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Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 02

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A million thoughts ran marathons through my head. I was entranced by my unbelievably sexy step-sister. She seemed to be playing with my head (both heads for that matter). She seemed to enjoy teasing me to the brink. I think she had become quite sexually liberated in the past 24 hours. The stand-offish prude was now displaying her breasts for me, nonchalantly, while also openly discussing my very own penis in such casual conversations.

Needless to say these circumstances have taken quite an effect upon me. All I can think about is how badly I want to fuck her brains out. But seriously could we let something like that happen. Regardless of the fact we hardly knew each other it was still morally wrong to even consider such things. Maybe that is why we are pretending as though this is normal behavior between to young adults despite a relationship based upon our parents past union. I do say we; it seems too obvious by this point that she is playing the game as well. How far is she willing to go? That I will leave up to her, but I certainly am not planning on crossing the gray line before she does. So I must continue to keep the attitude of her and myself simply friendly and innocent.


I returned from the corner store with nothing more than a four pack of fruity wine coolers and Rochelle’s request. I had thought it through on my drive that I didn’t want alcohol to be the regretful factor of any potential mistakes. Besides I wasn’t the type to get a girl drunk purely to inhibit sex. Though, on the other hand, one or two drinks couldn’t hurt.

By the time I walked up to the front door of my dad and her mother’s house. I recalled the little surprise I left on her door. I hoped she had not found it, or if she had I sure hoped she chose to ignore it for my sake. It would certainly be an abrupt and awkward end to our games if she confronted me about it and as such was appalled by it. Though, I really doubted she was done toying with me and my eager dick.

The house was quiet as I walked toward the refrigerator to stow her drinks. I peered down the hallway to see her bedroom door was still cracked open. Perhaps she hadn’t left her room since I left. I called out to her, “Hey, I got your drinks!”

No reply. I slowly walked toward her room with one of her girly drinks in hand. “Last call or you don’t get any.” Still no reply. I quickly fixed my gaze upon the lower half of her door inspecting or admiring (I wasn’t sure) where I had recently shot my load after gazing upon her naked body. It was still there. There was a long trickle all the way to the carpet and a second one next to it. I kept my other eye on the scene behind the door. I was quickly stopped in my tracks at the bare flesh that quickly came into view. The backs of her legs were visible. She was lying on her stomach. Unfortunately the view was hindered by the limitations of a half inch crack of the door. I crept up close to the crack dying to see more flesh but only to her knees could I see.

I wanted to push the door open an inch to catch a better view of her shapely sexy legs; further hoping she was revealing a candid shot of her voluptuous ass. Decisions, decisions. I was once again caught in the carnal desire for sexy Rochelle. I was hooked and was certain I wouldn’t be making very m-any rational decisions for the rest of the day. The only question was which irrational decisions I would be making. With little further debate I pushed lightly on the door. The fucking door creaked. I panicked for a second. Decisions. Should I push it all the way open? After all, I was invited in her room not so long ago. Or just hope she’s asleep and wasn’t startled by the noise. A second passed, and I hadn’t moved. I decided she was asleep or at least pretending to be. Her behavior should not surprise me by this point.

I wondered what thoughts might be going through her head. Was it overwhelming sexual curiosity that had gotten the best of her? Was she horny? Was she attracted to me? My self-conscious quickly rationalized that she certainly could be attracted to me. I was by most standards very handsome. Maybe a slight pudge here and there as a result of my age. Maybe a slightly undersized penis. But all in all it’s entirely possible that she was attracted to me. Racing thoughts consumed me as I admired the view of her legs lightly parted in front of me. I couldn’t yet tell what she was wearing, if anything.

The cracked door was little more cracked than it was before I tried to enhance my view. I made out a few more inches of flesh above the undersides of her knees. Imagine if she was still naked? What if she never put her clothes back on after her shower? Fuck it, I had to see. I slowly swung the door wide open. I was prepared to handle the situation as it unfolded if she so happened to be awake.

Bliss. Not naked, but still topless and tight shorts accenting her bulbous butt. I was prepared to apologize for barging in if she was awake. So I quickly turned my gaze to her face which was pointed in my direction. Eyes closed. Good enough for me, I’ll consider her asleep. Her arms were tucked beneath her chest which kept me from catching esat escort any possible continuance of the boob show. That ass, I wanted to grab it, squeeze it, and run my fingers underneath her shorts. Damn she was hotter by the minute.

