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Photo Studio Ch. 04

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Authors Note: This is part of a series and is built on characters and settings from previous chapters.


In a little over three days working Tina had miraculously gotten my extremely disorganized and backlogged paperwork completely cleared up. With little else to do when we were not shooting in the studio, I set her to learning how to work the software packages I used to edit photos, and supplied her with a number of photography books to start learning the basics. I was extremely pleased to see her jump in and quickly pick up the basics. While she frequently downplayed her level of intelligence, I was learning that she was extremely smart and a quick learner. To that end I fixed her up with an older Nikon digital body and a couple lenses for her to start working with.

It wasn’t a big surprise to see her experimenting with different effects in the software on a few pictures she had shot with the Nikon. While she had a long way to go before I turned her loose with my forty thousand dollar Hasselblad H4D, it was obvious she had a knack for photography.

Since our next appointment, a couple coming in for an engagement photo, was running late, I spent the free time talking about how to light for a portrait and how the slave flash units worked and were utilized. She paid careful attention to every detail, seeming to absorb the information like a sponge. When our appointment finally arrived I let her watch how I worked with the couple, setting and adjusting their pose, framing them in the finder and coaxing each detail into the frame that I wanted, right down to how they smiled or looked at each other.

Following the shoot we downloaded the images and cleaned them up, getting rid of any inadvertent redeye caused by the flashes and brushing out the one zit that had apparently appeared on the bride-to-be’s chin that morning.

With no other appointments until afternoon I decided to go out and see how the house was coming. I was surprised to see a number of trucks parked in the driveway and a huge dumpster in front of the house.

“Hey Sunny!” I called as I got out of the car and saw her walk out of the front door carrying a huge chunk of plaster.

“Scott! How’s it going today?” She called back, stopping to take her hardhat off for a second to wipe her brow with her sleeve.

“I was going to ask you the same thing.” I said as I walked up the steps by the dumpster, watching another young woman, covered in dust and dirt, walk out and toss a chunk of wall into the dumpster.

“It’s actually going pretty well. Come on in and take a look.” She said brightly, turning to lead me into the house.

I was instantly surprised at the transformation that had taken place. The entire living room space had been completely stripped down to the wooden structure.

“It’s got all hundred year old oak studs. These things are hard as nails and in good shape, so we can leave them all, but they’re going to be fun to drill for wiring.” Sunny said as another woman, about forty or so, stepped past with an armload of wooden strips, headed toward the dumpster.

“Well, that’s good. Looks like you’ve been busy!”

“We have. We’re pulling all the walls on the first floor.” She said as she led me toward the rear of the old house and into a room that was partially demolished, about six women in work gear and hard hats pulling down plaster and lath, pulling nails from studs and ripping out ancient insulation.

“I didn’t know you had an all woman crew.” I said in surprise.

“Oh, I don’t. I have a few guys, but for the most part it’s women.” She answered, stepping aside to let another load of trash head for the dumpster.

“I was thinking. Do you mind if I come out and take some pictures during the transformation?”

“No I don’t mind. It’s your property. Just don’t expect to take a lot of shots like you did of my little sister.” She said with a stern look.

“About that. First I didn’t know she was your sister, and second…well…It really was her idea.” I said defensively.

“Wanting you to take pictures, yeah I can see that, but her idea to get naked like that? That’s defiantly not something she would think of. At least I didn’t think so.”

“Her idea…Honest.” I said, holding my hands up. “I don’t want to cause issues between you or with me. If I had known I would have put the kibosh on it long before it got to where it did.”

“Oh? Just how far did it go?” She asked, turning angrily toward me.

“You better ask her. I’m not getting in the middle of this.”

“You already ARE in the middle of this.” She said hotly, the whole crew stopping to stare at us.

“I didn’t do anything she didn’t ask me to. If you don’t believe me, ask her.” I said sharply. “I’m not in the habit of telling other people what I do with others, and that includes sisters!” I shot at her before turning on my heel and storming out of the house.

I slammed the car door and threw gravel as I spun my Traverse around, accelerating angrily down the drive. How the hell was I supposed bursa escort to know that she was Sunny’s sister, and when did it become my business to police someone else’s actions? Hell, it was her idea…The pictures and the sex!


