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Seduced by an Experienced Woman Ch. 03

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Sunlight streaming through the window woke me up the following morning. I was alone and naked in Ann’s bed. I could hear the water running in the bathroom. When Ann returned to the bedroom she was still wearing the satin nightgown she had put on the night before. It was long sleeve and covered her to mid calf.

She crawled in next to me and kissing me on the cheek saying, “There’s a brand new tooth brush by the sink. Why don’t you go freshen up a bit and I’ll go start some coffee.”

I splashed water on my face, brushed my teeth and already I could smell the coffee. I felt a little chilly as I walked down the steps. I saw my clothes neatly folded on a chair when I went through the living room and into the kitchen.

I walked up behind Ann and placing my hands on her hips drew her close and kissed the back of her neck. “You smell great.”

“Thank you, baby doll.” She smiled and asked, “How do you take your coffee?


“No cream or sugar?”

“Just black.” I repeated. “It’s chilly this morning! Do you have a robe I could wear?

“No, but I’ll turn the heat up.” She grinned at me mischievously. “Besides I prefer seeing you naked.”

“Then I like being naked, even if little Fred shrivels up and hides!”

“Well, I know how to get little Fred to come out and play.” She teased.

As we sipped our coffee Ann offered me a grocery store danish. “Would you like a little something to eat?”

“I would but it’s not danish that I’d like to eat.”

“You are such a bad boy, Freddy, mama should spank you!”

“I can’t remember the last time I was spanked.” I mused chuckling.

“We’ll have to do something about that one day.”

“Spanking or paddling?” I wondered what I was getting myself into.

“Does it matter?”

“I don’t think I’d like the paddle.”

“Then don’t be a bad boy.”

“I will do my very best to behave.”

“But you’d let me spank you?”

“Maybe, if I were a really bad boy; a really bad boy and time out didn’t work.”

“You surprise me, Fred.”


“Well, for one I’m surprised you’d even consider being spanked.”

“What else?”

“You seem so comfortable being naked.”

“It’s just the two of us. Why aren’t you naked?”

“That’s a good question, Fred. I guess I believe a woman has more control of a situation if she has her clothes on and her man is naked.

“That almost makes sense. Men are still stronger though.”

“True, and men sometimes use that strength when they shouldn’t. When a man is naked he can’t help but think about sex. A good woman should be able atakent escort to lead a man if he is focused on sex.”

“But if he is bad then she should spank him?”

“I’ve never spanked a man, Fred.”

I grinned impishly and said, “We’ll have to do something about that one day.”

“Someday, maybe, we’ll see.” She said thoughtfully.

“Let’s go upstairs and fuck!”

“Not so fast big boy! We’re not done yet. When the girls are home there is no way you can parade around here naked.”


“But when they are not here and you visit I want you to be naked from the moment you arrive.”

“You do, why?”

“I told you already, I like seeing you naked. If I had it my way men would be naked whenever possible.”

“All men, all the time? What about women?”

“Yes, all men. Especially in private but women should remain clothed. We should only share our bodies with our partners.” That revelation didn’t register at the time.

“Did you see your clothes piled up by the door?”

“On the chair? Yes, I did.”

“When you arrive and the chair is by the door you will strip and pile your clothes neatly on it.”

“Your wish is my command!”

“One more thing.”

“That would be?”

“I want to take a picture to show Carol.”

“I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“I promise I won’t include your face and you won’t be hard. I just want a nice picture of a naked man that I can show Carol and keep for my old age.”

She turned around and picked up a Polaroid camera from behind her toaster. “Turn towards me just a little. Put your left leg on the floor, that’s it, and your right leg on the bottom rung of the stool. Now adjust your balls so your penis is lying on them. Put your left arm down by your side. Now put your right hand around the coffee mug on the counter. Back straight…, nice…, relax. I’m done.”

The picture developed in about a minute and I must say I did look good back then.

“See, Freddy. You look so sexy! Every woman should have a sexy young man in her life! Carol is going to be so jealous!”

She took my hand and pulled me off the stool. “What are you waiting for? I need a good fucking!”

I was getting used to the idea that I would never see much of Ann naked. Except for the shower we took together the night before she was always wearing something. Not that it really mattered. The peasant blouse and skirt she wore the night before never really got in the way and the nightgown was no different. It was long sleeved and the hem ataköy escort was mid calf so she was completely covered. At least until we got in bed. The neck was slit to mid way between her awesome tits and her belly and it tied midway between her tits and her chin.

She snuggled under my arm and laid her head on my chest. “You were wonderful last night.”

“I was in the company of an inspirational woman!”

