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On Her Terms Ch. 02: The Reward

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Laura pulled her blouse off over her head and then paused, taking a moment to let everything sink in. She stared for a moment at the scene playing out in front of her; which was taking place in her living room when she walked in the door from work. Her ex-boyfriend, Dale, was naked on the couch on all fours, with his head down on the cushion. His eyes were closed but his mouth was open, with a drop of drool on his lip that quivered as his body rocked forward and back. Kneeling behind Dale was Laura’s lesbian partner, Sam, also naked, except for the harness of the strap-on dildo which she was slowly pistoning in and out of Dale’s asshole. Laura’s eyes took in Sam’s powerful, shapely thighs, rippling with every thrust, then moved up her toned, athletic torso, lingered to watch her large, plump breasts sway seductively, then rose again to meet her smiling face. Sam winked when their eyes met.

“What are you waiting for?” asked Sam. “Maybe you need some help.” She pulled her rubberized cock out of Dale’s ass. The tip popped out, causing Dale to inhale sharply. Then she shoved her cock back in, slowly pushing all the way in until her hips met his. Dale let out a loud moan and his hands clenched over the edge of the couch cushion. “You like that don’t you?” asked Sam.

“Yes, Sir.” gasped Dale, as he felt the toy penetrate deep into his ass, filling him up.

Sam began to unclasp the buckles of the harness around her legs. “You’re in luck, then.” she said. “Because you get to feel my cock inside you all night long.” Once the harness was completely unbuckled the reached forward and wrapped the buckles around Dale’s waist and legs, snapping them into place and trapping the dildo inside of him. She gave him a hard smack on the ass as she got up from the couch and stepped over to where Laura was standing in her bra and panties. Dale collapsed onto the couch, looking sheepishly up at the two women, feeling somewhat ashamed for being used like a slut in front of his ex-girlfriend.

Sam embraced Laura, giving her a long, passionate kiss. Laura returned the kiss as Sam’s hand traveled down between Laura’s legs. She rubbed her hand over Laura’s panties feeling the damp fabric, wet from Laura’s arousal. She reached around and unclasped Laura’s bra, letting it fall to the floor. She tugged Laura’s thong down past her hips and let it fall to the floor as well. Then she turned and walked back to the sofa and sat on the opposite end from Dale, leaning against the arm, with her legs spread. She patted the cushion between her legs and motioned for Laura to come sit. As Laura walked over and sat in front of Sam, leaning back against her, Dale sat up and faced them. He winced and shifted his weight to one side as he felt the dildo push deeper into his ass.

Sam kissed Laura’s neck and nibbled on her ear and wrapped her arms around Laura’s petite frame. She moved one hand down to gently explore Laura’s wet sex. “I can tell how much this excites you,” whispered Sam, huskily. “What excited you more, the thought of feeling your boytoy’s warm cock for the first time in 2 years, or the sight of me fucking him like a cheap slut?” Laura just moaned and rolled her head back as Sam’s probing fingers found her sensitive clitoris. “Dale, why don’t you show Laura the skills you’ve been practicing on me?” asked Sam. “Her tired feet need some attention after a hard day’s work.”

“Yes, Sir.” said Dale, as he obediently leaned forward and took Laura’s foot into his hands, rubbing it and kissing it.

“Wow, Sam,” remarked Laura. “What did you do to him?”

“I just brought out his inner nature, that’s all. Boys like him are born to pamper and serve superior women like us.” Sam said haughtily, smirking. “Besides, he likes it, don’t you Dale?”

Dale pulled his mouth off of Laura’s big toe. “Yes, Sir.”

“Well, I’m glad,” said Laura. “Because it feels amazing! Don’t stop!”

Sam turned Laura’s head and their lips met in another passionate kiss as Sam’s fingers continued to ply Laura’s sopping wet slit. Dale moved from one foot to the next, massaging and sucking her toes. He looked up at Laura, whom he had fantasized about ever since they broke up. He could hardly believe what was happening. His mind almost couldn’t process it. In all of his fantasies, nothing even remotely resembled this. He looked at Sam, who he had always thought of as almost a man because of how butch and masculine she was, but who now turned him on like crazy. Over the past several hours he had become her sex slave, worshiping every inch of her body. He had never felt more degraded and ashamed, or more turned on.

Sam’s fingers were working faster now, and Laura’s breathing was getting heavier. Sam slowly brought Laura to the edge, until she was panting, letting out little moans every few breaths. “So,” said Sam teasingly to Laura. “Now that you’ve got your little boytoy back, how do you want him?” Laura didn’t answer, instead continuing to whimper and trying to grind into Sam’s hand to push herself over the edge. “Do you ankara eve gelen escort want to be on top, or bottom?” asked Sam.

