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Rachel Meets Her Boyfriend’s Father

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Rachel had been dating Chris for about 3 weeks now. She was really starting to like him a lot, but then what wasn’t to like? He was handsome, 6 foot tall with chestnut eyes and a cute bum chin. He had a good job, so always wanted to spoil Rachel with gifts at every opportunity. The thing she liked most about Chris though was how he treated her. He was a great listener and always keen to find out as much as he could about her, seeming genuinely interested in what she had to say, not just trying to peek down her top every three seconds like many men she encountered.

This was part of Rachel’s problem. Being a stunningly beautiful, blonde, 21 year old, with a killer body and an incredible pair of pert 32FF tits, most of the attention she usually got from men was unwanted. It was never the nice guys who approached her, always the arrogant jerks who would look at her like a piece of meat.

They met in her local pub while she was out with a few girls from work. They chatted the whole night about his Architects firm, her work, hobbies, dreams and ambitions. Rachel was shocked that he was maintaining eye contact with her throughout their whole conversation, even though she was wearing a rather low cut top that evening. This one might be a keeper, she thought to herself.

Rachel decided she wanted to take things slowly and again to her surprise, Chris was absolutely fine with that. They had kissed after their third date in a romantic restaurant in town. But they still hadn’t slept together. It was even Chris’s suggestion that they got to know each other first and they should have at least 10 dates before considering taking it to the next level.

There was one little secret Rachel was keeping from Chris though, one she didn’t really like to admit even to herself. Rachel often wondered whether or not she was a nymphomaniac. She used regular sex as a way to unwind, and if she wasn’t getting it, she got very irritable and remained permanently horny. She would tell herself she hated these arrogant blokes, but they were an easy source for a quick fix for her. She loved to tease and the look on their faces when she finally gave them what they wanted, that was a look she craved.

So this 10 date scenario, was becoming a bit like torture to her. It was Chris’s idea however and Rachel was starting to like him more and more each day, so she was determined to keep her libido at bay.

It was the evening of their 10th date, they were just going to the pub with some other friends for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Rachel popped by Chris’s house beforehand to drop off her overnight bag. She rang the doorbell but it wasn’t Chris who answered. It was a man who she thought was probably in his early 50’s, he was strongly built with a bit of a beer gut, his hair was short and grey and he had patchy stubble on his chin. His eyes roamed over Rachel frantically, unable to take in this gorgeous blonde bombshell stood before him. He noticed an ample portion of her deep cleavage was on show through her half unbuttoned silk blouse. Her tits looked incredible and he found it hard to look away.

“Can I help you?” The man mumbled in a daze.

“Oh hi!” This had all taken Rachel a bit by surprise, Chris hadn’t mentioned anyone else would be there.

“I’m Rachel, I’m dating Chris. Is he… er…in?” Rachel stood on the doorstep in her work uniform, a short black skirt, tight white blouse and an open navy blue jacket, topped off with a pair of killer black stilettos, looking a vision of beauty as always, but with a confused expression. Who was this man openly ogling her up and down?

“You’re Rachel?!” The man looked surprised. “Well well well, Chris never mentioned how beautiful his girlfriend was, sorry Rachel I’m just a little taken aback.”

“I’m sorry but who are you?” Rachel asked tentatively.

“My apologies. I’m Steve, I’m Chris’s father, where are my manners.” He shook Rachel’s hand and she relaxed a little. “Do come in dear.” He seemed friendlier now, maybe it was just the shock of seeing her at first which triggered his typical male lusty response, something she was rather used to by now.

Steve opened the door wide and Rachel walked in. He looked down when he knew her back was turned and stared in amazement at Rachel’s cute pert bottom and long slender legs in her short work skirt. He felt a twinge in his pants and instinctively gave it a slight rub.

“May I take your jacket?” Rachel was about to say no thanks but Steve had already reached up and was sliding it from her shoulders before she could react. Steve then hung it up over the banister. Rachel felt his hand at the small of her back as he guided her through to the kitchen, then the briefest touch of the top of her ass cheek as he pulled his hand away, she knew it wasn’t an accident but chose to ignore it.

They were both in Chris’s small kitchen now just off the hall. “Take a seat, take a seat, Would you like a drink?”

“Thanks Steve, a cup of tea would be lovely. Where’s Chris then?”

