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No Good Deed

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The first time it happened to me was during my first year in college. I was 20 at the time with trying to juggle to many things at once, which was not unusual for a young, white male looking to better his position in life. While studying and cramming for tests I was also holding down a job in the evenings while trying to have some sort of social life. It wasn’t easy and my social life was definitely suffering.

It was a Friday evening and while I should have been out having a drink with friends I was busy doing a little research for a paper I was due to turn in at the end of the next week. It was getting late and was getting ready to leave when the door to the study hall opened. I looked up just as Derek Johnson came in the hall.

“Whassup, man.” He said as he walked over to where I was sitting. He slung a gym bag off his shoulder and plopped it down on the table.

“What’s up, dude?” I asked in response.

Derek, who was African-American, was a first year student just like I was and was in several of my classes. While my parents had paid for my tuition Derek was here on a sports scholarship. He came from a very poor neighborhood and couldn’t afford to pay for school. Apparently he was some kind of basketball prodigy and a former alumnus was generous enough to pay for his tuition. We were also the same age and seemed to get along fine whenever we were on campus. We both found out that we both had weaknesses in certain subjects, mine was calculus, which he was good at and Science, which I was good at and he wasn’t. So we ended up tutoring each other whenever we had the chance.

“You’re not gonna believe this shit,” He grumbled as he leaned over the table, resting his fists on the study table and rocking his 5’8″ frame back and forth.

“What’s the matter?” I asked as I looked up at him. He was wearing black running pants and a white tank top, which was a little tight to accentuate his dark, muscular arms. He was a fair-skinned black man, his skin the color of fine chocolate, and he his hair was buzz cut as that seemed to be the style these days.

“I can’t stay at my dorm room tonight,” He muttered.

“Why not?” I asked as I close my books. “Was there any trouble?”

“Nah, nuthin like that,” He said as he rocked his body from side to side. “Somehow my building as been infected with fleas.”

“Fleas? How the hell did fleas get in your building?” I asked.

“I don’t know, maybe it was someone’s idea of a joke. A lab experiment,” Derek explained with disgust. He pushed his weight off the table and started to pace the room. “Who the fuck knows. All I know is the building is being fumigated tonight and I have to find some place else to stay tonight. Hell, maybe the whole weekend.”

“Oh, shit, dude. That sucks.” I said as I watched him prowl back and forth. “What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, man,” He sighed as he started to make phantom basketball shots around the room. I found that he was interesting to watch whenever he practiced; his body was symmetry in motion. Then he stopped and looked at me. “I had time enough to grab a few things before they threw us out. I didn’t have time to decide where I was going.”

“What about your dorm buddies?” I asked. “Didn’t they offer to help?

“Are you fuckin’ kidding? I’m black, if you hadn’t notice.” He said with some sarcasm. “Most of my ‘dorm buddies’ are white. They wouldn’t give me the time of day unless they needed something. I’ll find someplace to sleep here in the building.”

“In Study Hall?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, security said it wouldn’t be a problem,” Derek said as he stopped dribbling and looked at me. “I’ll sleep on one of the big sofas.”

I looked at him and realized what I had to do before I really thought about it. “No, that’s bullshit, dude. You can come stay at my place tonight.”

“I appreciate that, man,” Derek thanked me, but he seemed reluctant to accept. “You don’t have to do that.”

“Yes, I do,” I responded. I couldn’t let him sleep on a crummy study hall sofa when I could put him up at my apartment. “My apartment is small but I have a very comfortable foldout sofa in the living room. What do you say?”

“You sure it won’t be a problem?” He asked, a look of relief moving across his handsome face.

“No problem at all, dude,” I assured him as I started to pack up my books. I stood up and gave him a reassuring grin. “Besides, you can help me finish off the twelve pack of Coors I got chilling in my fridge.”

“You convinced me,” He said with a big smile. Then he tipped his head at me and winked. “Thanks, man.”

About an hour later I was letting Derek into my apartment. He walked ahead of me as I switched on the lights and found his way to the living room at the end of the hall. I followed passing first the bathroom and kitchen, which were on the right, my bedroom was at the end of the hall on the right. I plopped my books on the desk and tossed my jacket on my big king-size bed while Derek seemed to yenibosna escort make himself at home. He managed to find the remote and switched on a basket ball game.