I was finally cooled down by the time I got back to the shop. I walked in to find Tina sitting on a stool in the studio area, her Nikon mounted to a tripod, taking pictures of herself.

“HI. Just trying some of the things you said about light.” She said, getting off the stool to go wind her camera.

“I see.” I said as I headed through to the back. I pulled the new Digital Canon off the shelf, twisted on a lens and then dug around for the wireless remote. Once I had it snapped on I carried it out and handed it to her. “Here. Try this. You won’t need to use the self timer.” I told her as she took the camera from me.

“Thanks! This is super!” She said as she unmounted the Nikon and started transferring the quick release base to the Canon. I smiled as I headed back to the rear of the shop, leaving her as excited as a kid at Christmas.

I spent the next hour making calls and figuring out quotes for some commercial jobs. My stomach finally told me it was lunch time. I wondered if Tina had eaten yet and got out of my chair, stretching toward the ceiling before walking through the curtain and into the studio. I froze in my tracks when I saw Tina standing in front of the chair, tossing her skirt off to the side, her blouse unbuttoned and swinging free, her extremely tiny panties hidden from my view only by the pantyhose she wore.

“What are you doing?” I asked incredulously.

“What? Just taking some pictures.” She answered with a grin. “Wanna watch?”

“What… watch you get undressed?”

“Well, not all the way!” She said as she sat back down and picked the remote back up. She leaned back on the stool and let the blouse spread apart, exposing her lacy half cup bra that barely covered her breasts up over the top of her nipples, little half-moons of her large dark areola showing above the top of the pink lace as it squeezed and lifted her breasts into two creamy orbs with a full dark crevice between them that invited being stared at.

“It’s a bit public for these kind of pictures.” I said after the camera flashed again and I shook my head back into reality.

“Oh phoo. My bikini shows a lot more than this!” She said as she shrugged off the blouse and lifted one leg into the air before hitting the remote again.

“Tina. This isn’t the place for this.” I objected.

She put her leg down and looked around. “Where else can I do it?” She complained.

“I don’t know, but not here.” I said. “Now would you please put your clothes back on before someone comes in?”

“Awww. If you insist.” She said, climbing off the stool and slipping her blouse back onto her shoulders. She walked over and picked up her skirt and then continued toward me until she was standing barely a foot in front of me. Dropping her skirt at her feet she reached up to her bra and hooked a finger in each cup. “Wanna see more?” She asked teasingly, tugging at the cups and sliding her fingers back and forth between her obviously hard nipples and the lacy material . She was being quite successful at making each hard nipple peek out and then disappearing again as she teased both of us. “Or don’t you like how I look?”

“I think you look very nice. Now please, get dressed.”

“ohhhh Ok sweetie, if you insist. But I really don’t feel like wearing this anymore right now.” She said as she shrugged her blouse off again, letting it slide down her arms until it dropped to the floor at her feet. She reached behind her back and I saw the cups spring loose and hang, barely covering her breasts, supported only by the two small loops over her shoulders. She slowly pulled each shoulder strap off, holding the cups in place with her arms until the straps were hanging loosely at her elbows. With a little grin she straightened her arms down by her sides, letting the cups fall away, her bra sliding down her arms until it fell free to the floor. Her breasts were a nice size, easily a full C cup, and while they needed some support to hold the shape they had been sporting moments before, they were still extremely sexy looking breasts.

“Tina!” I said, shocked.

“Oh come on. I know you’ve been checking out my tits ever since I interviewed. Go ahead. You can play with them if you want.” She said. Lifting her hands up over her head and stepping closer to me. I backed up two steps until I was stopped by the corner of the counter while she stepped one more step toward me, gently pressing her breasts against my chest. “How ’bout it? Wanna play with them?” She asked seductively, dropping her hands down to my shoulders and slowly sliding them down my arms. I felt her hands find my hands and pull them gently toward her chest as she leaned her face toward mine, sucking my lower lip into her mouth and moaning softly. “God I’m so horny. I wish you’d just take bursa escort bayan me right here and fuck my brains out!”

“Tina! What about your husband?” I objected as she rubbed her nose across mine, preparing to give me another kiss.

“It’s ok.” She whispered. “He won’t be home until tomorrow. We have plenty of time.”

