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My Wife Makes Me Clean Up

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Big Tits

My dear wife is a very busy lady and works long hours doing her job. However the harder she works the more money she earns to keep us in the style to which we have become accustomed. Her long working hours mean that sex between us is a rarity and unfortunately we do not make love that often. Sally, my wife has a very high-powered professional job, which entails traveling round local businesses giving advice and sorting out their I.T. problems. It means lots of traveling and long business meetings with company executives.

Last week I was on a rare midweek day off from my own menial job and was at home wondering whether to tackle the vacuuming, or dusting when the telephone rang. It was Sally saying that she had left an important file of notes at home that she needed for a meeting that afternoon. She said she would quickly drop in at lunchtime to pick them up. Light-heartly I said ‘so you are calling home for a quick shag then?’

To my complete surprise she answered ‘I could do, but you’ll have to clean me up after ’cause I’m not going back to work for a meeting with a dirty smelly pussy!’

I was a little taken aback by what Sally had said and was surprised that she considered she had time for a shag, even if it was a quick one. My cock stiffened at the thought of her delicious pussy. It had certainly been a while since we had last found the time to make love.

Just after lunchtime I heard Sally’s key turn in the lock of our front door, and I went to the hall to greet her. She looked stunning as usual dressed in her dark gray business suit with tight fitting white blouse. I could even smell the expensive perfume she was wearing, and her hair was swept back and clipped tightly to the back of her neck.

As she came in she hardly acknowledged me but rushed up the stairs. Turning to me she said ‘hurry up lover, I haven’t got long.’ I quickly followed behind her watching her sexy ass as she wobbled her hips provocatively as she went up the stairs. At the top of the stairs she entered our bedroom and lay down on our bed.

Quickly and without any fuss Sally pulled up her short business skirt round her waist exposing ulus escort her sexy frilly black panties. In one fast movement she lifted her bum from the bed and peeled down her knickers spreading her legs revealing her naked hairy pussy in all its bushy glory. ‘Come on then darling, make me wet’ she said.

I didn’t need a second invitation and knew exactly what Sally wanted me to do. I moved over to the bed and placed myself between her open thighs. I gazed on Sally’s adorable naturally hairy pussy. In the middle of her dark hairy bush I could just make out the shape of her lips. I knew that when I got to work with my tongue her lips would gradually open revealing the soft hot wetness within. I moved within inches of her dark bush inhaling the sexy musky aroma that she was giving off as she was becoming excited. I teasingly ran my tongue up her thigh towards the dense triangle of hair leaving a trail of saliva. A low moan escaped from Sally’s lips as my tongue headed towards her pussy. With both hands pushing her thighs wide open my tongue licked from the base of her crack up towards her clit. Sally moaned in appreciation as my tongue circled her clit. I tasted her wetness as I opened her up and spread her hairy lips wide with my tongue. As I licked and probed her pussy hole Sally pushed herself forward and ground her pussy on to my mouth smearing her wetness all over my lips and chin. It did not take long for Sally’s body to shudder as a small orgasm ripped through her body.

‘Please fuck me now’ Sally moaned, as I gazed upon her pussy, which was now ready, gaping wide open and shiny with her wet juices. I pulled down my trousers and pants and my hard erect cock sprang out into view. I placed myself between her thighs and with one hard quick thrust slipped easily all the way in to her hungry wet pussy. ‘Ooh’ Sally moaned as I filled her up with my cock.

I pounded into her pussy enjoying the slick wetness. With each of my thrusts Sally bucked her hips back in rhythm. I was so horny it unfortunately did not take me long to come and with a final thrust I ejaculated six, or seven spurts of sticky come deep yenimahalle escort inside her pussy. As we had not made love for ages it seemed as if I was coming for a long time and depositing a load of sperm inside her.

Feeling spent I climbed of her and withdrew my cock. It slid out from her with a disgusting slurping sound that made Sally giggle. Sally said ‘don’t forget the deal, as I’m not going back to work with a dirty, smelly pussy.’ ‘OK love I’ll get you a warm soapy flannel to clean you up’ ‘No way’ she said ‘I want it all up so you’re not just wiping it away.’ I didn’t realize what she meant and how she was going to get presentable for work again with out using a warm flannel. ‘You need to eat me out’ Sally said, ‘you need to suck all your sperm out from inside of me to clean me properly, if you only wipe it will gradually dribble out this afternoon at work.’ I looked at Sally incredulously as I realized what she wanted me to do. ‘I can’t do that it’s disgusting’ I said. ‘I told you the deal before I let you fuck me ‘sally said ‘I haven’t got all day so get on with it.’

I looked at Sally lying on the bed. Her legs were still spread wide open, and I could see that her hairy bush was wet, sticky and matted with a mixture of our juices. Her pussy lips were gaping wide open and were puffy from the pounding my cock had just given her. I could see a trail of my sticky white sperm gently oozing out from the bottom of her pussy making a trail downwards towards her asshole.

‘Hurry up lover’ she said ‘I need to get back to work’ I looked again at the sticky mess coating her hairy crotch ‘I can’t’ I said. ‘Clean me’ Sally demanded ‘if you don’t I’ll never come home and let you near my pussy again.’

I realized then that I had no choice. Our sex life was nearly non-existent anyway, and Sally was stubborn and always meant what she said. I was in a no win position and this was probably what Sally had planned. I thought I had just better get on with it and it would all be over in a couple of minutes.

Once again I moved to the bottom of the bed and moved towards her open thighs. I really eryaman escort did not want to do this. I looked at the sticky mess that we had made. As I got closer to her pussy I smelt the overpowering smell of sweat, pussy and warm sperm. ‘Come on, I’m waiting for you’ Sally said. I tentatively poked out the tip of my tongue and ran it up the side of her sensitive thigh tasting the sweat on her skin. Slowly I moved over towards her hairy pussy and with just the tip of my tongue lapped at a small globule of sperm, which was trapped in the dark, matted pubic hair above her clit. I felt the salty bitter taste on my tongue as I slowly lapped at her sticky pubes. ‘Eat me’ Sally said. ‘For God’s sake hurry up.’

Almost sensing my indecision and apprehension Sally reached down with her hands and forcibly pulled my face and mouth onto her open sticky pussy. With her hands holding my head deep in to her I had no choice but to open my mouth. I poked out my tongue and was forced to lick the whole length of her slippery pussy, at the same time taking in a mouthful of my salty come diluted with her love juices. As the messy come hit my tongue and the back of my throat I swallowed it down tasting the warm salty, slightly bitter metallic mixture. It was not as bad as I had thought it would be, even if it did seem to stick to my tongue and coat the back of my throat. I licked up and down her pussy sucking out the juices and noisily swallowing them. ‘Make sure that you get every last drop out of me’ Sally urged as I sucked on her pussy and nibbled on her love lips. The more I lapped and sucked the more come and juices seemed to dribble out from deep within her. Sally ground herself on my mouth and chin moaning and whimpering under her breath. I licked and lapped at her pussy for minutes cleaning and swallowing all of our juices away. I even sucked her hairy pubes clean of the matted mess that had stuck to them. I finally nibbled on her clit and Sally bucked and writhed her hips on the bed as she shuddered her way through a powerful orgasm.

As Sally recovered from her orgasm she pulled back on her black panties and spent a few minutes tidying herself ready to go back to work. ‘Thanks love’ she said ‘that was great’ She left for work in the knowledge that there was nothing left to seep out from her pussy and I spent the rest of the day feeling strangely used with a strange aftertaste of pussy juice and sperm in my mouth.

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