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My Wicked Ways Ch. 06-08

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As we sat down for breakfast (which was leftover pizza), I found myself playing footsie with Josie, who seemed to be rather thrilled with my attitude about her estranged husband in Montreal. Then again, my perspective wasn’t really surprising, given that I was Jewish and didn’t particularly care for Nazis, Aryan types, or skinheads in general. I think that she enjoyed was my hands-on outlook on her involvement with Jean-Baptiste, given that he still seemed to want a reconciliation and she wasn’t inclined to give me up.

It occurred to me, of course, that everyone could win by means of Jean-Baptiste and I sharing Josie, but that would require her to actually want such an arrangement, and I wanted to take that into consideration as well. Still, I wasn’t opposed in principle. My women shared me, and as I noted with Cherry when she sucked off the delivery boy, I didn’t have any qualms about sharing them in turn. The last thing that I’d want was for any of my ladies to be lonely for any reason. I want them satisfied and happy as they made me that way.

I certainly wasn’t some caveman with a selfish need to control them, even if I owned and dominated them in a way that they enjoyed. There was a difference in that they had surrendered themselves to me of their own free will, because there was something in it for them as well.

Even so, Jean-Baptiste could also be trouble, and I understood that Josie wanted the safety of my protection in case he proved to be up to no good. He was a jealous husband on the verge of a divorce into which she had dragged him kicking and screaming, so there was very much a risk to all of us. There was security in numbers and in being on our own turf, especially as I didn’t have any compunctions about taking out my Colt .45 automatic and turning off the safety. Living in a state with “stand your ground” laws had its definite advantages in dealing with men who stirred up shit in another man’s house. Jean-Baptiste would follow my rules in my house if he wanted to drop in, and rule number one was DO NOT HURT MY GIRLS!

“So, again, ideally, if your husband behaves and is reasonable, what do you foresee coming out of all this? If he proves to have discarded that racist, anti-Semitic BS, as well as accepting the reality of your new life, that is,” I sought a little more input from Josie, since I felt that she restrained herself out of fear of displeasing me.

“Well, you won’t get jealous, will you? I’m not going to leave you, after all. I want to stay with you. However… ,” Josie trailed off as she awaited my response.

“Look, Josie, it’s fine if you want to fuck Jean-Baptiste, as long as he behaves himself and doesn’t try anything stupid with you. That’s what I said before and I meant it. Just as with Cherry, who sucked another guy’s dick last night. It’s perfectly fine. She was nervous, too, but there is no need to be. Jealousy is just such an ugly emotion. I really don’t understand it. If you want to fuck him, why should I care, as long as you are safe and you don’t neglect me? I want you to be happy as well, and if he turns out okay, I don’t see a problem with you putting out for him. We just have to first show that he can be trusted, of course. Proving that he’s no neo-Nazi would be a great start,” I clarified.

“Then at least I would like to be … what is it called, ‘friends with benefits’, with him. That would be great, even if I have to travel to Montreal for it. Would that bother you terribly if I took such a trip now and then?” Josie asked me, still hoping that I wouldn’t take offense.

I smiled at my young Quebecois lover and leaned over to kiss her lips before telling her, “Of course that is fine, if you wish it. I have no intention of keeping you gals in a cage. If you want to travel, travel! We will all have the wealth for it soon enough, right? Montreal is your hometown, anyway, so why would I object to you visiting on occasion? You said that you would come back to me and I believe you, of course. I have no reason to mistrust you. If we cannot trust each other, our love affair is not what it should be, is it?”

“What if I wanted some of you now and then to join me? Would that be too much trouble?” Josie sounded still rather nervous about asking this question.

“Then I think that at least one or two of us would be willing to make the trip, if it is practical enough. Depends on our situation at the time, of course, pregnancy and all that. Now, you said, ‘at least’, which implies that you have a preference for something else, but would be content with that arrangement. What do you honestly want with Jean-Baptiste? Level with me, if you will. I know that you fear upsetting me, but there is nothing to fear where that is concerned,” I finally demanded to know.

“I … don’t want a divorce anymore, if it can be helped. Not now, if he has truly begun to change a little and so have I. Not ideally. I want him to move in with us and make sweet love to me now and then, as well as service the other ladies as ucuz escort you direct him … and… ,” Josie began shaking as she confessed her secret fantasies.

