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Paying the Tab

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.



Aaron blushed and shook his head, the maned wolf patting his pockets down, checking his bag again, even though he knew that there was nothing there. His money pouch with his credit chip should have been in there, but whether he had left it back on the base of the space station he was currently on a stopover at or if it had been stolen from him was another thing entirely.

At a bar on the rather seedy station, something that was more of a base for those mining, working and passing through than anything else, was not the best place to realise that he was missing his money. The maned wolf clamped his jaw shut, ears back, the lighting in the bar dim, the scent of stale alcohol on the air, though he didn’t want to think about the lick of vomit under it. His features were sharpened by the black mane slipping down his back, the grey edging to his fur and the cream of his muzzle, though he had a longer, more elegant muzzle anyway.

“Um…” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, feeling awkward even in his clothes that showed the muscle in his chest lightly, subtly, clothes that usually gave him the confidence to be himself. “I don’t suppose I could head back to our lodgings to check for my wallet?”

The buzz of the bar chattered away in the background, mid-night and by no means slowing down for the tail end of the night yet. Somewhere, someone dropped a glass with an almighty crash and smash, cheers going up as someone toasted the unfortunate waiter. It was not a big deal, however, not as Aaron sweated in front of the tiger barkeep — technically a tiger and wolf hybrid, though the ferocity was far from his species in that moment — but did not know what to do about the situation.

His friend and comrade, Aohren, gulped and checked his own pockets too, though he hadn’t seen any reason for him to bring any money out with him when Aaron had said that he was going to pay. The dragon should have been intimidating enough with his bulk, his broad shoulders, the grey coat, dropping to black over his arms, with orange stripes that drew the eye to the muscle of his arms. One would not have said that he was particularly shy, but the Shade Dragon had learned to be cautious over time, his tail swinging softly behind him, complete with a flickering, dancing flame of black with purple wisps within.

“Aaron, are you serious?” Aohren, Ao for short, growled, hissing under his breath. “You… Come on, we’re going to have to go sort this now.”

“I don’t know what to tell you lads…” Jamie, the barkeep, drawled lazily, leaning forward onto the bar top with her paws spread out, tail swinging to her back. “You have to pay, one way or another. Don’t you know what goes down on stations like this if you don’t cough up the cash?”

She looked them over, though she hid something downstairs that they were not aware of, her tail flicking back and forth, shaped like that of a wolf, though it was more agile and could curl too, like that of a tiger. Her long braid that hung down to the small of her back was orange-brown, reminiscent of her tigress heritage, though they would only find out more about her if they chose.

Aaron shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Um… Yeah, I can leave something here… Oh, shoot, I don’t have anything.”

Jamie cocked an eyebrow.

“Well, that sounds like you’ve really got a problem there, haven’t you? What do you think I’m going to tell my boss, that I let the both of you walk out of here without paying? What do you think they are going to say about all of that?”

Aaron flinched, yet it was Jamie who held all the cards, the predator reeling her hapless prey into her trap. It was easy, too easy, and she wanted to see just how far she could take the two of them. Would they find their money at the very last minute, like others did, or would they even allow her to go down the legal route of reclaiming the money owed from them? Not that there was much of a legal route to be had on a space station like theirs, the force field around the station keeping them safe from the pull of space. Fists and bloodied lips were the currency of “paying what one owed”, though she didn’t have any intention of roughing them up in that way.

There were far more refined ways that she could teach them a lesson…

“Now… Look, there might be something I can do for you, if you’ll listen to me. Are you listening to me?”

“Yes!” Aaron was quick to answer, rushing over his words as if he was being too hasty to get them out, Ao tapping him on the shoulder. “Yeah, we’ll give anything a shot — sorry, Ao, bahis siteleri what was that?”

But the dragon hesitated, a chill prickling at his spine. If he’d said something, maybe they would not have slipped so far, yet not even the Shade Dragon could explain just what the icy grip running down his back, as if some unseen hand was clawing at his spine,

“Oh, I have something that I think you boys can help me out with,” she purred, swirling her finger across the top of the bar, catching a drip of moisture from a pint glass. “I think there is something… How about you come around to the back alley and I’ll see just what you can do…for me?”

