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My name is Tony and my wife and I have been together now for seven years and are both 31. We have just bought our first house in a quiet area of Sussex. Both of us work hard and between us we earn enough to consider ourselves well off. Because of work and unpacking it was quite some time before we actually got to meet any of the other villagers; and as our house was about a hundred meters from our next-door neighbors, we hadn’t even bumped into anybody.

It was two weeks before we met anybody and that was our neighbors who are the best you are ever likely to meet. It was the second weekend that we had been in the new house I awoke early to a glorious day. I got up so as not to wake up Dee, my wife, and put on a pair of shorts, my trainers and a T-shirt. Dee was lying naked on top of the covers, her gorgeous body on view to me. She is 5 ft. 3 and has a great figure (34-24-34) with shoulder length light brown hair. I went downstairs to let her have a lie in and had some breakfast before venturing into the large secluded garden.

I hadn’t really had a chance to look at it properly since we moved in and I was exploring, as men do. There was a hedge that ran the perimeter dividing it from a field and next doors garden. As I wondered around I went to the bottom of the garden to have a peek at next door’s garden to see what it looked like. The hedge is about six ft. high and I couldn’t quite see over it but there is a compost heap in the corner and the hedge was lower and looking a bit thin. I realized that I could actually step over into their garden in one spot and from there I took in the house and garden. It was bigger than ours, probable five bedrooms (ours has only three) and the garden had a good sized swimming pool with a small Jacuzzi and a large summer house at one end. I could see somebody on a sun-lounger by the pool as they stood up. It was a woman and on seeing me walked over. She was probably in her early thirties about 5 ft. 2 with long blonde hair, small firm tits and a gorgeous figure hidden only by an all-in-one swimsuit.

“Hello.” She said with a lovely smile, “You must be our new neighbors, my name is Crystal, and you are?”

I introduced myself and she offered me a drink which I accepted. I climbed the hedge and she walked us towards the summer gebze escort house. She told me about the elderly couple who used to own our house and that her husband was a solicitor and she owned three hair salons in Brighton. She gave me a scotch and coke and showed me around her garden. She asked me if I was married and I told her a bit about Dee.

“You and Dee can use the pool whenever you fancy.” She said, “I’m sure Martin won’t mind.”

Martin was her husband and was off playing golf at the local club. Then Crystal invited us to dinner that evening, “Just a get to know you exercise.” she said. I thanked her for the drink and inviting us to dinner and went back to my garden.

When I got back Dee was awake and having breakfast so I told her about Crystal, dinner and the use of the pool. She then reminded me that we were off to see my brother for lunch and that we shouldn’t eat or drink too much. We left my brothers around four and went home to get ready. It was six by the time we got home and we were expected at half-past so we got ready. Dee wore a light summer dress and sandals with my favorite white lace bra and panties and I wore a polo shirt and chino’s with deck shoes. We stood in the mirror together and laughed as we were dressed like polo club members.

Together, we walked down to their house (the front door) and rang the bell. The door opened and Martin introduced himself as he invited us in. He was very friendly and dressed almost identically to me, I noticed Dee grin when she too noticed how we were dressed.

Martin is about my height with a muscular body and he had shaved his hair so that he looked like the stereotypical drill sergeant. We were shown through their immaculate house to the garden where Crystal was sitting reading a book. She was wearing a colorful wrap but I wasn’t sure what she was wearing underneath. A cold buffet was laid out and we all got chatting as we drank and ate watching the sun go down in the distance.

By the time it was dark we were all pretty drunk, particularly Dee who gets drunk quite quickly. Crystal turned on the pool lights and asked if we fancied a swim. I said to Dee that we should go home and get changed into our cossies but Crystal said not to bother and as she walked towards the pool, dropped göztepe escort her wrap revealing her naked behind and dived in.

When she came up for air she said, “The heating has been on all day and its nice and warm.”

I looked over to Dee only to see that she had removed her shoes and dress and was about to unclasp her bra. I could see that Martin was watching her carefully as she undressed in front of him as she removed her bra and her lovely tits fell out. She took a couple of steps closer to the pool, then removed her panties giving Martin a nice view of her perfect little bottom and jumped in.

“Come on Tony,” she said when her head reappeared, “The water’s lovely and warm. Get your kit off and jump in.”

I looked at Martin, gave each other a telling look and started taking our clothes off, as we did I saw that Dee and Crystal were splashing about together in the shallow end. I beat Martin and as I ran towards the pool the girls simultaneously gave wolf whistles, my six inches flopping from side to side, I got to the edge and dived in. I looked back to see Martin running towards us and noticed that his cock was slightly bigger than mine but with a huge set of balls.

The four of us splashed around for five minutes before I felt somebody rubbing my cock under the water from behind. I looked down to see Crystals blonde hair as she rubbed my already semi-erect dick for a few moments before swimming off. She got out and pressed a button on the side of the summer house which sprang the Jacuzzi into life when turned for the journey back I saw her blonde bush and tattoo on her tummy. She climbed in and ordered us to come over and get in. I looked over to see Martin holding Dee’s legs as she did a hand-stand and noticed he was looking straight down into her pussy. I swam over to Dee and Martin and we got out to go over to the Jacuzzi. I was still semi-hard but I noticed that Martin had a full on erection that he wasn’t hiding. We climbed in and Dee jumped me and we started kissing and fondling each other in the bath warm water.

Over Dee’s shoulder I could see Martin had put his sexy wife over the side and was taking her from behind, Crystal panting hard with each long stroke. By now I was so hard and turned on, the bubbles tickling my halkalı escort bollocks, that I pushed Dee down onto my hard-on and we too started fucking. The girls were both moaning loudly as they were being fucked, Crystal being particularly noisy as Martin pumped away with long fierce strokes. After a few minutes of fucking like this I felt Dee shudder as an orgasm made her scream out in pleasure, soon after I emptied my spunk into her. Dee climbed off me and went up behind Martin and started fondling his balls which made him come up his wife.

He pulled out and sank back into the water I was shocked, but turned on, to see Dee start to lick at Crystals pussy as Martin’s come dribbled out onto her face and the frothy water. Watching this lesbian fucking in front of us soon had Martin and I hard again and again we gave each other telling looks as he pulled my wife towards him. He started kissing her and rubbing his hands all over her naked body as I took in the view of Crystal, who was still bent over the side, rubbing herself. I went up behind her and rubbed the end of my dick at the entrance to her hole before pushing into her in one slow thrust. I pumped away at her, realizing it was the first time since we were married that I was shagging somebody who wasn’t my wife, not that Dee was complaining.

We fucked in the Jacuzzi for the next hour and only got out because we were all pruned from the water. We got out I noticed how the stimulation and cold air combined together had given both girls the hardest and pointiest nipples ever and as soon as we were inside I latched myself onto Dee’s as we dried off. Crystal came up behind me and started wanking my already hard cock in her hands and Martin went up behind her and started rubbing her pussy.

I heard that the TV was on in the lounge and looked around to see a home made movie running on the large screen. Martin said it was from a swingers party that happened a couple of months ago and was showing it to try and persuade us to come along to the next one in a few weeks. The four of us huddled up together stroking each other softly as we watched the video. It was made with a good quality camera so the pictures were sharp giving perfect results on close-ups of dicks going in and out of cunts as all nine couples went for it on tape.

There was also some light bondage and the grand finale was a lezzie pile of nine girls in the middle of the room; tits, bums, cunts, legs and mouths all over the place in one of the most erotic visions I have ever seen. It was finished off by all the men wanking their come onto the pile of women who continued to lick it off each other.

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