“Oh god, I don’t care,” gasped Laura. “I just want him to fuck the shit out of me!”

“Wow, I always told you, you were a slut!” said Sam. “Well Dale, she’s all hot and ready for you. What do you say?”

Dale’s dick, which had been hard almost all night, was throbbing now, aching for release. “Please Sir,” he begged. “May I please fuck Laura?”

“Fuck her?” exclaimed Sam. “No, only I get to fuck her. You’re not man enough to fuck anyone! In this house, I do the fucking, just like I fucked you earlier. But if you ask me again nicely, I may let you pleasure her. How’s that?”

“Yes, Sir,” Dale said, acknowledging his place and playing along. “May I please pleasure Laura?”

Sam smiled, enjoying these little power games. “Yes slave, you may pleasure her. But before you get that little prick of yours out, I want you to use your talented little tongue. She’s about ready to burst right now.”

Dale practically dove right in, anxious to taste Laura’s sweet pussy again. He got to work with his fingers and tongue, picking up right where Sam left off. He flicked his tongue over her clit rapidly, as he worked his fingers in and out. Sam kissed her on the mouth and squeezed Laura’s nipples between her fingers. In a few short minutes Laura was screaming bucking her hips as the beginning of her orgasm washed over her. She put her hand on the back of Dale’s head and ground his face into her. Dale continued to lick feverishly drawing her ecstasy out for as long as he could. After a few more minutes the waves of pleasure started to subside. She looked down at Dale with her flushed face, sweat beading on her brow.

“God, that was hot!” she said with a husky sigh. Sam grabbed her chin, turning her head around for another long, passionate, frenzied kiss.

“Why don’t we move this little party to the bedroom?” asked Sam, rhetorically, nudging Laura up off of the couch. She kissed Laura again, then took her by the hand and led her down the hall towards the bedroom. Dale followed behind, feeling the dildo move within him with every step.

Once in the bedroom, Sam and Laura made out for several minutes by the side of the bed, while Dale stood awkwardly by, not sure what to do. Sam whispered into Laura’s ear, teasing her while rubbing her hand over her moist mound. “Are you ready to get fucked? Are you ready to feel a real, hot dick inside of you? You want to feel your little boytoy’s dirty cum inside you, don’t you? You’re just a little slut aren’t you?” Laura whimpered yes to all of these, feeling her juices begin to flow.

Sam ordered them onto the bed. As Dale moved past her she reached out and slapped him hard on the ass, causing him to jump. Then she patted the base of the toy inserted in his ass, sending a pulse through his body. “Just remember,” she whispered in his ear. “I own both of you. This is your reward for being such a good little bitch.” The feeling of the dildo quivering inside of him, and the shame of being treated like a piece of meat turned Dale on even more.

Laura crawled up onto the bed and positioned herself in the middle, on her back. Dale stood at the edge of the bed, stroking himself, and almost reflexively turned to look back at Sam, silently asking permission before proceeding. Sam smiled at him, pleased. “Go ahead pet,” she said. “You may pleasure her now.”

Dale crawled onto the bed, climbing between Laura’s legs. As he angled the head of his cock towards her, he looked up at her face and their eyes met. Laura smiled a warm smile, and Dale smiled back. Suddenly they were old lovers again. He tenderly slid his glans past the folds of her labia, sliding into her warm, wet interior. Her pussy felt amazing against his bare skin. Laura felt the warmth of his cock as it traveled deeper inside of her; the warmth that she had been missing, had been craving, ever since they had broken up. It filled her with a deep joy. When Dale was all the way in and his hips pressed against the back of her thighs, which were angled up in the air, he paused and looked deep into her eyes, silently telling her how much he had missed her. She returned the gesture.

For the first time that night since he had stepped into their house, Dale felt like a man, with his meat buried in Laura’s hot, wet vagina. Even so, as he began rocking in and out, the seven inch dildo lodged firmly up his ass reminded him of his place. Now, however, he felt it rubbing against his prostate, and it was an oddly pleasurable experience he had not expected. And since he had been turned on all night, He knew he was not going to last long. Luckily, Laura was already primed after her first orgasm on the couch. The feeling of Dale’s hot, firm member sliding in and out of her felt better than she remembered. Maybe she had just never wanted it so badly.