“Nice place, man,” Derek, said as I came out of the bedroom. He was plopped on the couch with his big feet propped up on my coffee table.

“Thanks.” I said. “Want a brew?”

“Sure.” He said.

I quickly fetched two frosty bottles of Coors from the fridge and handed one to Derek as I plopped down on the couch next to him and started to watch the game. For the next hour or so we both consumed about three bottles each and I was starting to get a little buzz. My guest had completely made himself at home by now, shucking his sneakers then running pants until he was lounging around on my couch in just his tank top and boxers. Now up until this point in my sex life I was devoted to big tits and firm butts. But as I sat there I couldn’t help but glance over at my dark-skinned houseguest, as he lay prone on my couch. My eyes traveled up along his toned and muscled legs as they lay crossed on my coffee table, focusing finally on the crotch of his white boxers. I became so intrigued by what lay beneath the material that I didn’t realize I had drawn his attention until I glanced over and saw him looking right at me.

“What the hell are you starin at?” Derek said in low voice.

“Huh!? What? Nothing?” I stammered. I was caught. Caught by Derek doing something that most guys would find really disturbing.

“You were checking me out, weren’t you?” Derek said as he stared me right in the eyes.

“No, oh, no, man.” I said as turned my attention back to the game. My fingers nervously caressing the neck of the beer bottle that sat between my legs. “I wasn’t doing that.”

“Sure you were,” Derek said as he continued to stare but he didn’t sound angry or upset. “You were checkin out my equipment.”

“No, no, I wasn’t . . .” I continued to deny. Glancing over at him nervously I noticed that his one hand had dropped to the waistband of his boxers, his fingers toying with the material. At the same time I noticed something move beneath his shorts and realized that he was getting a hardon, that my attention was actually exciting him. This made me even more nervous. But what was I going to do? I couldn’t leave my own apartment and I couldn’t throw him out.

“Hey, it’s cool. I’m a handsome lookin dude,” Derek chuckled. He didn’t seem at all threatened by the attention. “I’m used to people checkin me out. Mostly girls though.”

“This is too weird,” I suddenly got up from the sofa. I walked around the other side of the table away from him. “And I’m, too, fuckin’ drunk.”

“Aww, comeon , man.” Derek chuckled, he upended his bottle of beer and placed it on the coffee table. “I was just fuckin’ with you, man. I know you like that big titty girl in chemistry.”

But I was too nervous and definitely too drunk to talk to him anymore. Dropping my empty beer bottle in the garbage can I went to the hall closet and opened the door . I pulled out a pillow and blanket for Derek. I tossed him both to him. I said goodnight to him and quickly went to my bedroom but before I shut the door Derek asked if he could stay up and watch the game. I told him it wouldn’t bother me and as I closed the door Derek was helping himself to another beer. I quickly undressed to my birthday suit before collapsing into bed, I was sound asleep within moments. . .

I don’t know how long I was asleep before something woke me up again. I don’t know what it was at first but then I realized that there was someone in my bedroom. I quickly reached for the lamp next to my bed and flicked it on only to find Derek standing over me, obviously still pretty drunk by the way he was swaying as he stood. He had the pillow I gave him under his arm. “What’s the matter, dude?” I asked in a low whisper as I shook off sleep.

“C-can’t sleep, man,” He slurred as he stood over the bed. “I’m too drunk to open up the (hic) couch. Comeon, man, slide over so a brotha can getz some sleep.”

Before I could respond he was lifting the blanket off the bed and getting ready to make himself comfortable in my bed. Realizing I was completely naked I quickly moved to the other side of the bed as he dropped his heavy body into bed. I moved over as far as I could and wrapped the covers around me as I felt myself blush as another man shared my bed. My ears pricked up as I listened to him get comfortable then start to snore lightly as he fell asleep. I started to relax myself as Derek continued to snore before long I had fallen back to sleep.

Maybe because I was a little drunk but I started to dream and it was one of the most vivid dreams I ever had. I was dreaming that I was in bed like I was now. A handsome man, whose face wasn’t clear to me, was lying in bed next to me and he was hugging me from behind. He was spooning me with his body and his face was nestled into the back of my neck, zeytinburnu escort I could feel his hot breath on me. His strong muscled arms were wrapped tightly around my middle and he was pulling me closer to his chest which was pressed firmly against my back. The dream was so vivid and real that I could actually feel the strong beat of the man’s heart through my back. It was then that I was abruptly thrown out of my dream and came awake when I heard the man’s low heavy moan in my right ear.

