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Not Just a Fetish

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I could scarcely believe the conversation that I had been having with Joni. We were at my place after having met in a most extraordinary way. It sounds cliche-like, but it really did happen that way. We met in a crowded cafe at a mall, and two hours later we were in my living room. We didn’t jump into bed right away, although the talk was about sex.

The first surprise came when I asked Joni what she did for a living, and she said she was a teacher. I was silent, waiting for her to explain more, and she just looked into my eyes. Then she said, “I am a kind of sex teacher.” She definitely had my attention then, and after I awkwardly said something like, “Oh, really?” she tossed me more tidbits. The facts were rather disjoint, and I think she planned it that way. She mentioned something about being in a sisterhood, and training the trainers. My imagination drifted to scenes of women gathered around a fire, intoning chants and wearing long robes. As if reading my thoughts she laughed and said that they are for the most part ordinary women with what they consider an enlightened view of sex.

“You see,” she said enthusiastically while leaning forward, looking directly into my eyes, “Sexual arousal is one of the most powerful forces in existence. That’s why governments and many religions try to control or regulate sex. That’s why advertisers try to relate almost everything to sex.” She slightly puckered her lips for a few seconds and said, “Do you have any doubts about the power of sexual arousal?” I wanted to hold her and press my lips to hers, but something inside said, ‘not yet’.

I shook my head slowly in answer to her question. I had no doubt of the power of arousal after she pointed it out.

“The sexual ‘act’ itself is extremely powerful,” she continued. “The female orgasm has tremendous impact. Think about the male ejaculation – the way the body propels those spurts of semen. That’s a very powerful thing.”

My own arousal increased by the minute as Joni kept talking in those terms. I could only agree with everything she said, and my body seemed to react, to resonate to it.

“What’s astounding,” Joni exclaimed, “is that most people have no idea of the power available to them through enlightened sex.”

My arousal was turning to frustration. Was she just going to tease me over an extended time, and then leave? Still, her conversation and words captivated me, and I kept listening.

“The real power of sex is a sort of exchange of energy, of strength, of qualities that each person likes in the other,” she went on. The look on my face told her that I wanted her to continue.

“There’s a subconscious urge when a woman wants to have sex with a particular man,” she said. “She sees a quality that she likes in the guy, and she can acquire some of that, if she gets him to have sex with her. You’ve heard of people who have gotten a heart transplant, and developed sudden cravings for the kind of food that the heart donor liked? Well, this is similar, except it’s usually done ineffectively.” I looked into her eyes, showing interest. She continued.

“So she seduces the guy, and she lets him in. When he ejaculates inside her, or she takes him in her mouth and swallows after his ejaculation, she can potentially absorb some of the guy’s strength and power, and the qualities that she likes. That usually happens to some extent, but there are also obstacles. She’d absorb more power if there was conscious intent, and – she’s got to give back in the same way that she received.”

I wondered what she meant by that last statement. My arousal returned, and I gazed at her face – she wore no makeup, her straight light blonde hair seemed to just fall naturally in place, all the time. I wanted to feel her bare legs with my hands, and feel them in bed, contacting my body.

She grasped my face with her hands, and brought her lips close, almost touching mine. I moved slightly forward, and felt our lips touch – then I pressed in. I wanted to feel all of her lips with mine. I kissed her repeatedly, soft, hard, tender, and forceful. It was especially pleasurable to lightly brush my lips on hers, and then press in for a more sensuous kiss.

After a few moments of this we were both more comfortable and she resumed her discourse. Her hand rested on my thigh, and I grasped her bare leg above the ankle. “When I said that she must give back, I mean that literally – I don’t like to admit this, but the woman usually considers opening her legs as giving – she gives the guy pleasure by letting him in, and she gets some sort of benefit. That’s not what I’m talking about.”

She pressed her lips against mine and we kissed some more. Then she resumed. “Now listen very closely… The woman gives back by letting the guy orally retrieve the mixture of his semen and her cream from her pussy, after his ejaculation.” Then she paused for effect, and to see my reaction. I had heard of creampie dessert, as it’s called, but I had no idea that it could be a source of power and strength.

“I dikmen escort always thought that was a specialized fetish,” I answered. “How do you know that it does what you said?”