I gently pushed my hands against where she was holding them, using her soft tits as a handle to back her away from me. “I don’t think this is right.” I said quietly as she let go of my hands.

“Your mouth says no, but your cock says hell yes.” She whispered, grabbing my hard on through my pants with one hand and trying to undo my belt with the other.

“Stop! Tina! Stop. This isn’t the place or the time for this.” I said, grabbing her hands and pulling them from me. “I’m going to get some lunch. I’ll… I’ll be back in a bit.” I said breathlessly, taking a step sideways to clear her.

I finally made it out of the shop and walked quickly down the street to the small pizza place around the corner. “What the hell got into her?” I muttered to myself as I sat and waited for the waitress to come take my order. I had to admit that she had me horribly turned on, and when the waitress came over I couldn’t help but stare at how well she filled out her shirt while I ordered.

My pizza finally came, the cute waitress giving me a pleasant smile as she set down my food. By the time I had eaten I felt almost back to normal. I hoped that Tina would be back to normal by the time I got back as well…or at least hoping that how she was behaving wasn’t normal, or it was going to be tough to work with her. I hadn’t seen any indication of this kind of thing when I interviewed her or in the last several days she had been working with me. I really had no idea what came over her.

“Tina?” I called when I walked into the shop. She was nowhere to be seen so I assumed she was in the back. I stepped through the curtain and found her, sitting in her desk chair, one foot up on the desk, her blouse on, but spread wide around her bare tits and her skirt pulled up to her waist, nothing on below that but her heels.

“Ohhh god. I’m sorry!” She mumbled, pulling her wet fingers out of her pussy and putting her leg down. “I’m just so horny. I’m sorry.” She said again as she closed her blouse and buttoned it with shaking hands.

I sat down at my computer station and tried to work on photos from a recent wedding, the scent of sex in the office driving me to distraction.

“Scott.” She said quietly. “I want to apologize. I really don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s ok.” I answered without looking.

“You’re not going to fire me, are you? I really do need this job.”

“No. I’m not going to fire you.” I answered. “Why don’t you get the studio set up. We have that couple coming in shortly for portraits.”

“Yes sir.” She said meekly, getting up from the chair and walking out of the office.

I sat and worked a little longer, expecting her to come back in. When she didn’t I stepped to the curtain and looked out, shocked to see her sitting with her skirt pulled up, taking pictures of her fingers stuffed into her pussy.

“Tina! Damn! It’s public out here! You can’t do that kind of thing in the main studio!” I said angrily as I walked out. I turned off the camera and pulled it off the tripod. “Now wash your hands and try to look professional.” I said sending her toward the office with a push.

“Yes. Sorry. I really don’t know….” She started to say as she walked toward the office.

“Not now. We’ll talk about this later.” I said in irritation. I followed her into the back and put the camera on the shelf and got my hasselblad out, fitting it with the lens I needed and a remote. I was adjusting the lights and tripod when Tina came back out, her dress and blouse fixed and her hair brushed back into place.

“I’m really sorry. I just took one more picture, and then …well…another and another. I don’t know what came over me.” She said, leaning herself as close to me as she could.

“It’s ok. Let’s just concentrate on this shoot.” I said quietly as the couple came in the door of the shop, a large garment bag carried over his arm.

“Hi. Scott?” The guy said, holding out a hand.

“Yes. You must be Roger and this lovely woman must be your wife Angie?” I said with a smile.

“Yes. Thank you.” She said, blushing a bit.

“So tell me what you’re looking for in a portrait.”

“We need a formal portrait. Suit and gown. That kind of thing.” He answered.

“Sure thing. There are dressing rooms in the back for you to change in.” I said. My assistant Tina will show you where.”

“Thanks!” He said, leading his wife along by the hand as he followed Tina.

I busied myself with the lights, just killing time, until the two returned, him in a dark suit and the wife in a long strapless purple gown. I got them situated in front of a mountain background scene and took several pictures, adjusting their poses, bursa bayan escort sitting, standing with each other, that kind of thing. Tina watched closely how I worked with the couple through the whole process. I changed to a mottled gray-blue background and shot several more. Finally I pulled the green screen down, allowing me to put anything I want on their background. After shooting a number of shots I allowed Tina to take a few, just to see how she applied what she had been learning. With the shoot done I loaded the images onto the system in the studio for them to view proofs.

