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No Surf

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“No surf today,” I repeated, just making idle conversation, “Out there.”

Manly beach sat before us under a leaden sky. The low grey clouds moving swiftly, the water a dirty green. A hundred yards out to sea the surfers sat or lay on their boards in a ragged line, rising and falling on the long swell, waiting for waves that seemed unlikely to appear. Occasionally the smooth ocean was spattered and broken by brief showers of rain.

“No. The winds coming off-shore and the rain deadens the water,” he replied, turning to me fully and appraising me.

I half smiled back, watching his eyes flit up and down me, then he turned his chair a quarter turn to face me. Him sitting at the small square table next to mine at the Café Steyne.

“You don’t look like you’re here for the beach,” he said smiling, his eyes indicating my rather overdressed look. Casual but overdressed for a visit to the beach, neat, formal casual, carefully overdressed.

“No,” I replied, “No, a doctors visit.”

“Nothing serious?” he asked, making a casual connection.

“No. No. Nothing serious. It’s over now. I’m just taking in the view,” I offered, feeling the empty place opening up inside me, smiling at him suggestively.

He understood, saying that he lived nearby and was filling ataşehir escort in a lazy day.

We entered the apartment and I moved straight in with little open lipped kisses, he joined me, my arms going to his neck, his hand to my package a few squeezes getting me well into him. Then I was pushing against him as we kissed deeper, grinding together as our arms encircled each other and our hands glided over each other.

It’s strange how clothes can disappear when you’re occupied like that.

I liked the hair on his chest running down his belly. Nice lush black hair on a tanned, worked body. He seemed happy to play his hands over my arse but I wasn’t happy to go that way with him, even feeling what he had for me. Bigger than I could offer him, but it was I who pushed his hand to my engorging piece, suddenly knowing what I needed to fill that empty place that had opened inside me.

I grabbed his hair pulling his head back kissing possessively down his neck to his chest . For now, right now, he was mine. And I wanted to feel my flesh throbbing inside him, his body moving under me, writhing before me.

He resisted briefly, knowing he was the fucker, but my mouth and hands, my body, were insistent and he gave in to me. Compromised for me. avcılar escort I felt a rush and turned him, suddenly desperate for the main event. The physical.

He ceased to be, he was nothing and everything. I didn’t know him but my body understood his completely. I pushed him forward on the bed straddled him and kissed down his spine, wanting to feel each bump of bone, overcome by the perfection of it. Running my fingers over the mounds of hardness before my tongue arrived.

Down to the end where his body separated and split.

I slid back on the bed, pulled his hips up and he lifted his arse to me, making the moves. I was lost now stroking myself for a moment as I ran my thumb down between his cheeks, over his rim. Then I was in a rush to tongue his entrance, untidy as I lubed him, sighing as my fingers penetrated him, fucked him looser stroking his smooth passage walls, making him moan and wanting him to moan louder for me.

“Yes,” he grunted, as I stroked my fingers again at the same depth.

His arching back had me throbbing and I reached under and held him as I positioned myself and made the first entry, moving in easily, grunting from the overwhelming pleasure of it as he took hold of me deeper and I reached under for his avrupa yakası escort cock and stroked him. I began to move inside him my hips slipping into the fucking rhythm that was my perfect entry to paradise.

On the edge of my awareness I felt my spine curl and uncurl, smoothly, painlessly and the empty space inside me started to fill. I rested a hand on his back, low down, feeling his spine moving as my rolling hips guided me in and out of his body.

We lost ourselves separately, me building myself to my climax as he moved his arse in slow circles doing whatever he wanted to take his from me. The empty space inside me was suddenly filled as I grunted and jerked inside him, gripping his hip. My release came, my cream let loose deep inside him as I moaned. I ran my hands over him, under him, took over his cock giving him the final few strokes he needed to come. Catching his cream in my hand, wiping it on his belly.

I fell away and pulled him in to me, feeling his warmth, his firmness.

“You’ve got a beautiful back,” I said, running my fingers lightly along his spine.

“Are you into backs,” he replied drowsily.

“No. Yes,” I replied, confused, “Right now I just appreciate how amazing they are. I had a problem.”

“You seemed fine to me,” he said, turning his head so I could kiss his mouth.

“Yes. It’s gone, all gone. I found out today.”

“Oh. So this is a celebration fuck,” he said, and laughed, rolling around so he faced me, his hand moving to my right nipple, his mouth to my neck.

“Yes,” I said smiling at him, not in a hurry to go anywhere else, “Yes. A celebration.”

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