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One Night

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I’d worn the dress on purpose. The slit on the side showed my thigh, nearly to where my leg met my ass. It’s low collar showed the cleavage of my breasts, and the jewel drew a man’s eyes there. The curved, smooth skin of my buxom chest were what was going to seal the deal for me tonight. I’d been fawning over the new attorney at the firm, even though he was five years my junior. And he was going to be in my bed, tonight, if I still had the appeal I thought I had.

It was time for the company party, and I was running late. Though, I’d planned to be just a bit late, the Uber driver had gotten lost and made my ten minutes plan turn to twenty. I grabbed the brightly wrapped gift, and pushed open the door with barely a wave of thanks to the driver. I rushed into the restaurant, before the wind could whip my hair too much into my perfectly done make-up. I hung up my coat, and made my way to the private back room our boss had procured for our holiday gathering every year.

I set my gift on the table, anything under $20, pretty much everyone would be gifted a bottle of wine, my gift was no exception. I’d gone a bit over the $20, most did, and added two stemless wine glasses that I’d decorated the weekend before. I greeted a few of the other personal receptionists, and made my way to the buffet. I made myself eat before the party, and only chose a few appetizers, to be paired with a deep red merlot when I went to the bar.

“Avery, you made it.”

I smiled at Helen, went to chat with her for a few moments. We made small talk as the partners in the firm congratulated each other on a great year. Our firm had taken on a big client at the beginning of this year, and we’d won the case in court, sealing our deal as their attorneys for a long time to come. It was because of them that this party was possible.

I looked around, he wasn’t here yet. Dennis, the newest partner at our firm, and my conquest for the night. I felt a warm hand just below the cap sleeve of my deep blue dress, and gazed up to see the dazzling blue eyes of Jimmy, our firms’ delivery clerk.

“Avery, Merry Christmas.”

I smiled up at him, he was a good kid, just out of college. I knew he was wanting to go to law school, but he couldn’t afford it at this point in his life. I did like talking to Jimmy, most of the attorneys ignored him, but he did his job well.

“Merry Christmas, Jimmy.”

I slid my arms around him as he pulled me over to a clear spot to dance. Others soon joined us in the small corner, and I was pressed further into his body. I felt his heart racing beneath my breast, his scruffy beard brushed against my cheek. The song ended, and I thanked him, rushing toward the door as if to use the restroom. In truth, I’d seen Dennis enter and I didn’t want him to see me with Jimmy.

What I didn’t see, was the beautiful, thin blonde on his arm. I heard her as I approached the room again, and her nasaly voice pierced my ear.

“Where is your secretary? I thought I’d meet this wonder woman?”

“Avery was just here, I’m sure she’ll be right back.”

I smoothed the back of my dress again and put the best fake smile on my face.

“Dennis, glad you could make it.”

“Well, there she is. Avery, come and meet my wife, Clarisse. Clarisse, this is Avery, my savior.”

I shook her hand, it felt cold on my palm.

“It’s nice to meet you Clarisse, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Same, Avery. Thank you for being who you are.”

I saw a small smirk on her face, but I decided to leave it. It wasn’t til a bit later, that I knew what that smirk had meant. I over heard her speaking with a couple of my other co-workers.

“I’d been worried about this Avery, he talks so much about her. Afraid she was going to pull him from me. But…”

She snorted back a small giggle.

“With that butt, she ain’t gonna lay a hand on my husband.”

I turned bahis şirketleri red, until I heard the voice of a real friend.

“How dare you? Avery happens to be one of the kindest women that I know. She’s a thousand times better than your haughty, skinny ass. And Dennis, is lucky she even graces his presence. And I’ll have you know, he does stare at her, I’ve seen it. So, shut your face.”

I watched her face go white, her mouth slack jawed as she stared at my saving grace, Jimmy. His eyes danced happily over at me as he saw that I’d heard. I watched as Clarisse stormed out, Dennis came to me instead of going after her.

“I’m sorry for what she said. You are fantastic, Avery.”

His lips kissed my cheek gently, and he went after his wife. I slugged down the rest of my wine, and went to the bar to have another. Jimmy followed me, put his hand on my arm again.

“I’m sorry, Avery.”

I swallowed half the glass before I could look at him again.

“Don’t be, Jimmy. She’s a bitch.”

“She is, that’s right, but she still shouldn’t have said that. You are beautiful.”

I turned red again, this time it wasn’t from anger, his words had been soft and just outside of my ear as he’d leaned in closer. His warm breath on my ear had made me feel something. Something I’d never thought I’d feel from a man who was nearly 10 years my junior. I turned to him, my hand on his sleeved arm.

