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Perfect Stranger, Strangely Perfect Ch. 01

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This story is set in the world of horses and international showjumping and is the second instalment in the Daniel Lawson series, following on from ‘First Love, Second Chance’.


‘If you weren’t my best friend, I’d probably hate you,’ smiled Trudy begrudgingly, hugging Emma tightly. ‘You look amazing! Being in love definitely agrees with you.’

‘Thank you, my lovely,’ blushed Emma, squeezing her back. ‘I feel amazing. Come through.’ Arm in arm, the two women walked down a wide hallway and into a cavernous, high-ceilinged lounge. Although the walls were hung with breathtaking landscapes, brought alive by luminous, swirling oil paints, it was the view out of the window which really stole the show; acres and acres of well-maintained post and rail fenced paddocks containing sleek, muscled horses in the peak of their condition, grazing contentedly in the Spring sunshine. They headed towards a set of huge, squishy sofas and Trudy sank gratefully down into one of them, sighing deeply. Emma busied herself by pouring out home-made lemonade and passed a glass over to her unusually reserved friend.

‘So, what’s your secret ingredient because I could sure do with some of it?’ sighed Trudy. ‘I guess being married to one of the sexiest blokes on the planet probably helps?’

Emma observed her closely before answering.

‘I suppose it doesn’t hurt,’ she smiled slightly. ‘What’s up Trude?’

‘I’ve just missed you,’ Trudy replied, her dark eyes already filling with tears which she wiped angrily away. ‘I hate it when you’re away for so long.’

‘Me too,’ sighed Emma. ‘I’m sorry. What’s happened? Is it Simon?’ Emma watched in dismay as her face crumpled and she began to cry in earnest. It was a good few minutes and half a box of tissues later, before Emma could ascertain the full situation.

‘I dropped in unexpectedly to his house and he was only sprawled out on the sofa with that tart Tracey who works in the village shop,’ snuffled Trudy as Emma comfortingly ran her hand between Trudy’s shoulders and stroked her short, dark hair. ‘Looked like he couldn’t get enough of her. One hand down her top, the other up her skirt and his tongue half way down her throat.’

Emma was clearly furious that her best friend should be treated so badly; with her hands momentarily clenching into tight fists, Emma’s nostrils flared as she emitted a quiet hiss from her lips. Knowing she had her friend’s support, Trudy felt buoyed enough to continue. ‘He told me it meant nothing and that he still loves me,’ she hiccupped.

‘I really hope you’re not going to fall for that old line, Trudy!’ said Emma angrily.

‘No,’ she shook her head sadly. ‘I’m not.’

‘Good. The bastard!’ growled Emma. ‘God help me, if I have the misfortune to see him any time soon…’

‘But I was with him nearly three years,’ sobbed Trudy. ‘How many times has he cheated on me before now? If I hadn’t caught him, I’d still be with him. How stupid does that make me?’

‘You can’t think like that, Sweetheart,’ sighed Emma, squeezing Trudy’s hand. ‘That is really self-destructive. This is his weakness, not yours.’

‘But I feel so bloody foolish!’ cried Trudy. ‘All those years of my life that I’ve wasted on him. I’m thirty-three years old, for God’s sake, and I’m all alone.’

‘You are certainly not alone!’ said Emma forcefully, hugging her tightly. ‘You are surrounded by friends and family who love you and would do anything for you.’

‘Thank you,’ nodded Trudy, rubbing the tears from her face. ‘But I still go to sleep on my own every night and wake up alone each morning.’

‘You’ll find someone. I know it. Simon was never good enough for you! He never treated you right! Is Tom still living with you?’ Emma added as an afterthought.

‘Just about,’ sighed Trudy. ‘I never thought I’d say this, but I’m going to seriously miss my big brother when he moves out. I’ll really rattle around in our home once he’s gone. He’s already shifted most of his stuff into the new place he’s going to share with Kimberley, once they’re married.’

‘Only six weeks until your brother’s big day?’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Trudy. ‘I think Tom’s terrified, to be honest. Over three hundred invites have gone out, mostly to Kimberley’s parents’ rich friends.’

‘Bloody hell! But then, I guess if you’re paying for a very expensive wedding, you might as well invite all your mates and throw a party you’ll never forget!’ smiled Emma. ‘I’m suddenly very apprehensive about being a bridesmaid!’

‘That’s the least of my problems,’ smiled Trudy sadly. ‘At least when I’m a bridesmaid, somebody might try and shag me!’ Emma laughed out loud.

‘That’s the Trudy we know and love! I’m so sorry I haven’t been around much to support you, hon,’ said Emma sadly.

‘That’s okay,’ sighed Trudy. ‘If I had the choice, I’d definitely be flying round the world with a bona fide sex-God too.’

