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Scout’s Bad Hand Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Thank you for the support on the last chapter! Again, this is my first time writing stories like these, so any and all constructive criticism will be greatly appreciated! To understand how Scout got in this position, be sure to read the previous chapter. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy!


Why? Why didn’t she see it coming? Addie would never be so willing to make amends. Addie is known for doing things like this to people, so why did she think that this time was different? Whatever, Scout had more to worry about in the current situation.

The trio looked hungrily at Scout’s naked body, slowly advancing at her. Panicking, Scout did the only thing she could think of. Run. Scout jumped off the porch and ran into the yard. The trio laughed, then followed immediately after their prey. Running as fast as she could, Scout was surprised at the fact that the street was completely empty. Almost at the corner of the road, she could almost taste freedom from her would-be captors.

“Almost there…” She thought, seeing the stop sign at the end of the road. The rough concrete sidewalk burned her feet as she ran. This pain pushed her further, keeping the fight-or-flight mentality alive. Scout suddenly realized that she was still naked when a cool breeze blew across her body, giving her chills in her sensitive areas. “Just a little furthe-” Her thoughts were interrupted by hands around her stomach, grabbing her back and pulling her to the ground.

“Got her!” The tall one shouted to the others, signaling them to take it easy. Scout writhed in her muscular arms, trying to break free. “Whoa there little girl, don’t think we’re gonna let this cute body get away again. We punish things that run away from us.” An evil grin stretched across her face as she eyed Scout’s body up and down, running Ankara bayan escort her hands along Scout’s perky breasts and the top of her stomach.

The other two members showed up, bearing handcuffs and duct tape. The tall woman grabbed Scout’s hands and held them steady for the woman with the handcuffs. Latching her hands together, Scout tried to wiggle her way to freedom to no avail. The other woman peeled off a piece of duct tape, and covered Scout’s mouth.

“Now, look at that!” The tall girl said, “Doesn’t that just look delicious!”

The other two grabbed Scout’s legs and spread them apart while the tall girl let Scout lean into her, holding her arms above her head. “Well,” the tall girl spoke, bearing an evil smile “Dig in.”

The other two girls giggled as they started to play with Scout’s lower half, running their hands along her thighs, slit, and ass. The tall girl started to play with Scout’s tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples as she did. Scout let out a muffled moan, wishing the onslaught of unwanted groping would end. The two at her bottom started to insert their fingers into her soaking vagina, fitting four fingers in her stretching hole.

“Mnngh!” Scout groaned, rolling her eyes back to the plethora of fingers in her. Two of the fingers curled inside her, as the other two went as far as the could. Scout moaned more and arched her back slightly to the rhythmic movements in her pussy. The tall girl started to squeeze harder on Scout’s perky chest, pinching and turning her nipples.

Through the duct tape, Scout tried to command the girls to stop, only to be interrupted by the sight of a large black dildo. Two fingers left her hole and began to stroke the large plastic cock. Laughing now, one of the women at her bottom directed the rod into Scout’s tight ass.

“Mmmmmgh!” Escort bayan Ankara moaned Scout, feeling every inch of the rod stretch her ass. Giggling madly, the one pushing the rod in spoke. “I think she likes it!” she taunted. Scout shook her head, pleading for the girls to stop. “More?” said the woman with the dildo sarcastically. She then began to pulsate the large rod in and out of Scout’s bubble butt, making it bounce as the rod played with her hole. The three women laughed at the sight of Scout’s chest and ass bouncing to the rhythm that the rod made.

Unable to handle much more, Scout rolled her eyes and arched her back, feeling a rush of pleasure and discomfort inside her release in waves. The girls giggled, taunting Scout for not being able to last. Pulling the rod out of her, the girls rolled Scout over onto her stomach and pushed her ass in the air. The tall girl let Scout go, leaving her with her pussy facing outward.

“One last thing before we leave you for good, Missy.” The tall one said. She took the rod from the other girl and held it firmly, aiming at Scout’s soaking cunt. She eased it into her, pushing the rod as far as it could go. Scout’s eyes bulged as she felt the rod in her, letting out a long and muted moan. The other two girls began to play with the remainder of Scout’s body. One of them went under her, sucking and pinching Scout’s beautifully tormented breasts. The other pushed her face to Scout’s ass, eating out her stretched asshole.

Scout’s ass bounced to the beat of the rod in her as the other women played with her body. Exhausted and abused, Scout arched her back again and let out a loud moan, sending her juices out of her. The girls laughed as the backed away from their masterpiece.

“Well ladies, I hope you had fun!” The tall one said, rolling Scout over to Bayan escort Ankara where her chest and pussy were facing the road. The trio laughed as they walked away, triumphant in their “meal”. Scout let out muffled screams to get the girls attention, but failed in doing so. The street began to get busier, with cars passing by, slowing down for a better look at the beautiful body on display. Blushing madly, Scout rolled over and got up on her feet and began to run.

Scout ran into the small forest, knowing that her street would be right on the other side. Noticing how dark it was getting, Scout picked up the pace, coming out on the other side of the woods. Staying along the treeline, she tried to find a good yard to cut across so she could get across the street and safely home. All she had to do was get to her house, grab the spare key, get dressed and go to Addie’s house to get her things. Simple enough, right?

She spotted a house with all of their indoor lights off. It was Mrs. Smith, the rude old lady who lived next to her for years. Scout assumed that she wouldn’t be able to catch her if she spotted her, and made her way across the yard. Abruptly, the lights on the back porch came on. Scout panicked and ducked into a bush. Mrs. Smith made her way into the back yard as she noticed a rustling in the bush. Walking over to check the commotion, she opened the rustling bush to find a naked girl, handcuffed and duct taped!

“Oh my! Is that you, Scout Oliver?!” Mrs. Smith said, “I swore your mother wouldn’t be the kind to raise a slut! Get out of that bush right now!” She grabbed Scout by the arm and led her to her porch, sitting her down.

“I should teach you a lesson!” Mrs. Smith said, grabbing some things from her gardening shed.

Scout hoped that this day would just end as she was approached with a large paddle.

To be continued…


Thank you for reading, please leave suggestions to how I should either continue the series or end it! If you have any other ideas, don’t hesitate to message me about them! I hope you enjoyed!

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