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He told me that his house would be empty from 10 until 2. This meant that if I could figure it out, we could have a midday romp. It just so happens that I could “run some errands” during lunch time. Throughout the morning Sir sent me some videos that he thought I would like. And he was correct, mmf is a fantasy of mine. As typical, he asked “color?”

I didn’t really remember. “Turquoise, I think.” I suggested allowing my Friend to check. Sir wasn’t totally accepting of that.

Teasing throughout the morning has me so turned on. I am so ready to see him. As the time approached for my lunch break, he told me, due to work issues he wasn’t going to be able to make it, but could see me right at the end of the day.

I was feeling very naughty and Sir had sent me a picture a couple of days ago that I decided to sort of recreate. When I went to the restroom, I pulled my panties down, dropped them around my ankles and snapped a picture to prove their color. I sent this picture to Sir. I send all my pictures to Sir. I also sent this picture to Friend. I prompted it by saying “in case you were interested in what is under.” “Nothing is under at the moment,” He replies. I, then, correct him stating that they have been returned to their rightful place, unless he had other ideas. He said that they should be removed. And that I should send proof.

I stood up at my desk, pulled up my skirt, and pulled my panties off. I sat back down in my chair and took an upskirt picture proving the state of my undress. This picture I sent first to my Friend, then to Sir. Both of them appreciated the image. Sir thanked me for the picture and asked how I would feel about the plug. I told him I would consider it.

Soon, I found myself in the bathroom putting in my plug. Another picture was taken before bursa escort I left the bathroom. This time I sent it to Sir first, then Friend. Friend said he wanted me to keep it in until he fucked me later. After working at my desk for a while, I was so wet that I left a wet spot on my desk chair. Picture sent.

Sir told me that he was going to relieve some pressure. “Are you sure you want to do that?” “Fair,” and his mind was changed. I was glad about this because I know Friend wants to fuck my cum filled pussy.

By this time the typical end of our work day approached. I had more things to deal with at work in another area of the building. I told Sir where I was so he could find me. When he came into the room, I was sitting at the desk. He walked up behind me and reached around to possess my breasts. He dropped to my level and caressed my breasts as he nuzzled and kissed my neck. I turned toward him and he pulled the neck of my shirt down to expose my massive tits to his eyes and his mouth. His hand was touching and penetrating my wetness. As usual, he made me cum, and it didn’t take long. He sucked my nipples and left his mark next to the areola on my left breast. He took me by the hand and led me to the counter, wrapped his arms around me and kissed me; possessing me.

He turned me away from him and bent me over. My skirt, around my waist, exposed my plugged ass to him. He caressed my ass and slid his fingers down to my pussy. He fingered me and made me cum again. He noticed a drumstick on the file cabinet. He picked it up and swatted my ass with it. He gave me 2 or 3 swats then noticed the marks that had been left on my cheek. “Oh, I don’t think I’ll use that anymore”. But he reached between my legs and felt how wet I was. “Seems like someone liked it.” bursa merkez escort So, he swatted a few more times. Not hard, but hard enough. And again, he made me cum.

Now he was ready for something more. He revealed his hardening cock to me and asked if I wanted to suck it. “Oh. Yes, please.” I dropped to my knees. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked. I didn’t get to use many of my skills because what he really wanted was to fuck my mouth. He grabbed my head and used my mouth for his fuck toy. I was holding his thighs and sucking and licking as best I could to make sure that I wasn’t just a hole, to make sure he got everything he wanted. Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth and stood me up and bent me over the counter again. He slid his cock into my wet pussy and started pounding. “Oh, gawd yes, baby, fuck my pussy,” it wasn’t long before he dumped his load inside of me.

Sir is very good to me because his favorite thing is to make me cum. After he pulled out, he rubbed my pussy hard and fast and I came again. I tried my best to control my last orgasm. I knew if I didn’t that I would gush and lose all of the cum he just put inside me. I was mostly successful and only lost a bit of the fluids from my pussy. Since Sir doesn’t work with me, he had to leave.

Being an extended day at work, I still had play time with Friend. After Sir left, I texted Friend. “The wetness in my pussy right now is not just my own.”

“Oh! Are you cum filled?”

“I am.”

I asked him if I was going to have to wait until six o’clock for him to fuck me. Luckily he was so horny on that he wanted me right away. “Two loads of cum in less than an hour is so sexy.” He doesn’t use many words, but when he does they are such a turn on to me. He comes to find me.

Being bursa sınırsız escort relatively new to our place of work, Friend hadn’t been to this area. I showed him around a bit and told him about what was done here. Then I walked up to him and pinch his nipples. He loves to have his nipples played with, pinched, bit, anything. After a bit of nipple play he asks if I want to suck his cock. And, of course, my answer is yes. I take him into the storage room, so that we aren’t out in the open. He pulls his cock free and I, once again, am on my knees. I take him in my mouth. I suck the head.

“Oh yes”

I take him all the way in my mouth. You see, he isn’t as big as Sir, so I can get him all the way in before my gag reflex triggers. I suck as I pull off of him.

“You are an amazing cock sucker.”

I like when he tells me this because I know my practice with Sir has paid off. I lick up the shaft and pop the tip in my mouth like a lollipop. I suck the tip and then take him all the way in. He puts his hand on my head, but then moves his hand away. I get the feeling that he wants to grab my head and fuck my mouth, but he doesn’t. I think I will need to talk to him about that. He is still talking to me, telling me how much he loves it when I suck his cock.

“You ready to get fucked in that cum filled pussy?”

“Gawd yes.”

I stand up, turn around and pull my skirt up for him. He lines his cock up and slides it in. There is no resistance inside me.

“You like getting fucked twice in an hour?”

“Gawd yes. I feel like a slut.”

“Oh yes, you are being such a slut. You like being naughty.”

“Oh yes, gawd that feels good.”

At this point he is slamming into me, fucking me hard and I am cumming.

“You’re gonna suck all of the cum off of me when we’re done.”

“Oh yes, please. I want that.”

I feel him pump harder and then stiffen as he shoots his load inside of me…the 2nd load in an hour. He pulls out and I turn around to suck him. It tastes amazing. Gawd, my legs are shaky, but must return to work.

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