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He’d been thinking about her all morning, he papers in front of him going unseen. The worst part wasn’t the fact that she was unattainable; instead it came when a phone call not only interrupted him, but called him away from his desk. He grabbed his jacket quickly, wondering why now, of all times, his erection was not disappearing.

He was thankful for the first time that his coat covered his ass, for it meant covering the large, and clearly visible, bulge in the front of his pants as well. Thinking about her and the way he wanted to ravage her body had him as hard and straight as a 2 inch thick steel rod. His snug pants were showing every part of his package, including his sack. He only wished that if he was going to be seen, it would be by her. Maybe he should stop by her desk to see if she would help him with his problem. Unfortunately it was just too ridiculous.

He was overjoyed then when he saw her in the hallway. When she asked him to stop by her desk, he had to concentrate to keep from growing another erection. He walked behind her, noticing her skirt was shorter than usual, just long enough to curve under her ass and back down her legs.

Gazing at her legs, watching her ass sway as she walked, he was once again glad for the length of his jacket. It was impossible to look at a woman with legs and an ass like that and not think of sex. Thinking about sex with those legs and that ass and it was impossible not to get aroused. All he could think about was yanking that skirt up to her waist, revealing her glorious ass, bending her over a desk, and ramming his cock into her. He no longer cared whether or not she wanted the “back door loving” that he longed for or not, he just wanted to be with her, enjoying her body. He no longer cared that both he and Rebekah were married, he only wanted to undress her.

He pulled back to reality as she quickly sat down at her desk, her white skirt riding further up her creamy thighs. She reached into a bag underneath the desk, grabbing something and handing it to him. Looking at it he saw it was a plain interoffice envelope, but nothing was written on it. He wondered why it had been kept under her desk.

She quietly told him not to open it until he was back at his desk and to be alone, because it was private. They chatted about nothing for a few minutes, as she would give no further explanation. She only stressed the confidentiality of the packet. He thought mostly about Rebekah’s full breasts, and what she was wearing under the white jacket that showed so much cleavage.

As he walked back to his desk, he wondered what sex with her would be like. Would it be a slow, tender, romantic evening, or would she be animalistic, wild with passion, and ravaging? He was back at his desk before he knew it. Checking to see how closely others were watching, he sat down. If she were playing a joke on him, no one was paying any extra attention.

He opened the folder, still thinking about her. Taking one look at the contents, he shoved them back inside the folder and left the office.

* * *

Rebekah started giggling as soon as she saw Mike leave. She thought about following her favorite security guard, wanting to see what his reaction was, but she wanted to be where he could find her. She literally tingled with anticipation, the sensation radiating outward from between her legs.

She laughed again, thankful for whomever had invented the digital camera. She had not only taken her time taking the pictures, she had taken many of them, and only given him the ones that she really liked.

She actually had a lot of fun doing it last night; stripping and posing for the camera, knowing that he would be seeing them; knowing that once he did, the guessing in their relationship would be over.

Her juices started flowing as she thought of him, of how he would react, even more of him taking her. She hoped that he would like her pictures, that he would want to be with her as much as she wanted to be with him. Maybe he would suggest a rendevous tonight; she had made a point of saying she was alone for the evening. Perhaps, she thought, squeezing her legs together tightly, pushing the pleasure out through her body, perhaps he would want something sooner. She knew she would be ready.

She repeated the motion, flexing her sex as she thought about Michael. She had gone through all of her toys at home thinking about him. She had even masturbated thinking about him while Chad was asleep in bed with her. Some toys she had used several times, but not even using her hands could quench her desire to be with him. She could not get her bahis siteleri orgasms to the point where they were close to the pleasure another lover could do and she thought that he would be better than just any lover.

She wanted to finally see his cock, unhindered by the clothes that so often framed it for her. She thought about riding him, about sitting on top of his wonderful flesh. She continued flexing her muscles as she did so, becoming increasingly wet. She bent her head, putting her hands to her temples, hoping that anyone else would think she was taking a mental brake. Finally, she felt the shudder of a small orgasm go through her. She sighed with relief.

Coming back to reality, she looked around, embarrassed. Evidently she had kept enough control of her reactions that no one had noticed. Of course, the top of her thighs were wet with her juices, and her cubicle was warm and smelled of her sex, her fragrant cunny; she almost hoped she was discovered. She sighed again, longing for him as her arousal began to grow again. She was about to stand up when he spoke to her.

* * *

He’d left his desk as soon as he saw what she’d given him. But he hadn’t left. He’d gone to a different floor, into a conference room with a bathroom. Locking both the conference room door and the bathroom door, he took a deep breath and pulled out what he hoped was an invitation to her bed.

The picture she had left on top was a fully nude photo of her; leaning back against her headboard, Rebekah gave him a great view of her entire body. He sucked air deeply as he looked at it. Her left hand cupped a full breast, while her right hand was centered between her spread legs, her middle finger plunged deeply into her visibly moist pussy.