“And what, baby? Spill it out. I won’t get mad. Not even at this, believe it or not. Just tell me,” I encouraged Josie, while the other girls nodded and smiled.

“I want him to sign over his ass to you as well. I want his fantasies to come true in some ways, through you. I want you to make him suck you off and swallow your spunk. I want you to sodomize him, too. I want to basically add him to the family and make him serve us … to make him follow our commands, but especially yours. I want him to be your deputy or second stud, assisting you in satisfying us ladies. Does any of this make sense to you?

“We would still be your harem, and in fact, he would be more of a boy-toy than another man in it. He would be part of your harem. It wouldn’t be his harem as well. You would just be assigning him to whichever girl you choose at the time, when he’s not servicing you, of course. Given his submissive, bisexual nature, I think that this would be right up his alley, as it were, my love,” Josie elaborated a bit, feeling more confident.

“I’d like some of that action,” Cherry perked up, making all of us laugh.

“I’d love to watch Mark fuck Jean-Baptiste up the butt. Is he a real twink, this husband of yours? I picture him as kind of a pretty boy, if you will,” Ninve kissed both Josie and me.

“Yes, he basically is. That’s precisely why he’d make such a great boy-toy for us,” Josie let her leg reach up toward my groin.

“You sold me on it, even if Mark takes some convincing, which I doubt. I saw a gleam in his eye at the prospect of buggering your husband. I think that our stud has some interest in exploring his sexuality with some cute twink booty,” Sandra cut in, winking at me.

“Okay, you caught me. I must admit that the idea of shaving his tush and pounding it deep has some appeal to me. But I especially want to see him get pegged by Teresa. Teresa really knows how to peg a guy, take my word on this. She got me good, for sure,” I winked at Teresa, who licked her lips in obvious anticipation.

“So … I would get to strap it on and go to town on your husband’s ass. How does that sound to you?” Teresa puckered her lips in Josie’s direction and even stuck her tongue out at her.

“Honey, I only ask that I get to shove my ass into his face and make him rim me at the same time. How’s that sound to you? Not that I don’t love him, but, hey, this was his fantasy first,” Josie punctuated her point by bending over to show Teresa her pale bottom.

“So, we’ll on the same page here, I think. If all goes swimmingly, Jean-Baptiste will be a catamite of mine, the first in my harem, still married to Josie as he wished, and assigned to service all of us sexually. This has some rather pleasing possibilities. He will just need to adjust to doing whatever position you ladies ask of him, and he shouldn’t expect you gals to do all of the work. If you want him to pound you from behind, he damn well better do it. I’m the boss, of course, but after that, each and every one of you ladies is going to be in charge of him. He will have to obey the lot of you, no matter what you command. He likes female domination? He’ll get plenty of that and to spare, I promise you that. Think that he’ll come to regret his fantasy?” I declared.

“Not a chance, baby! Not a fucking chance. I know him pretty damn well. I’m his wife, after all. Hubby will be happier than a pig at a mud bath. He’ll cum a lot alright, but he won’t come to regret a thing,” Josie planted a kiss on my lips.

“Oh, this is going to be fun … though I still look forward to watching you nail Lucy and Ashley soon. We really should visit a certain restaurant soon. Maybe tonight? I’d love to see you take one or both of them somewhere private and give it good to them, or maybe just take them home with you at last,” Ninve remarked, planting her fine ass on my lap in the hopes of feeling my hard-on press against it.

It worked, of course. Between the sex talk and Ninve’s delightful bottom, I was hard again at last. Since we had just eaten, so we wouldn’t be going anywhere right then, I had to butt-fuck Ninve right then. She had all but begged me to sodomize her, so that was what I would do. Smearing some remaining garlic sauce on my fingers to lube her up, I slipped each digit into her asshole for a moment to prepare her. I then made her bend over the table as I slid into her ass with every inch of my dick.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, God! Oh … yes!” Ninve moaned and groaned as I plundered her tush.

“He’s so damned good, ain’t he? Damn it, Mark, that’s so fucking hot! Can I suck your balls while you fuck her ass?” Nydia pleaded with me, so I gave her the thumbs-up sign.

“I know what I want to do,” Shelby spread my cheeks and began running her tongue along my crack.

“Yummy!” my niece ümraniye escort exclaimed as she kept rimming me.

