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Playing the Part Ch. 03

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I sipped my drink and spread my legs a little more…

He began to caress my inner thighs. He kissed my knees and massaged my legs firmly. He slid his hands under me and pulled me towards the end of the table where my pussy was at face level to him. He stuck his head under my skirt and with both of his hands on my ass, shoved his face into my crotch. He didn’t lick or suck it, he sniffed it, burying his face deep into my pussy and taking in my smells. He then moved away a bit and reached behind me to undo my skirt, he slid it down as I lifted myself from the table. He unbuttoned my jacket and removed it as well.

He buried his face in my neck and sniffed some more. The feel of his face and breath against me sent shivers throughout my body. My nipples became rock hard and he touched them. He didn’t squeeze or pinch them; instead, with the palms of his hands he rubbed them. In a circular motion, just stimulating them until they felt as if they would pop right off of my chest. He laid me back on the soft velvet of the table.

He reached back and grabbed another cherry. He ran the cherry down my neck and around my nipples, and then fed it to me as he put his mouth on my breasts. He circled my nipples, slowly and gently taking time to arouse each one. His hands began to caress them as he continued to lick them.

I felt his leg between mine as he began to press himself into me. I started to rub myself against him, slowly and methodically. It was as if everything was happening in slow motion. He licked around the side of my left breast and down into my armpit and along my arm. He sucked one of my fingers into his mouth and then another and another until he had taken time to suck each of them.

After sucking my fingers he worked his way back down my arm and down my side…making me giggle…being ticklish. He worked his way to my belly button and licked it too. I had been anticipating his mouth on my pussy but he licked all the way to the top of my lips, stopping before actually reaching it.

He then licked my inner left thigh and worked his way down my leg to my toes. He sucked my toes. As he sucked my left toes he reached and grabbed my right foot, rubbing it between his fingers and suddenly started sucking my right toes. I had never had my toes sucked and by now my entire body was tingling. I couldn’t wait for him to get to my wet pussy and work on it with that talented mouth.

He quickly grabbed my legs and slid me to the very edge of the table, throwing my legs over his shoulders. He licked my pussy, once quickly. His tongue was so hard. He licked it again…just once. OOOOhhh it was driving me crazy! He used his hands to spread my lips far apart and plunged his face between my legs. His hard tongue deep inside my wet pussy.

At that time he started fucking my pussy with his tongue. It was so good. He grabbed my drink and took out an ice cube…he inserted it into my hot pussy. It was so cold; he sucked the ice cube out and shoved it back in over and over until it had melted.

The bartender took me by my arms, raised me off the table and turned me around. He stood me up against the edge of the table. I heard him unzip his jeans and before I knew it he had bent me over the table and shoved his hard cock into my pussy.

His dick was very large and I was raised up off the floor from the force of his ramming it into me. He let out a moan as he plunged it deep inside me. We started to fuck…fuck each other hard. bursa escort He was ramming his hard cock in and out of me. He grabbed my tits and began to fondle them roughly and bit my shoulder.

He pulled his cock from my pussy and kneeled down between my legs. I felt his tongue at my cunt. He lifted me up and licked my cunt. He sucked at my clit and licked my pussy from front to back, tickling my asshole with his tongue. He quickly stood again and rammed his dick back into my twat.

Then he started fingering my hole, my butt hole. As he fucked my pussy he was fucking my ass with his fingers. I could feel him rub his cock with his own finger as he shoved his fingers in and out of my asshole to the rhythm of his fucking me. Then he took out his cock and put it into my ass. He didn’t take time to ease it in, shoving the entire length into my tight asshole.

Once deep inside me he stopped as I felt his cock throbbing inside of me. He slowly began to slide his hard cock in and out of my ass. He spread my ass cheeks far apart and watched his dick slide in and out. “Oh yeah,” I heard him say “mmmmm that’s so good.” I started to relax and push myself towards him. I grabbed my legs and spread them far apart so that he could have full access to my tight ass.

