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Reporter to Relentless Pet (MOM)

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A story about a reporter mom and her transformation. Hi, I’m Miles aged 19. This incident happened long back, when my mother used to work as a reporter. Her name is Tara, she travels to different places for reporting news. It happened when she visited a dog training service center.

Being a single mom with bare minimum salary, she can’t afford a baby sitter or a play school. Good news is that, she can take me along while travelling. My father walked on us before I was born and I’m the only one she cares about, in the whole world. Coming to her looks, she is skinny, Asian probably Japanese. She had a long silky hair that reaches her waist with bangs dangling on fore-head. Her skin color is a mixture of pink and white. She almost looked like a girl just out of college.

The story starts when she visited a dog training service center at city outskirts. The purpose of the visit is to film a documentary and my mother is the one to take up the interview. The goal of this documentary is to showcase the greatness of dogs in saving human lives. People often forget the services offered by dogs in detecting bombs. Taking this as a subject, my mother started her interview with the chief, who is also the founder of this center.

“When was this training center established, Mr. Stan,” asked mom.

“It was started in 2005, Tara,” Stan replied.

“What was the reason behind it, actually?” another question.

“I used to work in the army, as a Chief of 5 teams that train service dogs. Each team is distinct from others. One team would train in detecting bombs and the other would be on finding illegal drugs. After my retirement, I find myself alone and the love for dogs made me open this training center. I put in all my retirement money in building it and that was the best decision I made in my life,” Stan replied.

“You deeply love dogs and yes Who doesn’t? Is it open to only for professional dogs or to common people?” question by Tara.

“It includes two options one is to train professionally and the other is open for anyone,” Stan replied with a smile.

The questions ended. Now the camera is covering all other areas including offices and the equipment used for training. My mother is tired and took a nap that lasted till night. I played with dogs the whole afternoon.

The very next day, she got an info that there are trainers who were mentally disturbed. Peeking into the details, she found that the trainers were deeply affected by loss of their dogs. One person is depressed as if he lost his own son and the other was suffering from anxiety because he lost his dog in an accident. Finding it interesting, she initiated an interview with chief that spilled out how the trainers are deeply attached to dogs. They couldn’t digest the news and are depressed all the time. In medical terms, they are suffering from PTSD. There is also a mental health block for trainers suffering from PTSD.

This is kind of a side effect. After all the love they shower on us; we are deeply attached and losing our pet is worse that could happen. Later she interacted with former trainers who are now patients of PTSD, to get furthermore insights.

A little bit about Tara’s past life: She is a very sensitive and innocent child, but life taught her hard lessons too early. She came to America with her single mom at the age of 12. The coming 5 years, she lost her mother to a car accident, leaving her alone in this cruel world. She spent infinite nights crying to her fate and finally got the courage yalova escort to take up any challenges that life throws at her. She studied relentlessly and made into prestigious university on a scholarship. As we know, there is dark after light, she met a guy from college and is on cloud9 for finding her forever love. Few months later, that bastard ran away, leaving her pregnant.

The connection of losing her own mother to accident and former trainer Nick, losing his dog to an accident, made her curious in digging deeper. Nick was quite depressed and it is visible on his face. He turned to anger quickly, towards her questions and was later crying over his lost buddy. She can understand the pain and tried to console him. With the interview coming to an end, she thought to donate some money for the welfare of PTSD patients.

Stan sensitively rejected the offer, knowing her financial situation. On the other hand, she was desperate to do something, given the connection of accident coincidence and kept insisting to help them.

“Since you are pleading to help, there is one way possible,” Stan said uncomfortably.

“Great, I’m ready to do anything to help them,” Tara replied with desperate eyes.

“One of the doctors suggested a way that can help them with depression. It is LOVE. The love he had towards his dog can be replaced with a human pet,” Stan said turning his head away.

My mother was stunned on hearing this and not a word came out of her mouth. Stan tried to explain how it can help them heal. Love is the medicine that can cure his broken heart. She was quite skeptical and was regretting her decision already.

She can’t be a human pet. Maybe she can buy him a dog but that won’t work as Stan stated. He is filled with anger that his dog left him. He can’t trust a real dog. He wants a human as a pet dog. Her eyes bulging out. She thought she could help Nick because of her mutual connection(accident) but being as a human pet is completely out of the blue. The treatment process is inhuman and she was in dilemma. On top of it, she should wear a head band with dog ears and dog paws to her all fours.

“I don’t think I can do this,” she said with a shameful face.

“Yes, I know, no one can do it. The trainers will end up dying someday, out of depression.” replied Stan with a sad face.

“Everyone loves a dog and appreciate it’s effort but no one cares about the trainer. No one gives a damn about us,” Stan added.

It is true that no one cares about trainers. She took a deep breath and remembered that she is a strong independent woman. She takes up any challenge on her way. After the change in perspective, she confirmed that she will do everything she can, to help in treating Nick. She sat on the chair and started wearing the head band and paws. Nick started realizing his new pet. He touched her face and started petting her. Stan assured her not to worry.

Nick was already feeling Tara’s whole body. In a split second, he hugged her and started crying. She was so involved in the situation that she consoled him. After a while he questioned:

“Do pets wear clothes?”

My mother was terrified with the question and looked towards the chief. He explained Tara, that he wants Bella and not the reporter. She was in shock and looked down to her feet, trying to come up with a reason to avoid getting naked.

The strong woman inside her took it up as a challenge. She started removing each of her clothes and is finally naked. Nick ordered Stan to buckle yalova escort bayan her up with a collar and leash. Tara was dying out of humiliation and was about to object it.