“It’s not just a fetish,” she answered. “We know that it works, we just don’t know – or care – exactly how. I’ll tell you more about that later. Now, the female has an advantage here – she can be multi-orgasmic during a long lovemaking session. Men are capable of long periods of orgasm, but it takes an incredible amount of practice and self-discipline for a man to do that. And orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing. Once the ejaculation happens, the session is over for a while. Would you like to go to bed?”

I grasped her hand and led her to my bed. Somewhat awkwardly I waited for a cue from her. “For now,” she said, let’s get undressed and lie on the bed.”

She was a natural female, all right. Her blonde pubic bush was full and sensuous, and her hips emanated a captivating mystique.

“The hips are the center of the sexual power for a woman,” she said. “Im glad you noticed that. We can cultivate your sensitivity. Now I’d like you to touch me gently on my erogenous zones. The woman can allow herself to nonverbally communicate to her lover. If you stimulate a woman enough that way, she can orgasm several times before you even touch her sex. You should be able to pick up the ‘vibes’ and increase my arousal. Go ahead now.”

She lay back as if surrendering. I lightly touched the sides of her face and ran my fingertips across and around her face. A slight hint of a smile came to her mouth. Then I lightly brushed her lips with mine, resisting the powerful urge to press in for kisses. Her breathing quickened, as did mine. Then I felt her chest, above her breasts, and used my lips as well as my hands. My cock throbbed; I desperately wanted to enter Joni.

I put my mouth close to her pussy. I inhaled the sweet scent of her womanhood. Then I gazed upon her beautiful labia and pubic mound for a moment, and then gently licked on the insides of her thighs, just below where they met her hips. She shuddered slightly, which encouraged me. As lightly as I could, I licked her glistening labia for a few moments before pressing in for more hearty kisses there.

I firmly kissed her pussy, and had a strong urge to suck on her cunt. I wanted to taste all her juices from inside her. She moaned, and then shook with the unmistakable signs of female orgasm. She had me lighten my contact for a while, and then she became more raucous and climaxed again soon. We repeated this maneuver several times. I had never seen a woman have such successive orgasms. She gently pushed me away from her pussy, although I was willing to suck on it considerably longer.

When she calmed down, She had me lie on my back, and positioned herself sitting up between my spread legs.

Joni stuck two fingers inside her pussy and got them lubricated with her own cream. My hard cock danced before her. She spread her cream on my erection, and retrieved some more from her womanhood. With one hand around my shaft, and the other grasping the base of my testicles, she began to stimulate me, while instructing.

“You can practice by stimulating yourself and stopping before you ejaculate. Your goal is to extend – widen – your orgasmic zone – the part where you are actually having an orgasm, before you spurt. Once you can control it, you’ll find it extremely pleasurable. Be aware, though, that when you are inside a woman, the urge to ejaculate when you begin to orgasm is almost irresistible, but if you can control that, the rewards will be incredible.”

I felt the tingling sensation of approaching ejaculation, and Joni suddenly pulled smartly on my testicles several times.

“AHHH!” I exclaimed at the unexpected sensation.

She giggled and said that this is one way to stop the progress to the point of no return. “You actually did orgasm for a very short time before I stopped you,” she said. “With dedicated practice you can considerably extend the time of orgasm before ejaculation.” She slowly slithered her hand up and down my throbbing cock some more, and repeated the sudden pulling on my testicles when my reaction told her that I was near spurting.

“Would you like to enter me?” she asked.

“Yes, Joni!” I hoarsely whispered.

“See how long you can orgasm before you ejaculate,” she said.

She lay back and spread her legs and bent her knees slightly. Then she arched her back and placed her hands on the sides of her hips. With eyes almost closed, she let her head turn slightly to one side, and puckered her lips.

I did not have to spread her pussy lips. They were barely parted, as if inviting me in. I could hardly restrain myself from entering her brusquely, though I did try. I took several long slow strokes in her heavenly pussy. My arousal was at such a pitch that I felt myself approach ejaculation quickly. Two more strokes, and it was no use.

“Ahhhh! Joni!” I cried out, and emek escort lay prone on top of her. I spurted uncontrollably. She held me close as I whispered her name and my cock continued to pulse inside her. When my paroxysms subsided she told me to stay inside her and get our juices mixed together until I couldn’t stay inside any more. I stayed reasonably hard for a few moments, and as I gently plowed inside her, I felt an occasional spurt escape and shoot into her.