He was pounding my ass…pounding me into the table. He reached up and grabbed my hair. He wrapped his hand in my long hair and raised my head up, arching my back. He had one hand on my shoulder and the other wrapped in my hair as he pounded himself into me. It felt as if he were riding a horse. I braced myself with my hands on either side of me on the table.

He pulled my head around as he bent over to look me in the face. “How’s that, little girl?” he said harshly “Does the little bitch like this big dick in her ass?”

“Tell me, tell me how you like being fucked in that tight ass!”

I did! I did like the feel of his big cock sliding in and out of my asshole. He was so big filling me up and his screaming at me turned me on even more.

“Yes, yes, I like that big dick buried deep in my ass…you FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD with that cock!” I yelled back at him and pushed against him even harder. “Don’t stop, you fuck this ass hard.” I told him. He loved it. He groaned and rammed it into me as far as he could get it. “I know you like it, don’t you?” I said to him “You like having that big dick in my dirty fuck holes, don’t you?” I reached back and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me.

“Oh shit yes!” he yelled “FUCK YES that ass is so tight so good!”

“AAHhggggg” he was moaning and seemed to be choking on his sounds. He pounded me like that for what seemed forever. He was fucking me so hard that my feet never touched the ground. He had me lying down on the table, feet dangling underneath me.

He stopped suddenly and lifted me up. He sat me on the table and told me to turn around. I did as he said. I crawled towards him on the table on all fours. He grabbed my head, by my hair again and rammed his hard dick down my throat. I gagged as I felt it deep down my throat. He was holding my head with both hands and began fucking my mouth.

“What a nice mouth you little slut.” He was saying, “Swallow this big dick, and suck it all down your throat.” He reached back with one of his hands and grabbed my ass. He rammed a finger into my asshole as he continued to fuck my face. “Ohhhmmmmm, you are so good at that, my little slut.”

“Take it all, take my dick escort bursa down your throat!”

I did. I sucked it deep down my throat. I was having trouble breathing it was sooo deep. I gasped and choked but he didn’t care. He was ramming himself into my face. “Oh God you bitch, you are going to make me cum!” He was screaming “Here it cums, you swallow my cum, swallow my load down your throat!”

I felt his dick start to throb and could take no more. He filled my throat with his cum. There was so much that I was choking, I couldn’t breathe it was oozing out of my lips, pouring out and dripping onto the table. He slammed my head down on his cock one last time and held it there…”AAAhhhhhhGGGG GODDDDDDDD YESSSSSS, FUUUUUUUUUCK YESSSSSS!!!”

He was convulsing as he unloaded the very last drop into me. He quickly pulled his dick from my mouth and pulled my face up to meet his. He kissed me, he licked my face. He licked his cum with his tongue and then plowed it into my mouth. I was gagging and choking. He tasted my ass and his cum all of my juices. He sucked on my tongue and then threw me back in the table. He staggered backwards and stumbled into a chair.

He grabbed his head and covered his face with his hands. “Ummmm, damn!” He said, “God you are hot!”

“That was amazing, sorry if I got a little carried away.” He chuckled “But you brought out the beast in me.”

“I kept thinking about you being upstairs with that other guy, fucking him, sucking him.”

“I couldn’t stand it! I had to have some of that too.”

I sat up on the table, grabbed the bottle of Amaretto and gulped down a big drink, straight from the bottle. I then began to pour it down my body. I drizzled just a little on my tits and followed down my belly and to my pussy. I sat the bottle down and lay back on the table.

I was sore all over. I had been fucked by two men today, a first for me. I rubbed the booze into my skin. I caressed my tits and pinched them. I massaged my belly and then rubbed my pussy. I licked the Amaretto from my fingers and stuck them into my pussy. I had my legs bent at the knees, spread far apart and facing him, so that he could watch as I masturbated.

“You fucked me so good.” I told him “Your big hard cock fucking all of me.”

“It was so good.” I told him as I looked him right in the eyes and fingered my wet pussy. My face and tits were covered in his gooey cum. I mixed it with the sweet Amaretto as I rubbed myself.

