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Old Friends

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She was teasing me. I wasn’t sure when I walked into her apartment to find her size 34D’s nearly pouring out of her lace bra just barely peeking out of her crop top. But as I gazed at the toned muscles of her stomach, stretched over me as she reached for God knows what behind me, I knew. The bra, the top, the too short shorts with her firm cheeks and matching lace panties just barely peeking out were all a carefully constructed ruse to drive me crazy. Or we could just be having lunch and this was all in my head. I exhaled slowly and tried to contain myself as her nipples hardened underneath her shirt. Everything in me was screaming to just go for it. Damn the consequences, and dart my tongue against her pert nipples. I imagined her in my head, panting, moaning, straining against me as I gently sucked on her firm, supple… this was not helping. Finally, after what seemed like an excruciatingly long time, she leaned back and plopped back in her seat like she wasn’t slowly driving me to insanity. She wrapped her endless length of legs underneath her and opened the album that I had completely forgotten she was looking for.

As she launched into a very animated story about some summer on the lake with her cousins, I tried, in vain, to keep my eyes on her face and off the gentle bounce of her breasts, or her nipples, still hard, still teasing me from her lace bra.

I excused myself to the bathroom to gather what little restraint I had left. This, whatever this feeling is, it’s insanity. Never in my 23 years had I ever felt like this. Up to this point, I’ve been completely heterosexual. No part of me had ever been attracted to another woman. But somehow, Lisa had managed to get me to the point where I was hiding out in her bathroom, nipples hard, heart pounding and bursa escort panties soaked. I decided to survey myself while I calmed my libido. I actually wasn’t bad. At 5’6″ I was athletic, (you can thank years of track for that), with my 34C breasts perched perkily on my chest. My legs, though not as long and toned as Lisa’s led up to a very nice ass, if I do say so myself. Definitely rap video worthy.

A soft knock on the door broke me out of my vanity.

“Jessie? Are you okay?” I guess I had been in here a while.

“I’m okay,” I called out, already on my way out to be tortured some more. I opened the door and lo and behold, there she was in all her glory, ebony skin glistening under the light. I groaned inwardly. I’m pretty sure no mentally healthy person uses glistening to describe their old friends.

I followed Lisa back to the couch where she promptly reinforced my growing suspicion that she was trying to drive me crazy by sitting right next to me. I could feel the heat radiating off her skin. Her hair smelled like mangoes and strawberries. She leaned over me again to put the album back. And suddenly, we were face to face and chest to chest.

Before I could stop myself, I felt my arms snake across and wrap around her waist. I was literally throbbing with lust. I caressed her face with my other hand before pulling her head in, close enough for our breaths to mingle as our lips just barely grazed across each other’s. I pulled her in closer, pressing my lips to hers, deepening the kiss. She moaned, digging her fingers into the arm of the chair for support and somehow the reality was even better than my fantasy. I pulled her in closer, angling myself so that we could get even closer. Now, she was straddling me and I could feel her pussy, hot bursa escort bayan against mine. I slid my hand down slowly, grabbing her ass to pull her even closer. I wrapped my other hand in her hair. Anything to get her closer. I felt her hands desperately clutch my shirt. Somewhere in the haze of my consuming need for her, it occurred to me that she was trying to take it off. I raised my arms and before I knew it, both our shirts were in a pool on the floor.

I lowered my head and slowly sucked her right nipple into my mouth through her very lacy, very sheer bra. She moaned again and started grinding her pussy into mine. I started fondling her other nipple with one hand and palming her ass cheeks with the other. I moaned. I couldn’t begin to describe how good it felt. I moved on to the other nipple reveling in the way the lace felt in my mouth as her nipples strained them to their limits. I spent a few minutes enjoying her breasts, determined to drive her as close to insanity as she drove me. I slid my hands down into her panties and she whimpered, arching her back, pushing her breasts further in my face, burying me in them. I sucked harder and she whispered my name hoarsely. My pussy was soaked, dripping with my need for her.

We broke apart just long enough to get rid of the rest of our clothes before we were back again, lips pressed together, hands roaming everywhere. I had her just how I wanted her, how I’d been imagining her all afternoon, naked, on her back, with her leg in the air. I leaned back to take it all in. I’d never seen anyone so gorgeous. She looked up at me with heavily lidded eyes, begging me without words to take her. Never taking my eyes off her face, I began to stroke her pussy with my finger. Long, slow stokes that had her raising her escort bursa hips up to meet me, anxious for more. She began panting, and writhing beneath me. With my other hand, I reached down to stroke her clit as I pushed my finger into her wet pussy.

She started thrusting her hips into my hand as she moaned my name again and again in a hoarse whisper as she desperately fought to keep control. I moved my fingers faster and faster, curving them to stroke the top walls of her pussy as I rubbed her swollen clit. I could see the tension building. With a loud cry she clenched the muscles of her pussy tightly around my fingers before collapsing on the couch, her juices soaking my fingers.

She opened her eyes and smiled as I slid my fingers out of her and put them in my mouth, sucking and licking every drop of her off them. With her pussy still on my lips, I leaned in to kiss her, swirling my tongue in her mouth so she could share her deliciousness. I moaned into her mouth already thinking of ways to make her cum again, already craving the look of bliss on her face as her pussy trembled for me. But first, my pussy needed some release.

Almost as if she read my mind, Lisa pushed me back so she was once again straddling me. She pressed her lips to mine, gradually deepening the kiss while she fondled my breasts and gently ground her pussy into mine. I could feel my orgasm starting to build when suddenly, she stopped.

“Sit on my face,”she said.

“What?” I asked, too dazed with pleasure to comprehend anything.

“Sit on my face she repeated, leaning back. Without a second thought, I scooted foward and lowered my pussy unto her lips. She thrust her tongue in, curving it to caress my inner walls. My back arched as I moaned her name. Distantly, I heard what sounded like a key in a lock but shrugged it off. Lisa clamped her mouth on my clit and my eyes flew open. And standing there in front of me, mouth open wide, was a girl I’d only ever seen in pictures…


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