‘You make it sound like we’ve just been on holiday,’ complained Emma. ‘We’ve competed in the occasional bursa escort international show-jumping competition too!’

‘And no doubt had lots of celebratory hot sex?’ asked Trudy cheekily. ‘Have there been any handcuffs involved recently?’

‘I should never have told you about that,’ said Emma quietly, her cheeks flushing. For the first time, Trudy managed a giggle.

‘But you did tell me, so answer the question!’

‘Only when I’m very lucky,’ giggled Emma.

‘You’re lucky Daniel has an imagination,’ said Trudy with feeling. ‘The most complimentary I can be about any of the blokes I’ve ever shagged is ‘vanilla’. And that’s probably being too generous.’

‘He’s certainly been blessed with imagination,’ agreed Emma, a huge grin spreading across her face, as a flashback from the previous night shot sharply into focus. In the end, unable to control her wide smile, Emma settled for closing her eyes and trying to block out Trudy’s teasing comments. ‘And I know I’m lucky,’ Emma continued, once Trudy’s ribbing had come to a natural end. ‘To be honest, I pinch myself every day. I still can’t quite believe that I’m married to Daniel.’

‘Whereas, it doesn’t surprise me at all,’ said Trudy. ‘Looking back, it’s obvious you two were destined to be together. Even when we were all teenagers, you were the only one he really had any time for. Other than Tom, but they were best mates so I suppose that’s only natural. Where is the man of the house, by the way?’

‘He’s gone to London to have his Team GB kit fitted,’ smiled Emma. ‘I’m so incredibly proud of him.’

‘He’s got a good team behind him,’ said Trudy. ‘You and my brother included. I’m sure Daniel would agree that he wouldn’t have got there without your support?’ Emma nodded in agreement.

‘Yeah. He would definitely say that,’ Emma confirmed.

‘Just think, there might be an Olympic medal in the house by the end of the summer, to join the medals he won at the World Equestrian Games!’

‘Don’t you dare say that in front of Daniel, whatever you do!’ Emma shook her head and a wall of blonde hair momentarily fell across her face. ‘He’s gone seriously superstitious all of a sudden, whenever anybody suggests he’s an Olympic medal contender.’

‘I’ll make a point of saying it to him all the time, then,’ said Trudy cheekily. ‘You know how I love to wind your husband up!’

‘I do know. But trust me, you’d do well not to wind him up about this. Right, let’s crack open the wine. Are you with me?’

‘I’m definitely with you! I thought you’d never ask.’


Later that day, Emma was in the kitchen cooking dinner when she heard the wheels of Daniel’s Range Rover scrunch to a halt on the gravel drive outside. Predictably, her heart rate soared and butterflies immediately plagued her stomach. Emma honestly didn’t think she’d ever get used to being Daniel Lawson’s wife, after almost two decades of carrying a secret torch for him. She heard the front door squeak open, the click of the door being double-locked and then a set of heavy footsteps making their way swiftly towards the kitchen.

As Daniel appeared around the doorframe, Emma realised she was holding her breath. Purposefully, she slowly released it as she drank in his perfectly messed up dark hair flopping over his forehead and his azure-blue eyes which seemed to penetrate through to her very soul. Without saying a word, Daniel strode quickly over to Emma, reached his hands forwards and pulled her face up towards his. Very tenderly, he placed exquisitely light kisses across her forehead, nose and lips, before his tongue teasingly parted her lips and began to make its own form of sweet love to her mouth.

With a deep groan from the base of her throat, Emma submitted to the overwhelmingly joyous sensation of having the man she loved back in her arms. As she leant into his body, she could feel his rock-hard erection pressing against her stomach and smiled to herself. They would clearly be eating dinner late again today. Breaking their kiss, Daniel swiftly turned off the oven, pulled the pan off the hot plate of the Aga and lifted Emma into his arms. She wrapped her legs around his strong, well-muscled frame as he carried her out of the kitchen, across the hall, up the stairs and into their bedroom.

‘Good evening, my beautiful wife,’ Daniel murmured, as he bundled them onto their enormous bed. ‘You have no idea how much I’ve missed you today,’ he groaned as he swiftly removed her top and trousers and discarded the unwanted items over the side of the huge bed. Unclasping her bra with practiced ease, Daniel moved his hand up to her shoulder to gently peel the strap away from Emma’s body. As he teasingly removed the strap, he kissed the skin beneath her bra as it was slowly uncovered. Emma gasped as his lips found increasingly sensitive zones to explore. Lovingly, Daniel placed his lips over one of her now rigid nipples, rolling his tongue and sucking firmly with his mouth in a way that he knew Emma bursa merkez escort loved. It was only when she felt Daniel’s teeth gently clamp down that she threw her head back and cried out.

