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Paradise Bound Ch. 08

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13 days to paradise

I had only had a few fleeting moments today to think about how magical Stephanie’s ass had been the one time I had fucked it. I knew she was working tonight and that we would no doubt be fucking. I barely noticed the shiny black Porsche 911 in the parking lot when I drove in at 9:55. One customer was just leaving when I stepped from the car. Stephanie held the door open for me then locked it behind me and turned off the Open light.

“Oh Mr. H., it’s so good to see you!”

Stephanie threw her arms around me and hugged me.

“Need a shower tonight Mr. H?” Tasha asked from behind the counter.

“Tasha! I’m so happy you’re here with Stephanie tonight. Did Ms. Grey come in tonight?”

“Yes. Yes she did Mr. H. and your idea worked perfectly,” Tasha answered.

Stephanie continued, “Ms. Grey came in. I pretended to be busy so Tasha showed her to the room. Ms. Grey asked her if she would like to apply her moisturizer again.”

“And I told her ‘No. We don’t do that here. I only helped you because you had just had a manicure done.’ Then I took $40 out of my pocket and gave it back to her. She had given me $120 instead of just the $80 she had offered me. I told her she had made a mistake. She tried to say it was a tip. I told her I didn’t want it and pushed the money into her hand.”

“That was so smart Tasha. You just sent the message that you’re not for sale.”

“That was Stephanie’s idea,” Tasha reported. “Ms. Grey was silent. So I asked her if she knew how the machine operated and how much time she wanted. She then asked if Stephanie could come down. I told I would see if she was busy. When I got to the desk I told Stephanie Ms. Grey asked for her. I entered the code for her time. Once it’s entered you only have 7 minutes to start the machine or it starts itself unless we override that feature from here.”

“So I went down and saw Ms. Grey,” Stephanie started, “When I got there Ms. Grey was naked. She walked over to me and started to undress me. I stopped her and told her she only had about 6 minutes before the machine would start. She said she didn’t care she would just buy more time. I told her Tasha is a real bitch and if I wasn’t back out there that she would come to find out what was going on if we were doing anything I would lose my job. So I grabbed her moisturizer and did her back and front really quickly then left. It was so perfect and I felt so strong doing it. Thanks Mr. H.”

“Don’t thank me. You two took my simple idea and enhanced it in really powerful ways. Ms. Grey won’t know what to do next time she is here because you have taken some control away from her.”

“So do you need that shower Mr. H.?”

“I do Stephanie.”

“Would like a blow job with that Mr. H?” Tasha asked.

“You girls have to stop this.”

“Why?” they asked in unison. “And besides, we want to repay you for your help.”

“No need girls. I’m just thrilled our little plan worked for you.”

They both ushered me to the back. Stephanie started kissing me. We kissed and hugged and caressed. It had been a while and I was remembering just how terrific a lover this girl was. Suddenly Tasha was standing behind me undoing my shirt and helping me out of it. When she came back , she started working on my pants I realized her pert tits were pressing against my skin. At some point she had removed her top. I reached behind me to squeeze Tahsa’s ass… her bare ass! Tasha was completely naked and moments later so was I. Stephanie and I continued to kiss. Stephanie was stroking my cock while Tasha massaged my balls. I removed Stephanie’s shirt over her head. Tasha grabbed my hips and spun me around. I felt Stephanie walk away. Tasha wasted no time getting my cock into her mouth. Stephanie was back hugging me from behind and kissing my neck. I reached back and learned that Stephanie was completely naked as well.

Stephanie whispered into my bursa escort ear, “Tasha wants you to fuck her ass again Mr. H. And I want the same. Tasha told me about all the naughty things you two have been doing Mr. H. and now I want some.”

Tasha was working her magic on my erection. Stephanie walked over and started the shower. A few seconds later Tasha stood up, gave me a deep kiss and walked me into the shower. It was pretty tight with the three of us in the shower. Stephanie grabbed me and resumed our kissing. Tasha was lathering my body anywhere she could reach. Tasha turned me into the stream of water from the shower head and started washing Stephanie. Tasha spun us around so Stephanie’s back was getting rinsed then she forced her way between us handing me the soap.

“Here Mr. H. Wash my back now.”

I took the soap and started washing Tasha’s fine body. I replaced Tasha. She replaced me. Without missing a beat Stephanie and Tasha started necking. I washed Tasha all over spending considerable time tickling her anus and massaging her clit while she and Stephanie kissed. I stood behind Tasha sliding my cock between her legs to nestle against her pussy. Stephanie found my lingam and immediately started massaging it and using it to rub Tasha’s clit. I soaped Tasha’s tits and stroked her clit while she and Stephanie continued kissing. Stephanie took hold of cock and directed it into Tasha’s tight pussy. Tasha moaned into Stephanie’s mouth. The intensity of their kisses increased as did the little dance my finger was doing on Tasha’s clit. I pumped her little pussy with long slow deep strokes. Tasha moved very little taking in all the sensations she was experiencing. Seconds later Tasha was moaning loudly and panting and convulsing against myself and Stephanie. My cock popped out of Tasha’s pussy during one of her more severe orgasmic convulsions. Stephanie held and kissed Tasha through her lengthy orgasm allowing her come down slowly.