“Thank you, Jimmy. Really.”

He licked his lips, I think he wanted to kiss me. I lifted my glass to my mouth again, sipping down more of my wine. I asked for another from the bartender, it was open bar for wine and beer, soda and water of course as well. Jimmy ordered a rum and coke, easy on the rum.

“I’m not much of a drinker.”

He said, making small talk with me as we sat at the bar, together. The party still going on in the back.

“I’m not usually so much, either. But, this wine is really good. And, it’s a weekend.”

“That it is. Any other plans?”

I shrugged.

“Normal weekend stuff. Getting things for Christmas probably.”

“I’ll be glad when this holiday is over.”

I cocked my head, and studied the young man next to me.

“Why is that? I don’t mean to pry if you’d rather not say.”

“It’s fine. I guess I just have had not such a good few years around the holidays. Started with the loss of my mom the year I graduated.”

“Oh, Jimmy, I’m sorry. Were you close?”

“No, not really. But, she was still my mom, ya know?”

“I know. I felt the same about my Dad. He died a few years ago, but he was older than your mom must have been.”

“I’m sure.”

We said no more, just sipped our respective beverages and went back to the party. Dennis had returned, sans Clarisse. He came to me, pardoned his intrusion as he asked me to dance. Jimmy held my wine glass, and shooed me off to dance.

“I wanted to apologize for her again. She really never knows when to shut her face.”

He grimaced, but I smiled gently at him.

“It’s really fine, Dennis. I had enough teasing growing up, just never thought I’d hear it from a grown woman.”

“She’s so childish sometimes. Honestly its why I hardly ever talk about her at work. Sometimes I feel like I should leave her.”

“That’s up to you. Do you have children?”

“Divorce would be tough if we did, but she didn’t want to ruin her figure.”

He rolled his eyes, but smiled down at me. I giggled, and smiled. I saw Jimmy out of the corner of my eye, looking a little jealous. Dennis’ hand slid down the open back of my dress, rested just above the curve of my ass, his fingers dropped just a bit down. Maybe I’d get my way after all, I thought, and then dashed that thought out of my head. I stepped away, his hands fell from my body.

“You’re a married man, Dennis. Please, hands off.”

I kept my voice low, not to call attention to the other guests. bahis firmaları I didn’t want him fired, he was a good boss, but he needed to know where I stood. He nodded curtly, and turned away. I’d made an impact on him though, I saw the outline of his dick against his dark gray pants. I nearly went to him, and made him come to the coat closet with me, and then I admonished myself again, in my head. I went to Jimmy, who still held my wine glass.

“Are you okay?”

He asked gently, in my ear again. I nodded against his cheek, and we both watched as Dennis grabbed a gift from the table and left the restaurant.

“Dance with me?”

I held my hand to Jimmy, he set down both of our glasses and took my hand. I felt my stomach clench again, and my breath hitched. His arms went around me, and I leaned my cheek on his chest. He was just a few inches taller than me, his chin rested against my forehead. We danced together through three songs, even one faster one, but we still just swayed together. The night was beginning to wrap up, and the man I thought was going to be in my bed, was home with his wife.

I drank down another glass of wine as people began to leave, the gifts depleting on the corner table. I called for a cab, one could be there in ten minutes. I said my farewells to those left, and grabbed my coat, headed for the door. Jimmy waited at the corner, I went to him.


“Waiting for a friend?”

“The bus. It’s gonna take me awhile to get home, different schedules this late at night.”

“Let me. I’ve got a taxi coming. I’ll have him take you home, too.”

“No, it’s okay. I take the bus everyday.”

“Not at this hour. Please, Jimmy, it’s the least I can do.”

He sighed, and I knew I’d won. The cab pulled up and I pulled him along with me. I gave the driver my address, and rested my cheek on Jimmy’s shoulder. His arm went over my shoulders, and I leaned further into him, my hand on his thigh. It was quiet the first minute of our ride, the cab driver had the radio on low, Christmas music played over the speakers.

“Avery, are you drunk?”

Jimmy whispered in my ear, and I turned to look up at him.

“A little tipsy, but I can handle three glasses of wine.”

He nodded, and licked his lips again.

“I just don’t want to…”

I pressed my lips to his, and felt the groan in his chest as my tongue flicked against his mouth. Our tongues met, gentle introductions at first, and our bodies came together next. The driver pulled to a stop, and I needed to breathe.


I needn’t say more. He slid out of the other door, and I swiped my card into the device, and signed my name. I thanked the driver, Jimmy pulled open my door. I took his hand, leading him to the door of my condo building.

“Are you sure, Avery?”