Aaron blinked, but the maned wolf could not help a stupid, wide grin from spreading across his lips, tongue lolling out as if he was about to pant in raw need. Wow — was she really offering herself to them? Just like that? He thought that was only the sort of thing that happened in cheesy films, maybe even, well, a porno… He rubbed his arm. Wow, that was crass to even think.

“Really? Oh, we’ll do anything — right, Ao?”

The dragon nodded slowly, trepidation in the shift of his eyes.

“Um, yeah, but…what did you want us to do?”

Jamie, however, already had them eating out of the palm of her paw, tail flicking slowly back and forth, the tigress stalking her prey. Her longer, more wolfish muzzle curved up in a smile, Aaron’s eyes dropping to her chest, a blush rising to his cheeks.

Oh, it’s almost too easy…

“You’ll see, honey. Meet me out back in ten, all right? Then we’ll see if you can pay off that tab, so I don’t have to call in the big guns on you. ‘Kay?”

She blew them a kiss, giving a little sultry shake of her hips for good measure, the wolf’s eyes dropping to her backside, though he gave a little whine and looked away only a moment later. Even then he didn’t want to be rude, it wasn’t like him.

“We should do it!” He hissed, grabbing Ao’s arm, though the thought of getting it on in the back alley should have filled him with a touch more concern than it did — why would she even ask that of them anyway? “We can’t pass this up — did you see the way she looked at me?”

Ao scoffed and pushed him off.

“Yeah, mate, I’m sure she looks at everyone like that. And just what does she want from us that she can’t scoop up any tail she wants with tits and a butt like that?”

But Aaron was already up and tugging him to his feet, the dragon standing a touch taller, though the wolf was higher than most of the other patrons of the bar at over seven feet tall. The dragon rounded his shoulders a little, six-feet tall and feeling his size, tucking forward, but not even that was enough to make himself small enough for a space in which he suddenly felt self-conscious.

Something wasn’t right, wasn’t right at all, but Aaron was too excited to be stopped and Ao followed him cautiously, at least thinking that he could be there to keep an eye on him if there was anything going wrong out there. The back alley, which they entered from around the side of the backstreet bar, avoiding pools of water in the road (neither wanted to think about what filth they contained), reflecting the buzzing sidelights. There were no streetlights, everyone needing to walk or use moped-like transport, floating above the ground, to get around, though they had a price tag attached. They didn’t exactly have lots of spare cash lying around, especially after going out to get a good buzz on.


Ao nudged him towards the alley, a little heavier on their feet than they would normally have been, though the dragon hung back. He wanted to keep an eye out, yet he didn’t know what they were doing, unable to shake the feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was wrong. As they adjusted to the light of the alleyway, dimmer, they blinked more rapidly, noses swinging back and forth as Aaron scented her out, the tang of smoke catching his senses.

“Hm, hey boys. Was wondering if you were going to show.”

She leaned back casually against the wall, lighting up a cigarette. It was one of those fancy new kinds that burned without burning the lungs, so to speak, while still giving the rush of tobacco, the addictive buzz and settling that so many smokers lived for. Jamie could have stopped whenever she wanted, more than enough willpower in her pinkie finger for that, but the feel of the cigarette between her lips was something that she enjoyed in the prelude to a good session.

They weren’t expecting her back in the bar for a few hours. Emergency, she’d said, even if they knew what that was code for. Her staff members, that was, because she was the owner of the bar and, frankly, could do whatever the fuck she wanted there. She was only fair to her staff, of course, but they could easily pick up the slack of her not being there.

No one else wanted to fall victim to their boss, after all, knowing what Jamie was capable of. That was one reason why she was able to run such a tight ship.

“Now… canlı bahis siteleri Let me show you fine lads what you’ll be working with,” she purred. “You’re a good size, I’m sure a beast like this will be no problem to you, hm?”

She rolled her hips and they should have had enough sense in them to run, though Aaron popped a paw elegantly on his hip, a little cock, thinking himself a bit more suave than he actually was.

“I’m sure we can do anything you need…honey.”

