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One Drop of Water

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Jessie awoke that morning to a real thirst. She padded down the hall to the kitchen and stood at the sink drinking two full glasses. As the second glass emptied, she tilted her head back and raised the glass up. She watched the final bit gather along the rim. She watched as the bead swelled and began to yield to gravity. It clung to the edge like a man now unsure of suicide. As it relented, it fell to its demise, dying on the tip of Jessie’s tongue. She was on to her bath and a glorious sunny Sunday. Her only free day to enjoy as she chose and today was to be all about her. She slipped her cotton pajama bottoms over her hips. They were blue plaid and long enough that she was always stepping on the hems, She loved the way they snuggled her in bed during those chilly nights San Francisco was so famous for.

She stood in pink panties and a black string top looking into the mirror. She ran her hands over her tummy and cupped her breasts. She knew she was beautiful. And it wasn’t that she was conceited, she had an amazing face with high cheek bones and big dark eyes. Her short black hair was cut to frame her face and she could look both adorable and wanton at the same time. She had been told she was beautiful by enough people, enough times that she believed it. Jessie pulled the top over her head and turned to the shower. With the spray hot and at full flow, she thumbed her panties down to mid-thigh. Jessie was tall, five-ten and her legs were slender yet with well-defined muscle tone. Her all-over tan made her look even more exotic. A sort of Brazilian beach girl look. Small breasts just enhanced the appearance of youth and athleticism she desired.

She ran a hand between her legs and the tips of her fingers parted her labia. She was moist, as she usually was when she awoke. Erotic dreams often filled her sleeping hours, sometime she would nap during the afternoon just hoping for one to come to her in her slumber. To show her a new sexual adventure she had not yet imagined. To bring her to half-conscious arousal and let her be pleasured by someone else’s fingers now attached to her own hand.

She stepped free of the panties, now on the floor. Once in the shower, the spray was hotter than she expected and she backed away, pressing her butt against the cool tiles. She lowered the shower setting and remained still. The heat of the water splashing over her breasts and the cold tile against her back brought contrasting sensations. She loved the extremes of life, all of them. Hot and cold, sexual arousal and a hint of pain. The power of dominance verses the complete sense of giving that comes with submission.

Jessie removed a sponge from a small wall shelf and poured out liquid soap. She raised a knee and her bath, a morning ritual that took a good thirty minutes, began.

She finally turned the water off and waited, watching the final drips fall from the shower head into the palm of her hand. When the last one landed on her fingertips, she brought her hand to her mouth and ran them over her lips. It felt cool in the steamy shower. No one should question what may be erotic to someone else. Dripping water. It seemed to have a purpose yet looked helpless. Sometimes cool, sometimes warm. istanbul escort Maybe sweet, possibly salty. They could go on indefinitely holding one hypnotized or there could be only one. One that seemed to cling to its source as if life depended on its endurance. And when it finally dropped, you may have been distracted in waiting and missed it. Its final passage down a drain lost to your imagination.

Jessie slipped on fresh panties and a pair of knee length shorts. A black tee finished her outfit as she rarely wore and never needed a bra. She stepped into sandals, picked up her gym bag and headed for the door. Seven days a week, ten o’clock found Jessie entering the ‘The Coleman Gym’. She went to the counter, presented her membership card although none of the girls working there ever bothered to check it anymore. She was a regular and there was no need. The girl this morning was Anna. She took three large towels from a shelf behind her and placed them on the counter. She gave Jessie the key to her permanent locker. Many of the regulars didn’t want one more thing to keep track of so they left their keys at the desk.

“Thanks.” Jessie smiled.

“We have you for an hour and a half on equipment and then thirty minutes in sauna room four.” Anna said.

“Sounds good to me.” Jessie said. She picked up her towels and headed for the locker room. There was only one locker room here. It was a female only gym.

Jessie stuffed two towels into the top of her locker and set one on the bench. She pulled her top over her head and hung it on a hook. Pulling a black spandex sports bra from her gym bag, put it on and adjusted it. Next she unzipped her shorts, stepped out of them and putting them in the locker.

As she stood there, a woman turned from the isle into the same row of lockers as Jessie. She was maybe forty and looked far too elegant to be coming to a gym. She was wearing cream colored linen slacks with a white silk blouse. Jessie was sure her shoes were Ferragamo’s and she wore a very expensive necklace with a matching bracelet. ‘Fuck.’ Thought Jessie. ‘The stone on her left ring finger could capsize a canoe.’

Jessie removed a pair of gray cotton jogging shorts from the bag and stepped into them. She closed her locker and turned, heading for the exercise room. The woman had removed her blouse and bra and she stood looking at Jessie, holding them in her hands. Her breasts in clear view. “Enjoy your workout.” She said and smiled at Jessie. A smile that screamed either, fuck me, let me fuck you or quiet possibly, why are you looking at my tits. Jessie hurried past and into a large room with windows along one wall and floor to ceiling mirrors on the other three. There was an amazing assortment of machines and she found a stair climber in front of the windows, set it to slow and started her workout.

She had moved to intermediate and then to trot when the woman from the locker room stepped to the Machine to Jessie’s left. She set a towel on the bench in front of them and laid a water bottle on top. She got on the treadmill and started it on trot without a warm up. Jessie glanced over as the woman took up a steady pace with her arms swinging and shoulders erect. Her hair, şişli escort now in a pony was swinging back and forth over her shoulders. She had exchanged her linen shorts for spandex and her blouse for a sports bra. She had sweat bands on her wrists and her forehead. Jessie watched her tight ass jiggle as she ran. For near forty, Jessie thought she was actually pretty hot.