‘I need you to come for me,’ growled Daniel, moving quickly down Emma’s body and removing her panties. He pushed her legs wide apart and, starting from her ankle, kissed, nibbled and licked a path all the way up to her already swollen, wet pussy. Emma groaned loudly from the intensity of Daniel’s stubbled face moving closer and closer to her core. Just as it seemed inevitable that she would feel his magical touch, Daniel dropped his mouth back down to her other ankle and began to kiss a path upwards again.

‘No,’ moaned Emma.

‘Patience,’ chuckled Daniel. ‘Besides, I thought you liked waiting. You’re always reminding me how you waited all those years for me.’

‘Which is exactly why I shouldn’t have to wait any longer,’ panted Emma, hugely frustrated by Daniel returning to her original ankle and starting to kiss up her leg once more.

‘I waited for you too, Emma,’ murmured Daniel, his mouth suspended over Emma’s wide-open pussy, his eyes locked with hers. ‘And you were well worth the wait.’ And with that, Daniel ran his tongue around Emma’s swollen outer lips, causing her hips to buck from the divine feel of his mouth. Slowly, he buried his tongue into her as far as he could, the sharp needles of his stubble digging into Emma’s soft flesh. Daniel then played and toyed with Emma’s body for what felt like an eternity, forcing her to hover around the point of climax, without ever allowing her to orgasm.

‘I need you to come for me,’ Daniel repeated, pushing one finger punishingly slowly inside of her.

‘You’re not letting me come!’ cried Emma in despair. ‘Why do you tease me so much?’

‘Because I love to tease you. And you enjoy me doing it, really,’ smiled Daniel, hooking his finger against Emma’s G-spot in a way he knew would drive her even closer to the edge. ‘Just be grateful I haven’t restrained you. At least, at the moment, you’re free to get up and leave if you want to.’

‘Yeah, like I could do that,’ sighed Emma.

Smiling, Daniel dropped his head and began to circle his tongue around the very outskirts of Emma’s clit, forcing her to cry out in desperate frustration. Slowly, as Daniel’s tongue moved nearer and nearer to its target, Emma’s cries increased as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. At the exact moment her fists clenched and her body stiffened in preparation for her climax, Daniel gently sucked her delicate, sensitive flesh into his mouth, revelling in the sound of his beautiful wife noisily losing control beneath him. He continued to play with her body until he’d manipulated a string of violent orgasms from a shaking Emma.

‘God, I love you,’ murmured Daniel, wriggling up the bed to face a dazed Emma.

‘I love you too,’ she groaned. ‘But I need you inside me,’ she demanded. Daniel grinned widely.

‘My pleasure,’ he said. Immediately standing up, he utterly unselfconsciously pulled off his clothes to reveal an outstanding body. In the peak of fitness as an International showjumper, like his horses outside, Daniel was heavily muscled without a scrap of fat on him. Despite her temporary exhaustion, Emma glanced down at his heavy erection in excited anticipation; he was always guaranteed to stretch her body to its maximum limits. Emma manoeuvred herself onto her elbows and knees. She was desperate to orgasm again and she knew from experience that ultimately, Daniel would be unable to prevent himself from thrusting furiously inside her.

‘Oh shit,’ she groaned, dropping her forehead to the soft pillow.

‘What’s up?’

‘We don’t have any condoms,’ sighed Emma. Emma had experienced problems with taking the pill recently and so they’d temporarily switched. Unfortunately, their supplies became diminished almost as quickly as they were being purchased. ‘I meant to go out shopping today but then Trudy came over and we got chatting.’ Daniel knelt behind Emma, one hand on her rounded ass, and slowly began to ease his thick erection into her tight, slippery, twitching body.

‘I’ll pull out before I come,’ groaned Daniel, desperate to be inside her. Emma moaned loudly as her body was stretched to capacity. ‘But that won’t be for a while yet. I’ve been dreaming about this all day and I want it to last.’

As Daniel buried himself deep inside Emma, she clenched her strong, oily muscles tightly around him, causing Daniel to breathe in sharply.

‘If you do that,’ said Daniel sternly. ‘I won’t last very long at all. So, stop it!’ And with that, he slapped the palm of his hand sharply onto Emma’s exposed buttock.

‘Mmmm, did you like that, young lady,’ smiled Daniel, observing Emma’s body flex around him. ‘Well, that’s what happens if you cause me any trouble. That and then this, of course.’ And with that, Daniel slowly withdrew part way from Emma before slamming himself bursa sınırsız escort back into her with all his might. Emma’s reaction was instantaneous as her body, teased for so long, suddenly spasmed powerfully as she orgasmed. It was out of her control as her strong internal muscles constricted violently around Daniel’s rigid cock and she screamed out loudly, rocking her body back and biting down hard on her pillow.