My hard on was back, and I gripped it through my jeans. Maybe I better not get caught with my hands down my pants. I stopped and wondered what to do next. She lied motionless. I decided to exit the doorway and collect my thoughts as best I could. I walked down the hall to the bathroom then to the mirror to ask myself what the fuck I was doing. My erection got the best of me and I pulled it out for a few quick strokes. I was then overcome with the desire to see her near naked body once again.

When I returned to her open doorway, I saw Rochelle had turned over. Her supple breasts were parted by gravity pointing them slightly to the left and right. Her left knee was bent toward the door, causing the fabric of her shorts to ride up her inner thigh. Her legs were slightly tanned, but the flesh next to the hem was milky white, and then closer to her virgin pussy was darkened by trimmed pubic hair just barely poking out. What an overwhelming erotic sight. Her elegant face was still pointed in a direction that would offer her a view of the doorway, had she happened to peer through the slits of her closed eyelids. I vaguely sensed she was aware of my presence.

I kept myself mostly hidden behind the hallway wall. This made it less risky for me to continue pulling at my hard dick. I quickly regained my senses when the doorbell rang. Fuck! The loud bell would surely have awoken her. I wasn’t about to find out. I scurried to my room and closed the door. Fuck! I left her door wide open and never bothered to clean up the still wet cum from less than an hour ago. The doorbell rang again. Fuck! I then heard movement followed by the muffled voices of Rochelle and another person. Panic had kept me from moving. I sat at the edge of the bed wondering If I was about to have to explain some very awkward things to Rochelle.

I heard the door shut, followed by footsteps approaching my doorway. I repositioned myself as though I were resting in bed as the door opened. So much for knocking, I thought. “What are you doing?” she asked in a slightly annoyed tone.

I stuttered, “Nothing. Just waiting for you to wake up.”

“Didn’t you hear the doorbell?” she asked. She had put on a t shirt to answer the door, but was still wearing the boy shorts.

“I guess not,” I lied. “Who was it?”

“Nobody… Did you get me something to drink?” she asked in a much more delightful tone.

Green light, all is well, I thought to myself. “Yeah it’s in the ‘fridge.”

“K,” she turned around and walked back down the hallway. I wasn’t sure if I remember how she used to walk, but I sure as hell noticed she had an awkward strut that caused her ass to bounce. I had to assume she was doing that on purpose and for my benefit. What a lovely girl.

I still had a now semi cold bottle from earlier and decided to put it back in the refrigerator. Rochelle was standing with the door open guzzling half a bottle before she turned toward me. “Thanks. You only got four?” she asked.

“Yeah, they’re all yours.” I said as I walked next to her and put the other drink back in the flimsy cardboard container.

“Good,” she smiled. I could smell the fragrant lotion she had applied earlier. She smelled great. She took a second pull on the half empty drink and finished it. She looked at me defensively with a halfcocked smile and said, “What? I was thirsty.”

I laughed lightly, “Mhmm.”

She grabbed another one and walked toward the living room, shaking her ass with each step. She sat down and I followed her to the couch.

“So, was I asleep when you got home?” she asked.

“Oh… Yeah… you lazy bum,” I kidded.

“Oh, shut up. I was tired.”

“Tired from what? It’s 11:00 a.m.” I laughed.

“I don’t know, maybe from you pouring hot coffee all over me.”

“Uh, huh… Just because you’re clumsy, you don’t have to blame it on me.”

She grabbed underneath her boobs as if she were giving herself a mammogram. A few seconds later she seemed content. “Whatever, you’re lucky they’re feeling better.”

“Lucky?” I asked affably. Of course I was thinking I’d be a lot luckier if she was still prancing around topless.

“Yes, or I would have to hurt you,” she laughed.

She was quite playful I thought to myself. “Hurt me? Ha!” I laughed.

She proceeded to punch me in the chest which certainly caught me off guard. “Take it easy,” I laughed surprised she packed a bit of a punch. “What was that for?”

“Oh, don’t be a baby. Want to try some hot coffee on your skin and tell me how it feels?”

“No thanks…. But seriously are you blaming that on me?” I asked.

“Sure, why not,” she smiled.

“Fine, it was all my fault,” I laughed.

My smile was erased in a split second, as her face took a very serious demeanor. “You did that on purpose?” she asked angrily.

I stuttered, “No, I didn’t… I mean it was just… the top etimesgut escort wasn’t on right…”

She burst out laughing, “Wow, you scare easily.”