“Finish washing me Mr. H. then we’ll play some more.” Stephanie instructed.

I soaped up Stephanie’s tits and pussy. When she spun around to rinse I gave her ass a good wash, not because it needed it just because I wanted to.

We took turns drying each other, kissing whoever was in front of us, teasing and pleasing who ever was within reach and didn’t already have a hand on their genitals.

Stephanie took charge at this point. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock. Tasha was standing watching us still showing the warm glow of her recent cum, petting her pussy and lightly caressing her breasts.

“Don’t just stand there Tasha. Help someone else cum. Get your head under my pussy and starting eating me like you haven’t eaten in a week.”

Tasha woke up from her post orgasmic trance, laid a towel on the floor and crawled under Stephanie’s ass. The sight of Stephanie on her knees sucking me and Tasha’s landing strip clad pussy spread open was beyond my wildest dreams. Stephanie was doing her usual great job sucking, licking and kissing my gear. But when she started moaning from the work Tasha was doing with her tongue, the vibrations rippled down my shaft and tickled my balls.

All at once Stephanie let go of my cock. She spun around and got into a 69 with Tasha. The site of these two young women lapping at each others pussy is something I will masturbate over long into my retirement years. Stephanie wrapped her arms around Tasha’s hips and rolled onto her back. Tasha was right into the whole scene and obviously loving Steph’s puss. She got on her knees moving her pussy out of Stephanie’s reach and buried her head between Steph’s legs.

Stephanie looked up at me. “First time Mr. H. First time we’ve done this together. It won’t be our last. Now do it Mr. H. Fuck Tasha’a ass while she’s eating my pussy.”

I knelt over Steph’s face and slid my cock into Tasha’s pussy. Her tight pussy was so well bursa escort bayan greased I slid to the hilt with one single push. I ground my cock deep into Tasha who never took a breath from dining on Stephanie’s puffy pussy. I pulled my cock out. Stephanie grabbed it and sucked Tasha’s juice of my shaft. Back into Tasha’s puss for another coating then out. Her tight anus was looking at me, begging me to fuck it hard. I sat the tip at her opening and pushed it home. Tasha groaned and paused for a second from consuming her meal. My cock slowly slid deeper until once again I was pressing my body against Tasha’s glutes. I started a slow rhythm. Gently increasing my pace until our bodies were slapping in a steady a beat. I was grunting. Stephanie was moaning and Tasha was eeking out muffled screeches. Stephanie reached up, pushed a finger into Tasha’s pussy coating in her natural lube then slid that same finger into my ass. That was it. My balls emptied into Tasha’s ass. Stephanie reached around Tasha’s back mashing Tasha’s head into her pussy and bouncing her hips through her own orgasm. Tasha’a ass started pulsing in response to a second orgasm traveling along her nerve endings. We all collapsed on the floor panting and moaning. My cock still buried in Tasha’s ass. Stephanie thanking Tasha, Tasha thanking me. Me unable to speak.

“Oh god Tasha. Why haven’t we done this before? You have a fantastic tongue.”

“Mr. H. That was the best. Just unbelievably incredible. I think I’m becoming addicted to anal sex.”

“Oh I know Tasha. The first time Mr. H. fucked my ass… It’s all I’ve thought about ever since.”

My softened cock slid out of Tasha’s ass.

“Oh Mr. H. I want to do that again everyday.”

She rolled over and kissed me and squeezed my cock with one of her tiny hands.

“Okay Mr. Hampstead,” Stephanie began, “Let’s get you some more tan.”

We all made our way to our feet and collectively sashayed down the hall. Once in the selected room Stephanie went to work moisturizing my back while Tasha went and initialized the tanning machine.

“Thank you so much Mr. H. Tasha and I are so happy you helped us with Ms. Grey. I really was getting worried and the whole sex for money thing was getting rather creepy.”

“I’m glad I could help Stephanie.”

“I’m back. Let me help”, Tasha interjected.

Tasha loaded up her hands with moisturizer and went to work on the front of my body. A four hand massage by two beautiful naked women. I could feel my testicles beginning to stir again, but they were still somewhat in recovery mode.

“Look ladies. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of Ms. Grey. I’m sure she will be back looking for more sex. She’s been enjoying this too much”

“You think so Mr. H.?”