He mimicked her own language right back at her, though that was not a road that the wolf should have gone down, catching Jamie’s eyes as she smirked a little deeper, wriggling her trousers down. For a moment, Aaron did not know what was happening, why Ao sucked in a breath behind him, drawing back a little more, but all was revealed as she purred, licking her lips, stroking a rapidly hardening length of cock right there before their eyes.

They should have known that something was up, though Ao didn’t have time for “I told you so’s” when she murmured like that, the sensual arch of her back pushing her hips out even further, putting her hardening cock on full display to them. It was a good length, swelling past the one-foot mark, give or take, and growing further, so fat around that there was no hope of folding one’s fingers around it. The smooth, black skin pulled over the flesh beneath, thick with heated blood, and Jamie parted her lips faintly, head tipped back to keep the smoking cigarette there.

“Mmm, yeah, that’s better,” she said with a grin, ears flicking, her head tilting ever so slightly to the side as she took a drag from the cigarette, stubbing it out on the wall so that it would not get in the way. “Like what you see, lads? I know, it’s a surprise… Not everyone is as big as I am, but that’s why two nice boys like you, well… Surely one of you must be able to do know how to work a nice length of dick, hm?”

They blinked, Aaron blushing hard, though it was not as if he had never been with guys before… He’d just never been with someone like the flirtatious Jamie, still in her white barkeep shirt, though he didn’t have the faintest clue that she was not only a bartender there. That was something, after all, that she chose to keep for herself.

But he had to see what the game was, the parameters, stalling for time. Maybe there was something there that he wasn’t seeing, yet even that foresight would not “save” him.

Maybe the wolf didn’t want to be saved. Maybe everything that was to play out with him but a passive player in the dictation of his own life was as he wanted it.

Who was to say?

“Oh…” Aaron gulped and held up his paws, shaking his head, though his eyes dropped to her cock as if it was drawing them there insistently. “I don’t think… We’re not into that…no? Aren’t we? Ao?”

The dragon growled and rubbed the back of his neck, ruffling up his thick mane of hair, the orange and purple tips catching the glow of the back-alley light where a mosquito buzzed around it, battering itself against the bulb.

“Ah… Not that bad, surely, Aaron,” he said, though there was a big part of him that hesitated. “I mean… Just like making anyone feel good, isn’t it? And we didn’t exactly pay either.”

“It’s up to you,” Jamie said, a smirk on her lips, leaving her trousers around her hips, hitched down under her cock and balls. “But, you know, I’ll have to collect on that bar tab of yours one way or another. You lads can’t just get out of paying because you’d rather slurp pussy than give a dick head.”

She grinned, showing her teeth, though the light in her eyes was more predatory than ever. Maybe a prey species would have understood what she was implying, turned tail and run, but they did not, a wolf and a dragon, both confident in themselves, not possessing that instinct.

“Come on, boys… Who’s going to be first? Or do you want me to pull in the heavies? I don’t want to go on and do that, it would be such a bother…”

They shook their heads, sighing, though Ao would have held back still, tried to find something else to do, something to say, an agreement to come to, perhaps. Yet all the while that cock-tip stared them down, gleaming with the faintest trickle of pre-cum, smeared across the head by her thumb. She had to tip forward slightly to reach the head of her cock, so great was the reach of it, and Aaron whimpered softly, thinking that no one could hear him.

“All right…” He grouched, trying to make a show of it, though something about the situation had his cock thickening in his underwear, pushing out and making a light tent that he would have adjusted, if he had not felt so exposed. “I’ll do it… But you’ll let us off the tab, right? Or I can head back to our lodgings now and sort money…err…if you prefer?”

It was a little too formal for a time like that and Jamie barked a laugh, short and stark in the cool air of the space station.

“Nah… I think I’ve got everything I need right here. And you canlı bahis won’t have to worry one little bit about your bar tab after this, have no fear.”

Aaron sighed and half-shrugged, though the curl of excitement deep within the wolf’s belly was not to be ignored either, brushing through. It trembled there, rising to the pound of his heart in his chest, folding slowly, dropping before her.