“Not funny,” I sheepishly replied while pushing her shoulder away.

“Don’t touch me!” she screamed.

“Oh my God, I’m sorry,” I replied acting annoyed by her antics.

“Yeah, you better be mister,” she laughed.

I decided to push her aside once again. “Yep, I’m sooo sorry,” I said sarcastically. The momentum caused her to topple over before she caught herself with her elbows into the couch cushion. The commotion conveniently caused her tight shorts to ride up her ass. I noticed and was hopefully not caught noticing.

“Oww! Stop it!!” she screamed while laughing.

Instead of picking herself back up, she removed her arms from underneath her side and plopped down. Her tight ass pointed toward me as she pretended to sulk. “Be careful, my nipples are still sore.”

“Now who’s being the baby,” I laughed while stealing quick glances at her hiked up shorts.

“I’m serious,” she whimpered playfully.

I offered a hand to help pull her back up. She took it, but instead of allowing me to help her up she gripped it tightly then yanked my arm. My left hand landed on the middle of her bare thigh in order to prevent me from falling. I left it there momentarily before using it as leverage to pull her back up. “Nice try,” I laughed. I removed my hand quickly as if it was inappropriate yet unavoidable. She didn’t seem to mind.

“I swear I’m going to really hurt you if you don’t quit it,” she exclaimed trying to sound angry but failing.

“Quit what? You started it.”

She ignored me and once again tweaked her now visibly hardened nipples, “owwie,” she whimpered.

“Still hurts?” I asked. I wasn’t that concerned but was surely interested in her talking about her tits.

“Yeah, a little bit.” She replied while massaging and tracing the outline of her nipple.

“It’s mainly your nipples that hurt?” I asked, doing my best to sound sincere.

“Yeah… I mean that’s the most sensitive part of my boobs.”

“True,” I replied content to continue watching her play with her nipples.

For a second there was an awkward silence which caused her to stop and change the subject. “So this drink is pretty good. Want to try it?” she asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

She began to hand me the freshly opened second bottle. As I attempted to grasp it she poured out a splash on my lap which caused her to break out in a fit of childish laughter. “You brat!” I grumbled.

“Oops,” she continued to laugh. I noticed she was staring at my groin where she had purposely spilled her cold drink. “Now we’re even.”

I then realized my jeans were doing a half ass job concealing my modest erection. It wasn’t a huge bulge but it was definitely noticeable where the head of my penis was trying to press upward. I quickly felt uncomfortable with her eyes upon my groin. “You better hope it doesn’t stain,” was all I could come up with.

“Oh, get over it,” she said, now recovering from her laughing fit. “At least it wasn’t scolding hot, then you would know how I felt.”

“Yeah, yeah…” I replied, still dumbfounded about what to do next. I put my hand over the damp spot which was slightly under my erection. There, all covered up for the moment.

“Okay fine, give them to me and I’ll wash them before they stain.”

So she must want to see me without my pants on. What else could this all have been about? I might have been okay with had I not been sporting a noticeable hard on. I had to remind myself at no point would I be the one that made things too awkward. Though it now seemed like everything that happened was now considered gray area. But still if I took off my pants the loose fabric of my boxer shorts would do nothing to hide my arousal. My arousal for Rochelle. So confusing, so insanely erotic.

“Well, what are you waiting for,” she asked, “go change.” Maybe she sensed my uneasiness and was being gracious. “Hurry up, just take them off now.” Or maybe not.

“Okay, okay…” I stood up and brushed away at the wet spots as if that would somehow eradicate the situation.

“Take them off now… or they’re going to stain. You’ve got like 30 seconds, seriously.” She sounded half panicked.

She was surely full of shit. But, I suppose I owed her one.

I turned away from her and quickly unbuttoned, unzipped, and pushed down my jeans. I stepped out of the leg holes. With two quick movements I positioned my dick upwards and tucked the head underneath the elastic. With my shirt hanging over the waistband it was hidden for the most part.

Rochelle stood up and circled half way around. I wasn’t sure what she had on her mind, but once again the innocent game is paying serious dividends. So I decided to play it just as well as she did. I reached down to pick my pants off the floor and as soon as I did my dick was freed from the elastic. I handed them to her doing my best to keep my back to her.

She laughed lightly as she glanced at my boxers. “Stop being so prude, etlik escort it’s not like I’ve never seen one before.”