Eventually my cock slipped out, and Joni asked if I was ready for the next step. I had an idea of what she meant, so I told her yes.

“This may be different from what you’ve experienced before,” she whispered. “I want to give you all I can, so we’ll do this in two stages. First, I’ll stay like this and you can get as much as you can from me. Be sure to taste it and swallow it, Rick.” She smiled sweetly.

I got down between her legs and put my mouth close to the beautiful pussy that had evoked such an intense and profuse ejaculation from me. A few streaks of translucent mixture of our creams had oozed from her pussy onto her pubic hair. Her glistening labia were slightly puckered, as if to say “kiss me, kiss me”.

I lightly brushed my lips on Joni’s labia. The slippery sensation from the creamy mixture was similar to ordinary pussy licking. I then gave several kisses on her labia, and licked all around them. Joni’s hips stirred, and I gathered she enjoyed this. I put my mouth squarely on her labia and began to suck on her pussy. I felt some of the creamy mixture come into my mouth. She moaned aloud – several “Ahhhhhh!” sounds. I swallowed the mixture and she climaxed. I repeated sucking out her pussy, to the accompaniment of her orgasms, until I did not get any more cream.

“Now let me straddle your mouth,” she panted. I lay back on the bed and she positioned herself so that her pussy was just above my mouth. “Get as much as you can out of there,” she added.

I grasped her hips with my hands and brought her pussy in contact with my lips. I kissed, sucked, licked, and probed with my tongue. Joni had one orgasm after another as I extracted the creamy mixture. I was starting to become erect again from seeing her reaction.

“That was good for your first time doing that,” she cooed sweetly afterward. We slept soundly for a couple of hours, and she told me that she had to leave, and to call her in the next few days if I wanted to.

I did not get much sleep after Joni left. I stayed up thinking about Joni and her philosophy, and the deeply sexual experience. Of course, I did call her the next day, and she encouraged me to practice expanding my zone of pre-ejaculation orgasm, saying that I needed to do that on my own before she could continue with me, and that the rewards would be well worth it. She gave me some more how-to instructions over the phone and we agreed that I would call her back in a week.

I found it easy to approach ejaculation while practicing – all I had to do was think of the evening with Joni, and her lips, legs, hips, and sweet pussy. A few times I couldn’t stop the momentum, and helplessly spurted, ending practice for the day. By the end of the week, though, I did manage to extend my zone of orgasm prior to ejaculating, and saw that Joni was right – it takes an incredible amount of self-discipline and patience. On the plus side, the rewards were worth it – I looked forward to frequently experiencing a lengthy orgasm. My curiosity deepened – what did Joni have in mind for the next stage?

I nervously called her, and she wasn’t in – I waited for her to return my call. An hour later, she did.

She asked about my practice sessions, and after I told her, she suggested we meet for dinner. When I saw her at the restaurant, I was surprised to see someone else with her – a shy-looking dark-haired female apparently in her early twenties. She had a sweet smile, and her straight shoulder-length black hair was parted on her left side. No makeup – a very sensuous look about her. Her pale, slender legs had a hint of stubble. Joni introduced her companion as Amy.

“Amy here is a candidate for induction into the sisterhood,” Joni explained. “She has had training under my guidance, and has also practiced on some of the very experienced males in our organization. To complete her training, she must demonstrate her proficiency with men who are not that experienced – as I did with you last week. If you have no objection, and there is agreement at the end of the evening, then we can all go somewhere and I will observe her interaction with you.” A hint of blush covered Amy’s face and she smiled sweetly.

During dinner I frequently fantasized about Amy’s pussy – what would it feel and taste like? As sweet as Joni’s? A different kind of sweetness? The conversation got around to how Joni and I had met. She explained that she uses dreams to assist her.

“I had someone with your qualities in mind, and I let my dreaming self assist with finding you. It took about two weeks eryaman escort to hook up with you. Using dreams like that, at least harnessing their power, is every bit as arduous as your practice with lengthy orgasm.”

That was fascinating, and I wanted to learn more about that – after, of course, I got to hook up with the sensuous Amy. After dinner Joni suggested that we all meet at my place, and we agreed. A half hour later we were in my living room.

