your cock thrusting deeply into me over and over. Wanting to feel myself contract strongly around your cock. This thought makes a moan pass over my lips and your body responds to it with a jerk of its own. Your cock growing harder in your boxers as you watch me in the tub. Knowing that I am getting lots of pleasure from the jet, and whatever thoughts are running through my brain.

Then you see me tense and my toes cross out of the tub as I feel my body release around the jets. Contracting and straining as my orgasm hits me. I release a loud moan as it comes upon me, holding myself there against the jet, feeling it pump into me. Then slowly drifing down back into the tub, feeling my body tingle from the after affects.

As my release has come upon me, you have slid your hand into your boxers, needing to stroke your cock as I came. Wanting to feel the same, coming along with me. You have succeeded in your desire and cumming in your boxers just as I did around the jet.

As I float back into the water, I sense that I am not alone. I open my eyes to catch yours looking at me in the mirror. I slowly smile and say hello with my eyes, not having the voice to do it with at the moment. You smile back and start to walk toward me. I then notice a very wet spot in your boxers and grin knowing that you came at the sight of me coming on the jet. When bursa escort bayan you have reached me you lower your lips to mine and we kiss deeply. Loving the feel of each others tongues in our mouths sliding against one another, tasting.

As we continue to kiss, I reach up and start to slide your boxers down your legs. Once they are at your feet, you step out of them without breaking our kiss. You kneel down beside the tub and place your hands on my face holding me to you so none of our kiss is wasted. It is a deep kiss full of passion, which spreads out into our bodies.

You feel yourself growing hard again and need to feel my hands and mouth on you. Then you stand and smile down at me, your cock just right at my level. I can tell by the way you are smiling and the hardening of your cock what you want.

I reach up with my wet hands and start to stoke you. One of my hands is caressing your balls, while the other strokes you with long strong motions. I then lean towards you and gently swirl your tip with my tongue, making you catch your breath at my touch. I lick all around the head, dipping my tongue into the hole at the tip. Taking it into my mouth, gently sucking it.

My hand continues to stroke as I start to take more of your hardening cock into my mouth, swirling my tongue all around it. Taking more, sucking harder on your cock into my mouth. My other hand is now stroking from your inner thigh to the outside of your leg and back. You start leaning into me and decide that you want in the bath too.

You step back, releasing my hold on you. Motioning me to scoot over in the tub, you step in sitting on the side of it, with your feet in the water. I get up onto my knees and reach up to your lips for another kiss, while my hands finds your cock again. They go back to stroking and feeling your hardness. I break the kiss and travel down your neck, kissing and sucking downward. I come to your right nipple, taking my tongue and circling it with it. It hardens under my motions and then I lightly nip it with my teeth, drawing a low moan from you. I know how much you enjoy me sucking and nibbling on your nipples, so I move to the left and do the same to it.

I then continue down your chest, kissing and licking my way down. I get to your bellybutton and blow air into it, tickling it, making you suck in your tummy. I gently lick around it, sticking my tongue in it, making you shiver. My hands are still stroking your cock, keeping it hard until my hot mouth reaches it. I kiss lower on your tummy, lower still.

I lean back to gaze at your cock amazed still at the size of it. It is not too big and not too small, just the right size for me. Lowering my mouth down to your tip, I again swirl my tongue around, then engulf as much as I can take into my mouth. Sucking down hard on it, making you moan loudly. You like it when I take you as deep as I can into my mouth. So, I suck and swirl my tongue up and down the length of your cock. Continuing to draw moans from you, also words like “that’s it baby, suck my cock…yeah, oh yeah awwww….” Your words tell me that I am doing what you like, so I continue with what I am doing to your hard cock.

Sucking harder, stroking you up and down wanting your hot cumm to go down my throat. I can feel your body starting to tense and know you are near your climax. I speed up my motions up and down your cock, licking with my tongue all around. Your body stiffens and a moan erupts from your lips and I lock my lips around your cock, knowing you are about to cumm. Your cock then erupts into my hungry mouth, taking it all swallowing as fast as I can, loving the taste as it slides down my throat.

After you have climaxed and I have licked you clean, you slide slowly down into the tub. You close your eyes, enjoying the heat of it, letting it soak into you. I am still facing you and I take my wash cloth, escort bursa get it wet and gently wash your face, sliding it down your chest to your tummy. Then start back up at your shoulders, gliding it down your arms to your hands. I drop it and take your right hand in both of mine, massaging it, sliding my fingers in between yours. Kneading your palm with my fingers, making you sigh in relaxation.

After I have done your left hand as well, I turn around in the tub and you stretch your legs out and I sit between them, resting my back against your chest. I close my eyes and smile, loving the closeness that we have at the moment. No words are spoken, none are needed, only our souls talking to one another silently. Then you wrap your arms about me, hugging me close to you and you lightly kiss my shoulder, making me sigh with warmth.

As we sit in the water, it starts to get cold around us. So, we turn on the jets again, letting them stir the water. We just relax and let the bubbles take all of our worries away. The motion of the water starts something stirring my body, the memory of the pistoning jet. I can feel my body responding to it, so I sit up in the bath.

I turn towards you and lean in to kiss you hungrily. Probing your mouth deeply, wanting to taste and feel your tongue in my mouth. Your hands grasp my breasts, caressing them roughly, pinching and twisting my nipples. I moan deeply into our kiss from your actions. The sensations go directly to my tingly pussy.

I break this kiss, looking deeply into your eyes. My look tells you that I need more, want more, meaning the jets. I kiss you once more then sink back into the water, positioning myself at the same jet you walked in on me at. I again put my legs over the side of the tub, but this time you move behind me cradling my back against your chest. I open myself to the jet, feeling it enter me for a second time.

The sensations spread through my body, making me moan out in passion. As I start rocking against the jet, your hands have come up to surround my breasts, tweaking my nipples with your fingers. This sensation sends shocks down my body, collecting with the sensations from the jets. I close my eyes and relax back against you, concentrating on the passion that is flowing throughout my body.

As I continue on the jet, feeling it deep inside of me, I feel you growing hard against my buttocks. I purposely move them against you, hearing you moan softly against my ear. I know I am turning you on with my moans and body sliding against your hardening cock. I start to move my body faster on the jet, feeling my climax building higher. My inner muscles start to contract stronger around the water, wishing it were your cock deep inside me. I feel it coming upon me and I stiffen in the water as I feel it pulsate through my body.

You feel it too and hold on to me tightly, never taking your hands from my body. As the sensations fade, I drift back into the water, relaxing back into your arms. You hold me tightly, kissing my neck and I sigh in comfort. You turn off the jets and turn us back around in the tub. You are still very hard and turned on, but you let me rest back against you for a few minutes.

As I drift back down from my climax, I start to feel the water getting really cold by now. We get out of the tub, take warm towels to one another. Drying our bodies with them, feeling ourselves heat up at the contact. Then I yawn and you give me a smile and ask if I would like to take a nap before dinner. I nod and smile and then head for the bed. I pull the covers down and climb in. You say that you need to do something in the house, but will be with me in a few. I smile and nod, not having the voice to speak.

I lay my head down on my pillow and close my eyes. It doesn’t take me long to drift into a peaceful sleep, dreaming about nothing. After a few minutes you come back to the room and climb in the bed behind me, gathering my body against yours. I sigh and smile in my sleep at the feel of your body against mine. You lean down and kiss my cheek, then fall asleep holding me close to you.

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