Shaking off the cobwebs of sleep, I knew my dream wasn’t a dream after all. Derek had moved over to my side of the bed and was now cuddling me from behind, probably thinking in his besotted mind that I was a girlfriend he was cuddling in his sleep. I was actually scared at the thought of that. I lay there for a few minutes trying to decide how I was going to handle this when Derek started to grind his crotch into my ass. I gasped out loud when I felt his huge hard-on pressing against my ass, the huge solid was rod felt like it was the size of a baseball bat. He was wedging it firmly up into the crack of my buttocks. I grew nervous as I felt the thick piece of meat straining to rip through the thin cloth that separated his boner from my ass. I found myself frightened at the thought of it penetrating my ass. Rotating my ass away from him I began to pull away from him, deciding that I wasn’t going to be a willing participant to this, I wasn’t going to ruin our friendship over this. But as I tried to pull away, Derek wrapped his arms more tightly around my waist and pulled me back towards him. I gasped as I felt him grind his bulge against my ass again.

“Derek . . ..” I whispered, shoving back against him as I tried to shake him awake, trying to get him to wake up before he did anything he was going to regret later. “Derek! Dammit, wake up, dude! WAKE UP!”

Derek snorted loudly as if he was trying to wake up but was too drunk to reach full consciousness. But despite my pleas he continued to grind his hard dick into the crack of my ass. I was really scared when I actually felt his dick sliding up and down between the cheeks of my ass. Somehow Derek had managed to slip his rock hard cock out of the front of his boxers was rubbing it hotly against my ass. I couldn’t believe how hot his hard meat was as the huge head started to grind against the puckered ring of my anus. It caused me to arch my back against him as I tried to pull away again. Derek groaned in his sleep and renewed his grip on me. I gave me reason to suspect that my sleeping friend wasn’t really asleep at all and was taking advantage of me.

“Derek, shitt, man! Noo!” I gasped as the black man pulled me hard against him while pressing his dark column of meat into me. My breath caught in my throat as his dickhead pressed against the tight ring of my anus and tried to force its way inside. I tightened the muscles in my ass as I fought to keep him from violating me. But I knew that I was fighting a loosing battle and I had to make a decision. If he forced his way into my ass without any lube I was going to be in a great deal of pain, so I had to do something quickly as my friend continued to hump my ass.

Reaching over to the nightstand I yanked open the drawer and fumbling around in the dark and I found a small jar of Vaseline I kept there. With Derek growing more determined as he jerked his hips against me I grasped the lid and flung it away then reached in and scooped out a generous amount of jelly. Reaching down between our bodies I slapped a huge glob of lube in the crack of my asshole and as Derek’s cock stroked between the cheeks of my ass it quickly developed a thick coat of jelly. I was amazed and scared when I realized how big Derek’s dick was when it brushed against my hand. As Derek’s cock moved back I slapped some more on my asshole and prayed for the best.

As soon as I removed my hand from between us Derek quickly guided the tip of his raging dick against the puckered mouth of my anus that had his pipe so ripe, he suddenly ground his hips against me hard pushing forcefully against my anal ring. I nearly screamed into my pillow as his huge cockhead began to pull apart my sphincter, slowly but surely it stretched the tight ring until finally his dick slipped inside. Derek grunted loudly in my ear as my anal ring snapped closed around the flared edge of his cockhead. He paused for a second as if to gather his strength then lunged forward again and forced more of his huge cock into my aching bowels until finally he buried it completely inside my tortured rectum. I lay there panting as my asshole burned with pain from the sudden intrusion his dick caused my overstuffed bowels, slowly I began to relax as the unpleasant sensation of having such a huge dick packing my asshole slowly subsided from white-hot pain to a dull warmth.