“Are you mad at me for telling Carol That you were eating my pussy?”

“I’m not sure I like this “girl talk” thing.” I admitted.

“Guys talk all the time about girls.” She rationalized.

“I don’t! At least not ones I care about. That’s for sure.”

“That’s sweet, baby. I’m not just a quickie and you’ll be gone?”

“Not if you’ll want me to stay.”

“Even if I tell Carol all about what we do in bed?”

“I don’t like that. It makes me uncomfortable to even think about it.”

“But you’ll let me do it, won’t you Freddy?” She kissed me so I really couldn’t answer; she knew I would do almost anything for her. Her hand wandered a crossed my chest and down my abdomen where she stopped just short of my cock choosing instead to tickle the pubic hairs all around my cock and rub my balls.

I rolled her to one side and tried to mount her. “I’m not ready, Freddy!

“I thought you are always ready.” I kissed her neck and nibbled her ear lobe.

“Mama needs her girls sucked!”


“Don’t play dumb, Freddy! You know what to do. Suck my nipples.” She undid the tie that held her nightgown on her shoulders.

I kissed her neck and shoulders and chest until I found a tit. I gave it a gentle nibble with my teeth covered by my lips. Her breathing grew shallow and quicker. She encouraged me to kiss or lick or bite harder or softer. She wasn’t the least bit shy about what she wanted. With one hand on the small of her back and the other stroking her belly and thighs under the satin nightgown teasing but never touching her vulva I played her tits until she pushed my head down. “Lower Freddy, it’s time to go lower.”

I knew I was ready. She hadn’t touched me and it was just as well. I kissed her belly and gathered her nightgown above her hips. Lightly brushing her outer lips with the tips of my fingers. “Eat me Freddy!” She gasped. “Eat me,” she pushed me between her legs urgently. I kissed her from her taint to her belly. Getting close her but never quite there.

“Eat me Freddy, now, I need you now!” I licked the length of her slit and sucked the swollen button at atalar escort the top. “Yes Freddy, right there! Suck it! Suck my clit.”

She bucked against my face and urged me on. She shuddered once, then again. “Now Freddy, fuck me now!” She almost begged but I knew it was a command. She wanted my cock deep inside her vagina. Stroking that spot that women need stroked.

She spread hers legs and sucked my cock deep inside. Her cunt was hot and wet. Her hips thrust at me wildly. I tried to match her thrust for thrust and as we found our rhythm she kept repeating, “Fuck, that’s it, yes! Fuck, again, yes!” She stopped for just a moment and them let out a sharp gasp as her whole body shook. As if we were following some kind of script my cock swelled and throbbed as I buried it deep in her cunt.

I collapsed in her arms for a few moments. As my cock shriveled we just held each other. Time was meaningless. It wasn’t long before she pushed me away. “Clean mama’s cunt Freddy.”


Her tone went from sweet to stern in a heartbeat. “You made a mess in mama’s pussy now clean it up.”

I hesitated not knowing what to do. Even when I masturbated I never ate my own cum. I’d think about it, sure. But do it? Never! It always seemed disgusting after my orgasm.

She was sweet again. “Freddy, baby, what’s the matter? Never tasted your own cum before?”

She didn’t wait for an answer. She dipped a finger into the slippery mess between her legs and coated my lips. “You like my pussy juice don’t you? Wait till you get a taste of pussy juice and cum all mixed up together.” She reached for more. “Kiss my finger, baby.”

I kissed the tip of her finger. “Lick it, Freddy! Lick your cum off my finger.”

Reluctantly my tongue licked her finger. It wasn’t disgusting; I licked again and again. She coated my lips once more and kissed me. “Wasn’t that nice, Freddy?” She pushed gently and spread her legs. “Don’t be shy! Pussies don’t bite!”

Somehow I found the strength to start licking all around her pussy. My only thought was don’t disappoint Ann. The previous twelve hours had been incredible and I wanted to please her. I really wanted to please her.

“That’s a good boy! That is so special Freddy! Mama is so proud of her big boy! Now rollover so mama can sit on your face and you can suck all that nice tasty cum out of my pussy.”

I lost my fear of cum as her sloppy pussy settled over my mouth. She gave me all the room I needed to roam freely around and in her pussy. The more I ate the more I wanted!

After a few minutes Ann shuddered one more time and slid down next to me. “That wasn’t so bad now, was it?” She kissed me on the lips and made a point of licking all around my mouth and nose. “We taste really good don’t you think?”

I smiled. She laughed. “Time to take a shower. Do you want to go first or should we take one together like last night?

It was a no-brainer, “Together.”

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