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Old Tom Pt. 02

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This story is a complete fantasy with no under age sex or cruelty involved.


Mary noticed that the next day her husband Jon tended to be very quiet. He was obviously thinking over the events with Old Tom. She had to do some serious thinking herself. She had quite an important job and the thought of anyone finding out about how she had been used by an old man, sent shivers down her back.

She knew that Jon must have had the same concerns as herself. Even at his relatively young age he was very well regarded as the Senior History teacher at the local high school. People were already talking about him as the future Headmaster of St Margaret’s.

Any thought of Jon allowing his wife to be fucked by the gardener was so outrageous. Mary felt frightened at the prospect but she was still overwhelmed with excitement as she thought about it in the bathroom in her private moments. She knew she had to let Jon raise the subject.

On the third day he suddenly asked her “Are you going to see Old Tom again, Mary?”

She was ready with her answer “Only if you want me to, Jon. You are my husband and I love and respect you very much.”

Jon appeared to be breathless as he murmured “I would like you to see him, Mary.”

Mary felt a rush if excitement. It was exquisite. But she wanted to be sure and asked “You know that he will see to me Jon. You know what he will do to me.”

Jon nodded uncertainly. “He will see to you Mary.”

Mary was unsure so she added “He will use his special tool on me, Jon.”

Again, Jon nodded.

Mary wanted to be more explicit “He will fuck me, Jon. Do you want him to fuck me?”

Jon was hesitant, but knew he had to make it plain “I want him to fuck you Mary.”

Mary found herself panting. With all the risks involved, they both wanted it to continue.

She still loved her husband and wanted to help him and knew what he needed. She calmed herself down a little and quietly asked “Do you want to watch, Jon?

He looked at her and felt embarrassed as he answered “It excites me Mary. I would like to watch if you don’t mind.”

Mary wanted to reassure him “I want you to be there Jon. I feel safe if you are there. I love you very much and I know you won’t interfere.”

Jon kissed his wife lightly. He remembered his last words about Old Tom when they had much the same conversation as he said “I wont interfere Mary. I will be a good little boy for you.”

Just then there was a noise at the door as the letterbox was used. Jon went into the hallway and picked up an envelope and brought it into the lounge to open.

As he read it, he looked devastated saying “Its from Old Tom. He’s apologising for his shameful behaviour recently and asking our forgiveness and promising that there is no way will there be any repetition.”

Mary sighed with disappointment and said “Oh God. Do you think he means it Jon?”

Jon nodded “He goes on to say that if anyone found out he would be dismissed from his job and evicted from his apartment.”

Mary countered with “Well you could tell him Jon that we wouldn’t tell anyone.”

Jon nodded “He probably knows that Mary. It would be terrible for us if anyone knew.”

He looked dejected murmuring “It really did excite me Mary.”

“It was the same for me Jon. Couldn’t you talk merter escort to him quietly down the pub. Just to find out if he liked it. Be careful not to frighten him as his job and apartment are probably the most important things in his life.”

“I will see him tonight Mary and I will be careful.”

That evening as Jon was leaving their apartment to go down the pub, Mary anxiously reminded him “Be careful, Jon. If you are too forward you could spoil it.” Jon gave her a weak smile and a peck on her forehead.

As he entered the pub, he saw the old man in the corner looking worried huddled over his near empty pint. He immediately went to the bar and then brought two pints over to where Tom was sitting. “How are you Tom? You look down in the dumps.”

Tom nodded “I am sorry Jon. Your wife has probably told you what happened in the shed. All I can say is I am sorry and there is no chance of me slipping up again.”

Jon knew he couldn’t come straight out with the way he and Mary were thinking and made a joke of it “We all make mistakes, Tom. I don’t suppose you are the first man to fancy my wife.”

Tom shook his head. “I appreciate that very much Jon and you are right. The trouble is I have fancied Mary for a long time and it just got too difficult to control, especially with you being away.”

“It didn’t really upset me too much Tom. She probably told you that I fantasize about big men with her and she said you were certainly very big.”

Tom, nodded “I have always had a big cock Jon although I think it surprised Mary when she saw it. I think she liked it.”

Jon started to tingle but simply said “She told me she liked it Tom.”

Tom looked pleased but said “I am glad you and Mary are not taking offence Jon, but I want you to feel safe that it will never happen again.”

He emphasised “Never ever again Jon. Apart from it not being fair to you, I was stupid to risk my job and my apartment even for a lovely young woman like your wife.” He repeated “Never again.” It was very definite.

Jon’s spirits sank as Tom was so positive. He wanted to find any weaknesses. “I understand how you feel, Tom and I am grateful. I know that Mary thought you enjoyed having her.”

Tom took a large mouthful and muttered “Enjoyed having her. That is an understatement. She was the best fuck I have ever had.”

He added apologetically “I hope that doesn’t offend you Jon. I know she is your wife.”

It had actually titillated Jon. A little humiliating but it was the sort of thing that excited him. He also had several gulps of beer to steady him down.

He shook his head in a dejected fashion “No, Tom. You are my friend and I feel I can talk to you. I know Mary has told you I am very small and I like to wear girl’s panties.”

The two men were chatting quite nicely now. It was clear that the old man really liked Jon and he told him so. “That doesn’t matter Jon. If you want to dress like a girl, it is only you and your wife’s business. Anyone outside your marriage can see how happy you are and you must be a great guy to have such a gorgeous wife. I envy you. She is luscious.”

Jon was carried away by the old man’s compliments and calling him a great guy. He was almost panting himself “Thank you Tom. That is so nice of you to say that. mutlukent escort I want to be your friend. Can I be your friend?”

Tom groaned “God, yes Jon. I would love to have a little friend like you with a luscious wife.”