He was instantly erect and throbbing, giving serious thought to stroking himself. He decided immediately to hold off, if only to see what she would do with his pulsing erection, but he couldn’t resist squeezing himself through his pants.

The next picture she was in the same white business suit she had on today, strikingly beautiful as always. Like every time she wore the suit, the deep v-cut of the jacket revealed so much of her cleavage that he could see almost half her breast. Unlike the other times he’d seen her, however, she was now bent over toward the camera, her legs spread apart, blowing him a kiss, her teats nearly falling out. If she was wearing a bra, which he doubted, it wasn’t much of one.

The following picture confirmed his hunch. She still wore the coat, but the two buttons were undone. She had pulled it off her shoulders and opened it to the point where it only covered her nipples, but there was no strap anywhere on her chest. She was not wearing a bra!

The next picture Rebekah had pulled the coat off her breasts, which she was cupping in each hand. The picture was so clear that he could see the freckles on her pale skin. Her pert pink nipples stood out, pointing at him, mockingly, teasingly. Then he noticed that her skirt had been pulled up to the point that he could swear he saw the outline of her pussy lips.

The pictures showed him her strip tease in freeze-frame. She was now turned away from the camera, bent over the bed, the skirt still on, but showing all of her ass. Not only was her upper body turned to the point that her left breast showed, along with the smooth skin of her back and legs, but he noticed the lips of vagina between her legs, glistening with moisture. He stared at the picture for minutes, then slowly stuck his tongue out and licked that spot.

Next she was sitting on her bed, bra gone, skirt all but shoved up around her waist. Her ass against the bed, she was leaning toward the camera, her right arm cradling her breasts. Her left hand held up the front of her skirt, showing a thin line of very closely trimmed hair, leading down to an otherwise clean shaven mound.

Then a completely nude photo, standing facing the camera, her hands running into her hair, elbows up and back, tits up, legs apart, hiding nothing from him. Another with her lying on the bed, stomach down, head away, slightly on one side, face and ass lifted up and back towards the camera.

The following was her with a toy: a dildo at least half the length of her forearm, and at least half as thick as her wrist. She held the base between her breasts, her mouth was open, her tongue sticking out to touch the tip. The next photo was a close up showing her taking the head of the dildo into her mouth, so close he could see her saliva running down the shaft.

Now she was laying on her side, lengthwise to the camera, one leg canlı bahis siteleri flat on the bed, the other arched as she inserted the dildo into her. Her face was so contorted with agonizing pleasure that he had to wonder how long it had taken for her to take this picture and recover for the next.

As he flipped the page he was forced to reconsider. The picture showed nothing of her but her cunt, the dildo so far inside her that the end barely showed. He shuddered as he gripped himself, he was so aroused. He unzipped his fly, forcing his rod through the opening. He gently and slowly stroked his soft skin. He would have to think twice about cumming here; yet there were more pictures left and he badly needed relief.

He couldn’t believe this, or her! She had removed the dildo, holding it, glistening, in front of her, next to a smaller vibrator. She had a huge smile on her face. Flipping to the next photo showed him why. She was again laying on her side, the picture taken at an angle showing both her ass and crotch, from the knees to her smiling face. The dildo was now halfway into her ass, the vibrator held between her cum soaked labia by only the tip of her forefinger and thumb.

He looked down at his rod, seeing pre-cum oozing out the tip. He wiped it off with his thumb, then, in horniness, licked his thumb. God!, how he needed to taste her. He shoved everything back inside it’s proper place and went to see her.

She was alone, so he tossed the pictures on her desk, asking her what she was doing to him. She turned, looking like she was hurt. He had to apologize. He pointed to the bulge in the front of his pants, reminding her that he had to go through the day that way. He couldn’t wait to be close to her sex, his head between her legs, his lips attached to hers, kissing her in her most intimate spot, teasing her, licking her, and making her cum. He noticed, then, that he could smell her heat.

* * *

His pause gave her exactly the opening she wanted. She reached out, cupping him in her hand, offering to help him with his “problem” in any way he wanted. Simply the look on his face was worth the chance she took. It got even better as she pulled his zipper down. Her finger tips snuck inside the opening. It was then they heard voices approaching.

He ducked, cursing, trying to turn and pull his zipper up at the same time. She told him to get up, before someone saw him, but it was too late. Co-workers were walking in. If he was seen now, it would look very bad. She shooed him underneath her desk with her feet. Afraid someone might still come close and see him, she scooted her chair in further under her desk, only when her knees touched his head did she realize what she had done.

She felt his hands on her knees and feelings of desire, fear, lust and relief went through her. His hands gently caressed her legs, up and down, from her thighs to her calves. They went all the way up to her skirt, again and again, each time pushing it further up her legs, closer to her waist. He moved the skirt all the way past her crotch, and since she wasn’t wearing any underwear, rather than be exposed, she slid further down in the chair.

She felt pressure on the inside of her knees. Now uninhibited by her skirt, she willingly spread her legs apart. She felt his mouth on the inside of her leg and grabbed a magazine off her desk to hide her face in.

