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One For Good Luck

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The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, or you are offended by subjects of a sexual nature – do not read any further!

This story is for entertainment only. It contains adult oriented material. This is a work of fiction. The acts and characters contained within are figments of my imagination and have no basis in fact. I do not practice, advocate, condone or encourage acts portrayed here. The characters in the story are entirely fictional. You need to believe that all of the characters are over the age of eighteen.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached.

* * * * * * * * *

This story just jumped into my brain from another dimension. It does tie in to the existing Dots and Dashes series – kind of – but later, not right now. Feeling lucky?

* * * * * * * * *

My sexual adventures don’t always start with a phone call. Sometimes, they cross my path in person at full speed. I was exiting a revolving door at a drug store after replenishing my supply of brown and red licorice twists. A husky woman burdened with five shopping bags plowed into me. I staggered backwards, saved from the pavement by a group waiting for the light to change. Somehow, she didn’t drop a single parcel.

Her voice sounded like she suffered from chronic sinus congestion. “Mr. Marcus!”

I had to look twice. This was Mrs. Ambury, whose daughter used to go to school with Annie. What was her name? Loretta. Two years ahead of Annie? That would put her at least halfway through college. “Sorry. I should been more careful.” What was I supposed to do, holler at her for nearly knocking me on my ass?

“How long has it been? Why, not since Lore’s graduation.”

I remembered how Lore looked that day, long blonde hair to her waist and flannel pajama pants, her trademark during her senior year, sticking out from the bottom of her robe. All the teachers and administrators on stage shook their heads at the stunt. “How’s she doing?”

Mrs. Ambury shifted bags from one hand to the other, attempting to balance the load. When she’d finished, she was still leaning to the right. “Marvelous! She’s coming back home, interviewing with some hush-hush outfit.”

“Well, wish her the best of luck.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The phone call came, a couple of days later. “Hello, Mr. Marcus? This Lorraine. Lore?”

“Your mom said you were back. You want to talk to Annie?”

“I talked with her already. Actually, I need to speak with you.” There was a long silence, not even breathing. “After all this time, I feel pushy, asking for a favor.”

Lore had helped Annie when they were both on the school volleyball team. It was breathtaking, Lore in tight shorts with long muscular legs. I’ll admit it. I had fantasies. But Lore went off to college long before I started getting sexual with Annie’s schoolmates. “What do you need?” “It’s really difficult, I mean, to ask. It’s been, like, years.” I owed Lore one. The coach hadn’t played Annie all season. In the last game, Lore forced the coach to put Annie in. At least Annie played 15 minutes of varsity volleyball. In the back row, digging. “You were good to Annie. Maybe I can repay your kindness. What’s up?”

“It’s about a job interview. Could come over to my new place? I need some help preparing. I mean, this is the biggest! Can you come over and coach me?”

“Sure.” Lore was bright, a quick study according to all reports. She gave me the address. It had to be that afternoon, because her interview was the next day.

The streets all around her apartment building were full. I had to park three blocks away, half in a tow zone. I was warm when I rang the buzzer. The lock buzzed so I pushed the door open.

“Up here.” It was Lore’s voice, two floors up.

I trudged up the stairs, one at a time. My legs were cramping. Who says men grow old gracefully?

Lore was in the doorway. “Hey!” Her hair, which I remembered to be long and straight, reaching down her back to her waist, was short and curly. She’d put on a couple of pounds, but in the right places, so her curves were more pronounced. Her t-shirt had a stretched neck opening, exposing her collarbone and shoulder. When she turned to lead me in, her sweatpants had “JUICY” across the butt.

I’d only recently learned that JUICY was a brand of clothing, not a message from the female wearer that she was moist between her legs. What a jerk I am! “Hi.” It was more of an exhale than a greeting.

“Come on in.” Lore grabbed my hand and pulled me across the threshold. I landed on a paisley patterned couch that had seen better days. Boxes were stacked everywhere. Lore had chosen a studio apartment. The couch felt stiff, since it probably concealed a foldout bed. The kitchenette was two steps away.

“It’s türbanlı escort not much, but it’s home.” Lore plopped down on the couch next to me. “So, what have you been up to?”

It would have come across as bragging to tell her all of my sexual adventures with Annie’s friends. Besides those episodes being none of her business, I was still catching my breath. “Not much. Same old stuff. And you?”