That caused my dick to bounce. She just checked out my package. Though I had to laugh to myself, 24 hours ago she had never seen one before. Which in turn caused me a bit of embarrassment that she might have been taking mental notes of mine compared to the big dick she was exposed to last night.

The four seconds of embarrassment seemed like forever but then she strutted back toward the laundry room and I could finally take a breath to relax. Wow, did she have some sort of power over me. I took a look down at myself. I then reassured myself that it wasn’t entirely obvious I was hard. The only advantage to having a modest sized penis? Well, what do I know, penis envy is mostly bullshit, and most girls really don’t care. But then again, some might.

Once again I was all caught up in my twisted thinking. When Rochelle asked, “Why are you just standing there?” What the hell? She was gone for maybe five seconds. Urgent care my ass.

I stuttered “I wasn’t… I was just making sure I didn’t get any on my boxers.” Nice save, I thought to myself.

Then again, not really. Rochelle came closer, all the while staring at my boxers and the semi hard on slightly pushing forward. Thankfully the embarrassment I was feeling was shying away my dick.

“Hmm, I don’t see much down there,” she said coolly.

Those words certainly might have had a double meaning.

“Those are pretty nice boxers, how come you don’t wear briefs?” she asked.

“No reason, really. I guess these are more comfortable.”

“I like briefs better,” she replied still for most part staring down there.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well I don’t know I’ve never seen a guy wearing them or anything but at least with briefs you can see his package pretty well.”

“True. I guess I see what you’re saying. I mean I’d prefer a girl to wear tight shorts than loose ones.”

She smiled, “Oh… and why is that?”

“Well…. You know, same reason…”

She laughed, “Same reason? To see a girl’s package?”

I laughed, “You know what I meant.”

“Mhmm. So a girl never told you she liked briefs better?”

“I guess it never came up,” I replied.

“How many girlfriends have you had?” she asked.

“Aren’t you nosy,” I laughed. I sat back down.

“It’s just a question,” she replied.

“I don’t know. Like four or five.”

She laughed, “Four or five? Those numbers sound familiar.”

“Shut up,” I replied.

She laughed harder, “What? You act like it’s a bad thing.”

“No, I don’t. Just stop laughing already.”

“Aww, poor baby. Are you getting mad?” She was thoroughly enjoying herself by this point. I was feeling quite awkward yet aroused by the attention she was giving me.

“Nope,” I replied. I got up and began walking toward the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Nowhere,” I replied. I opened up the refrigerator and grabbed one of her pinkish drinks.

“Hey, that’s mine!” she yelled while quickly approaching me. I raised the bottle above my head right before she tried to snatch it away from me. “Give it!” she yelled as she stood right in front of me. The warmth of her hot body was very close. She had an angry smile as she jumped up and grabbed my wrist. As she did so her whole body brushed up and then back down against my body. I definitely felt the friction of her bouncing breasts against my chest and the warmth of her crotch as it momentarily slid past my now growing erection.

I simply passed the bottle to my other hand as she used her weight to drag down my arm. This in turn caused her to jump up again for my other hand. The closeness and flirtatious way she moved her body over mine caused my dick to point straight out within a few seconds. She had to have felt it as it lightly pressed against her flat stomach. Not wanting it to be totally awkward I pulled my pelvis backward. I then handed her the drink and said, “You better quit being a brat, or no more for you.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she replied while leaning back against the counter. She opened the bottle to a quick glance down at the small tent in my boxers and chugged at the fruit drink.

Her cellphone began to ring from her bedroom. She put the bottle on the counter and skipped away while humming. I heard the door shut and tried to figure things out once again. Of course my first instinct was to put my hand over my dick for the minimum relief and pleasure it would temporarily provide.

I still felt uneasy wearing just my boxers and a shirt, but I had no intentions of putting any pants on. My dick forbade it, especially in Rochelle’s presence. Casual smoker as I was, I went to the back porch for a much desired cigarette.

It was pleasant outside. I sat on a padded bench that was somewhat out of sight from the interior of the house. I had one hand with a cigarette and one hand lightly stroking my dick to thoughts of a very sexy stepsister, one that was teasing me to the brink. I put the cigarette out half way through and returned to the cool house. No sign of Rochelle. I walked by her room and heard nothing then returned to the couch. I thought about turning on the TV, but wasn’t sure if I wanted such a distraction that might cause a certain someone to be anything less than delightful towards me. So I sat and waited.

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