Once Emma had finished riding out her pleasure, Daniel’s hand slapped her exposed buttock once more. In delightful anticipation, Emma waited to see what Daniel would do next. Once again, he thrust his hips sharply forwards, pushing Emma straight towards another climax.

‘You seem intent on forcing me to come quicker than I want to,’ growled Daniel.

‘I can’t help it,’ panted Emma. ‘You should take it as a compliment.’

‘Oh, I do my love,’ chuckled Daniel. ‘You know, better than anyone, that I’m certainly not averse to having a quick, hard fuck. So long as, after dinner, I get to take my time making slow, sensual, overwhelmingly indecent love to you. Is that a deal?’

‘Yes,’ sighed Emma, as she felt Daniel push her thighs even further apart.

‘Deal,’ said Daniel, as he commenced with incredibly long, slow strokes. He placed his hands around Emma’s hips and began to pull her towards him sharply, as he thrust forwards into her.

‘Oh my God!’ groaned Emma as the most amazing sensations hurtled through her body. Gradually, Daniel’s thrusts became faster and harder and Emma moved away from conscious reality and into a stunned, orgasmic trance. Her head buried into her pillow, she slowly became aware that Daniel was stopping.

‘I was close to coming when I remembered we don’t have a condom,’ replied Daniel, pulling out of a shaking Emma and rolling her onto her back. ‘If I’m pulling out of you at the last moment, I want to come over your tits.’

‘Do you have to pull out?’ breathed Emma, looking up at him.

‘You serious?’ asked Daniel, maintaining eye contact as he slowly entered her again. Emma wrapped her strong, muscled legs around his body and pulled him into her.

‘Uh-huh,’ she grunted, enjoying Daniel’s slow, metronome thrusts.

‘Shouldn’t we have a grown-up conversation about…I don’t know, your career and whether I’m cut out to be a father, given my own screwed-up childhood?’

‘For something as important as our family, my career can be put on hold,’ groaned Emma as Daniel twisted himself inside of her. ‘And I have no doubt that you’ll be an absolutely amazing father. Besides, getting pregnant can take people years of trying.’

‘If you’re sure…’

‘There’s way too much talking going on,’ smiled Emma, ‘for this to be categorised as a quick, hard fuck.’ Daniel cast Emma a hard, sexy look which caused her stomach to contract still further. Then, taking her at her word, he drove his hips unforgivingly forwards with increasing rapidity.

‘Oh, yes,’ groaned Emma, opening herself as wide as she could to accept everything Daniel was offering. Suddenly overwhelmed, her body clenched desperately around his thick shaft before she erupted into a flurry of ferociously powerful orgasms.

‘Oh God,’ cried Daniel, as he slammed harder and harder into Emma’s convulsing body. The incredible feeling of his beautiful wife’s body tightening violently around his hard cock was more than he could endure and with a tremendous roar, he exploded within her. As their sharp, shallow breaths slowly diminished and normal breathing eventually resumed, Daniel brought his lips tenderly down onto Emma’s, kissing her on and on with exquisite tenderness and love.

‘You are something else,’ murmured Emma, as they eventually drew apart.

‘And you are a potentially-pregnant something else,’ grinned Daniel. ‘Come on, let’s go downstairs. The sooner we eat, the sooner I get to bring you back up here for round two!’


‘What the bloody hell’s with all that noise?’ grumbled a sleepy Tom, walking into the hall in his boxer shorts, trying to untangle his dressing gown as he went. He immediately clocked his sister, hunched up behind the front door, looking thoroughly miserable.

‘Sorry,’ mumbled Trudy. ‘I’m just waiting for him to go away.’

‘Is that Simon out there?’ demanded Tom, finally unravelling his dressing gown, shrugging it on and pulling himself upright to his full six foot three.

‘Yeah,’ nodded Trudy sadly. ‘Sorry he woke you up.’

‘Never mind that!’ exclaimed Tom, striding towards the door. ‘This is verging on harassment.’ As he pulled the door open, Trudy ducked behind it so she wouldn’t have to face Simon. Simon looked up at the normally very placid, easy-going Tom who was now towering over him looking broad, imposing and very angry.

‘What the fuck do you think you’re doing, man?’ he demanded.

‘Tom?’ stammered Simon. ‘I didn’t realise you were still living here.’

‘Which actually makes this situation even worse. You think it’s acceptable to come to our home and harass my sister in this way?’

‘No…no, of course not. I just want to speak to her,’ explained Simon.

‘Well, I don’t pretend to be an expert in women, but I reckon she’s making it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to speak to you.’

‘But I want…’

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