Her hands were clasped together, resting at her crotch. “I’m so nervous. I’ve found the perfect job. They just have to like me.”

“They’ll like you fine.” I did, why wouldn’t they? Lore was smart and dependable. They’d be fools not to offer her the position, whatever it was. The thought of her in prone position with her legs spread flashed into my mind. No, not this time.

“Just in case, I need some luck. That’s why you’re here.” She smiled, scanning me from toe to head, her eyes eventually returning to my face.

Me, lucky? “I don’t understand.”

“Remember taking me downtown?”

Lore’s mom asked me to chaperone her on a train ride. Lore was interviewing for a summer internship and hadn’t been downtown, maybe ever. When we sat together on the train, Lore’s short skirt rode up her thighs. I was semi-erect for the whole trip, having paid too much attention to her long bare legs. I walked her only halfway to her destination, since I was headed in a different direction. The situation had been clumsy. I mean, shaking hands seemed so silly. I leaned forward to kiss her cheek, a nice, friendly but non-sexual parting gesture. She turned her head and my lips touched hers. It was barely a kiss, until she reached around and pulled me closer. She had vibrated her lips against mine, making for quite a kiss. Still, I restrained myself from kissing her back or sliding my tongue into her mouth. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but we were standing on a street corner, for Christ’s sake. She had told me “Thanks” and then strutted away, her ass tumbling to and fro.

So, Lore wanted a good luck kiss. “Sure, I remember. You think that was good luck?”

“For sure! I got the internship, with a great salary.”

“It wasn’t me. You got the job with your brains and personality.”

“Then how do you explain the other two times, huh?”

I’d never kissed Lore except that one time. I would have remembered.

“Once is a quirk,” she continued. “But it happened three times! Three!”

Had I lost that many brain cells? “So when were the other two?”

She punched my shoulder in a jesting kind of way. “The big volleyball game against our rivals, the Lady Vultures?”

There was only one game I remembered, the one Annie was scheduled to play, because Lore pleaded with the coach to put her in, one time before the season ended. Annie hated sitting on the bench. After their warm-ups but before the game started, Annie came over and I hugged her.

“After you hugged Annie, I asked for one too, remember?”

It was true. I hugged Lore, her shirt damp with sweat.

Lore moved closer, her hand on my knee to balance herself. When she leaned forward, I almost got a clean view down her shirt. Get a grip! What was I thinking?

“We won that game, and the championship.” So, where was the kiss? What was I missing? “And the third?”

Lore’s hand moved from my knee to my lower thigh. I wiggled in place, hoping Lore would release her grip. If I wasn’t at full length before, I was now.

“Then, about a week later, I drove Annie home.”

That incident I remembered vividly. Lore had squealed up the driveway and revved the engine. I had come out to see what the commotion was. Annie leaped out of Lore’s convertible without opening the door, flashing her panties. That was the first time I had sexual thoughts about Annie. Lore swayed back and forth behind the wheel. Under aged for drinking, Lore was in big trouble. “You were plastered. When I demanded you get out of the car, I had to hold you up so you wouldn’t fall.”

“You held my body against yours, carrying me into your living room. You let me sleep it off so my folks wouldn’t find out.”

“You’d been such a good role model for Annie, up to that night.” I remember thinking about giving Lore a good night kiss when I tucked her in that evening, but I didn’t.

“The next day, I went home to find an acceptance letter for admission to first-choice college.”

Lore’s hand was now mere inches away from my extended erection, which ran down my pants leg.

“So you see, you’ve been my lucky charm three times, for three important events in my life.” Lore grabbed my erection through the cloth. There was no escape. My dick throbbed involuntarily. “You and your Lucky Peter.”

“What are you doing? I thought you just wanted a kiss, for good luck.” Lore was rubbing her fingers the length of my hard on. Any more manipulation, and I’d generate a telltale-wet spot.

“Oh, the kiss was really nice. I haven’t had one as good since, to be honest. But, three tüyap escort times you rubbed your peter against my body, and I got an internship, a championship and a college acceptance. I need for you to do it again, so I get this job!”

Why was Lore calling my penis a “peter?” Then it dawned on me. Her father was Richard, Dick for short. Her mother must have avoided the common term for a less used one. It could be emotionally traumatic for someone to say to Lore “suck my dick”, making her think of her father at just the wrong time.