I had the two seated at the table and started showing them the images we shot to ensure that I had captured what they intended.

“Scott. This would be a really good shot for that new brochure you were talking about. Do you mind if I take a couple shots for that?”

“No. That’s fine.” I said absently as I made a few adjustments to one image the couple liked. “Just make sure that you get a release signed.” I called as she disappeared into the back.

“So. Here is what we have so far. This one with you two standing looks about the best.” I said, turning the screen to show both of them, the flash from Tina’s camera washing the screen out for a second.

“Yeah. That looks pretty good. But we still kind of look like roommates, not husband and wife.” Angie said with a frown. “Can we make it look a bit more intimate?”

“We can if you want.”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Ok. Let’s go back over and try a few more.” I said, pulling the card from the computer to put back in the camera. Tina shot a few more as I reset the stage and got the two of them sitting on an antique loveseat, their bodies pressed together gently.

“Ok. now. Look at each other. More like you’re lovers.” I said with a chuckle. “Yeah. That’s better. ” I said as I clicked the shutter. “Now hold hands more.” I said, walking to the couple and sliding their clasped hands into her lap a bit father. “Are you ok Angie? You look a bit flushed.”

“I’m fine. Just a bit warm suddenly. Must be the lights.” She said. “Let’s just keep going.”

“Ok.” I said with a shrug. Tilt your head a bit to the left. No a tad more. Look into his eyes more. Yeah…there you go.” I said as I took the picture.

“Now. Why don’t you sit on his lap.” I said, stepping around the camera again to take her hand. I helped her up and then had Roger turn slightly before setting her back on his lap. “Now look down into his eyes.” I said. “Roger. You need to hold her hand. No upright. Yeah, now interlace your fingers. Yeah… Just like that. Angie… Look like you’re about to kiss him…Uh huh. Oh yeah. Perfect.” I said as I clicked off several quick shots as she leaned ever closer to him.

I was almost surprised when she pressed her lips to his, softly kissing him with a very sensual wet kiss.

“Honey?” Roger breathed when she finally broke the kiss nearly a minute later.

“Sorry…Just got carried away I guess.” She said. “It is a bit warm in here, isn’t it?” She added, fanning herself slightly with her hands.

“I’m not surprised, after that kiss.” Tina whispered from behind me. “That even made me hot.”

“So let’s go look at these.” I said, trying to shift the direction of the conversation. I pulled the card from the camera and walked back to the computer. Instead of sitting on the other chair, Angie sat down on her husband’s lap, clasping one of his hands into her lap.

“So here is what we have now.” I said, flicking up the images one at a time that we had just taken. She wanted intimate, and there was no doubt that these were definitely that. In one shot you could see her lips part slightly, her eyes sparkling as their faces were inches from each other.

“That’s perfect.” She whispered.

I looked over and saw her pulling her husband’s hand up the front of her dress, clearly aiming it for her partially exposed chest.

“I wish I had brought something a bit more revealing though. Wouldn’t it be sexy for me to sit on your lap in just my underwear and be unbuttoning your shirt?” She said to her husband.

“Angie?” He asked in surprise.

“I’d like to see that picture. I bet you would too.” She whispered to her husband. “I bet you’d like to see a lot more than that too. Wouldn’t it be hot to have pictures of us making love?”

“Um. I think we’re done here. If you want to go change I’ll print a few proofs of the good ones here.” I said loudly, pulling their attention back to the fact that they were not alone.

“Um Yeah.” Angie said, getting of her husband’s lap.

I shook my head as the two got up and started back to the changing room in the back of the office.

“Um. Does he take pictures of women dressed in …well…less than dresses?” I heard her ask Tina.

“Sometimes.” Tina answered quietly before Angie walked away.

“Good lord.” I muttered as I framed the images and sent them to the dye sublimation printer in the back. I was beginning to wonder if the whole world had gone sex crazy today.

I waited for them to come back out of the changing room and for the printer to finish. The computer popped up the message that the images were printed and I walked to the office to get them while Tina folded and put away drapes and shut off the flood lights in the studio area.

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