Steve went to put the kettle on. He was bahis şirketleri finding it hard to grasp how his son was managing to date the most gorgeous woman he thought he had ever seen in his life. This girl made Chris’s mum look plain, and she was very pretty indeed. It had been six years since their divorce, she had remarried quickly but Steve spent a long time unable to get over it, he hadn’t been with a woman since. He was thrilled at his touch of her firm waist through her silk blouse, and even managing to brush his fingers against her pert bottom, Steve had always had a fetish for silk, and this girl was sending his head into a spin. Chris is one lucky bastard, he thought to himself over and over again.

“He’s just in the shower he will be down in a few minutes, here is your tea.” He shuffled over to her, handing her the tea and taking a seat opposite, at the small kitchen table.

“Thanks.” Rachel smiled at him. Chris was again stunned by just how beautiful she was. She had big blue eyes, full pink lips, a small button nose and gorgeous blonde, slightly wavy hair that fell around her shoulders.

They chatted for a while about how her and Chris met, and Rachel realised that Steve was going to be staying a couple of nights. He lived up north but was down for business for a few days. This slightly disappointed Rachel, she wondered about maybe making a bit too much noise later that evening. It would be awful if Chris’s dad overheard them having sex for the first time. Rachel was normally very vocal in the bedroom and in her current state of hornyness, this could prove a real problem.

Every time Rachel looked the other way, Steve’s eyes roamed down to her massive chest. He could make out the outline of her bra through the silk material pulled tightly over them. He couldn’t believe how big they were for a girl with such a slim waist. He felt his cock twitch in his jeans once more.

Chris Came downstairs 10 minutes later, freshly showered and ready to go out. He gave Rachel a kiss and tried to explain the presence of his father but Rachel said she already knew all the details. Then she went upstairs to change.

“How on earth have you managed that?” Steve asked his son bluntly, the instant Rachel left the room. Chris just smiled, “must get some charm from my old man I guess.”

Rachel had a quick shower and started getting ready for the night out. This was going to be a night to remember she thought, even if we have to fuck quietly.

She pulled on her best black stockings and sexy lace suspenders and panties. She had bought a beautiful black silk basque the day before. It zipped up at the back which she managed to do by herself with some difficulty, she didn’t want to call Chris and ruin the surprise for later. The basque had lace detailing around the cups, which struggled to encase her ample cleavage, and along the bottom hem which gripped her toned stomach perfectly just above her belly button.

She looked in the mirror and knew how hot she looked. She pulled her hair into a ponytail and put on some make-up, just a small amount of dark eye shadow and some light pink lipstick. Truth was Rachel didn’t need to wear any make-up, her skin was smooth and soft and blemish free, with a warm golden all over tan, she radiated natural beauty. Rachel Had brought a short, tight fitting, navy blue dress to wear with a faint silk flowery pattern. She looked a dream.

Steve’s mouth fell open when she came into the kitchen but neither Chris nor Rachel noticed.

“You look incredible babe! Shall we go?” Chris said, and they said goodbye and that they wouldn’t be back too late but would see Steve in the morning. He just sat there open mouthed for a while longer unable to comprehend how his son was dating this gorgeous creature. He knew his son wasn’t well endowed but maybe he had a few tricks up his sleeve, lucky bastard he thought once more. Unable to stop rubbing the massive bulge she had caused in his trousers.

Rachel and Chris had a lovely evening. The ate and chatted with their friends for hours. Rachel was a bit concerned however at how much Chris was drinking. He said he was fine though just stressed after a long week and needed to unwind. Privately Chris was panicking about that night ahead. He really liked Rachel but knew he needed as much Dutch courage as possible. She hadn’t seen him naked yet and the thoughts of her looking down at his tiny penis, laughing, then walking out the door, kept running through his mind. So he had another drink…and another.

On the walk home Rachel could tell that Chris was pretty drunk he was stammering and swaying a lot. She hoped he was up to the job as she had been getting herself worked up to this for weeks. It had probably been the longest time in her adult life she had gone without sex and no matter what she was getting it tonight.

She had been whispering naughty things about what she was going to do to Chris later, all evening. He had responded with some pretty filthy lines of his own, and had even massaged her inner thigh and stocking bahis firmaları tops as they ate, which had driven Rachel crazy. If it hadn’t been their first time together, she would have dragged Chris into the toilets and fucked him right there and then.