Lore vaulted into my lap, straddling my legs. She pressed her crotch against mine, but the position was awkward. “Damn! Stand up!” She jumped off. As soon as I stood, her hands flew to my belt and zipper.

Our hands slapped at each other’s. “Lore, this isn’t a good idea.”

“I just want you to rub against me. You’ve done it before. What’s the harm?”

Lore’s dexterity beat my flailing. My pants were around my ankles. My boner made a tent in my jockeys. Lore pushed me back onto the couch and straddled me again. This time, her crotch made strong contact with my dick.

“Oh, Mr. Marcus, you’re so hard and so lucky.”

Rubbing my penis against the groin of an attractive young woman? I sure was. “Thanks, I guess.” But it couldn’t go any further.

“Wait.” She stood, leaned over and slid off her sweatpants. At that angle, I got a full breast shot down her blouse. Although they weren’t very large, her areoles and nipples capped the fronts nicely.

Lore threw herself onto the sofa, positioning my covered erection against a crease in her panties. The cloth was disappearing as my erection drove against her pussy.

“You know, I used to think that it was just any peter that was lucky. I figured one magic stick was as good as another, but it never worked out that way.” Lore writhed back and forth, pressing harder. “I lost my virginity to a student in biochem, in order to pass the final. Turned out he was a dumb fuck. I flunked the exam.” Things had gone far enough. “All right. I’ve rubbed my Lucky Prick against you, much harder than any time before. If those got you the results you desired, you should be in fine shape now.” Fact was, she was in fine shape. At that moment I purged the thought of filling her pussy with my dick, er, penis.

“Maybe, but this job is really important. Can I see it? Please? I won’t touch or anything.”

Like I believed her. She got up and pulled me to standing position. My jockeys hit the floor.

“Wow! It’s bigger than I imagined.” She knelt down and moved her head close. I felt her breath on the head. It jerked, bumping into her nose. She flicked out her tongue. It was a tease, not even a lick. Then she pushed me back to a sitting position and climbed back on. True to her word, she positioned herself against my erection without using her hands.

Now it was one layer of cloth separating our organs. “It’s so hard. How do you make it so hard, Mr. Marcus?”

“You’re the one making it hard. It’s all the pressure.”

Lore’s hand wormed its way between us. Although she was touching herself at the juncture of our bodies, the incidental friction of her hand against my throbbing penis almost had me spurting right then.

“I really need this job, Mr. Marcus.” Lore moaned. “Oh God, I need it.” Her bounces were deliberate and accurate. Every contact was a direct hit. Her panties were soaked, from both of us. How much more could they take before we shredded them?

Lore took my erection in hand and rubbed it, back and forth, along the line of her cunt lips.

“You promised!” I shouted. The feeling of her hand on my prick, combined with the friction of the head against her damp panties and exposed skin, well, it was marvelous. Why was she torturing me like this?

“I’m only giving your Lucky Peter a helping hand. Don’t you want to rub me the right way?” Lore’s smile quickly faded to a far-away look, her mouth open, her breathing accelerating. “Make me lucky, Mr. Marcus. Rub me and make me lucky.”

This coaching had already gone further than I expected. “How about if I rub these?” I eased my hands up and took a breast in each hand, squeezing them to force blood towards her nipples. “Is this lucky?”

“Oh God! They’re going to burst!”

I licked one nipple, and then sucked the other. Lore dragged the head of my penis faster, up and down her slit.

“Oh yes!” She shook her head, curls bouncing. “Oh God. I always dreamed about your Lucky Peter, hot and hard against me. I’m going to get it, aren’t I?”

I prayed she meant the job. “Yes, they’re going to offer you the job, you’re going to accept, and everyone will live happily ever after. We can stop now.” I was serious. Much more, and we’d cross a dangerous line.

‘No, I can’t. I have to be positive. Lucky Peter will make the difference. Don’t make me stop, not when we’re so close.” I took my hands off her breasts and cupped her face. “If you want it, you’ll get it.” I meant tuzla escort the job. Lore leaned forward and kissed me. It was just like the one we shared on the street corner. Not too soft, fluttery.

Lore stroked my prick firmly, pulling the skin back. On the next thrust, the cloth obstruction was gone. Lore had eased it out of the way. “There! Now your luck can rub off in me.” I was buried between her cunt lips. They were juicy, as advertised.