I grabbed a cherry from the container and shoved it up my pussy. I left it there as I fingered my cunt. I pulled it out and ate it, sucking it in between my lips. I watched as his cock began to rise again. He was biting his lower lip as he wrapped his hand around his cock.

He started stroking it as I continued to work on my twat. I rubbed my clit, it was so engorged. I licked my fingers and rubbed it some more. He moved over towards the table. He pulled the chair over and sat at the edge of the table, watching my fingers explore my cunt.

He reached over and tickled my clit. He flipped it with his fingers sending a rush through my body. I was finger fucking my pussy as he began to slap my clit. It was very arousing. My clit was standing high at attention. “MMMmmmm, Ohhh yeah that’s good!” I moaned. “Please lick it, I need my clit licked, please…ummmmm”

He continued to flick it and slap it. I was squirming around I needed to get off. I had been holding it so long. I stopped escort bursa fingering myself and pushed his hands away. I spread my pussy opened as far as I could and scooted down to the end of the table. I reached for his head and managed to get a handful of his hair. I slammed his face into my cunt. “Eat it damn it!” I commanded him. “I need to CUM!”

“Suck my clit, eat my pussy, aaggghhhhhh!” Just then he stuck his tongue into me.

“Ohhhhhh, God.” I moaned. I let go of his head and laid back. He spread my lips apart and began to lick my throbbing pussy. He was being so tender, so gentle, lapping at it with his tongue. “Oh yes, just like that…iiittt’s soooo fffuuucking gggood.” I was stuttering. I just lay there taking it in. It wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. “Easy now.” I said,” suck on my clit, just a little.”


He did as I said. Oh my I was soo close. I could feel it work its way up. I took his head in my hands and gently fucked his mouth with my pussy. It was screaming to explode. I came, I came in floods. I was bucking against his face and running my fingers through his hair. It was ecstasy!

He was sucking at my clit and moaning as I covered his face with my juices. I pulled his head away and up to my face, as I wanted to taste as well. I licked his face and sucked his tongue. He reached down to grab his throbbing cock. He stood up and jacked his cock again. He stroked it a few times and then shoved it into my pussy as he filled me up again.

He lie down on top of me and just let his wad stream into me. I could feel it throbbing inside me, filling me up, and dripping down between my ass cheeks. “Hmmmm…sssssss…ahhhhhh.” He was moaning as he buried his head in between my tits. He collapsed, his entire weight on top of me. We stayed like that for a while, both of us too tired to move.

He eventually stood up just long enough to fall back into the chair. I rolled over and curled up on the table. “I can’t drive home.” I told him. “I am exhausted.” I started to cry, out of pure exhaustion. I couldn’t imagine even getting up off the table, let alone drive home.

“Don’t worry sweetie.” He consoled me “I’ll get you a room, you can just stay here.” He walked over and put his pants on. “Besides I get a discount!” He laughed. He kissed me on the head and said, “I’ll be right back.” He pulled his shirt on and didn’t even bother with his shoes. Few minutes later he returned. “You ready sweetheart?” he asked.

I sat up, completely drained, sticky, gooey…ready to collapse. He moved the bottle and cherry jar and wrapped the velvet throw around me. He swooped me up and carried me down the hallway. “I got one close,” he said.

He opened the door and rushed me into the room. He laid me down on the bed. “You sleep doll.” He said “I will go get your things and I need to clean up the bar a bit, don’t want to leave that for the day shift!” I heard him leave. I didn’t even get under the covers; just lay there wrapped in the throw, unable to move. I had no energy left.

A few minutes later he returned. He put my clothes in one of the chairs and came over to me. He sat down on the bed next to me. “You gonna be ok?” he asked, “You need anything else?”

I looked up at him and smiled “Sleep” I said, “I need sleeeeeeeppp!” And laughed.

“I know you do.” He joked. He bent down and kissed my cheek. “Good Night, you fucking goddess!”

“I had a wonderful evening.”

I heard him leave the room, the door slamming closed behind him. I was relieved to be alone. I was basking in the afterglow of the day’s excitement as I drifted off to sleep. I could see the sun peeking through between the drapes. I rolled over and was out.

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