I kept ramming Ninve as she moved her hips to get me deeper, but I now felt Sandra’s warm kisses on my lips, followed by Josie’s and Cherry’s on my neck and shoulders, while Ana and Teresa started kneading my flesh with their splendidly soft hands. It was hard not to cum rather fast with so much female attention, but I kept it up, driving my dick balls deep inside Ninve’s tightest hole. She was evidently rather horny as well, even more than I thought, because my princess then came in a series of small orgasms that caused her ass to clench my cock and force me to unload into her butt.

“God, Mark, you always make me cum so fucking hard when you fuck my ass! I don’t know why, but my bottom just responds automatically to your dick. All this time and extra fat on my tush and you still act as turned-on as before. By this!” Ninve waved her cute ass at me as always.

“Hey, now, fat-bottomed girls make the rockin’ world go round, right?” I playfully smacked her delicious rump as I quoted one of my favorite Queen songs ever (written by Brian May, which told me just how cool he was).

“Don’t stop me now. I’m havin’ a good time,” my Assyrian princess retorted with a Queen verse of her own.

“I’d spank you harder, but I don’t want to endanger the baby,” I lightly swatted her tush.

“Well, you know me! I’m a naughty, dirty slut who needs her bare-bottom spanking!” Ninve egged me on.

I landed several dozen more smacks to Ninve’s naked ass over about fifteen minutes, after which I was hard again, so I grabbed Nydia and began gliding my cock between her buns. Ninve pouted for a second, but she also winked at me, clearly getting that I would have loved to spank her more, but I had to fuck again. Nydia was thankfully wearing her thigh-highs and she knew that she would get it in her butt as well.

“Yeah, fuck my ass, Mark! Fuck my nasty ass while I wear these boots!” Nydia openly urged me while I began sodomizing her.

No question of it, Nydia was as kinky as Ninve in her own way, and she really loved it when I landed a couple of swats on her buns while I shoved my cock deep between them. Ninve kept pushing her tits at Nydia and I helped her along by pulling her closer for a tongue kiss. This let Nydia close the distance herself and begin sucking Ninve’s breasts. Shelby and Josie played with my balls and my ass while I buggered Nydia, too.

I continued to really slam Nydia’s tush hard with my dick and she met me with her usual enthusiasm. Ana then chose that moment to bring out the strap-on and she lubed up my asshole to prepare it for her faux cock. Instead of objecting to this, I teased Ana with my butt and she later admitted that she drooled right then.

Before I knew it, I was being pegged by Ana while Teresa now licked my butt around the dildo and even lathered my taint in her spit. The constant pressure on my prostate felt incredible to me and this made it much harder for me not to cum too fast. Sandra kept kissing my face and especially my mouth, as did Ninve pretty soon, neither woman wanting to miss a chance to shower me with eager displays of her passion. Shelby now had her mouth around my balls like a steel trap, sucking hard on it, while Cherry presented her ass for Nydia to rim, and Josie zeroed in on eating Nydia’s twat.

At last, however, Nydia had to cum, and she came very hard indeed, as did Ana due to the feel-do function on her dildo. I then unleashed my jizz in her bottom while Ana pulled out of my butt. I kissed both women hard on the mouth, tasting Cherry’s sweet juices as I French-kissed Nydia, of course.

“Your mother is delicious, so I can see where you get your sweet, juicy cunt,” I informed my boot-fetish slut.

“Mind if I strap it on and fuck her, then?” Nydia begged me, while Cherry wiggled her ass in invitation to her daughter.

“You want to fuck your mom, right? That would make you quite literally a motherfucker, you know,” I grinned at them.

“She’s my little motherfucker and I’ll be sure to return the favor, don’t worry. You make me very proud, baby!” Cherry offered her booty to Nydia for a good hard fuck.

“Yeah, fuck her ass! Fuck your mother right up the ass!” I encouraged Nydia.

“Yes, slap on that lube, honey, and sodomize your mother!” Cherry egged her on.

I must say that watching Nydia butt-fuck her own mother was quite the treat. My cock, while a little sore now, still had trouble going completely limp while watching this amazing display of lesbian incest mixed with sodomy. Cherry’s obviously excited response was also a delight to observe, as it was extremely sensual how she came a couple of minutes into it and we could smell her juices leaking down her thighs. Nydia continued to bugger her mom and Cherry just kept on cumming yet again.