They got home and it was nearly midnight, later than planned, but Chris had seemed determined to drink his body weight in Jack Daniels and coke. Rachel was relatively sober, if a little flushed in the cheeks with alcohol. They Kissed passionately in the kitchen for a while, hands roaming all over each other, but as she held Chris close she couldn’t feel the bulge in his pants she expected pressed up to her this tight. Never mind she knew what would get him going and grabbed him by the arm and dragged him upstairs. They kissed for a while longer on Chris’s bed.

“I’ve been waiting for this.” Rachel moaned seductively. “Me too,” Chris replied, but he seemed reluctant to touch her now. “I’m going to the bathroom to freshen up, but when I get back you are in for the time of your life.” Rachel smiled and gave him another long lingering kiss. Chris just grinned back at her.

In the bathroom she took off her dress, tied up her ponytail again, and made sure she looked perfect in the mirror, she did of course. Then she grabbed her black satin dressing gown off the back of the bathroom door, thinking she probably shouldn’t be caught short on the landing in her underwear by Chris’s father. She tied it loosely around her waist and picked up her dress.

Creeping slowly across the landing she looked down and saw the light was still on in Steve’s room, he must be reading a book, she thought. I better be quite and bite my lip if I can. She made her way slowly back to Chris’s room, her panties were damp with anticipation.

He was sprawled on the bed and snoring loudly.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Rachel breathed. “Not tonight! Wake up! Wake up!” She shook him lightly at first but then more forcefully. Chris did not move a muscle, he was dead to the word, in a deep, booze fueled dream. “Fucking typical.” Rachel was cross she had been looking forward to this for ages, she didn’t know what to do.

After a couple more failed attempts to wake him, one of them being a sharp slap across his face, still no response. Annoyed and angry with Chris and herself for getting so worked up she made her way down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea and calm down. It’s not the end of the world she thought there will be other days. Then she heard movement from upstairs, maybe her luck was in, perhaps a power nap was all he needed?

Rachel stood with her back to the door by the kitchen sink waiting for the kettle to boil. There was some washing up to be done, so she filled the bowl and set about scrubbing the dishes, still cross and muttering to herself. Steve, who had been lying in bed trying and failing to not think about his sons stunning girlfriend, and what she could be doing to his ungrateful son at that very moment, had overheard some of her attempts to wake him, not realising the whole picture, he put down his book and made his way quietly downstairs.

He stood there for a while, his heart hammering, throat dry, unable to say anything as he gazed at this blonde beauty in his sons kitchen, she was crossly talking to herself, or was it to him? Did she think he was Chris? She still hadn’t turned around. He looked longingly at her nylon clad legs, that round small peach of a bottom which was only barely hidden beneath her short black satin dressing gown, that fitted snugly around her.

When she leaned forward to remove another plate from the bowl he thought he was going to pass out as he saw just the tiniest glimpse of what he thought could be stocking tops. He needed to say something soon or it would be really awkward if she turned around and saw him gawping at her. Then he heard Rachel muttering something, which captivated him. “Get me all worked up and then just pass out will you? Useless prick! I haven’t had it in ages. All i want is a good hard fuck! Is that too much for a girl to ask?”

She was clearly oblivious to Steve’s presence. He slowly tiptoed his way back along the corridor and halfway up the stairs. His mind racing with what she had just said. This beautiful girl was desperate for sex and his good for nothing son wasn’t up to the task. He couldn’t though? Could he? Well there was next to no chance Rachel was going to let him for a start, and what if she by some miracle was up for it and Chris woke up? He would be dead to his son then, Steve knew it.

The temptation to try was just overbearing. Six years with nothing but his hand for company was enough to let the curtain of lust descend over his rational thinking. He had to at least try, flirt a little, gauge the situation. Please let this work, please, he prayed.

With heavy footsteps this time he made his way down the stairs, trying to let her know he was there now. Rachel turned and thinking it was Chris she was about to berate him, but at the last second held her tongue, when she saw kaçak bahis siteleri who it was. Much to her disappointment, Steve was standing there in his blue cotton PJ’s. That drunken mess of a boyfriend was still out for the count then she thought.