“Mmmmmmmm,” Derek moaned as he slowly began to rock himself back and forth. Then he grabbed one of my legs and raised it mecidiyeköy escort off the bed, then he draped it over the top of his own thigh. This gave his huge thrusting cock easier access to my strained asshole and he quickly took advantage of the situation. He began to pump his cock vigorously in and out of my asshole, gorging my widely-stretched asshole with his thick not rope of meat. I felt Derek’s big hands gripping my shoulders as he thrust himself deeper and deeper into my tight hot hole. Before long the sounds of his sweaty pelvis slapping against my ass echoed off the walls of my darkened bedroom, his wiry pubic hair repeatedly scraping the soft plush cushions of my buttocks. His swollen balls thudding wetly against my own ball sac as they quickly swelled with my excited seed. This was my first time having a man’s dick in my ass and I was determined to make sure that it was as pleasant experience as possible for me.

After a few minutes of steady fucking I felt Derek turn me over onto my stomach, then quickly rolled on top of me. He maneuvered himself between my legs, spreading them wide apart with his knees so that he would have maximum penetration of my ass. I could feel the full weight of his athletic body pressing down on top of me, forcing me deeper into the mattress. He placed both of his hands on either side of me so that he was in a pushup position, then he started to fuck me again. With my face buried deep in my pillow I arched my back so raised my ass up into a better angle for him. This allowed the black teen to really plunge his cock deeper into my asshole much deeper than before. Derek started to grunt and moan as he started to fuck me, his big hard dick thrusting into the depths of my virgin bowels. I actually started to enjoy the sensation of his rock hard cock massaging the walls of my rectum with mind-numbing pleasure. Before I realized I was doing it I was shoving my ass up to meet his down thrusting cock each time he slammed it home. Derek’s huge dick now stretched my asshole wider than it had ever been before, plunging deep into my guts with ever increasing force.

“What tight pussy” Derek suddenly breathed into my ear. “I could fuck y’all night.”

Then he started to nibble on the lobe of my ear, actually taking it between his teeth and but not biting too hard. It actually made my dick harder than it was before, straining against the sheets beneath me. Then he wrapped one of his powerful arms around my own arm until it clamped against the back of my neck, his other arm gripped me from underneath, grasping my shoulder with his big hand. Derek increased the power of his cock thrusts with each new stroke, really pounding against my ass for all it was worth. I could tell from the way he was breathing and the way his body was stiffening up that he was close to blowing his load inside my ass.

“OH MOTHERFUCKER!!” Derek roared. His increasingly powerful thrusts grinding my own aching hardon into the mattress beneath me. With his choke hold growing tighter around my throat, Derek really began to pummel my ass hard, causing the bedsprings to creak as the bed actually began to move on the carpet. My ass was really on fire as I lay there helplessly, my legs spread wide apart as Derek used me my asshole as some sort of substitute pussy. He feverishly pounded my insides with his huge swollen meat. Slamming his bloated meat into my asshole until my rectum could no longer grip him tightly, my anal muscles were so completely exhausted from the relentless pounding. My rectum was now a warm wet hole that just lay open to Derek’s assault as his huge cock fucked it to a sopping mess. With his nine inch rod ramming into all the way into me , I felt my whole body start to shudder. Derek thrust into me a few more times, then suddenly slammed all the way inside me and held it there.

In the last few moments, before Derek flooded my rectum with his thick seed, time seemed to freeze. He ground his pelvis around and around against my quivering asscheeks, his huge black cock throbbing powerfully in my anal passage, its massive head lodged deep in my nether hole. A low rumbling growl rose from his throat, growing into a full throaty roar as his thick cum erupted from the tip of his dick in huge powerfully spurts. Exploding and drenching my anal walls with its hot, wet stickiness it quickly filled my insides until they couldn’t hold anymore. But just as suddenly as it started it stopped. Derek collapsed on top of me, completely spent, even though his huge dick continued to pump out the last few thick loads of hot semen. The powerful young black man was gasping for breath as the last blast of cum entered me and his cock began to shrink inside my asshole. I could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest as he pressed against my back. A fine sheen of sweat cooled our hot bodies as the temperature began to go down in the room. Derek didn’t say anything to me as I felt him actually start to snore light in my ear. I felt the large puddle of cum I’d shot into the sheets under my soaking into the mattress. As I felt myself drifting off into sleep, I found my lasts thought wondering what would happen to our friendship now. Was this just a one time thing or one night stand? Would Derek even be able to talk about this in the morning? The last thought in my mind as I drifted off was that I didn’t give a shit.

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