“Oh, my god, that feels so good!” she gasped, as Dale picked up the gaziosmanpaşa escort pace. She could feel the orgasm building quickly. Dale was getting close as well. He closed his eyes and steeled himself, trying to keep himself from climaxing. Laura was on the brink when she felt him begin to slow his pace. “No. please don’t stop!” she grunted. “Fuck me faster!”

Dale let go and began plowing into her for all he was worth. Laura could feel his balls slapping against her ass with each deep thrust. She had almost forgotten that feeling. Dale felt his orgasm build quickly. As his cock began to twitch and spasm inside of her, Laura was pushed over the brink. Wave after wave of intense pleasure washed over her from head to toe. Dale let out a deep guttural groan as he felt his cock explode inside of her. He began fucking her like an animal as his primal urge took over. Laura was crying out, “Yes, yes yes!” in time with his thrusts. Dale continued for as long as he could, long after he had drained himself of what felt like more cum than he had ever produced. The toy in his ass felt like it was pumping every last drop out of him from behind. Finally he collapsed on top of Laura, both of them panting heavily as they drifted back down to earth.

Sam couldn’t help being turned on by the display. She had been working herself with her fingers for the last several minutes. “I can see that you two do have some chemistry, indeed,” she said. “But I know that was hardly long enough to satisfy Laura. Dale, why don’t you go ahead and clean her up and get her ready for round two.” Now that she was excited and turned on, her dominant side was taking back over.

“Yes, sir,” said Dale, and began rolling towards the edge of the bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” asked Sam. “Laura is right there.” Dale looked from Sam to Laura and back, confused. “You’re going to clean her with your mouth,” said Sam commandingly. Dale’s face paled as he imagined the prospect.

“What’s wrong?” asked Sam. “It’s your mess. You clean it up. Besides, I’m sure Laura has swallowed your cum plenty of times. It’s only fair.” Dale still looked hesitant. Sam stepped over to the edge of the bed. She reached down and gave his balls a good squeeze and leaned in close to his face. “Look bitch,” she said. “You agreed to be my slave, and I’m telling you to lick up your nasty jiz like the little slut you are. You wanted to fuck her, and that’s part of the deal. Any time you cum, you’re cleaning it up. If you don’t like that, I’ll throw your ass out of this house. But before I do, I’m going to take that cock out of your ass and replace it with my fist! Do you understand?”

Dale’s was doubled over as the pain from his balls shot through his whole body. “Yes, Sir!” he gasped. Yes, Sir.”

“Good. Now lie on your back!” Sam let go of his sore testicles and sauntered back over to the chair, pleased with his submission. With her back to the bed, they couldn’t see her smirking. She had always wanted to grab a man by the balls like that. She recomposed herself before turning to sit. Laura was looking at Dale, somewhat concerned by his pain. Even so, she was excited, as always, by Sam’s dominance. She began to grow wet again as Dale obediently lay on his back.

Laura threw her leg over Dale and straddled his face, facing towards his legs. Thick drops of cum were clinging to her labia as she dropped herself directly on his waiting mouth. Dale tasted his own cum almost immediately, while his nose was filled with her scent. Reluctant as he was, he had no chance to hesitate as cum began trickling down into his waiting mouth. He swallowed it and began probing with his tongue, finding more and more. Laura leaned forward and began licking his flaccid member and taking it into her mouth to clean their combined juices. She slurped the entire length into her mouth, cleaning him off, and trying to pleasure him, to make him get hard again. Her pussy was pressed hard against his mouth as he continued to lick and suck his own cum out. Soon all he could taste was her own sweet nectar. After a while, Laura’s oral ministrations had the desired effect as his tool began to swell once more.

Laura’s arousal was growing, and she looked up at Sam, pleading with her eyes. Sam smiled. “I want you on your hands and knees, facing me.” Laura rolled off of Dale and assumed the position. Then Sam commanded Dale to pleasure her again. He moved behind her, anxious to comply.

He slid his cock back inside her wet slit, eliciting a gasp from her. He put his hands on her waist and ran them back to her soft hips. Then he pulled her towards her and impaled her with his cock. His balls were still aching from Sam’s grip, but now that his manhood was ensconced in Laura once more, his masculinity returned. He thrust into her with long, smooth motions, rocking her body back and forth. He had always enjoyed this position, looking down at her shapely ass and her smooth skin, and running his hands down her back and over her hips. gölbaşı escort This time however, he had a brief vision of himself in her position, imagining Sam’s point of view as she rode his ass. He pushed that thought away and tried to focus on Laura.