She didn’t mean the job after all. There was no turning back. “Is this what you want? Eight inches of luck?” I lifted my hips as I pulled hers down. She cried out, either in pain or ecstasy. My full erection was inside her. She’s gotten it, all of it, as requested.

“You’re not rubbing. Rub!” she shouted.

We found a synchronized rhythm of movement, me up and her down, over and over. My fingers massaged her nipples, stroking them until they were hard.

“I’m so lucky. Oh God, so lucky. I’ve dreamed of this ever since the first time you pressed yourself against me. A Lucky Peter, that’s what you’ve got!”

Sitting kept me from deeper penetration. I stood, holding Lore up with my hands under her ass cheeks. She cooperated by wrapping her legs tight around me and wrapping her arms around my neck. “Now you’ve got it. I hope you’re satisfied.” I raised and lowered her on my pole.

“I will be, if you keep going. Do you know how lucky I am? Oh God, none of the boys in school felt like this. I feel so full.” She flexed her legs, smashing our groins together.

“I’m the lucky one. You’re a hot fuck, Lore. Hotter than I ever imagined!” The pressure and friction of her tight cunt was too much. Besides, my legs and back ached. I couldn’t last another second. I spurted inside Lore’s cunt, at least three times. Now both of us were juicy.

Lore kept bouncing. “Almost, almost, come on, Lucky Peter.”

I pulled at her nipples and pinched them. She clamped down hard on my penis, shaking violently, her arms flailing. “Oooh, ooh!” She grunted, and then went limp. It took everything I had not to fall, her dead weight hanging from my neck and fading erection. Her legs slid down, and my penis withered from her cunt. I leaned in the direction of the sofa, and we both fell onto it.

Lore held one arm across her breasts, and the other covering her crotch.

I felt compelled to break the awkward post-sex silence. “So, after the interview, can I call you to see how it went?”

“What?” Lore’s mind seemed to be elsewhere. “Oh, sure, fine.”

I bent over to gather my clothes, which had been scattered during our sexual ballet.

The silence continued. It was Lore’s turn. “We have to talk.”

“Okay.” What was it? Had I done something bad?

Lore stood. A trickle of bodily fluids seeped down her thigh. She cupped her pussy to catch it. “Yuck! I need to wash up.” Her ass jiggled as she skipped to the bathroom.

“I’ll just let myself out.” I stepped into my jockeys. “I’ll call you -“

“No. Don’t go,” she hollered. “Come keep me company while I shower.”

I dropped my clothes in a pile, stepped out of my underwear and entered the bathroom. Lore was already in the tub, a translucent curtain draped around it, water hissing. Almost seeing someone nude is much more exciting than seeing them completely naked. At least, in this case.

“How was it? The sex, I mean?” Lore asked.

I closed the toilet seat lid and sat down. “Terrific! How was it for you?”

“The best ever! Absolutely!”

None of Annie’s friends had questioned me after fucking. I assumed they were pleased, given the sounds they made during or the comments they made after. “Why do you ask?”

“I have something to confess. I asked you here kind of under false circumstances.”

I knew it! Lore didn’t believe in all that luck stuff. “Go on.”

“I saw Annie at the mall yesterday, the same day you saw my mom. She told me about your problem with Harriett.”

I have lots of problems with my wife. “What problem, in particular?”

“How you and her haven’t had sex in years, and how Annie is worried what might happen because you’re so horny all the time.”

True or not, Annie did it again. I’d have to thank her for this one. “So this was a charity fuck?” The words were past my lips before I’d thought about Lore’s reaction.

“Oh, no. I’ve had a crush on you for years.” Lore stuck her face out of the curtain, with a devil’s grin. “Even before I was legal.”

Before eighteen, Lore wasn’t someone I would have looked at twice.

She wiped her matted hair from her face. “And, you have to admit, every time you’ve pressed your body against me, and I’ve felt your peter sticking out, something wonderful happened. This was the perfect opportunity for both of us. You got good sex –

“Better than good. But don’t act so selfless. You got it too.”

“You’re right. And, I’m a shoo-in for the job of my dreams.”

I was curious about what this special job was, and why her mom called it hush-hush, but decided not to ask. “You’ll let me know?”

“Absolutely! You can come over to celebrate my new position.”

Fucking Lore in a variety of positions flashed through my mind. “I’m not sure I have the stamina.” I thought of the long walk from the car and up two flights. “I’ll just have to take the stairs one at a time.”

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