Sometimes, need could not be denied and he wanted something, the glow in her eyes calling to him, as did the smirk on her lips.

Damn it, she’s hot…

Aaron would not have said anything about that aloud, but he could do it under the guise of pleasing her. of course, he was only doing it for his bar tab, of course, only that, but that was his excuse to let his inhibitions go, to take a step forward into a new way, even if he didn’t know what he was getting into.

“That’s it, come on… You know you want it, wolfie…”

She teased him, her tail swinging back and forth, lashing the air, though she didn’t need to really do anything as she closed her paw around as much as the base of her cock as she could manage. With a roll of her hips, she ground her dripping cock over his face, the wolf shuddering away.

“Aw, I thought you’d like this, boy…” She crooned, eyes half-lidded, throat trembling with the semblance of purrs. “What’s the matter, has it been that long since you sucked a dick?”

He grunted, shaking in place, thinking twice. No… No, it wasn’t quite what he wanted, though Aaron was not set in what he was doing. He didn’t know whether to turn back, to try his luck with her “heavies”, or to carry on… The wolf whimpered, eyes slipping away, ears pinned, trying to get to his feet.

“No… Mmm, sorry, it’s just…”

But Jamie didn’t give him the chance to, growling as she crammed her cock against his lips, tipping forward as her paw came down on the back of his head.

“Don’t stop what you’ve started, brat.”

The word was spat with such vehemence that he whined, something primal tugging deep inside him. The wolf struggled with himself, need conflicting with the desire to be away — but he had to pay off his tab too, didn’t he? Wasn’t one little, or not so little, blowjob for a sexy tiger-wolf something that he could go through just to get out of a bit of trouble?

No… No, it could not be that bad, not even as he squirmed and thrashed a little, paws coming up weakly against her thighs, though he scraped. Somehow, there was no longer the power in him to push back, to pull away, his jaws forced wide around the fat length of her cock.

It was thick, so thick, pushing in deep, cramming into the back of his throat as he moaned, whimpering, a bit of more natural submissive gently warming around him. But it could not be right as Jamie took complete control over him, as if that was all that was going to happen from the very beginning. It was as if was pre-meditated, her hips thrusting, pumping, driving down his throat and blasting by his gag reflex as if it did not exist, the huge bulge in his throat showing how far it had worked its way down.

He couldn’t even hack or gag, it was simply that deep, squirming, heaving, not knowing what else to do with himself. All he could do was weakly push against her thighs, though the dominant Jamie was not to be thwarted. She gripped his mane, the long fall of black hair, dragging his head back and forth on his cock. What she did not, deliberately, take into account, however, was that he needed to breathe, for, really — was that any of her concern?

Ao was completely unaware that his friend’s jerking and thrusting (well, it looked like thrusting to the dragon) was from fear rather than arousal, not able to breathe. Aaron groaned, rolling his eyes back, closing his eyes, fighting against the lack of breath as his chest gripped and shuddered, tightening in the pursuit of oxygen.

No… What was she doing to him? His eyes watered even with his eyelids closed as she face-fucked him brutally, not pulling back to allow any air in, as much as his nostrils flared. Desperate, he whined and pawed at her leg, asking for mercy, though Jamie laughed and only pulled back for a moment only far enough to get one snatch of sweat breath into his lungs.

It was a breath…a single, haggard breath… Not enough, nowhere near enough, not as his head ached from the lack of air. And yet it had an effect on him too, an effect that was embarrassing and confusing at the same time. As much as it all felt unwanted to him, his cock hardened, pushing out against the front of his trousers, thickening more and more, though he didn’t feel that he had a member to match the one Jamie bore.

Submission? Or was he simply being cowed? Who was to say? The maned wolf hacked as she pulled from his throat, only to have his air supply cut off once more as he wheezed. The stretch of his throat around her cock bulged, straining, showing through, his paw drifting to it in horrified wonder. How could his throat bulge out like that and still leave him intact, even if his throat was sore and raw.

Ao gulped, though the dragon did not know whether it was in sympathy or admiration. Jamie caught his movement, eyeing him up like a piece of fresh meat.

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