They continued in that position for a while. Having just cum, Dale was able to ride Laura to multiple orgasms without cumming himself. After the third one, Sam instructed them to change positions, with Dale on the bottom. Sam got up and retrieved something from a drawer while Dale repositioned himself and Laura climbed on top. Laura lowered herself down and Dale gave a low moan as he felt her soft wet pussy envelop him once again. Before resuming the action they looked over at Sam to see her strapping on a large black rubber dong. This one was noticeably wider though not much longer than the toy that was still buried in Dale’s ass, and it was much larger than Dale’s average-sized tool. She stroked it as she walked over to the bed.

“You like it, Dale?” asked Sam. “This is one of Laura’s favorites.” She grinned and gave a wink. “This is a real cock.” She crawled on the bed and shoved the dildo in Dale’s face. “Suck it. Get a feel for what a man-sized cock feels like in your mouth.” Dale opened his mouth and Sam shoved the head inside. It barely fit between his teeth with his mouth open as wide as it would go. He reached up to grab it to keep her from shoving it all the way down his throat. Laura began to slowly rock herself on his shaft as she watched him suck Sam’s cock. “Is that too big, little boy?” Sam teased. “Just imagine how much it’s going to stretch out Laura’s pretty little ass.” Dale’s eyes grew wide. Laura let out a moan. Sam winked at Dale again. “And this isn’t even my big one!”

Sam pulled the cock out of Dale’s mouth and moved it over to Laura’s. Laura grabbed it without being told and began fellating it enthusiastically. “See Dale, this little slut loves my fat cock,” said Sam. She reached down and ran her fingers through Laura’s hair and looked her in the eyes. “What do you want me to do with it, my little pet?”

“I want you to fuck me in the ass, Sir,” said Laura.

“You want to be fucked in both holes, like a little whore?” asked Sam.

“Yes, Sir. I want your cock in my ass, please!” begged Laura.

Sam grabbed a bottle of lube off the nightstand and squeezed a little on the toy. She moved around behind Laura, pushing Dale’s legs apart with her knees. She smeared a little lube in Laura’s ass crack with her finger and then slid her finger into Laura’s puckered hole. Laura closed her eyes and moaned. Without any more foreplay, Sam placed the head of her cock against Laura’s asshole and began to push. Dale could feel the pressure as the head slid in easily past her anal ring. He was surprised at how little pain registered on her face as the large cock opened her up. It was only a look of pleasure on her face as her head rolled back and another moan escaped her lips. He realized how loose her ass must be to be so used to this huge seeming toy. Sam leaned forward and looked down at dale with a wicked grin, as if she were reading his thoughts. “Don’t worry Dale, pretty soon I’ll train you to take this toy just as easily as this little slut.”

Dale felt Laura push back to meet Sam, urging the intruder even deeper. He could feel every inch sliding in, pressing against his own cock. It felt good. Sam pulled Laura’s head back and met her with a kiss. Dale watched his former lover passionately kiss the woman who had just impaled her, marveling at how Laura seemed to enjoy being treated like a whore. Even though she was riding his cock, she certainly didn’t belong to him.

As if to prove the point, Sam grabbed Laura’s hips and began fucking her ass hard and slow. With each thrust, Laura was pushed forward, causing her to lift off of Dale’s dick. With each reverse, Laura was pulled back down until she bottomed out when their pubic bones met. The two cocks were alternating in and out, like twin pistons in an engine. The feeling was intense. Laura began to cum almost immediately. She leaned forward, putting her hands on Dale’s shoulders. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Dale could only watch as Sam did all the work setting the pace, and Laura threw her head back and began to scream as the intense orgasm hit her with full force. Laura’s boobs were swaying forward and back with each thrust. Her hair was sticking to the sweat on her forehead. Her nails dug into his skin as she gripped his shoulders tighter and tighter.

Looking past her, Dale saw Sam’s tits also shaking, keeping time with the muscles in her thighs as she continued to thrust in and out. Her expression was that of an athlete in the middle of a play, focused on the action. Her eyes were focused on the back of Laura’s head, watching her lover writhe in the depths of wave after wave of pleasure. Dale felt like he was just a tool for their amusement. And he knew that, in fact, he was. The humiliation of that fact excited him. The masculine feeling he felt when he was on top was gone. He could feel the thick dildo sliding in and out of Laura’s ass, pressing through the walls of skin to press her pussy tight against his own skin. The feeling was amazing. He closed his eyes to enjoy the feeling. At that moment, it felt pretty good to be used.

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