“Amy will take over tonight,” Joni began, “and I will simply observe. I’ve found that when observing, it’s less inhibiting to everyone if I have my clothes off too, so I will do that. Amy will likely be quite a challenge for you as far as withholding ejaculation. When you’re ready to begin, Rick, you can lead us to your bedroom.”

I had been ready for a while. Still, my eagerness embarrassed me a little, and I somewhat shyly led the two ladies to my bedroom. Joni receded into a corner and casually seated herself. Amy smiled and said, “Before we take our clothes off, let’s get to know each other,” and sat on the edge of the bed. I was next to her, and she gently placed her hands on my face and drew me forward. With her eyes open, she lightly brushed her lips on mine. My erection pressed against my trousers, eager to get out. I gently grasped and stimulated her ear lobes as I returned her kisses. She smiled slightly and we became more aggressive in kissing. I heard Amy’s breathing quicken.

She broke away and lay face down on the bed. I turned my attention to her lovely bare legs. I massaged her ankles and slowly worked my way up. She squirmed and moaned when I got to the upper part of her calves, and I reasoned that I was on one of her erogenous zones. Suddenly she trembled and held her breath for a moment. Then, “Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh. Ohhhhh!”

Amy had just climaxed from having her legs massaged. Although I desperately ached to enter her, I vowed to go slowly and find out as much as I could about her. I kept massaging the same place that stimulated her, and she climaxed again, though not as intensely. That told me to move my attentions. I brushed my fingertips behind her knees, and then pushed her dress further up for access to her thighs. She moaned with pleasure as I massaged there, but did not come to orgasm. Then she turned over and whispered, “Let’s get undressed.”

My cock, of course, stood straight out when we all got our clothes off. I felt Amy’s eyes focus on it briefly, and then she stood by the bed, her feet well apart, and her hands on her hips. As if following an unspoken directive, I knelt in front of her and gazed upon her beautiful pussy. I drew closer and inhaled her scent. It was sweet, although different from Joni’s. Since Amy had experienced recent orgasms her pussy was well-creamed from her arousal.

I grasped her hips and gently kissed her pussy. She sighed, and I could not help pressing in for harder, slurpier kisses. She pulled back, and I gently licked her cunt until she orgasmed. Then she led me to the bed, and got on her back with her legs spread. With an excited sensuous smile she said, “Go in me just a little. Put just the tip inside and stay there until I tell you.”

It was very difficult to accede to her instructions. Every fiber in my body wanted to ram my throbbing cock far inside her and spend a hearty ejaculation in hot lust.

I inserted the tip of my erection and held still. I felt my cock pulse once in a desperate attempt to do what was natural. Her chest reflected her excited breathing.

“Remember to stay until I tell you – Ahhhhh!” She trembled and threw her head back with mouth open wide as she climaxed again. I felt my cock pulse a couple more times, and I knew that if I plunged inside as I wanted to, I’d immediately spew forth.

Still panting, she said, “Okay, just a little more.” I inched further inside her, and I felt a pulse of pre-cum squirt inside her.”

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned in frustrated arousal.

I was about to plunge the rest of the way inside. She sensed this and admonished, “Stay like that – a little longer…”

She looked directly into my eyes, panting. I did not know how much longer I could endure this without ejaculating.

After a moment she said, “Okay now, go all the way inside, but stay there – don’t pump.”

I easily slid to the hilt, and felt Amy welcome me inside.

“Ahhhhhh – Ahhh!” she exclaimed and climaxed again. I felt the strong tingling of approaching ejaculation, but managed to keep still. I realized that the sensation was in fact my orgasm, and as long as I did not cross the finish line, I could repeatedly experience this ppleasurable sensation. The natural urge to thrust, however, was extremely strong at that point, and it took extraordinary determination to go against it.

“Okay now,” she panted, “very slowly, fuck me. Do all you can to orgasm without squirting.”

I lay prone on top of her, and she put her legs closer together. Every movement I made threatened to push me over the edge, so I did my best to go slowly. I wanted to please her. Very slowly, I thrust in and out. She gasped every time I drove in to the hilt, which intensified my arousal. On the fourth or fifth pump, the orgasmic feeling became too strong to counter, and I let it overtake me.

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