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Thin rays of morning sunshine peered into Korey’s darkened room. He rolled onto his side and rummaged across his nightstand to find his phone. With an effortless click, he turns on the display to show that it is a little bit after 6. Groaning, he sits up and retrieves his glasses. As he makes his way to his bathroom, he fixes his blackout curtains.

Hot, refreshing water cascades down his back as he leans against the wall. He wants the warming embrace to last forever, but eventually the water turns to a frigid cold. Wrapping a plush towel around his waist as he leaves the steam filled bathroom. He carefully makes his way to the kitchen and starts the coffee maker, before heading back upstairs to get dressed.

He puts on a pair of jeans and a tight, form fitting compression shirt. At 180 pounds, he wasn’t the biggest guy in the world, but he consistently worked out and it showed. In high school, he competed in Football, Wrestling and Track and Field which he held multiple school records in.

Silently, he heads back downstairs to the kitchen where he pours a steaming cup of coffee. Standing with his back to door, he scrolls through the news on his tablet. 15 minutes pass before he hears the light footfalls of his roommate coming down the stairs.

“Good morning, Korey,” she proclaims enthusiastically as she pours herself a cup of coffee.

“Good morning, Sarah,” he answers as he turns to face her.

Her hazel eyes meet his as they look at each other. Sarah may have been his roommate, but Korey had fallen in love with her as soon as they had met for the first time. He loved the way her hazel colored eyes twinkled when she was excited. She laughs drawing him out of his thoughts.

“Staring again. I have got classes at 10, You?” she asks otele gelen escort as drops her now empty mug into the sink.

“Sorry. I have classes at 11. Do you want a ride?” He asks, feeling slightly embarrassed that he had once again been caught staring at her.

“Yes,” she answers as she sashays out of the kitchen.

Her leggings left little to the imagination as he stared at her shapely ass. He felt his pants begin to tent as blood rushed to his cock. Blushing, he rushed upstairs. He was careful not to pass Sarah as he burst into his room. His cock was now as hard as iron and as straight as an arrow. He removes a small box from one of his nightstand drawers. Opening the box, he removes two pairs from inside the box. Despite knowing it was wrong, he couldn’t help himself and had taken a light pink lace boyshorts from Sarah’s dirty laundry.

The other pair was a smooth, silky royal purple bikini-style he had bought at the campus store. He removes his pants, wrapping the silk panties around his thick cock and bringing the other up his nose. He inhales deeply, smelling the lavender body wash Sarah frequently used along with the crisp smell of sour green apple that was her perfume. He was in pure bliss as began to stroke his cock.

Slowly he feels the edge start to closer as he prepares to cum, but suddenly the door is flung open. Shocked, he turns to see Sarah standing in his doorway. Her eyes not only have lost their twinkle, but are rapidly displaying the emotions she is feeling. Shock, disgust, and hatred flash across her face before she turns and shuts the door.

“Dammit,” he says out loud to himself.

He regrets forgetting to lock the door and wants to apologize, pendik escort but knows its already too late to do so. Feeling disgusted with himself, he pulls up his pants and leaves the house. He knew he had quite possibly just ruined not only his friendship, but his chances of asking her out on a date. After what feels like an eternity of driving, he pulls into the school parking lot.

Reaching into the glove compartment, he grabs his deodorant and puts some on along with some cologne. He grabs his bag from the back seat and heads to the lecture hall. 3 hours later, the lecture ends and he slowly makes his way to his car. A lone figure is leaning against the passenger door with their back to him.

Long, wavy auburn colored hair tells him that it is Sarah. He clicks the unlock button on his key fob as a chirp sounds. She climbs into the car without looking at him. He sits in drivers seat and starts the car. A throaty growl sounds as the V8 engine comes to life. He carefully backs the car out of the parking space.

“It’s ok,” Sarah announces 10 minutes into their drive, surprising him.

“Huh,” he stupidly replies.

“We all have fantasies,” she says as she pats his shoulder, “I am not upset or mad, surprised maybe.”

She begins to gently knead his shoulder, before gracefully brushing her hand down his arm. She could feel his muscles as she continued brushing his arm towards his hand. She stops briefly to draw light circles on his forearm, before continuing. She carefully and silently removes her seatbelt.

“For example,” she declares as she stops moving towards his hand.

In a single fluid motion, she pulls his cock out his pants. A startled gasp escapes his lips as rus escort he tries to focus on the road. Without missing a beat, she ducks under his arm and wraps her warm, velvety lips around the tip of his cock. The sensation causes him to serve and nearly crash, but he regains control.

He manages to keep his eyes fixed on the road as she bobs up and down slightly. Her hot, humid breath makes him groan in pleasure. She slowly takes more of thick, pulsating cock. He groans as she continues to make short bobs. She removes his cock with an audible pop before engulfing his cock entirely. The suddenness causes him to slam on brakes, before he regains control and continues driving. He was now glad he decided to take the less busy country road home instead of the highway.

She rapidly bobs up and down, gagging as she takes his entire member in her mouth. Her moans begin to fill the car as he feels her body begins to rock. He didn’t need to look down to know she was fingering herself. She slows down and takes long, smooth bobs.

He groans in pure uninhibited desire as he feels the pressure building. She briefly as her own climax rips through her body. She starts again with a fiery passion as he knew he was about to go over the edge.

“I am-,” he starts but is unable to finish as he feels himself blowing his load into her mouth. She stuffs his entire cock down her throat as she begins to suck every last drop of cum from his cock. He just barely manages to pull into the driveway of their place. She weaves her way back under his arm. Her makeup had run and she had drops of cum on her chin, but he saw something knew in her eyes, Passion.

She smiled at him, opened the door and exited the car. Just before shutting the door, she stooped over and threw a pair of lime green panties at him.

“Come and see me later,” she said with mischievous grin as she shut the door.

He remained unmoving for several minutes as tried to gather himself. Finally he fixed his pants, shut off the car, and left with the panties. He unsure where this was going, but he could tell he was going to enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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