Her eye then turned to the window and finally down toward the floor where the woman’s water bottle lay on its side. The cap was loose and water dripped from within. Jessie couldn’t concentrate on running. The drip, drip, drip had captured her attention and she couldn’t focus on anything else. Finally she stopped the machine and went over to pick it up. She looked at the woman and ran her finger around the bottle cap. Her finger was wet. “Dripping.” She said. She closed the cap and returned it to on top of the towel.

“Thanks.” The woman said.

Jessie’s wet finger went to her mouth. She nodded and, gathering her things, she moved on to the weight machines on the far side of the room. She did repetitions on leg lifts, squats, bench presses and crunches. She was covered with sweat when she finally left the room, heading back to her locker. She stripped off her shorts and top and was thumbing her panties when the woman appeared once more.

She too was dripping with perspiration. Jessie lowered her panties and stepped out of them. She took a fresh towel and went into the shower where she rinsed off before heading for the sauna area. As she turned off the spray, the woman turned a shower on just a few feet away. Jessie looked at her while the woman’s back was to Jessie. She was truly amazing.

Jessie wrapped a towel around her middle covering herself from breasts to upper thigh. She walked down a wide hall until she reached the door numbered four. She pulled it open to a rush of steam escaping. She quickly entered and pulled the door closed. It was a tiny room, maybe six feet square. It was built entirely of cedar planks with a wood fired stove in the far corner. A bucket of water set beside the stove and a ladle hung on the rim. Jessie poured a bit of water over the coals and the steam sizzled and filled the room. Jessie sat down on a bench and leaned back. The sweat immediately began to bead along her upper lip. She eased her legs apart and ran her fingers along her inner thighs. She looked down at the bucket. The dipper hung at its side and some water dripped from it onto the wood floor. Each drop darkened the wood and just as quickly evaporated away. She watched and her fingers eased upward to find her sex. Her labia was swollen as it always did when she exercised. She didn’t know why it did that. She just knew that after exercising, she was always aroused. She would always think about sex. A finger entered her vagina and she arched her back.

The metal latch on the door rattled and Jessie’s hand slipped back on top of her towel just as the woman looked in. “Room for me I hope?” She said.

Jessie nodded. “Of course.”

The woman was in robe and it slid from her shoulders as soon as the door closed. She hung it on a hook and stood naked before Jessie. “May I?” She pointed to the water bucket. mecidiyeköy escort

Jessie nodded again and the woman dipped a full ladle and let it slowly drizzle over the coals. The steam expanded into the room so thick that the woman was barely visible for a time. When Jessie’s eyes cleared, the woman was setting across from Jessie. Her back against the wall, her hands at her sides and her eye’s closed. As Jessie watched, those long legs began to ease apart. Her stomach muscles rippled. Her breasts were already wet and her face glistened. She slowly raised one hand and ran it over her chest, her fingers rubbing over erect nipples.

Jessie watched as sweat gathered on the woman’s chin. It was beading and a trail was starting under her chin and down her neck. Jessie’s towel came loose and it fell to her sides and she made no attempt to cover herself. She traced the top of her thighs with her fingers. Her tongue licked the sweat from her upper lip. The woman opened her eyes and looked at Jessie. She smiled and her fingers trailed down her abdomen. The bead of sweat on her neck grew and began a slow descent over her collarbone. Jessie’s fingers searched along her inner thigh. The droplet wandered over the top of the woman’s right breast, turned and dipped into her cleavage. Jessie’s fingers were wet and she realized they were running between the lips of her labia. She tried to restrain herself.

The woman raised one leg and planted it on the bench seat beside her. Her knee laid out wide. She still looked at Jessie. She ran her fingers along the inside if her leg.

The drop of sweat traced a line down her abdomen and it grew. Jessie, without knowing it, was leaning a little forward. The woman turned a hand upward and worked her fingers. Jessie froze as she realized what she was doing. She watched the drop run over the woman’s stomach to her mound and Jessie eased forward, kneeling on the floorboards in front of the woman. Her hands moved the woman’s legs apart. The drop eased over her mound and settled just above her still hooded clitoris.

Jessie moved closer. The woman’s hands went to either side of her sex and her fingers worked into her flesh. Her thumbs pressed backwards, allowing her hood to retract, her clitoris now a swollen bud in clear view. Jessie kissed the woman’s knee and along her inner thigh. Her eyes never leaving the bead of sweat as it reached the apex of the woman’s sex, it settled on the tip of her clit. It swelled, it sagged downward and reached for its goal. It grew larger and just as it was about to drop free of the woman, bound to disappear into the void of her vagina, Jessie moved in and extended her tongue. The treasured giver of life landed on her tongue. It was both sweet and salty; both erotic and humiliating. It was highly sexual yet nothing more than a bodily function. It was very domineering and still submissive. She swallowed. She leaned back on her knees.

“Thank you.” The woman whispered.

“Thank you.” Said Jessie.

Jessie stood and gathered her towel. “I would like to see you.” The woman said.

‘Buy me a drink?” Jessie asked and she opened the door. The woman set watching her. She was smiling as Jessie pulled the door closed.

I hope you enjoyed this story. I bit of a twist for me. Please vote and remember, any constructive comments are always appreciated. This is, after all, why we write. Well, that and living vicariously through them for weeks afterward.

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