“It’s just for tonight, Jimmy.”

He nodded, and pulled the door open after I pressed my key to the badge button. We were in the elevator a moment later, his tongue danced with mine again as the lift rose to the tenth floor. I fumbled with the key, his hand settled on top of mine, and I felt his warm breath again on my ear.

“Breathe, Avery.”

A soft whimper escaped my mouth, and we turned the key together, the door opened. He shut and locked the door, left the key and his shoes by the front door. I dropped my bag, shed my coat and watched as he came closer. His own clothes dropped off his body as he came to me.

“Take me to your room.”

He nearly growled in my ear, his teeth nipped my ear and down my neck. I turned, his hand on my hips as we made it twenty steps to my bedroom down the hall. His fingers worked the zipper down my back, he expertly unhooked my bra as his mouth left searing kisses on my neck and chest. My dress fell to a puddle at my feet, his hands were roaming over my curves. I was gasping, barely could breathe let alone speak anything kaçak bahis siteleri to this young man who seemed to know exactly how to pleasure me, without even touching my sensitive regions.

He stepped back, and I could only watch with bated breath as he removed the last of his clothes, his eyes never left my gaze. I turned for a moment, reached into the bedside table to procure a condom from the box I’d purchased awhile back. I turned to see him, his long hard cock in his hand. My eyes widened at the sight of it. It may not have been huge, but oh god it was going to feel good inside me. I pinched my rock-hard nipples, moaned as he came closer again, his cock on my belly as we kissed passionately.

His hands reached below, pulled back the covers on my king size bed. His big hand grabbed my breast, and I helped him heft it up, the nipple begged for his mouth. His other hand on my waist, gently pushed me back onto the bed. My legs parted with his gentle fingers as he put himself on the floor between my legs.

“Jimmy! Oh Jimmy, yes.”

I groaned as I felt his warm breath, and gasped as the tip of his tongue slid up my wet slit. I let out whimpers, barely able to contain myself as his finger slid inside, preparing me for what was to come. I felt another finger slide in, and heard his deep groan as I let out juices over his mouth.

“Avery, you taste so good. I need to fuck you, now.”

“Please, Jimmy. God please fuck me. Tell me, how do you want me?”

“Just like this. I’m taking you.”

I watched his quick movements as he slid the condom over his cock, the head rubbed on my clit as I rocked my hips up to him.

“Oh Avery, yes baby.”

His cock slipped inside, and he pushed harder, opening my walls to fit around him. I groaned, slid my hands up his arms. My chin shook, he leaned over me and we kissed, as his cock buried itself as deep as it could within me. He lifted his body up again, grabbed my hips, and his hands slid up my thighs to grab my ankles.

I was wide open for this man, and I didn’t want him to stop. His balls brushed my ass as he began to fuck me.

“Play with your nipples, Avery. Let me see you.”

I sucked in a deep breath, and began to pinch and pull at my own nipples. I moaned deeply.

“That’s it, Jimmy. Fuck my pussy.”

“You are so hot, Avery. I’m getting close, I want to make you cum.”

“Rub my clit, Jimmy. Make me cum on your cock before you explode.”

He kept his right hand on my ankle, slowly dropped my left as his hand moved to my little nub. I whimpered, it’d been begging to be pleasured, and Jimmy was the one to give it to me. I toyed with my nipples harder, faster as he picked up speed in me. I felt the familiar clench in my belly, I trembled below him.

“Jimmy, Jimmy. I’m close.”

“Cum for me Avery. Cum and then I will cum inside you.”

I cried out in pleasure, feeling my juices slip out of me, coating his cock.

“Oh fuck, that’s it baby! Now!”

He yelled out, his voice echoed in my condo and I yelled out again, cumming again over him as he pulsed inside me. I still trembled as he let my leg down slowly, leaning over me once again. His face was red, but his eyes were soft. Our lips pressed together gently. I felt his cock slip from my hole, he went into my attached bath, I heard the water running as I adjusted my body for my head to be against the pillows. And I saw the back of my eyelids, my body sated and satisfied.


I woke to the sun shining in my room, warm with the blanket over me. I looked to my left, the bed covers were mussed. But there was no sight of Jimmy. I slid my robe over my still naked form, and walked out to the kitchen. A warm tingle spread over my body as he stood at my stove.

“Good morning, Avery.”

He smiled as I came up to his side.

“You’re here. And you’re making pancakes.”

“It was only fair. After the amazing night last night. Besides, I think we should do that, again.”

His hand slipped around my waist, his lips pressed to mine in a deep kiss. I did love pancakes, and the sex…yeah, I could definitely do that again.

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