Nick slapped her face, just as how he does it to Bella, when she mis-behaves. Finally, Tara started to obey her new master. Stan bought the collar and tightened it over her neck and attached a leash to it. She was made to sit like a dog, exposing her pussy. She looked at Stan, pleading him to stop this humiliation. The old guy is not in a situation to take decisions. Instead, he caressed her body, opened her legs wide as a part of training. Tara looks like a real human pet.

“Take her to a walk,” Nick ordered.

The chief tugged her collar and made my mom walk on all fours. She adapted to the situation and became a natural dog. Nick took control and started hovering his hand over face, spine and on her complete body.

He took her to few walks and she obeyed naturally. He spanked her bare ass, giving commands to bark. She made small sounds but with repeated pain on her ass cheeks, she started barking and acting like a real dog. The chief took over the other ass cheek, slapping it. Although, she looks skinny, she has a round ass and the spankings worked very well making her ass cheeks pinkish.

Nick threw a Friss bee as a part of training. My mom started running on her fours, fetching it and bringing it to her master. She got a treat for behaving like a good little doggy slut.

With few more throws, she forgot that she is a woman or a reporter and started barking like a dog and running on all fours, to fetch the Friss bee. She is eager to receive treats from her new owner. I’m amazed how she is responding to her master’s commands. Nick is rubbing his hand on all over her body including boobs and pussy. Receiving few more slaps for resistance, she is now enjoying the pleasure. Stan took over the control and trained her on alternate pole walk. She has done it perfectly, compared to the real dogs.

He appreciated her efforts by caressing boobs and slapping the pussy. The old man took out a big chunk of chocolate as a treat. She was equally excited as a normal dog and started whining at him. He chewed it well and spit the chocolate pieces into her mouth, making it as disgusting as possible. Objecting the action from chief, awarded her a good round of spanking. She ate it with great discomfort and a strand of saliva acted as a bridge between both of their lips.

She was taken to a table and is on all fours now. Both trainers were standing at front and back of the shameless slut. At this moment, she was more interested in the compliments and belly rubs than the humiliation. The chief awarded his cock as a present to Tara’s mouth, whereas Nick presented his cock to her pussy.

The mother made no movement but the chief got hold of her ponytail and face fucked her. He made her bob on to his cock few times, until she became natural and started sucking it aggressively. Nick was fucking her pussy with occasional spanks over her booty. Both trainers are fucking her front and back with no breaks. Meanwhile she was whining and moaning with pleasure. They changed their positions, where Tara is tasting her own pussy juices from Nick’s rod.

This went for another 5 minutes. She was laid on her back and the chief started finger fucking her to first ever orgasm. She is trembling with sensations from hard orgasm, while Nick sat on her face to get his butt hole cleaned. She knelt down for Stan’s escort yalova cock, while Nick spanked her ass to beet red. Chief deep throated her, depositing huge amount of cum in the slut’s throat.

With the fuck session coming to an end, another round of training started by making her jump through hoops, with spanks and slaps for mistakes, belly and pussy rubs for good job.

You might wonder, how a 6-year-old would remember such an incident. You are correct and I didn’t. I saw this whole action in a video. Yes, the video tape that holds all the actions performed by my slut mother. The camera guy recorded everything happened. It didn’t come out in TV, but remained a memory of what my mother is today.

I’m back to my house last year, on my 18th birthday. I spent all these years in a boarding school and my father visited me once, every year. The birthday present I got from my father is, this video tape. The father is none other than Stan, the old guy, who is the chief of dog training service center. I couldn’t digest this truth and it took me a few days to get to the terms. This old fucking bastard put me on a boarding school at the age of 6, after he fucked my slut mother along with his sub-ordinate. All these years, he comes with a sad face, to visit me, as if he was doing me a favor. One fine morning, he bought my busty, naked mom to the house. She is on a leash and on all fours, with a similar band of dog ears and paws to her hands and legs. She still has those bangs just like the video and gained a little weight, giving an overall figure of MILF.

I stood up immediately, seeing her on all fours. She started crawling towards me as Stan guided. She finally made an eye contact with her son.

A sudden command from my dad, “Bark.”

She started barking like a dog, “Woof-Woof.”

I’m quite surprised with her actions. She is completely under the control of chief and is acting to his commands.

“Lick,” was her next command.

She bent her head to my shoe and started licking it. I stepped back from this awful act, but my mother started crawling to my shoe, until she licks it clean. Stan told me to spank her ass but I couldn’t do it, keeping in mind that she was my birth mother. The old bastard forced me to give spanking to my own mom and she reacted by moaning with pleasure. “At least this way, I’m able to touch my mother,” I thought. I was ordered to spank her even harder, to which I did, because after all she likes it.

“I was afraid that I may not be alive till you come back, but I made it to your 18th,” said the chief with a proud smile.

“You are her new owner/master from today and it is your responsibility to train her daily,” Stan said.

Don’t know what’s wrong with my cock but it was rock hard inside, hearing Stan’s words.

“I have to train my own mother like a dog?” I was astonished.

“Yes, she wants to be a dog. She likes to eat her food from dog bowl and pee outside. She wants to be naked, given treats and pussy rubs,” Stan explained her daily routine.

“Does that also include fuck her holes, spank her and control every action?” I thought in my mind.

“Yes, it includes all of them and it is up to your imagination. This is the best gift I can give you as a father,” Stan replied, reading my thoughts.

I started her training and It’s been a week. I was able to control her with my commands. The bad news came by, where Stan left this world. With all the rituals completed, I took the complete charge over Tara (The Pet Mom).

I changed the rules to my convenience. Now, she is my mother in the morning, with clothes on, a slut by afternoon, with bra and panties, pet by evening, completely naked with dog collar and a fuck toy wife by night.

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