Slowly, antagonizingly slowly, she felt him kiss his way up her inner thigh. Finally, as she was about to sigh with the relief she knew was coming to her now aching pussy, he stopped. She gasped his name. She clamped her legs together, hoping to catch his head in between them, thereby preventing a retreat. Her legs closed on nothing but each other, and she involuntarily whimpered.

After a moment his lips brushed her other leg. She opened for him, hoping for the gratification she longed for, sighing as she felt him beginning the same, slow but pleasurable process on this leg. She tried to keep from noticably thrusting her hips at him, but couldn’t help but wiggle towards the pleasure he brought her. He was teasing her. No, he was torturing her, and unless she wanted them to be discovered, there was nothing she could do about it. He was having his revenge. She hoped he was enjoying it.

After half an hour of him licking and kissing her legs, she was so hot, so in need for an orgasm, she was sweating. She was so wet she could feel drips running from her vagina into the crack of her ass. Her chair must be soaked beneath her. Anyone coming near her would smell her sex.

Finally, she felt his tongue on her. canlı bahis It started just above her ass and went all the way up, between and over her lips, stopping centered on her clit. He rolled it in his tongue, and she shook with how good it felt. Her clit was greatly engorged, so much so that when he took it between his lips, it was like he gave her a mini-blow-job. She could feel him sucking her in and out of his lips. She swore that if it felt anything like this for a man, she would be giving many more of them. She looked down, seeing the top of his head, she ran her fingers through his hair. She was rewarded with the pressure of his fingers moving inside her. She wanted to cry out. Instead she sucked in hard.

As his fingers moved in and out of her, his tongue danced on her clit, up and down, side to side, around and around and around. She finally orgasmed, cumming so hard she bit down on her hand to keep from screaming. As she subsided, she felt his fingers withdraw, but his tongue stayed.

He licked up and down her labia, from thigh to thigh, sucking in all of her juices, cleaning her. He worked his way down now; until his tongue centered on her ass, which pointed directly at him. He licked her there too, his tongue going round and round, pausing now and then to push into her ass. She had never had a man tongue her like this, certainly not her reserved husband, not in the way he was playing with her ass, not like he had just done with her mound, and NEVER in a place like this.

This was as calm as she had been, but he was quickly working her up again. She wiped off her sweat, not being disturbed by her office-mates, she allowed herself to continue enjoying this pleasure. He began tonguing her lips and inner folds again, she set the magazine so that it lay from her desk to her stomach, covering his head and her nakedness, yet she still looked like she might be reading. She loved being able to look around and smile at people passing-by, all the while being given orgasms underneath her desk. She gasped and clamped both hands onto the desk as she felt his tongue slide inside her heated canal.

She’d had tongues inside her before and they always felt great. This was no exception. But he didn’t stop with sliding his soft forceful tongue into her cunny, he tongued her ass too. Back and forth he went, pussy to ass, ass to pussy. She wanted him to just stand up and ram his cock into her, while she fucked the untouched hole with her dildo. She wanted nothing more, but they couldn’t, not here. She didn’t want this to end, but she NEEDED that forceful release.

Then, as his tongue slid out of her ass and into her pussy again, she felt him slide a finger into her ass. She relaxed and pushed down, helping him slide it in. As he stroked her ass, it made her pussy tingle, increasing it’s sensitivity. His tongue was now even more thrilling.

Suddenly, instead of his tongue sliding into her, it was two of his fingers. His tongue went teasingly to her clit. His fingers in her pussy soon pulsed in and out of her like the finger in her ass. She could feel them stretching her vagina, pulsing through her inner canal. He was giving her as much penetration as he could, in both her holes at the same time. She was thrilled with the feeling of being exposed in public, her skirt around her waist, cheating, a man other than her husband going at her sex with reckless abandoned. He was good at it too. He found her g-spot in seconds and was hitting it on every stroke. She panted to keep from moaning. His tongue pounded a steady beat on her clit, her ass and vagina pulsed with his strokes, and her breathing grew ragged as the waves of pleasure grew and pushed outward through her body from her hot canal. She could feel his thick fingers sliding through her pussy, stroking her sex in the most sensitive way. She tightened her wet canal, flexing her pussy around his hand, her ass tightening with it. He fucked her hard, like she wanted it. She was going to cum again! She wanted to scream, but all she could do was squeeze the desk harder and bite her lip. His fingers pounded in her so hard he was moving the chair. In and out, both her pussy and her ass, in and out. Both her holes stretching to take as much as they could. In and out his fingers went, and the pleasure began to rain all around her. Out and in, she could not help but let out a long, soft moan as she came, her hips bucking uncontrollably against his face and the desk, riding his hand through the last bit of orgasm.

It had been well over an hour since they had begun and workers were leaving on breaks again. When she was sure it was clear, she moved back and aside, both letting him out and pulling her skirt down. They both stood at the same time. They walked to the bathrooms side by side, softly agreeing to meet at her place after work. Reluctantly, they parted.

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