Jon felt things were progressing and asked “Do you really think that Mary is that luscious.”

Tom murmured “She is more than luscious Jon. Just look at her. She is so bountiful with her big bouncy breasts. It would make a man immediately wonder about her nipples.”

Jon encouraged him “She has nice nipples Tom.”

“I know that Jon. She showed them to me Jon. She liked me sucking her nipples.”

Jon was getting aroused just listening to the old man “She liked it as well Tom. Did you like anything else?”

Tom was reliving his time in the shed and murmured “She let me take some pictures of her before I fucked her.”

Jon panted. His wife hadn’t told him about this.

“What sort of pictures Tom?”

The old man muttered “Dirty ones Jon. She pulled her dress up for me. Before we had even started, she showed me her knickers Jon.”

He reached into his pocket and brought out a picture and laid it on the table.

It showed Mary holding up her green dress right up over her waist displaying her white panties.

It had surprised Jon that his wife had been so willing, but it also excited him. He could see the old man was excited thinking about it.

“She is standing with her legs open Tom. Did you ask her to stand like that?”

The old man shook his head “Not really Jon. I think she did it to please me. I had told her I liked her crotch.”

“Did you like her panties Tom.”

“They were gorgeous Jon. I wished I had asked her for them. It is lonely in my flat and I would have enjoyed having your wife’s underwear to have a little wank.”

Whilst the conversation was arousing Jon, it was also suiting him. It had got the old man thinking about his time in the shed.

“Would you like me to get her panties for you Tom?”

“God, I would love that Young Jon, but how could you manage that?”

Jon had to think fast. He couldn’t let on that his wife would willingly collaborate, especially if it meant getting the old man up to their apartment. “It will be easy for me Tom. Don’t forget I am her husband. We use the same bedroom and kitchen and bathroom.”

Tom murmured “The same bathroom!”

Jon could see he was day dreaming and added “Yes Tom, the same bathroom and the same laundry basket.”

Tom groaned “The same laundry basket with her dirty underwear.”

“Yes Tom. Her brassieres and stockings and silk slips and panties.”

Tom shook his head “Can you get them for me, Jon. Can you get me your wife’s dirty knickers? Do you mind Jon. I know you are a great guy and my little friend, but will you do that for me?”

“Of course I will Tom. Don’t forget we are friends. You have been honest with me like a true friend.”

Tom nodded “We are good friends and I am pleased you know I fucked your wife. She was so kind in the shed and did a few things to please me before I fucked her.”

Jon was intrigued “What did she do for you Tom?”

“She let me see down inside her panties, just before I fucked her.”

Again, this was news to Jon and he muttered otele gelen escort “Before you fucked her.”

Tom was losing himself in his memories as he nodded “Yes Jon, she had taken off her bra and dress to show me her Tits and asked me if I wanted to see anything else.”

Jon breathed heavily. It was exciting him to listen to the old man. He knew Tom would tell him the rest.

Tom carried on “I asked her to show me her cunt.”

“Did she show you Tom?”

The old man nodded and took another picture out of his pocket and laid it on the table.

Jon recognised his wife standing there in just her panties. She had her two thumbs into the waistband and was tugging the front of her panties down to allow someone to look down and see all her exposed black hairs.

It really was an erotic scene and Jon almost forgot himself as he asked “Did you like her cunt Tom?”

Tom was equally lost in his thoughts as he muttered “She had a lovely cunt Jon, but I was surprised how big it was. Your wife has a really big cunt.”

Jon blushed with embarrassment “I know that Tom. That is why it is difficult for me as I am so small.”

Tom immediately saw the young man blush and quickly said “I am sorry Jon. I wasn’t thinking properly. You cant help having a little cock.”

Jon recovered quickly “No need to apologise Tom, but you can see why Mary liked you so much.”

Tom nodded gratefully “Thanks Jon, but that is in the past. If you can get her knickers for me, I would be grateful.”

“No worries Tom. I will get them tonight for you. Lets have another pint.”

With that he got up and brought over some refills and they talked about football and Brexit and other things before going back home.

When Jon got back home Mary was waiting for him. She looked up anxiously.

Jon reassured her “I think its OK, Mary but we have to play it slowly. He is still excited about you but we cant risk anything yet. For now I have offered to get him your panties. He wants them to play with.”

Mary looked surprised and then smiled “He wants to play with them?” Jon nodded.

Mary smiled knowingly “To masturbate in them?”

Jon nodded.

She was more persistent “What did he actually say Jon?”

Jon came out fully “He wants to smell them and have a wank into them.”

Mary blushed now but also giggled “I will have a look in the bedroom and find a pretty pair for him.”

Jon shook his head. No, he doesn’t want those. He wants them out of linen basket in the bathroom.”

She looked shocked. “The dirty linen basket?”

He nodded.

She still looked shocked “My dirty knickers?”

Her husband nodded “You know what he wants them for Mary. He wants to smell your dirty panties and then spunk into them.”

It took Mary’s breath away but she accepted it “Alright Jon, you had better go and sort something out. I think there are about 3 pairs in there. See if there is anything he would like.”

Mary watched her husband walk to the bathroom. The situation was tense but exciting.

In a few minutes Jon returned with a small pair of white panties. The choice shocked Mary “But Jon, they are my white cotton knickers. They will show some marks.”

Jon simply said “That’s what he wants Mary.”

Mary giggled as she took the panties out of his hand and drew them to her face and nose “I hope he likes them Jon.”

“I’m sure he will Mary. I will take them down to him first thing in the morning.”

Mary shook her head and handed her knickers back to her husband “No, Jon. Take them down to him now. He probably needs them tonight. Tell him I have just taken them off.”

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