After a while, of course, the ladies were drained, üsküdar escort as was I, and my cock finally went soft again. It was a relief, because as much as I loved to fuck, I didn’t want to risk harm to my dick in the process. We were all ready for a little break, and so I proposed getting dressed and going out. We hadn’t been outside all day, so I took the ladies out to the mall, knowing that this would be a hit with a heavily female household. I also wanted to go see a movie in the theater that was placed in the mall.

I was quite happy and proud to walk into the mall with eight women giving me company. It was a splendid way to start the afternoon. I could only guess where it would lead from there.

At the mall, not surprisingly, Ninve and Sandra went straight for the maternity clothes. It was high time for that, but finding such clothes that fit their saucy natures could be tricky at times. It was evident that whoever designed half this stuff couldn’t conceive (irresistible pun there) of pregnant women still getting it on (he was probably gay or had serious issues with healthy curves and baby bumps). I could have told him from personal experience that the pregnant babes in my life were even hornier than before. Something to do with their hormones, I presume.

Oddly enough, they wanted me around to give my input on how sexy they looked with their new maternity outfits on. That was when Nydia disappeared to the restroom without explanation and her mother followed for some reason that wasn’t quite explained to me. Josie wanted to check out some music stuff from the mall’s CD store, so Shelby tagged along to pay for it (yes, she tended to pamper her assistant and buy her things very often as it turned out). Ana and Teresa headed to the smoke shop to buy something there, though they weren’t very clear about it.

I decided to forget about trying to get everyone to meet up in one agreed upon place, as when I was younger. My parents ran a tighter ship about that sort of thing than I did, but then I had a harem of women of which to keep track. You ever try to keep one woman on a schedule, let alone eight, and two of them pregnant to boot? Forget it, Sonny. It ain’t gonna happen. On the other hand, this afternoon for me was largely about indulging them, anyway. Besides, we had phones with which to keep easy contact, whenever the reception didn’t fuck up on us, that was.

“So, this is where the handsome devil Mark Schumacher hangs out, in the mall, in a maternity and plus-sized store, with two preggo ladies who are obviously both with child by him,” Lucy called to me, joined by a honey blonde lass who could only have been Ashley.

“Hey, sweet thing, what brings ya to a maternity store? Are you in the family way?” I teased her back.

“Not yet, but with any luck, a certain stud might put me there, preferably my sister as well. You haven’t met Ashley before, have you?” Lucy introduced her younger sister.

“Pleased to meet you at last, Mark. I’m Ashley. Lucy’s finally kind enough to share you with me, or so she has promised. Fancy meeting you here, though. We’re off today, fluke of the schedule, anyway. Anyway, we’re here to meet up with our friend Jannat, who is getting off work soon. Cute girl, Jannat, but not likely to ever hook up with us, sad to say. She’s from Lebanon. Very conservative family. Even wears a burka. She’d be great in the sack, no doubt, for all of us,” Ashley told me rather brazenly.

“Well, I haven’t had the pleasure of your company there yet, either, but I intend to remedy that in good time. Have you met Ninve and Sandra?” I pointedly did not bring up the fact that I was Jewish, at least not where it could obviously create an issue should I meet said Jannat.

“Assyrian girls? Nasrani?” I heard a voice behind me.

It was Jannat, and she wasn’t wearing no damn burka, I could tell you that. Looking at her, I could see exactly why they wanted her covered up. She had a considerably darker shade of olive skin than Sandra, but she was a ravishing beauty from what I could see. Her eyes were a stunning blue on such a swarthy babe, which told me right off that she had more than a little French to her as well as Arab. Her hair was jet black, of course, and it now flowed freely down her shoulders, every last lovely curl of it.

By contrast, of course, Lucy and Ashley were classic All-American blondes, though Lucy tended toward the platinum blonde and Ashley to the honey color (she was honey-colored all over, given her fine golden tan). Lucy had blue eyes, but Ashley had green and she knew exactly what to do with them.

“Yes, we are Assyrians. I’m Ninve and this is Sandra. Pleased to meet you,” Ninve boldly introduced herself.

I thought, oh what the hell, Jannat was clearly cut from a different cloth than her friends believed, so I came out with the truth.

“Mark Schumacher here. Yes, I’m a Jew, for the record,” I informed her.

Jannat’s eyes changed rather suddenly and she leaned over to whisper something to Ninve, who whispered back. Her eyes grew wider and she grabbed my belt buckle to almost drag me to a fitting room. There, she knelt in almost complete worship, unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants. Before I knew it, her mouth surrounded my liberated dick and she began licking it for good measure.

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