“Think so? I would bet money on it. So don’t let your guard down, and try not to be here alone. Especially you Stephanie.”

“Get in Mr. H. I think you’re ready”, Stephanie posed.

I stepped into the tanning machine facing the back. It was the new stand up one that’s farily open Stephanie spun me around, gave me a kiss, slipped my goggles on and pushed the start button. The lights heated up and the fans started whirling. I could see but you can’t hear anything in these machines. All I saw was Tasha smiling. Stephanie walked slowly to Tasha. They touched each other lightly and began kissing. This went on for several minute before Stephanie pushed Tasha back into a chair then knelt between her legs and started licking her pussy. Tasha smiled then tipped her head back and closed her eyes. It didn’t seem like 10 minutes but the bell went off signaling the end of my session. I stepped from the machine completely aroused from the show I had been witnessing.

“I’ll be right back girls. Don’t stop on my account.”

I ran down the hall and washed the moisturizer off my cock and balls then ran back to the girls. Steph was bursa bayan escort still dining on Tasha. I walked over to Tasha and directed her to start sucking my cock. She wrapped her luscious lips around my cock and went to work. Tasha was taking a while to come probably because she had already had two massive orgasms. I sensed she needed to focus on what Steph was doing to her so I stepped away from Tasha and knelt down beside Stephanie. I pulled her away from Tasha’s pussy and kissed her. Her lips tasted marvelous, coated in Tasha’s sweet glaze. I whispered into Stephanie’s ear “I think Tasha needs some anal help to get her off. Raise her legs, lick her ass, then slip a finger in before returning your mouth to her pussy.”

Stephanie smiled and did as instructed, hooking her hands under Tasha’s knees and raising her legs. When Steph’s tongue hit Tasha’s anus, Tasha hooked her own elbows under her knees holding them up and freeing Steph’s hands. I laid on the floor and wiggled my way between Steph’s legs. Her slick pussy was poised right above my mouth. I started a long slow tour of the nooks and crannies of her pussy. Steph was working her magic on Tasha and I was dining on the sweetest pussy I had eaten in a while. I licked her pussy clit and ass slipping fingers and thumbs into her two tight receptacles. My ears were being serenaded by a chorus of ums and ohs and moans from two very happy women.

I pushed Steph’s legs out a bit wider then slid my head out from under her. I paused for a moment to admire the site of Tasha’s knees beside her head, her ass being penetrated by Steph’s finger, and Steph’s head merrily buried between Tasha’s thighs. I slid under Stephanie again, this time legs first. I raised her hips and set the head of my cock against her pussy. Stephanie instinctively sat down allowing my erection to slide deep inside her. She didn’t move a lot but enough to let me know she was happy to have her cavity occupied. Her focus was still on Tasha whose third orgasm was at the edge of releasing the torrent of energy Stephanie had built in Tasha’s body.

” AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHH!!!!” Tasha screamed bending herself into a ball with each wave of pleasure that left her body. Stephanie moved her focus from Tasha’s pussy to her own. She started rocking on my cock then shifted her legs so she could ride me in a reverse cowgirl. Seeing this young lady’s ass bouncing up on down my cock was a site to behold.

No one was saying anything. Tasha was slumped in the chair watching Steph ride my cock. Stephanie was charging for as much pleasure as she could obtain.

Stephanie rolled off of me and laid on her back with her legs in the air.

“In my ass Mr H. I want you in my ass in this position.”

“Steph? Are you sure?”

I’ve seen two men do it this way on “Queer as folk” it looks so awesome. I want to be able to look you in the eyes and to kiss you while your cock is filling my ass.”

I got up and crawled on top of Stephanie. She reached between her legs and held my cock against her anus. I pushed into her, the head of my cock popping past her sphincter with a rush.

“Oh yes Mr. H. Oh yes.”

I pushed and pulled slowly working my cock deeper into Stephanie. She had locked her hands onto my ass urging me to give her more, staring me in the eyes the entire time. Her eagerness encouraged me to start pounding her harder. I lowered myself so we could kiss. Our lips met. Our tongues danced. My balls tightened and released a stream of cum into Stephanie’s ass. I pumped for as long as I could until the tip of my cock and the rest of my body became ultra-sensitive in its post-orgasm glory. Stephanie continued kissing me and spoke to me thanking me for such a great fuck.

I slid myself down between Stephanie’s legs and started eating her pussy. Stephanie’s pussy had the sweet steamy humidity of sex surrounding it. In moments she was nearing her own orgasm. I pushed two fingers into Stephanie’s primed ass and two into her pussy searching for her g-spot. Stephanie grabbed my hair and mashed my face into her pussy grinding out a massive orgasm all over my face.

On the way out Stephanie told me I was booked in for 11:10 on Saturday.

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