“Oh Rachel, it’s you. I thought I heard someone down here. Thought it might be my son, sorry.” He smiled, hoping he had sounded genuinely surprised to see her.

“Oh that’s all right.” Rachel was suddenly aware that her outfit was fairly sexy and she blushed. “Couldn’t you sleep? I’m making a tea if you want one?”

“Oh lovely, 2 sugars thanks. No, I couldn’t sleep, worrying about work tomorrow. Did you have a good night?”

Rachel talked about her night and his work for a few minutes and seemed to relax, he didn’t seem the creepy type like most older men she knew. However much she tried though, she couldn’t get the frustrated tone out of her voice, she was still cross and hornier than she’d probably ever been.

“Is everything all right Rachel? You sound a bit upset that’s all?” Steve was trying to work an angle in through his mind. “You shouldn’t be doing the dishes anyway. They are mine from earlier, here let me do them.” He took a few steps forward until he was very close to Rachel now, his cock twitched slightly in his blue cotton pyjama trousers, as he looked down the length of her.

“No, no really it’s fine, I’m fine, just a bit stressed out and cranky that’s all. Thanks for noticing though.” She turned slightly looking up at him and smiled. Steve was side on to her now leaning against the kitchen counter. When she turned away he quickly looked down and his cock pulsed again. Her huge tits were barely concealed as the front of her gown was only loosely pulled together. He could see a good portion of her glorious 32FF cleavage and even saw a small amount of the beautiful black silk cups that were holding them in place. She looked like a model straight out of one of his porn mags, better even. He longed to reach over and squeeze those tanned, soft, mountainous tits with all his strength.

He hadn’t been subtle enough, Rachel suddenly clocked his stare and hurriedly wrapped her gown around her and fastened it tight with the thin satin belt.

“Sorry…errr…I didn’t mean to stare…It’s just…” He tried to apologise.

Rachel was used to it so she didn’t mind, she usually loved to tease men, probably shouldn’t be doing it to my boyfriends father though she thought. “It’s fine, I didn’t realise my dressing gown was open that much, sorry about that.”

Steve couldn’t believe it. Rachel was apologising to him for teasing him. He knew she was desperate for sex and now she knew the effect she was having on him. What could he do next? He had a thought and went with it.

“Look if you’re stressed I could give you a shoulder rub, I mean not if you would find it weird, but my ex-wife, Chris’s mum that is, used to say I gave excellent shoulder massages. They really do help to de-stress.” He paused waiting for her response.

Rachel suddenly felt a little uncomfortable about the situation she was in. It didn’t matter how horny she was, this was Chris’s dad, she didn’t want him to get any ideas. She was already aware by the way he was looking at her, of the thoughts that would be flying around in his head, but what should she say so as to not cause offence? Finally at last she said. “I’m not sure if that would be the…”

Steve could see she was about to say no. So not wanting to waste this once in a lifetime opportunity he took control of the situation. “Oh nonsense, here.” He moved quickly behind her and gripped her shoulders and began to massage then, soft at first, then deeper, with his thumbs in her shoulder blades. She felt amazing, the softness of the silk over her warm skin was unbelievable.

He felt Rachel tense at first but then her muscles relaxed. “That is nice actually, thanks, I think I needed it.” She said, after he had been going for 30 seconds or so.

Steve was getting way too overexcited. Thoughts of his son were swept cleanly from his mind. He massaged Rachel’s shoulders, her neck, the tops of her arms and now had a firm grip around her slim waist, squeezing with his fingers and running his thumbs up and down her spine. It was only then that he realised she must be wearing some sort of corset, this made his cock twitch vigorously and he was soon sporting an achingly hard erection.

Rachel was starting to like it all a bit too much. Her breathing had become heavier and shaky, a few moans had slipped past her lips which Steve had not seemed to notice, but he had of course. Now without realising what she was doing she was slowly rotating her bottom in a circular motion as he gripped her waist. Her nipples had gone as hard as rocks and she thought that if she didn’t put a stop to it soon then this situation was going to escalate to something really bad, really soon. Then she felt it.

Steve was sure Rachel was into this now. Her ass wiggled temptingly in front of his massive erection now tenting in his trousers. She was moaning at his touch, she wanted this. He carefully pulled out his raging cock and placed it lightly on top of the cleft of her silk covered ass cheeks, and gently began to rub himself up and down on her ass.

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